Asking Him

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I picked another one up and held it up to myself. “What do you think about this one?”

“I like it, you’ll be stunning in it,” he replied, nodding and giving me two thumbs up.

“Hey,” I sighed, lowering it. “You said something like that about the last five dresses, Marco,” I pointed out, strolling towards him. “What would you say if I held a burlap sack up to myself?”

“Well, you are just ravishing, Sloan. Any dress would be perfect on you,” he answered before he smooched my forehead. “I couldn’t ask for a better step sister. I love you, but think you shopping for a dress is a little pointless.”

“It is for my senior prom though, I’ll only wear it once. You know that, and your opinion just means everything to me,” I made clear before I kissed his cheek. “I’ve never seen you just as my brunette older step brother, but my rock so to speak. I’ve always been able to count on you, and just value you more than I could possibly explain.”

“I understand, but the fact still remains, you’ll be appealing in anything.”

“You are sweet, Marco,” I branded him, looking up into his brown eyes. “That is why you’ll answer ‘Yes’ to the following question: will you be my date? I don’t have anyone else I can ask.”

He placed his right hand onto his face. “How am I supposed to deny you that?” he chuckled.

“You can’t, but it would just mean so much to me. I know you are already buying me a dress, but I think you’ll do it for me, won’t you?”

He took in a deep breath. “You are lucky I love you.”

“Thank you so much,” I said, hugging him.

He hugged me back and we maintained our position in front of twenty witnesses for a moment. We let go of each other and I picked out a dress. The next weekend came and on the day of the prom, I stood in my room.

I examined myself in my dress in the mirror. “Crap,” I sighed, shaking a bit. “Did I pick the right one?”

“I think the better question would be: is there a correct dress?” he pondered, walking into my room towards me.

“Probably not,” I answered, posing and not looking at him.

He came up on my right side. “Well, I was right: you are stunning, even in that dress.”

“Thanks, smart ass,” I mentioned before I glanced at him. “And you are quite handsome, Marco,” I commended him, prior to turning to him. “You clean up nice: a six foot sweet dude with a medium build body in a monkey suit.”

“Thank you, Sloan. You are a delicious piece of candy too. A dark blue strapless dress is quite a sight on you. I think you should be a model.”

We smiled at each other for a moment in silence. ‘My panties are soaked,’ I thought.

He took my hand and we walked out to his car. He drove us to my prom and was the perfect gentleman. He opened my door for me, held my hand and just treated me like a queen. After we ate, he sat down with me and my friends.

I peeked at him. ‘Wow, he is one in a million. Chad has been spouting off about college for twenty minutes now, and Marco is just sitting there trying to listen. He is enduring this bullshit just for me, he couldn’t be a better step brother if he tried. Well, maybe that remains to be seen.’

“I’m telling you now, as soon as I’m on that team, I’m taking them to number one,” Chad bragged.

‘Sure you are, dude. Right after you take your head out of your ass,’ I thought, grinding my teeth. ‘Shit, Marco is really getting bored now.’

After a few more minutes, I got up and put my hand out to him. “Marco, would you please dance with me?”

He automatically grabbed my hand and got up.

He brought me right to the dance floor and peeked at me. “No offense, but I was about to shove my foot in that guy’s mouth, Sloan,” he admitted, placing his palms onto my lower back.

“Yes,” I mentioned, placing my hands onto his shoulders. “Although, the fact that you didn’t just means you love me, Marco. Chad is in fact full of himself.”

“I could tell,” he pointed out before he smooched my forehead. “Oh, Every Rose Has It’s Thorn, that’s a classy choice,”

I nodded and my lips went into my mouth. ‘Wow, I think I have some juice escaping my underwear now. He is just making me feel different. He is keeping his eyes right on mine and slow dancing with me.’

“May I ask you something, Marco?”

He nodded.

I bit my bottom lip for a few seconds. “May I kiss you, please?”


I swallowed and moved my head about an inch. He stayed silent for a moment, but then he kissed me on the lips.

After five seconds, his lips parted from mine. “There probably isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you, Sloan. So, don’t be afraid to ask,” he advised me, rubbing my back.

“I can ask you for anything?”

“Well, I’m not gonna help you bury a body bag with a body occupying it, but outside of something like that, yes.”

I licked my lips for a moment and smooched his cheek. “Good to know.”

We danced for about thirty minutes after that, but didn’t speak at all. Everything was said by our eyes and I just zoned out everything and everyone else.

After those thirty minutes, I glanced back at our table. onwin giriş “My friends are gone.”

“So, you want to stay or leave then?”

I jiggled around a little bit and smiled. “We can leave, you have already suffered through enough.”

“No, I’ve had a good time with you, step sis.”

“I know, I’m just teasing, Marco. You know I can’t thank you enough for coming out with me like this. You ate with me and my friends, danced with me and just made me feel very special. Prom is only gonna last another thirty minutes, so we can head out,” I replied before I started walking away.

“Wait,” he objected, pulling my arm somewhat. “Don’t you want to find out if you are gonna be prom queen?”

I glanced back at him. “Marco, you already made this night better than if I actually was voted prom queen. Besides, there are a few stupid cheerleaders no one would be able to win over.”

“Okay,” he said before he took my hand.

We left the building and went back out to his car. The whole time, I just felt to be on the top of the world.

As we pulled into our driveway, I leaned over and kissed his cheek. “Our parents moved over a thousand miles away, but you immediately invited me to move in with you. Just like flipping a switch, so what can I ever do to repay you?”

“Don’t worry about it, Sloan,” he answered, turning off the car. “You loving me back is enough. I just wish you would have let me get a limo for us, though.”

“I told you that was too much. Besides, you still knew how to treat me right, Marco. That outweighs everything else. I know you aren’t a fan of dancing, but you did it for me,” I reminded him before I smooched his cheek.

“And to ditch Mr. Jackass, too. Damn, how does his girlfriend deal with him?”

“I don’t know, but she is my best friend, so I guess I’m stuck with him, too.”

We smiled at each other and eventually got out of the car. ‘Could I possibly ask him? He did say I could ask for anything,’ I thought, strolling to the front door.

He opened the door for me and we went inside. I found myself vibrating a bit as we both slowly made our way to the bedrooms which were right next to each other.

He turned on the hallway light right between the doors and looked at me. “I did have a great time with you, step sis. It was all to make you happy, but I did have a nice time.”

“I know, but could I have a goodnight kiss, please?”

He grinned and leaned down to kiss me and place his hands on my thighs. It lasted for over twenty seconds and my entire body shook a bit until his lips came off mine slowly.

“Thank you, Marco,” I said, sparking a few tears.

“What’s wrong?”

“Absolutely nothing.”

He just wrapped his arms around me and held me for a moment.

‘I love him so much, I just have to ask him. It is now or never.’


“Yes?” he asked, letting go of me.

“Will you please take my virginity and make me a woman?”

“You want me to take your v-card?” he pondered with widened eyes.

“Yes, I can’t think of a better person on this planet to do it,” I sobbed. “We love each other so much, it just makes perfect sense to me. I’m eighteen now, and I don’t want to go to college a virgin.”

“I’ve never even seen you in your bra and underwear, but you want me to make love to you?”

“Yes, so will you please? I don’t need to tell you how meaningful it’ll be to me.”

He stayed silent for a moment and just stared right into my teary eyes. I didn’t say anything else to grease his wheels, I just let my words sink into him.

“I don’t know, Sloan. I think it just might complicate things between us.”

“Please, for me?” I pleaded, closing the gap between us. “I’ll never ask you for anything ever again. Just make sweet love to me and hold me in your arms tonight.”

My lips ventured into my mouth again and he bit his top lip.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t. I just view you too much as my younger step sister, and it is just too weird for me.”

I took in a deep breath and my hands calmly made their way to the back of my dress. “Would seeing more of me change your mind?” I wondered, unzipping my dress.

It gradually fell off me and I just stood in my bra and underwear. “I’m sorry, but I can’t think of anything I want more right now than you making me a woman, Marco. I love you so much, so please do this for me.”

He kept his eyes on mine.

“Please look at my body, no man has ever appreciated it. If your dick gets hard, then I know you want me.”

“This isn’t right, Sloan,” he objected, shaking his head no. “You shouldn’t be talking like that.”

“I know it may not feel right,” I replied, bringing my hands to my back. “Although, I think it is right.”

“No, no, do not take off your bra. I’m not doing it, I love you, but I can’t.”

I glanced down at his crotch. “Is your member is hard, Marco? If it is, that means you want to see me naked and have sex with me. Just let it happen, who cares if we’re step siblings? It’ll just be you and me,” I explained before I unhooked my bra.

I dropped it to the floor onwin yeni giriş and lowered my panties to my feet as well.

I stepped out of them and placed my palms onto my hips. “Do you like what you see, Marco? My breasts might be small, but you think I’m beautiful no matter what. I just want you to make love to me and pop my cherry. I also have some hair down here, I think you like that,” I pointed out, rubbing my pussy.

Then I stayed silent for a moment as he failed to part his eyes from my body. I had to grin a bit as a little drool escaped his mouth. I kept my mouth shut, but then I slowly stepped towards him.

“What are you doing, Sloan?”

“May I see your manhood? I’m sure it is hard, so we’ll both know you want to fuck me if it is. I’ve never seen one outside of porn, so will you let me see it?”

He stood still and didn’t utter a word.

‘It is not working, I’m already naked and have pleaded to him, so what else can I do?’

Then I closed the gap between us completely. “Will you kiss me, Marco?”

“No, I won’t, Sloan,” he griped, lowering his eyebrows. “You are standing in front of me naked, just begging me to stick it to you,” he whined, putting his hands up. “I love you to death, but sex is just too much. You should lose it to someone who will always want you and does not have some pre-existing love for you that just make everything weird to him.”

“You had no problem kissing me when we were dancing,” I cried.

“Please don’t cry. We were in the moment, dancing at your senior prom. It was innocent, Sloan. I also wouldn’t have done it if I knew you had an ulterior motive the whole time.”

“We love each other to death, and are both single, so that makes this innocent too. Ever since you bought me the dress, I just thought about asking you to be with me just for one night. After we did it, I thought you would just tell me you loved me over and over again and just hold me close to you.”

We both kept our mouths shut again for a couple moments, but he continued to look at my breasts.

I smiled again and brought my right hand to his crotch. “I’m pretty sure it is as hard as it is gonna get, Marco. So may I see it, please?”

He took a deep breath. “You are lucky that I love you,” he reminded me before he placed his hands onto my thighs and lips onto mine.

I smiled as much as I could and my other hand wandered over to his crotch. I rubbed it for a couple minutes as he rubbed me right back.

After those couple minutes, his lips came off mine. “Fine,” he said before he brought his hands to his pants.

He undid them and they fell down.

‘It flung out, I want to see it, but I just want him to keep looking at me.’

I saw his body moving a little bit, but then he bent down and held his boxers in his hand. I cheesed as he took off his tux as well. As he was completely nude, he came right up to me and kissed me.

After ten seconds, his lips came off mine calmly. “You really just want me because we love each other?”

“And because you respect me more than anyone else in the world. May I glance at it?”

He nodded and then I casually slanted my head down. “Holy shit, that is big,” I commended him, placing my hands right over my mouth and nose.

“Thank you, you may touch it if you wish.”

“Does this mean you will make love to me, Marco?” I pondered, looking back at him.

He blinked once and his lips went into his mouth before he nodded.

“Thank you,” I cried, prior to bringing my right hand towards his wood.

I kept my eyes on him, but was still sure where it was.

I failed to touch it. “I want to feel it, but I’m nervous. Please don’t judge me.”

“It is alright, and I think your words proved that I would never judge you,” he consoled me before he took my hand. “You don’t want to feel it in your hand anyway.”

He turned the light off and brought me into his bedroom. “There is still some moonlight for us to see each other,” he pointed out, stopping at his dresser.

He dug into it and brought out a condom.

He opened it up and put it on as he kept his eyes on me. “If we are gonna have sex, we should at least be safe.”

“I agree.”

He seized my hands and escorted me right to his bed.

We both sat down, but he instantly placed his hands onto my thighs. “I admire you, Sloan, but don’t do that again,” he ordered me before he kissed me.

“I only decided to strip in the moment, Marco, because I want you.”

“Okay, lie down.”

I licked my lips as I followed his order. He got down right over me and kissed me again. His right hand came onto my left shoulder as the other voyaged down to his rod.

He peeked at me again. “You know getting your cherry popped will hurt, right?”

“That’s a key reason I want you to take it, I need someone that will be patient and treat me right, too.”

“Smart woman,” he mentioned, positioning the head right at my entrance.

“If I start crying or screaming, just kiss me, but keep thrusting your cock, Marco. I just want to get the pain over with and let the pleasure onwin güvenilirmi start as soon as possible.”

“I understand, by the way, you do have a very sexy body.”

“Thank you, may I ask one more thing?”


“If you can, could you shoot your stuff onto my pussy hair? I’ve seen it in porn, and it looks hot.”

“Sure, step sis. Do you really watch porn?” he chuckled.

“Yes, I have to see something before I have sex.”

“Fair enough, but I can’t imagine you watching porn. Are you ready?” he wondered, leaning up off me a little bit.

I just blew him a kiss and then his schlong ventured right inside my slit.

I immediately closed my eyes and lifted up my head. “Fuck,” I sobbed.

His lips came right down to mine, but my whole body twitched a bit. Tears came out of my ducts like they were fire hydrants, but he kept kissing me like there was no tomorrow.

‘Oh, this is so loving and yet, so taboo, too. Oh, I love this hunk, but I hate the pain so much. Each thrust hurts a little more.’

After a couple minutes of his schlong poking at my hymen, it went through.

I pushed his lips off mine. “Shit, that hurts!” I wailed.

“I’m sorry, Sloan, do you want me to stop?” he inquired.

I began breathing heavily and looked right at him. “No, just make love to me and kiss me,” I sobbed. “Please don’t get turned off by my tears, I promise I want this. I want you, Marco, no one else.”

“Okay,” he answered before he leaned his body back onto mine. “I just don’t want to hurt you, Sloan. You mean everything to me, too.”

“I know, but I think the worst part is over, so just keep going,” I proposed, placing my hands onto his shoulders. “And remember to keep kissing me.”

“I understand,” he responded before he laid a smooch on my forehead and began thrusting his wood again. “I love you.”

He grabbed onto my arms and kept his eyes on me.

‘It is still hurting, but don’t cry, just keep looking at him and try to enjoy the pleasure. I’m sure it will stop hurting eventually, but don’t focus on the pain. Just remember that this loving man is making sweet love to me, even though I had to push him a little bit. With every single thrust, I think he makes my entire body jiggle a little bit more.’

“Please don’t ever stop loving me, Marco. I know I shoved you a little bit, but please don’t be mad.”

“I’m not mad, I’m enjoying screwing my step sister, but don’t strip next time.”

“Okay, but thrust a little faster. I’m feeling a little better, so pleasure me all you can. I’ll do my best not tear up again.”

“If you say so,” he mentioned before he leaned up again.

His pecker began moving in and out faster and I placed my hands over onto his butt. I grabbed onto his cheeks a bit, but did my best not to dig my nails into them. I felt myself sweating up a storm and my heart began pounding too.

“I love seeing your tits shake around step sis, it is making me want to cum now.”

“Can you make sure you take off the condom in time to do it on my cherry?”

“I’ll make sure I do it just for you, which is right now,” he moaned, prior to yanking his rod out of my twat.

I stayed on my back and watched him take off the condom. “Here you go, Sloan, it is just for you,” he let out, stroking his dick.

My eyes widened a bit and I smiled as widely as I could. “You just came into my hair down there. Oh, it is so hot to see it actually happen.”

“I know,” he moaned before he delivered his last stream of his seed right into my pussy hair.

After he was done, he lied down next to me and I rubbed all his cum into my hair down there for a couple minutes.

“Thank you, Marco. It hurt a lot, but it was worth it,” I told him before I smooched his cheek.

“Your welcome, sorry I couldn’t last longer, but I think I liked doing it with you a lot more than I thought.”

I got up onto my side. “Really?” I pondered, taking his dick in my right hand. “Would you fancy doing it again, Marco? You already broke my cherry, so I think it’ll be much more pleasurable for me now.”

“Yes, if that’s what you want, Sloan.”

“I do want it,” I informed him before I leaned up and got right over him.

I reached for his johnson and tried guiding it into my slit.

I struggled and jiggled around. “Damn it, I’ve seen women in porn do this without breaking a sweat.”

He arched his back up with me. “It is alright, step sis,” he let me know, taking his dick.

He made sure his member made it inside me. “It just takes some practice.”

“Would you be willing to help me practice for a little while until I get into college?” I wondered, positioning my palms onto his shoulders.

“Sure,” he answered, placing his hands onto my butt. “I’ll do anything for you,” he made clear before he kissed me.

Even as his lips were on mine, he managed to thrust his pecker. That made my boobs press onto his chest and he just made me feel even better with every passing second.

After a minute, my lips abruptly came off his. “You can make sure you don’t cum, right? You aren’t wearing a condom.”

“I’ll do my best.”

Our faces were only a couple inches of each other, so we kissed one another several times, but maintained silence. We both massaged one another for what seemed like hours, but was for only two minutes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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