Any Other Business

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“Unless anyone has any AOB, I think that’s us done for the day?”

Greg’s words are a relief; it’s been a tough meeting. Too many difficult discussions, leading to complicated conclusions. But at least the lunch was good; the remnants of dessert now being picked over as laptops and notebooks are closed, and bags begin to be packed.

For half a heartbeat, I wonder if I should even risk catching Finn’s eye, but then I see he’s clearly not so concerned. His raised eyebrows are the question; my smile is the answer. I’ve been looking forward to this point on the agenda since the meeting was arranged, weeks ago. Months of teleconferences, innuendoes during phone calls, small glances at meetings, the spark of electricity when our hands touched, the whispered suggestion when this workshop was proposed – everything has built to today.

An almost imperceptible nod is the agreed sign, and we rise to our feet in time with a couple of the others, half-heartedly saying our goodbyes, wishing luck with the next meeting of the day, safe journey home, making our excuses – we just have to catch somebody in the main office, we’ll come back and get our stuff shortly.

Then we’re in the corridor, leading away from the hubbub of ringtones and chatter, and we find our destination.

As the boardroom door clicks shut, we’re plunged into darkness, the blinds already down. We’ve each had the chance to turn back; neither of us has taken it. There’s only one possible outcome now. I feel Finn reach for the light switch.

“Leave it,” I whisper, feeling my senses heighten.

Finn takes my hands in his, raising them above my head, pressing me against the wall as he claims my mouth with his. He tastes of chocolate and strawberries, his tongue and mine entwined. His body holds me in place, bahis firmaları and I can feel his arousal. We are going to do this, right here and now, and my brain is already racing ahead, seeing the act. This may be our first time together, but we’ve got to know each other well enough this last few months; there’s no need for preamble.

It’s my first time in a boardroom. For a moment, I wonder if it’s the same for Finn, but I force such thoughts away: now is not the time for jealousy. His hands are moving down my arms, nails tracing the skin, as his kisses burn my throat. We daren’t abandon our clothing. This is going to be rushed, dangerous, exciting. But there’ll never be a safe, comfortable bed for us. We could have done this in the hotel last night, but where would have been the fun in that?

As though to prove the point, footsteps sound in the corridor outside. We freeze, still locked together, but thankfully, they keep moving. Spurred on, actions become more urgent, the day’s hours of flirting, of unspoken decisions, are coming to a head. Concentrated, potent, heady, this is the moment.

We’d joked about ‘Commando Tuesdays’, and planned the day’s meeting perfectly. Letting go of me for just long enough, Finn reaches down, unbelting, unbuttoning and unzipping to release himself from his trousers, as I drop my arms to undo the top buttons of my blouse. Our mouths don’t part.

As dangerous as it is, I don’t want this to be over too soon, I need to make it last. I break our kiss, dropping to my knees in front of him, as he braces himself against the wall. His cock is free now, and as I take him in my mouth, his size is a thrill: he’s huge, and he’s all mine. I take him as deep into my throat as I can, slowly teasing my tongue along his length, easing him in and out kaçak iddaa of my mouth.

“Jaqs!” he gasps, curling his fingers against the wall, as I suck harder, the buzz of hearing him say my name turning me on even more. But he mustn’t come like this. We’ve been building to this moment for months now, and he isn’t getting all the pleasure to himself. Whilst one hand has been gripping his buttocks, giving me a better angle, my other has been under my skirt, bringing myself close whilst I wait my turn. The taste of him is addictive, but I want him inside me now.

He senses we’re ready to move, and reaches down, clutching my hair with one hand, pulling me up and away from him. Without a second’s hesitation, he kisses me again, his fingers reaching beneath my skirt, and I can feel him smile at how wet I am, waiting for him.

My eyes are becoming accustomed to the darkness now, and I can see his glinting with desire as I pull back for a second.

“The table?” I ask.

“Oh god yes,” he replies, husky now, reaching behind me to flick the internal lock on the door. I don’t stop him; this is something I definitely do not want disturbing.

I hitch up my skirt as we back together into the middle of the room, our breath racing now, as the anticipation reached its peak. Finn lifts me onto the edge of the table, the perfect height for us, and somehow more daring than the dull comfort of a chair. My arms instinctively wind around his neck as he bends to kiss down my neck and into the opening of my blouse. I wish I could take it off, but we still need to be careful.

His tiny bites nearly push me over the edge. “Now!” I say, pulling him closer with my legs.

In one swift movement, he is inside me. I cannot help but gasp; he’s huge, and very aroused at what we’re kaçak bahis doing. I raise myself up, to give him the best angle possible – I’ve waited long enough for this, and I want all of him now he’s mine.

We rock together, finding each other’s rhythm quickly, building the pace. It won’t be long, but we both want our pleasure here, as close together as we can manage it. The moment is locked now. The entire board could break the door down and we wouldn’t be able to break away. Even kissing is nothing more than time-wasting; our hands pull at the other’s back, keeping our bodies pressed against the other, faces cheek-to-cheek. I close my eyes, wanting to savour every movement his body makes against mine, the feel of his cock thrusting into me. Who knows when we’ll get to do this again?

In the end, we come together, the magical, supposedly mythical simultaneous orgasm. I have to bite down into the material of Finn’s shirt to stop myself screaming, and his tightened grip of my hair tells me he is having the same problem.

For a few minutes, we stay silent, catching our breath, still tight together, his cock still inside me. Finn has buried his face in my hair now, and begins to nibble my ear, before making his way around to kiss my lips again. I kiss him back, then shift my hands to his face, and gently push him away.

“You’re incredible,” I say, knowing there is so much more going on in my head, but also, that this is neither the time nor place to be cluttered with feelings.

“We need more meetings, Jaqs,” he replies, and I sag into him with happiness; it’s what I was hoping to hear, even if I didn’t dare say it myself.


Greg is still in the meeting room when we return, clothing tidied, buttons redone.

“Did you get done what you wanted?” he asks, innocently.

I reply for both of us: “Yes, I think we reached a satisfying conclusion. But I feel a couple of more sessions could be in order, just to be on the safe side.”

Finn nods his agreement.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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