Anya’s Newly Found Lover

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Authors Note: If this story has enough votes I will consider a continuing chapter. Short story but very sweet and tasty


There she sat with her blonde hair pulled to one side. Only coming down to a bright yellow tank top that matched her yellow lace long. Her breast swelled in her bra and made perfect hills peeking out of the tank top. Her long slender legs dangling from the counter top. Her summer tan still strong and glistening from the kitchen light. Her big blue eyes glued to her phone that beeped every five minutes. She was Lexi and she was my stepsister.

“Who you talking too?” I asked slowly walking toward her.

“Just some guy.” She responded for Lexi it was a new guy every week.

“I wish I was as pretty as you.” I could feel my face blush when I said this.

“Oh Anya you’re pretty too.” Her teeth shined as she smiled. I looked down at my purple and white dress flowing around my thighs. My milky skin hidden under it. I had light brown hair that waved to my shoulders. My green eyes stood out the most and was my best feature.

“Thanks but not nearly as pretty as you.” I felt my petite stomach flip the more I complimented her.

“Have you ever kissed a girl?” This question stopped me and gave me butterflies until it hurt. Her small hand twirled my hair as she stared into my eyes. Her eyes were intoxicating and I could feel my mouth watering as I looked at her lips.

She laughed snapping me out of my gaze.

“I’ll take that as a no.” Lexi hopped off the counter canlı bahis and motioned me to take her place. I hopped up, her lips almost touching mine. Than Lexi went for it her lips grazed mine at first leaving me wanting more. I felt my arms get Goosebumps as her hand touched my thigh. My breath quickened the more she went into the kiss. My dream was becoming a reality.

It wasn’t long before we were madly making out, our hands roamed each other’s bodies like wild animals. I felt my nipple harden under gentle touch of her hand. I felt my pussy tingle as her hand got closer to it. Her tongue played with mine as my hands took off her top revealing her perfect tanned torso.

Her breasts looked amazing swelled in the yellow laced bra. A perfect match to her panties. I felt her giggle through our kiss as she felt me fumble with her bra. My hands were shaking and it was hard to focus my mind on anything else but her wondering hands. She reached behind her and UN hooked her bra releasing the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. They were a C cup and tanned from the summer. They were perky and seemed to defy gravity. A nickel sized nipple sat right in the center hard and perfect. My hands massaged these breasts and I couldn’t get enough. Her moans went directly into my mouth as I flicked her nipple between my thumb and index finger.

I felt my body begin to sweat as her hands were pulling my legs away from each other. She broke the kiss and stopped my massaging session. My lungs gasped for breath and my body was in a euphoric state. I bahis siteleri looked at Lexi’s perfect body bend down and become eye level with my pussy. She kissed my thighs giving me even more Goosebumps and slightly tickling me. Her hands went up and took my black panties off. I could tell by her reaction she liked my pussy. It was tight and a light pink color. By this time probably soaked with my own sweet juices. Her tongue glided over my clitoris and I could have came right there.

Lexi’s small mouth kissed my clitoris and licked my hole. Her tongue working magic on my pussy. She sucked gently at my clitoris sometimes sending me into a thrilling convulsion of pleasure. But she mostly just licked it, getting every drop of my juices into her hot little mouth. Lexi’s left hand reached up and traced the outline of my waiting hole.

She took her time and only stuck a little of her finger in at a time. This I appreciated because her tongue kept on sending me into euphoric orgasms making my pussy get even tighter. Lexi finally pushed it all the way in and began finger fucking me. She continued to lick and suck on my clitoris while her finger got busy. It was orgasm after the next not giving me any time to calm down, but still sending me into orgasms that were better than the last one.

I couldn’t help but hold her head there while she ate me out and fucked me. By the time I cried out in another intense pleasurable orgasm, I felt her lips pull away from my pussy. Her finger left my wet hole and she took my hand. She helped my off the counter bahis şirketleri on the fact my legs felt like jello. She walked me towards the living room stopping in the hall and slamming me against the wall. My leg went up to her waist and she held it there. Her lips attacking mine and my tongue searching for hers.

We finally made it to the couch were she laid down and motioned me to come closer. My stomach gave me that nervous feeling because I had never pleasured a girl before. Just occasionally the boys that were into me.

“It’s okay Anya just do it like I did.” Her voice reassured me and my head went between her legs. She smelt like roses and perfume, and tasted like strawberries. I tried my best to focus on her clitoris because that was where she got me off the most. I licked it pushing my tongue on it gently. I gave it a little suck in between each lick. The taste of her was UN believable and kept me from stopping. I went down to her hole where juices were pouring out and licked them all up. I used my middle finger to gently fuck her with. Her moans had become music to my ears and the louder they got the happier I became. I pushed my finger into her wet hole and immediately felt it grip. I urged my index finger to join and not long after I was finger fucking her with two fingers while sucking gently on her clitoris. I felt her orgasms rush over my fingers and made sure they didn’t go to waste sucking up every last drop.

I heard her call out in intense pleasure the same call I made when I had came so powerfully that my eyes rolled back. I took out my fingers and sucked on them making sure they were clean of her juices. I laid next to her on the couch and she kissed my head holding my hand. My stepsister Lexi had just become my newly found lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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