Anna’s Awakening Ch. 02

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Emily reached down under the water and began caressing pubic hair. She ran her fingers down and started stroking Anna’s clit, which was already very swollen. Emily pulled back her kiss from Anna and looked her in the eyes. She reached up with her other hand and was caressing Anna’s face and lips and just looking at her. She was stroking Anna’s clit with her other hand and watching Anna’s eyes. Emily stated telling her how beautiful she was and how smooth her skin was. Anna smiled was feeling something she had never felt before as her orgasm started to rise up from within her. Anna felt her legs buckle and she moaned deeply. Emily’s fingers increased their speed across Anna’s clit and Anna was caught in her intense and loving gaze. Anna almost lost her footing in the hot tub as her climaxed exploded and Emily held on to her and kept her from falling over.

“Oh my! Oh my! Oh my God!” Anna moaned as she had her most intense orgasm ever. She had masturbated a few times over the years and it felt good, but nothing like this.

Emily lay Anna back to the seat of the hot tub and kneeled in front of her.

“Anna that was beautiful. I loved watching you experience that kind of pleasure and I hope you can forgive me for being so forward with you.” Emily said.

“Say you’re sorry for that? Oh my Emily! That was amazing!” Anna smiled and leaned over and kissed Emily on the lips.

Anna started kissing down Emily’s face to her neck. She started tracing circles just under Emily’s ear with her tongue and making little bites on her neck. She heard Emily moan softly in her ear.

“Anna that feels so good.”

Anna continued softly kissing and sucking to the front of Emily’s neck and then down her chest. She traced around Emily’s upper chest with her tongue and occasionally stopped to plant soft kisses on her skin. The tracing of Anna saliva felt hot and then very cool to Emily’s skin as the winter air brushed against her. Anna started caressing Emily’s breast in her palm. She reached out and took Emily’s long, red nipple between her thumb and index finger and started rolling it between the fingers. Emily was very surprised at how forward Anna was now being. Anna worked her way down to Emily’s nipple and just as she licked the tip with her tongue Emily pulled back.

“Anna this is wonderful and I do not want to stop; however, I don’t want us to shrivel up like prunes.”, Emily chuckled “Why don’t we get out of here and head inside.”

Emily stood and stepped out of the hot tub. Anna was again mesmerized by Emily’s tattoo as she watched this gorgeous woman standing up above her. Emily grabbed a large towel and wrapped it around her and grabbed one for Anna. Anna stood and Emily reached out with her hand to help her out of the hot tub. Emily embraced Anna and kissed her again very passionately. In the cool, night air Anna started getting goose bumps all over her skin and her nipples were extremely hard. Emily broke the kiss and she asked Anna to raise her arms into the air. Anna did and Emily bent over and gave each of her nipples a soft kiss and then she wrapped the towel around Anna. Emily grabbed Anna’s hand and led her back to the house. Emily slid the door open and she held it while Anna walked inside.

The room was very warm compared to outside and it felt good on Anna’s skin. She was almost in a trance at what had transpired bahis firmaları in the hot tub and she was very aroused. Anna was aroused in a way she had never even thought possible. She at first started to feel guilty and bad knowing how disappointed people who knew her would be if they knew what happened. Then she stopped.

“Who cares what I do. It is my business alone.” Anna blurted out suddenly.

Emily was taken aback. “Why did you say that Anna?”

“Oh, I am sorry Emily. I guess those voices in your head can get loud enough at times that you just subconsciously respond to them out loud.”

“You don’t feel bad about what happened do you Anna?” Emily said feeling very guilty.

“No way! Emily it was amazing! It was amazing in a way I don’t know if I could even describe at this point.” , Anna said “It was amazing in the way I felt kissing you, your tattoo, your neck, your breasts. It was liberating Emily. When you started touching me between my legs I almost felt like I was doing something wrong.

“I am sorry.” Emily said

“Sorry?!?!” Anna laughed out loud “How could you ever be sorry for making me feel so good? I melted in your arms out there and you wanna know what else? I want more! I want to feel your body next to mine. I want to kiss you and explore your body. I want to give you the same pleasure you gave to me.”

With that, Anna dropped her towel right there in the living room and approached Emily. She pulled Emily’s towel free and led her down the hall to Emily’s room. The lamp was dimmed in the room, but not enough that they could not see each other. Anna turned as they stood next to the bed and looked up into Emily’s eyes.

“I so want this Emily.” Anna said as she closed her eyes and kissed Emily on her neck.

Anna reached up with her hand and caressed Emily’s cheek. Anna opened her eyes and saw that Emily had a tear rolling down her face. Anna smiled and wiped it away in her fingers. She slid her hand around the back of Emily’s neck and she pulled Emily down to her in a long, deep kiss. Emily’s feeling guilt was quickly turning into desire. Emily backed up from the kiss and she asked Anna to turn around. Anna did not question Emily and she turned around. She could see herself in a large mirror on the wall with Emily standing behind her. Emily went over to her night stand and picked up a bottle of lotion.

“We don’t you drying up do we Anna?”

Emily poured some out on to her hands and rubbed them together to warm the lotion. She started caressing Anna’s arms as she started kissing the Anna on her shoulders. Emily poured some more on her hands, dropped the lotion bottle, and she brought her arms under Anna’s and she started massaging the lotion into Anna’s breasts. The smell was wonderful and watching Emily work on her in the mirror was too much for Anna. Anna raised her arms and turned her head back to kiss Emily. Emily had each of Anna’s breasts in a hand while she kissed Anna. They kissed slowly at first. Their tongues were exploring the other and then the pace increased. The entire time Emily continued to massage Anna’s breasts and nipples.

Emily broke the kiss and bent over to retrieve the lotion. She kneeled behind Anna as she again poured lotion on to her hands. She deeply rubbed it into Anna’s back and down to her butt. She rubbed the lotion into Anna’s cheeks and she kaçak iddaa kissed each of them. Emily started rubbing the lotion into Anna’s thighs on the outside and then up the inside. The higher she moved her hands, the more Anna spread her legs. Emily’s hand brushed up against Anna’s vagina and she could feel the heat and the wetness against her hand.

Emily started rubbing Anna’s wet pussy between her fingers and Anna was moaning. Emily turned Anna around and slowly pushed her back up against the bed. Anna sat down on the bed and looked down at Emily on her knees in front of her. Emily started kissing her way up Anna’s legs and into her inner thigh. She was licking and sucking Anna’s skin deeply into her mouth as she kept moving up. Anna wanted to keep her eyes open and watch Emily make love to her, but the pleasure was too much. She closed her eyes and laid back on the bed. As Emily continued on, she reached and lifted Anna’s legs at the calves and pushed them up towards her chest. This spread Anna’s legs wide open and Emily had a clear view of Anna’s very wet and aroused pussy.

“Is this what you want Anna?” Emily said as she started kissing around Anna’s pubic mound.

A deep sigh came from Anna as Emily started sticking her clit. Emily slowly licked from the tip of Anna’s clit all the way down to her opening and back up. Every time Emily’s tongue passed over Anna’s clit, shivers went up Anna’s spine and the pleasure was enormous. Emily took her hands and started spreading Anna’s pussy even more. She took Anna’s very erect clit into her mouth and sucked it in as far as she good. She continued to suck and release the clit between her lips. Anna started pushing her clit even further into Emily’s face every time her clit was sucked in. Emily kept this up for a few minutes and then Anna lost it again. Anna reached down and grabbed the back of Emily’s head and held it up against her clit. Anna’s lowered her legs onto the sheets and spread her legs as far as she could. If she thought her first orgasm was amazing, this one blew that one away. She started writhing on the bed and the more Emily sucked the louder her moans became.

Emily’s entire face was covered in Anna’s juices. With one last lick, she pulled away from Anna’s pussy and crawled up onto the bed. She had Anna scoot back to where the pillows were and Emily went down between Anna’s legs again. She softly planted kisses from Anna’s mound and up her tummy. She made love to Anna’s belly button and slowly worked her way up to Anna’s wonderfully large breasts. When she reached them , she took a nipple in one mouth and tenderly nursed on Anna’s nipple. She sucked for a few minutes on one and then switched to the other. All the while, Anna was caressing Emily’s skin and running her fingers through Emily’s long, thick hair. Emily took Anna’s nipple out of her mouth and scooted up and strattled Anna on the bed. She looked down at Anna and started into her beautiful eyes. Anna reached up and caressed Emily’s stomach and ran her fingers to her breasts. Emily leaned down and kissed Anna on the check. She wanted to kiss her on the mouth, but she was unsure if Anna would do this considering where Emily’s face had been a few minutes before. Anna looked into Emily’s eyes and pulled her head down to hers. She opened her mouth and warmly welcomed Emily’s dancing tongue into her mouth. Anna broke the kaçak bahis kiss and looked up at Emily as she sat up again on Anna’s stomach.

“Emily, I don’t know where you learned how to do that and right now I could care less, but that rocked my world.” Anna said.

“Thank you Anna.” , Emily said “I wanted to give you the pleasure you really do deserve. That was definitely a long term fantasy fulfilled for me. And you know what? It was even better than I imagined it could ever be.”

“You think about me often?” Anna said and her face turned a little red.

“You have no idea girl!” Emily said with a laugh.

Anna poked Emily in the ribs and Emily gave out a little scream. Anna continued to tickle Emily and they began to wrestle around on the bed. Anna flipped Emily over onto her back and she pinned her arms down to the bed.

“You have been a bad girl and now it is my turn to give you a little something.” Anna jokingly sneered.

“I have created a monster!” Emily Squealed

“You have NO idea!” Anna said giggling.

Anna released Emily’s hands and sat up. She reached back and felt Emily’s pussy with one hand. The shaved skin felt wonderful on her hand.

“Maybe someday you could help me out with the jungle I have between my legs.” Anna said as she caressed the small patch of hair on Emily’s mound.

“I would like that.” Emily cooed.

Anna got up off Emily’s stomach and on to all fours. Her large breaths hung down and her nipples were touching Emily’s. Emily reached and gently rubbed Emily’s tits up against her nipples Anna started sucking on Emily’s neck.

“You keep that up and I will be the one moaning soon Anna.”

Anna did not say a word, she just kept sucking and licking. Anna pulled away from Emily and lowered her head to Emily’s nipples. She sucked them soft and then hard and then soft again. Anna wanted to reward Emily for what she had given her. Anna released Emily’s nipple and moved to the other giving it the same treatment. Emily was very much enjoying the attention Anna was giving to her. Anna then started a trail of kisses down Emily’s stomach. When she reached her pubic area, Anna started licking around the small amount of hair. She could smell Emily’s excitement and she wanted to taste her. Anna was not sure what to do, but she knew she wanted to please Emily. She looked down and saw that Emily had a very large clit and it was very erect. Anna dropped lower and took it into her mouth. She started sucking it in and out with her lips the way Emily did to her. This had the result she was seeking. Emily was already very aroused from Anna’s response and it did not take her much to go over the edge. Emily screamed out that she was cumming and she pushed her pelvis off the bed into Anna’s waiting mouth. Anna’s completely opened her mouth over Emily’s pussy and her tongue was frantically licking her. Emily started humping herself up against Anna faster until she fell back down to the bed.

“No more! No more!” Emily panted.

Anna was very proud of this reaction and she crawled up the bed next to Anna. They kissed and held onto each other and caressed for what seemed like hours until they drifted off to a deep sleep.

Then next morning, Anna awoke and Emily was not in the bed. She got up and used the bathroom and put on a t-shirt she saw on the bed. She walked into the living room and did not see Emily. She heard noise in the kitchen and headed that way. She walked in and saw Emily making pancakes. Just like she promised.

Anna went over and kissed her on the cheek. Then they ate pancakes!

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