At Your Request

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This is for Doorite…Here’s hoping

We’ve known one another since I was 13, when I was your Pookie & you were my Voogie (ok, I admit, strange names for one another)…you know the whole lost touch thing happened and then when I was 15 you came back into my life. I gave you my innocence willingly that day in the basement of your grandfather’s home and then it seemed we were never alone unless we were making love. Things happened again, as they almost always do with teenagers in love (or, I think you loved me then…I really don’t know that you ever said the words to me) and a wedge was blown between us that we never knew if we’d be able to repair or close. But I didn’t hate you for what happened, I hated myself for allowing myself to be hurt so badly again. We both moved onto other places in our lives, had some relationships that left us battered and bruised, and then it happened, FACEBOOK!

It’s true that you never forget your first lover, and that it can be harder to remember the ones who you know that you never truly loved in the first place. You were one of the first people I looked for, and there you were… listed as single. We started talking through the site and then over MSN, agreeing to meet for coffee one day and actually following through with it. Of course, there were the nerves, and I didn’t know if you’d come so I’d brought a book for protection so as not to be found alone in a public place… but then, there you were, and it was as though we had never been apart.

We saw each other a few times over the first couple of weeks, at first both believing that friendship was probably where things were headed… I’m not sure when things changed for you, or really even for me, but one day I just knew that I want you back in my life, romantically, to stay. So, I showed up at your door and being ever so subtle I told you that I want us to date again, you told me that you’d like casino şirketleri that as well, but not until some other things settle down and you have more time to devote to a relationship. So, I took you to my Literotica profile and you read some of my writing and you told me that you want to read more, so, here is a tale just for you, letting you know what I’d like to have happen between us, at least physically.


You’ll be sitting at your computer one day, working on your music & there will be a knock at the door. You’ll already know that I’m coming over to give you a massage so you’ll just yell for me to let myself in, as I walk through the door you’ll provide your usual greeting, “Hi hon., how’s it going?”

I’ll walk up behind you (in my usual fat girl, hot day outfit of a knee length jean skirt and strappy tank) you feel my hands, cool and strong on your neck. My fingers caressing into your tight muscles; I hear a low moan escape your throat, my hands slowly slip down trailing through the hairs on your chest. Your eyes start to close as you feel my warm breath against your neck and as I run my lips over the sensitive flesh on the side of your neck, I trail my nails over your sensitive, hard nipples, rolling them in my fingers.

Your hand trails up my arm, gently guiding me from my elbow to stand in front of you. Your mouth curls into a soft smile as you whisper “you have no idea how much I want you…” you trail your fingertips along my neck as your tongue darts out to lick your lips in anticipation, your fingers wrapping into my hair. With a gentle tug you pull me down and kiss me deeply, feeling your cock twitch in your pants.

You slide your hands to my hips and pull me to straddle your lap, I comment about being too heavy and you just smile and pull me into your lap, your arms hanging loosely around my waist as you softly kiss my lips. My skirt rises casino firmaları up to bunch at my hips as you pull me in tighter and deepen the kiss; I can feel you hard against my thigh. You trail your lips along my cheek and chuckle in my ear that I’m leaving a wet spot.

I blush and try to rise but you pull me against you, your jeans coarse against my thighs. I reach down to caress you through your jeans. Yon moan and move your lips to the top of my breasts (much larger than the last time you saw them, aren’t they)

I smile at you with a glint in my eyes and slide down to kneel in front of you. I run my hands up your legs and unbutton our jeans. You raise your hips and I pull off your jeans. I run my tongue between my lips as your stiff cock stands before me. I lean forward and swirl my tongue around the head of your cock and lean forward to take you fully into my mouth, sucking deeply while stroking the underside with my tongue. My hands stroke your balls, tugging at them lightly. I start stroking your cock with my hand as I suck on first one ball then the other, I start licking and sucking on you again and you reach down to pull off my top so that I am kneeling before you in my skirt and strapless bra.

You slowly rise out of the chair and draw me up with you, I start to pull your shirt off and you smile at me asking why you’re suddenly the one who is fully naked, I remind you that chances are better that your room mate has seen you wandering around naked than needing to see me if he happens to come home. You take my hand in yours and lead me up the stairs to your bedroom.

When we reach the top of the stairs you unhook my bra, pull off my skirt and thong; kissing me deeply you pull my arms away from where they’ve wrapped around to hide my less than perfect stomach and run your hands gently over my naked body, looking into my eyes and telling me that you find me güvenilir casino beautiful. Kissing me deeply you pull me into your room and as we deepen the kiss we fall onto your bed.

You start to nip and suck at my breasts as my hands stroke you getting you more and more aroused. As we lay on your bed kissing the head of your cock rubs against my sensitive clit and slips between my legs to rub against my wet slit, out breath speeding, hearts pounding as our passion builds within. We shift slightly, so you are leaning against the wall and I sit straddling you and you can feel the heat of my arousal against your heard shaft.

I look into your eyes, remembering our first time…my first time, when we made love in a similar position. I kiss you deeply and tell you how I feel, our lips connected as you slowly enter my tight wet sex. Our moans fill the room as I start to slowly raise myself up and down along your shaft, my walls tight, milking you with each stroke.

Your hands move to my hips, guiding my motions, I lean back, my chest trusting forward, and reach behind me to caress your balls, slick with my juices. I feel your hands raising the weight of my breasts as you bite and suckle at my nipples. Our hips rocking back and fourth, you reach to flick at my clit with your fingers.

We move so that my legs are around your shoulders and you thrust deep into me, our pace urgent… both fully aware of what the other needs. You kiss me deeply and a primal groan breaks from your throat as you tell me you’re close. I wrap my legs around your waist and tell you that I want you to come inside of me, to fill me. My fingers stroke my clit bringing me to the edge, you feel the spasms of my orgasm grip you, bringing you over the brink. With one deep thrust you bury yourself deep inside of me, cumming hard.

We lay together, spent, as our hearts continue to pound. Tenderly you kiss me and pull me into you telling me how happy you are that we’ve found our way back to one another.

Well baby, there is an idea, just for you, I hope that you enjoyed this and that we soon get to turn these words into reality. Know that I’m yours if you want me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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