Assuming Ownership

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My Domme has instructed me to write this brief story about how she (formerly my wife and legally still) decided she had had enough of being in a traditional marriage with a “normal” guy and decided that she was going to take over – once and for all and absolutely. I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of this approach and although it may not work for everyone, I guarantee you that most guys will fold without much fuss.

Although I didn’t realize it at the time, my then-wife-now-mistress spent more than a week “softening me up” with seemingly-normal excuses for not being able to have sex, all the while doing a bunch of things to tease the hell out of me. She knew a lot of my kinks then (now she knows all) and used them to whip me into a week-long tease-induced frenzy. Of course, ladies, your mileage may vary here and for some, this step may even be skipped. For me it ended up just being the final nail in the coffin.

Before, we had a pretty healthy sex life and were very compatible with each other. Her body type was exactly what drives me crazy and she knows how to wear and walk in heels and her legs are (as it turns out literally) irresistible. She has long hair and some of the sexiest eyes I’ve ever seen.

She started by telling me, on her way out the door one Friday morning, that we’d be staying at a local hotel over the weekend, as a special “date night” event and that I was to pack a bag, be ready when she got home and not to ask questions, all would be answered in good time. She gave me a quite a look as she left and, especially in my heightened state or arousal, had my head spinning all day. After she left, I went right in and threw a bag together. In the closet I saw that she had already packed a bag of her own and after a moment of hesitation, I unzipped it and took a look. I was rewarded with the sight of stockings, lingerie and a couple pairs of sexy shoes…all exactly what I had hoped to see. Right on top was her strap on cock and belt. She had been pegging me off and on for a while but in recent months, her attitude and her love of fucking me grew. I thought it was hot and was growing to like it more and more I was confused to realize.

She called on her way home and told me to have our stuff out and to be ready to leave, which I eagerly did! She came in, went to the bedroom for a moment, then came back out saying, “Let’s go, I’m driving, you ride bitch.” She bahis siteleri brushed past me and I followed, aroused but a little confused. After we checked in, she immediately turned on the shower and started getting ready. “Order us some pizza, we can eat while we clean up. Oh, and one more thing, let’s go out on the balcony and smoke this,” she said, pulling a joint out of her purse.

“I can’t do that,” I protested, my job had random screenings, “what if I get tested at work?”

She paused for a moment and reached into her bag, pulled out a pair of heels and slipped them on. She was now looking me in the eye and her legs were looking amazing, even bare! She grabbed my chin with one hand and said, “listen, you’re going to have a number of very interesting decisions to make tonight, this being just the first. I suggest you think hard about each. You’re going to smoke this or you’re going to leave, now, and I’m going to have a weekend of partying and whatever other…trouble…I can find.” She stepped back, release my face and put one foot forward. “Look at it…sexy isn’t it… make your decision…now.”

I stood there for a minute but she seemed dead serious and the thought of her, like this, alone in a hotel, all weekend, without me was not something I could do. I took the joint and we went outside.

We ate and she proceeded to get made up and dressed and I must say, the end result was incredible! A little black dress, stockings, garter and heels. I instantly melted, my cock, after a week of teasing and now this, was rock hard and I could hardly contain myself! She walked towards me and as she did, she pointed. “You, get on the bed.” I slowly walked backwards toward the bed and she continued walking at me. I sat and then laid back and she mounted my face, hiking her skirt up as she did. “Eat my pussy, yes, you crave it.” As I eagerly obeyed, she reached back and rubbed the rock-hard bulge in my pants, causing me to moan and twitch in sensory overload.

Just then her phone beeped with a message. She reached to the night stand and giggled as she appeared to reply. “Get off the bed and kneel on the floor,” was all she said. “Now!” she repeated at my hesitation, and I complied, kneeling. She was standing in front of me, her skirt still hiked up, and looked right into my eyes. “We’re going to play a game this weekend, do you understand?” I mutely nodded. “I decide what is going to canlı bahis siteleri happen but you get to decide who has to do it. Sound fair?” I thought for a minute, before answering. I was trying to work it out against the pot-high that was making straight thinking difficult. “Um, sure, I guess. I get to absolutely decide who does what, right?”

“Absolutely.” she said very slowly, a smile appearing that I should’ve been worried about. Just then, there was a knock on the door and she fairly purred, “I wonder who that could be? Well? Do you agree to the rules of the game?”

“Okay, I agree.” (Ladies, if you get this far, he’s fucked)

She opened the door and another guy walked in! That wasn’t what I was hoping for! As I started to get up, looking for my pants, she quickly pointed at the floor, “stay on your knees!” she ordered. They walked over and she crouched down, her mouth to my ear, this strange guy standing right in front of me. “Time to play the game. I go first and I say that this,” she slid her hand over the obvious bulge in the guy’s pants, “cock, is going to get sucked.” She looked me right in the eyes and said, “your turn baby, who is going to do that?” My eyes popped open as I realized what was happening and she giggled. “What’s it going to be? Do you want to watch me unzip these pants, take that hard cock out and…mmmmm or are you going to lean forward, take his cock out and suck it?”

I continued to stare at her, then to the guys crotch. “You can’t stand the thought of me with another man’s cock can you?? Me pleasuring it, it pleasuring me… Can you? You’ll do…anything… I say to keep it from happening…won’t you?” I nodded slowly. She unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. “Decide. Or I’m going to get on it myself,” she said pushing me to the side.

“Wait! Don’t!”

“Get it in your mouth now!” she said, pulling my head forward until his cock pushed through my lips, eliciting a moan from him and her. Holding my head with both hands, she whispered and she forced my head back and forth, the stranger’s hard cock sliding deeper each time. “That’s it, suck that cock. If I don’t feel that your heart is in it, I’ll just have to take over, so suck it like you love it.” And I did even though I seemed to be fighting through a dream. She was just watching, rubbing her pussy, obviously enjoying her demonstration of absolute control. “God, that is so fucking canlı bahis hot! The power to make you suck cock is intoxicating…I need more! Time for round two of the game bitch,” she said. She was still whispering in my ear, one hand was still rubbing her own clit. “Now it’s time for the ass-fucking, that’s what’s going to happen slave, who does it happen to? Just to be clear,” she said moving onto the bed, on all fours, looking over her shoulder, “someone is getting fucked…in the ass…period. Do you want to watch that cock, the one you’re sucking on, with your spit all over it, slide into my tight little ass? As I squirm and moan when he starts to work it deeper, starts to pump harder… is that something you’d enjoy watching babe? Or…or…you could crawl up behind me, and lick that same perfect ass… while his cock violates your little pussy. I’m ready for either NOW! One of you get over here!”

Slowly I crawled away from his hard cock, knowing what it was about to do, and got on the bed. She turned over, pushed my head down to here crotch and held it there. “Fuck him,” she said and it wasn’t to me. He was lubing up his cock, and my ass thankfully, and I licked my wife’s pussy and ass as he started sliding it up and down the crack of my ass. I moaned and he started pressing the head against my tight hole and she ground her pussy into my face even harder and she gloated in her victory, total victory. “Feel that cock sissy, feel it push. You’re taking it for me…think about that. You’re taking cock…for me… I own you!”

I gasped and he pushed in, and she was writhing in pleasure. “I fucking own you. You fucking cock whore.” And I was. Getting fucked for I don’t know how long.

Now we have one more turn to go…don’t worry, we’ll be playing this game A LOT going forward, but for now, I say he gets to cum inside. Now we just need to know who gets it. Do you want it baby? Or do you want to eat it out of me when he’s done?”

It was hard to think because I was getting fucked…hard and deep and he was starting to groan in anticipation of cumming. My mind was in a haze of lust seeing her, pleasure(?!) getting fucked and high but I knew I’d do anything to keep that cock away from her. “I’ll take it,” I said without enthusiasm.

“No no no,” she cooed, “if you want it, you better start begging for it. Convince me or that cock will be deep inside me before you know it!” As she leaned back, almost drowning in power, she pulled my head toward her perfect pussy. “Say it…”

I looked right into her beautiful eyes, eyes I would do anything for. “Oh fuck yeah, give me that cum, fucking shoot it deep!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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