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The blue light from the digital clock cast an eerie blue glow to Dee’s pale skin. She was in her usual Saturday position at the usual time, her face in the pillows and her ass in the air as Pancrack, as usual, fucked her from behind. There was a casual rhythm to their movements. An all so ho-humness as he stroked in and out of her. He looked around at the bedroom, watching the clock; he heard a car pass on the street below. He looked down at Dee’s beautiful, round ass as he slid his cock in and out of her mechanically. It felt good, but he was bored, just in and out, in and out, as routine as chewing. He could tell by Dee’s lack of action that she was also just along for the ride.

It had been a funny week which left both of them stressed out, and on this Saturday night neither one of them wanted to admit that maybe they were too tired, or tired of the routine, or possibly not even in the mood. She adored him but wished for more romance and intimacy in their sex life… She longed for playful mutual exploration and experimentation. It sounds so clinical when put like that. What was happening here was that while Pancrack was mechanically and seemingly absent-mindedly thrusting away like a well-programmed robot, without any emotion or tenderness, Dee was making a list in her mind of the things that needed to be done this weekend.

When he picked it up, thrusting hard, to wake himself up and to let Dee know he was still back there, he was rewarded with a soft grunt from the pillows. Finally, she thought, a sign of life, a sign of…. something? He stroked her perfect ass with his hands enjoying the smooth softness under his palms, and slid his hand down the crack of her ass, resting his thumb on the top of his shaft as it slid in and out of her. He rubbed a small circle, spreading her lube around with his thumb between her pussy and her ass, rubbing that area back and forth. It held his attention, as he watched her butt jiggle with each thrust. Pancrack barely resisted the urge to give those firm globes a hearty spank. His thighs and back were beginning to ache and he was getting tired. Dee had settled back into the passiveness of holding herself still as he thrust into her.

His adding his fingers to the mix was a new sensation, one that she enjoyed. She was hoping for more…

He slid his thumb up to her tighter hole, fully expecting her to flex her buttocks and pull away with a “Uh- uh, No.” like she always did. Instead, she pushed slightly back at his questing thumb. Pancrack was surprised and used the tip to make circles around the hole then gently and with apprehension expecting a harsh “No” or “Stop it!” he smeared more of Dee’s own juices around and let the weight and Dee’s gentle backward pressure push in just the tip of his thumb. Now his heart was pumping a little faster, his attention caught in an iron grip. Pancrack stopped, with his dick crammed deep in Dee’s pussy.

He had her full attention now. The to-do list was suddenly forgotten. He interrupted his monotonous thrusts while playing with her ass and she was able to fully concentrate on what he was doing. Dee had always been apprehensive about anal sex, after all, that particular orifice was really designed as a one way street. An Einbahnstrasse if you will. Still, they had watched porn together bursa escort and of course joked about it, she knew that he wanted it but she would usually retort with something along the lines of “the day you let me fuck you with a strap-on you can have my ass.”

Today though, oddly, unexpectedly, she was mentally and emotionally open to the idea. Still, she was a virgin back there and the fear of the unknown, as it were, would have to be overcome.

“Be gentle with me…” she whispered.

He leaned over her back, warmed her with his hairy chest, kissed her shoulders, and asked “Are you sure you want this, baby?”

“Yes, but please go slow.”

“I will not hurt you. Anytime you want to stop, say it.”

He murmured a few words of endearment, reassured her with his voice which was calm but excited at the same time. Placing more hot kisses on her smooth white back before straightening himself up behind her.

Pancrack let physics and gravity work as slowly his thumb disappeared into Dee’s forbidden hole. He’d been this far before, but it was on nights of drunken passion and blanket tangling, position swapping, high-energy, multi orgasmic sex. In heart beating fascination he watched his thumb ease in all the way to its entire length, Dee’s ass was so tight, stiff and unyielding until she began to relax..He jumped a little when a hand brushed his balls as Dee began to play with her own clit. This was an exciting mix of sensations, his cock stroking in her pussy, his thumb teasing in her ass, her fingers rubbing her clit… A sure sign that she was getting into it…. She was getting into it and when He stroked his digit in, then to his surprise, she began moving her hips and she could not help pushing back and forth into him. It was tight, like a rubber band around the base of his thumb that gives a little but stays tight. There was a sense of desperation and slow building lust in her movements. She felt a little slutty fucking herself on him like that but she loved it, the pressure in her body rising and her passion about to boil over…

She tensed as she came, held her breath for a second before screaming into the pillow, a clutch of her inner walls on his cock and her hand fell away. “Ok, go ahead, fuck my ass.” came a breathy voice from the pillows. Decision made. She wanted it now. She wanted it all. Pancrack stopped himself in mid thrust “Excuse me? Did you just say…?”

“Yes, but get my toy so that I can use it too.” Just in case, she thought, I can concentrate on the buzzing if it hurts or doesn’t give me any pleasure.

Pancrack’s heart skipped a beat. “No way.” he thought as he carefully disengaged his thumb then slid off the bed to retrieve her vibrator from her lingerie drawer. She felt the sudden emptiness both physically and emotionally, her body was still somewhat in the throes of her climax and tense with anticipation of what was to come.

“Lube!” She directed as he got back on the bed behind her. He pulled the KY jelly from the built in bookshelf on the headboard of the bed. He looked down and saw her watching him with a grin and strange look in her green eyes. “Don’t get used to this, Big Guy.” she said with bravado, not wanting him to see that she was torn between lust and fear, as he liberally lubed his now throbbing bursa escort bayan cock then dribbled a generous amount down the crack of her ass, smearing it around her bunghole. He heard the vibrator click on and felt Dee moving it in its buzzing little path between her legs, instantly she was twinging and jumping as she worked it around her still sensitive clit.

Dee’s pretty pussy hung wide and open, as Pancrack smeared the lube around with two fingers then slowly pushed them into her ass. Just as with the thumb, it was like pushing past a restricting band, Dee was so tight initially his fingers were pushed over top each other, but he waited until she was loose enough for them to fall side by side then kept pushing deeper in. The slippery jelly made it easier. When Dee flinched or tensed, he would slow his gentle pressure until, down at the second knuckle, she began pushing back into him. He felt the ring muscle slowly expand and stretch to accept his two fingers as they reached the base. He began to pull them back and forth, feeling the vibrator’s high frequency vibrations through his fingers. Dee was rocking herself back and forth on his fingers, and the vibrator was moving around. She gave a whimper and a moan. “Hurry,” she said.

He had used one finger in her before but never two, surprisingly, it not only didn’t hurt but also actually felt good. The vibrator was doing its job and her body was trembling, she felt herself again at the brink of orgasm and wanted him to be part of it, inside her.

He slowly pulled the fingers out and rested the swollen head of his cock in their place. She was still open and loose enough that the tip of the head slid in with just some resistance. Then holding her hips he eased in the soft, bulbous head. At first, his cock bent at the resistance but with gentle pressure, he entered her with a soft, wet pop. Oh my God that was tight… She gave a hiss and froze, so did Pancrack, then she relaxed and, moaning loudly, pressed back into him. Pancrack felt every ridge on his cock as it passed through her ass as his manhood slowly stretched her. It was incredibly tight, scraping the KY Jelly off his dick. Several times she stiffened and stopped but soon he was stuck all the way to the hilt of his dick into her. The sphincter was like a cock ring around the base of his thick, veined dick. Squeezing it like God’s own fist. It was almost uncomfortable. Now the animal excitement was taking over Pancrack. He could hardly contain his lust. He bent low and kissed Dee’s back, holding his hips tight against hers as he felt her loosening a little more, easing the tension around his cock. Staying that way, he reached down under her, gently playing with her nipples, rolling them between his fingers. His mind was like a red-hot spike, the heat and tightness holding his cock was stoking his boiling lust, the feel of her firm tits under his hands were a sensational over load of texture and warmth. His heart was bursting with joy that this phenomenal woman had given him this gift of herself.

He slowly began to pull out of her; the vibrator began its work on her clit, brushing his balls, making him jump. He pulled out, almost to the head, and then he reversed to push back in. Pancrack’s heart was slamming through his chest, excitement climbing. escort bursa “OK,” she growled,”Fuck me. Fuck my ass. Go for it. Now!” Dee demanded. Pancrack glanced down, Dee was clutching the pillow in a death grip, her jaws were tight, gritting her teeth, and then she began moaning as he began slowly and steadily picking up the pace of his thrusts. Passion warred with lust, finally freeing its animal self from the cage of his lizard brain. She was still virgin tight, but no longer uncomfortably so, and there was still enough lubricant so Pancrack’s cock could slide in and out. With grunt and growls, jaw tight and grinding his teeth, he thrust harder and deeper into Dee’s bowels. His hands clutched claw like on her heart shaped hips as he shoved deeper and harder into her, trying to drive his hips through hers. His balls slapped deep on her wet pussy and caught some of the vibrators buzzing. Her soft thighs slammed against his. Heedless of whimper or cry, his whole being focused on his cock. Dee’s hand was franticly rubbing the vibrator against her clit until, with a gasp, she bucked HARD into Pancrack’s hips, pressing him back with her full weight as she clamped her cheeks tight and gave the long slow moan of her orgasm. With an animal howl, and arching of his back Pancrack felt the lighting strike of his own orgasm begin at the top of his abdomen and burn down his guts, tying them in knots as it streaked in a spasm of ecstasy, exploding into her anal cavity, spewing a jet stream of hot cum deep inside of her. Together they held the tableau then slowly Dee stretched herself flat, pulling herself off the Lance of Pancrack’s thick cock. Each move sent an electric shock that, in turn, sent cum spurting from Pancrack’s sensitive dick. He fell backward as his cock sprang free of Dee’s vice like grip; body limp, resting on his own trembling haunches, sweat dripping down his back and coating his chest and belly. Saliva dripped from his chin. His breath coming in sobs and gasps. Dee was panting to catch her breath. Pancrack fell on top of her, kissing her neck as he felt the jelly cool on his cock, slowly softening against the soft skin of her thigh.

Pancrack covered her warm body with his, wrapping her in his arms. He kissed the base of her neck, sweaty with her exertions. Both of them lay motionless trying to catch their breath, sweat drying in the cool night. He held her that way as their breathing began to synchronize and he could feel her heart beat slowing, he was sure she could feel his too. She turned under his arms, a fat boob falling against his chest, snuggling into the arm and shoulder that lay under her head. Pancrack reached over, cupped her face in his hand, and kissed her deeply, conveying his thanks to her for facing her fear and giving him her gift of virginity. Of taking him to a new height of pleasure he never knew existed. He held her tight and close, her cool lips on his hot shoulder, until they both began to relax, letting the post coital hormones ease them into a satisfied lethargy, then sleep.

Pancrack woke first. He gave a still sleeping Dee a kiss on the cheek, rolled from the bed, and went to the bathroom, running warm water in the sink and soaping his dick. The water felt cool and refreshing, Pancrack dried off and brought a cool washcloth for Dee. He used it to wipe cum that had leaked from her ass and was sticky on her thighs. A gentle sigh of pleasure accompanied his ministrations. Moreover, since his dick was clean, it could fill her wonderful tight pussy when she was ready for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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