Andy’s Changes

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We had a rough couple of months. My friend Glen and I had been working part time while going to collage. We had been saving enough money to travel the country. We were good friends, I knew Glen since grade school. We were close, we both liked the same things, cars, music and of course women. I was more of the ladies man, I was confident and cocky, Glen on the other hand was quieter, and I seemed to do all the talking. He was about 6 ft, 180 lbs, dark brown hair and he had it cut short, he was in good shape. I wasn’t as tall as he was. I was 5.7 about 140, I had light brown hair and I liked wearing mine long, just touching the shoulders. I was 21 and Glen was 22.My name was Andrew but everyone called me Andy.

We loaded the car with our suitcases; we didn’t take much, just what we figured we needed nothing more. I shut the trunk to my car. It was a big old boat, 1988 caprice, it didn’t look good but I liked it. Glen never drove, not that he didn’t want to and he did have a license, I just wouldn’t let him, I was the better driver. We hopped in the car and made our way out to the highway. It felt great, finally, we felt so free, we were laughing and looking at the sights. We jeered at the women as we drove by. A few hours later and a few hundred miles later, we decided to stop. I had a stomach ache, I never told Glen. I had it a few times before but I thought it was just stress and never thought much about it. Glen went in the motel office,” Room 224” he shouted as he motioned for me to drive to the end unit. I pulled up and got out of the car.” We can’t do this often Andy, this cost $55. a night” Glen said as he opened the door of our room. He was right, I only brought about $1000 each, I wasn’t sure how much Glen brought, we had too watch our spending if we didn’t want to work. I grabbed my suitcase and walked in the room.

“Order a pizza Glen, I’m going to take a shower”, I commanded. That’s the way I was with Glen. Always telling him what to do.

“Yea ok Andy”, Glen said.

I walked in the bathroom and undressed and hopped in the shower. It felt so good after driving for so long; I tilted my head back and let the water flow over my body. I took the soap and started to wash myself, that’s when I notice the hair on the soap, it seems I was shedding, not from my head but on my chest. I never had a lot of chest hair but even still it seemed odd. I finished up and stood in front of the mirror. I was brushing my teeth when I noticed that around my nipples were a little swollen. I pushed my finger against the swelling, it didn’t hurt or anything, it just seemed flabby. I comb my hair and put a towel around me and walked out to where Glen was sitting, he was already eating the pizza.

“Have a slice Andy, it’s really good”…

“I don’t know Glen, I was hungry earlier, but not too much now, I had a tummy ache but it seems to be gone now”. I thought to myself, (tummy ache? did I just say “tummy?”)I couldn’t believe my ears, I would never use a word like that, I mean, stomach yea, but not tummy. I looked at Glen and he just ate away, he didn’t notice the slip of the word. I went over to my suitcase and pulled out my underwear. I turned my back to Glen and dropped my towel and put my underwear on. They seemed a little tight around my butt; I figured that there just new, after a few washings they should fit better. I jumped into my bed and pulled the covers up and watched t.v.till I fell asleep. The next morning I woke first, I went to the washroom to get ready for another long drive. I looked in the mirror as I brushed my teeth. The swelling around my nipples was getting bigger. I started to get worried, I pushed and probe the flesh, it was loose and soft. What was happening to me? was I growing tits? I looked down and notice my underwear was loose around my waist but tight around my butt. I was getting a little heavy around my hips and thighs. I finished cleaning up and walked out to get dressed. Glen was still sleeping. I opened my suitcase up and just looked my hands on my hips; I couldn’t decide what to wear…Wear????…who cares what I wear, what was I thinking, just put on some clothes and go. Now I was really getting to worry, why was I thinking these things? Glen woke up as I finished dressing. I was glad he never seen me with my shirt off, he was sure to notice my tits.

We drove for a few hours. My mind was wandering; I couldn’t seem to focus…

“What’s the matter Andy?” Glen asked me.

“Nothing Glen, just feeling a little weird today, I’ll be o.k. once we stop, think we should try to find a cheaper motel this time Glen”

“Sounds good to me Andy”, Glen said as he nudged me to look at some ladies walking down the street. Glen reached over and honked the horn of the car. Both of the girls looked up and smiled. Glen said,” Looked at those two, would love to take them to bed”. I looked at the girls. Usually I would be the first to notice how good it would be to fuck them, but this time I seem more interested in the clothes they wore. I shook my head; snap out of it I said to myself. Why was I looking at their clothes and not there tits and ass like I always would. I bahis siteleri just couldn’t understand. We pulled up to a motel.” Go see how much it is Glen”

“Ok Andy”, Glen hopped out of the car as I waited.

“$50 bucks a night Andy”, Glen yelled back holding the door of the office open.

“That’s too much Glen, ask them if there is anything cheaper around”. Glen went inside and came out to my side of the car.

“Their telling me they are the cheapest, there’s nothing around for miles that is a better price”

“What are we going to do Glen? we can’t keep paying this kind of money every night”. Why was I asking him, I was the guy with all the answers. He always listened to me. I never asked him for his opinion for anything.

“Well Andy, we might as well get this one till we figure out what to do”…

“Ok Glenn, your right”. I got out of the car and went to get my suitcase. I tried lifting it out of the trunk. My suitcase wasn’t this heavy before as I struggled to get it out. Glen came walking around to the back of the car.

“What’s wrong Andy?” Glen asked, looking at me as I dropped the suitcase by my feet.

“Nothing Glen, just had a cramp in my arm, that’s all”, I blushed a bit as I lugged the suitcase in the room. I looked around the room. I liked it, it had beautiful drapes over the window and the sheets were lovely.”Oh my god!!” What am I thinking!!??.Who cares what the room look likes!!!!..That’s it! I thought, something is really wrong here, I’m not feeling right, my mind is all mixed up. I have to tell Glen, or should I,,, I don’t know what to do! I paced the room; I heard Glen coming up to the room and dashed in the bathroom, shutting the door. I stripped my clothes off and stood looking in the mirror. I had tits, I know they weren’t big but, I had tits.I cupped them up in my hands, and ran my finger or the nipples. I shuddered; it felt so good that I kept doing it for a while. My nipples started to get hard. I slid my hand down to my cock and gently started to stroke myself. I kept squeezing my tits, I had my eyes close as I imagine being with some girl. My eyes popped open. I couldn’t get hard. I tried my best, I played with my balls as I rubbed my fingers up and down my cock.nothing.All it did was get a little hard, but it was still rubbery. Suddenly Glen was outside the door.

“Andy, you going to be all day or what?”

“I won’t be much longer Glen I just want to take a quick shower and I’ll be right out, sorry”. Did I just say sorry to Glen? I’ll be right out???..I climbed in the shower and started to soap myself. All the hair was completely gone from my body. I ran the soap up my sides. I felt thinner and softer. I washed around my tits.It felt weird as they flopped around as wash in between them. I climbed out and wrapped a towel around me making sure I was covered as I opened the door.

“It’s about time Andy. What are you doing in there for Christ sakes, get out of my way”. He sort of pushed by me.

“I’m so sorry Glen, I didn’t think I was going to be long, I promise it won’t happen again”

“Well it better not” as Glen slammed the door shut.

I felt bad; I never had Glen talk to me like that before. He was really mad. I had to do something for him. I looked around. I know, I’ll put his clothes away in the drawers. He will like that. I went to my suitcase and pulled out my robe. I put it on and tied the belt. This robe is too big for me I thought as I pulled on the belt and it sucked in on my waist and my hips flared out. I went to Glen’s suitcase. I open it up .His clothes where so unorganized. I laid them all out on the bed and started to fold them and put them in the drawer. I rolled his socks in a nice ball and placed them with his underwear. I felt good doing this; I knew Glen would be happy with me. I straighten up the room a little, fluffing up the pillows, turning back the covers. Glen walked out of the bathroom.

“What the hell are you doing Andy?? Are you ok or what?”

I just looked at him. I wasn’t ok; I didn’t realize what I was doing till he mentioned it. I was blushing; I turned my eyes away from him.

“Glen, we have to talk, you have to help me”…I paused.

“My body is going through some changes and I can’t seem to focus on what I’m doing”.

“What kind of changes Andy, what are you talking about?” Glen said as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

I knew I had to show him, there was no other way. I slowly untied my robe and opened it up. I lifted my head slowly looking at him completely embarrassed.

“My god Andy, you have tits!!..When did this all happen?”

“I haven’t been feeling well Glen, my tummy gets sore and I can’t eat. I wash myself and my body hair falls out. I tend to look at things differently. Just like putting your clothes away, I didn’t know why I was doing it. I just thought it was the right thing to do. My tits started to grow when we left on our trip. I thought maybe I was allergic to something and it would go away, but each day they seemed to grow more.”

Glen looked at me up and down.” Wow Andy, you do canlı bahis siteleri have a problem there. I think we should get you to a doctor and see what is happening to you.”

“Do you really think so Glen? I mean, are you sure?”, I was confused.

“Come on Andy, get some clothes on and we will ask a doctor what he thinks, at least then we know what is happening”.

I was so glad Glen came up with that idea, he was really concerned, he was such a nice guy. I picked up my underwear and tried to put it on. I struggled, they were too tight.

“Andy, you stay here and I will get you some better fitting clothes for you. I noticed even your jeans and shirts were too big on you. At least then we can go see the doctor without you looking like a slob”.

I cringed at the thought that all this time I was looking like a slob. I always thought I was dressed fine, but Glen wouldn’t lie to me.

“Ok Glen, I guess, but I don’t know what size I am now, my body has shrunk and grew in all different places”…

“Don’t you worry your little head about that Andy, I will be right back. Give me some of your money and I will see what I can get you”.

I started to pull out a fifty out of my wallet, Glen walked closer and just reached in and grabbed a hundred. I wasn’t left with much after that.

“Fifty won’t buy anything Andy, now go sit down and relax, I will be back later”.

“Yes Glen, your right, I‘ll relax for a while, I appreciate you helping me out here, I owe you”. I’m glad Glen came up with the idea of getting me some clothes. Ever since this had happened to me I couldn’t figure anything out. He’s so smart; I wonder why I never noticed that before. I heard my car start and take off. I walked over to my bed and laid down. I opened my robe and felt my tits again. They were so sensitive when I touched them. I felt a tingling all over my body as I squeezed and gently moved them around. I rubbed my finger tips lightly over my nipples and I moaned. My god, does that ever feel good, I couldn’t stop. I tugged and pulled at my nipples till a wave a pleasure shot through my body. What happened I thought? Did I just cum? I must have fallen asleep because I woke up to the door opening. It was Glen with a couple of bags.

“Andy! Wake up, I have something for you, I think its going to help you with your stomach aches anyways”, Glen said smiling proudly.

I lifted my feet and placed them on the ground.Yawning,”What is it Glen?”

“I was talking with a lady at the store and she said that many times a person will get back aches and stomach aches if not fully supported”.

“Supported? what are you talking about Glen?”.

He opened one bag and pulled out a bra and held it up stretching it back and forth.” She said you should wear this, you will feel a lot better”

“Glen!!!..I’m not wearing any bra for Christ sakes. I’m a guy; I needed some new clothes that fit better that’s all. I didn’t want no bra”

“Andy”, Glen shouted, I never seen Glen this forceful before. I went to the trouble of going out for you and helping you out. I thought I was doing something special for you by asking the saleslady what could help you. She suggested a bra; at least you could just try it out without being so negative right away!”

I blinked a few times; I didn’t know what to say. I slowly nodded to Glen.” yes Glen your right, I will try it on. Thanks for helping me Glen. He tossed me the bra. I stood up and put the bra around me, I fastened the clasp in front and adjusted my boobs.I couldn’t believe how good it felt, the bra held my tits up and together. I could feel the difference all ready.

“Now Andy, was that so bad?” Glen smirked as he said it. He reached in the bag and pulled out a matching panty, tossing it to me.” Here try this on, I hope it fits”

I took the panties and slide them up my legs and over my ass.They fit perfectly. I turned and looked in the mirror. I seen a young girl in a bra and panty set. Is that really me I wondered?

“Ok Andy, quit staring. I had trouble finding you clothes that would fit so I went to a boutique and found a few items”. He pulled out a soft pink tank top and a pair of jeans. I opened the jeans up and slid my legs in them and pulled them up. They were really tight around my thighs and ass, I had to jump up a little just to fasten them,”Glen, these are way too small”.

“Turn around and let me see Andy”… I turned slowly around.

“They look great on you Andy, they fit really well”. I turned and looked in the mirror myself; I turned this way and that. They did look good, I had to admit and they were so comfortable after all. I looked at the back pocket and it was stitched “SASSY” in fancy lettering. I looked at Glen and blushed a little. He tossed me the tank top and I slipped it over my head and smoothed it over my boobs.I looked in the mirror again.” Glen, I can’t go out like this! I look just like a girl; can’t I just wear some of my old clothes and see the doctor?”

canlı bahis “Look it Andy, you look just fine, I know your a guy so what’s the problem. Don’t worry so much and let’s get going to the walk-in clinic down the street”. Glen said as he got up. I went to get my wallet and tried to put it in my back pocket, I couldn’t do it, it wouldn’t fit.”Glen! help me!”. I looked at him again. He walked up to me and took my wallet in his hand.

“Listen Andy,,, I will hold onto your wallet and money, you don’t have that much left anyways and besides, you owe me $50 dollars because your shoes were a little more money than you thought”

Shoes? I didn’t want shoes, but I guess I must have asked for some other wise Glen wouldn’t have bought them. He opened the box and handed me a pair of black opened toed shoes, with 3 inch heels. I place the shoes on the floor and slipped my feet in them. It took a little time to get use too but I managed as we walked to the clinic. A few cars driving down honked there horns and called out at me. I tried to ignore them as I gripped onto Glens arm. I whispered to Glen, please let me hold onto you till we get there, I can’t hardly walk in these shoes.

“Go ahead Andy,,, I don’t mind”.

We came up to the clinic and walked in. There were a few people waiting as Glen lean down to my ear and whispered. “You go sit down, I‘ll make you an appointment”. I walked over and sat down and watched Glen talk with the secretary and fill out the forms. Why was Glen doing all of that I wondered, I could have filled it all out I think, well maybe I couldn’t, I don’t know, I’m so confused right now. I wish Glen would hurry up. I want to get this over with. Glen came walking back and sat down next to me and whispered.”Ok Andy, the doctor will see you in a minute, but there’s one problem, I told them your name was Nancy”.

“ Nancy?!! What the hell did you do that for???!!!.I looked at him in shock. Glen reached over and squeezed my hand hard.”SHHHHHHHHHH….be quiet or I will walk out of here so fast and leave you here yourself if you don’t behave. I said your name was Nancy because I didn’t want you to go through the embarrassment of being called to the doctor by your real name and have all the people in the waiting room laughing at you for finding out your a guy”. Glen was hurting my hand, I looked at him,” I’m sorry Glen, I won’t act up, I promise”. He was right, he was doing this for me, I should be grateful for him thinking this all through. I have to learn to listen to him and not question what he has planned. He released my hand and patted it nicely.”Ok then, just relax.” I felt a little better now as I sat there next to Glen. I hope he wasn’t too angry with me.

“Nancy??” the nurse called out as she held a clip board. Glen nudged me. I stood up and walked to her.” Follow me; the doctor will see you in a minute.” I followed her down to a little room and sat down in a chair.” Remove your top and the doctor will be here in a moment”. I stood back up and slid my top over my head and removed my bra. I sat nervously back down; I felt I should cover myself with my hands. I felt so exposed. The doctor walked in, he was an older man.” Hello Nancy, I’m Dr.Saunders, how can I help you today?”

“Well Dr.Saunders, It seems I get these bad cramps in my tummy and my breasts have started to grow. I feel that I’m confused most of the time, I catch myself day dreaming a lot”. I looked up at him, hoping he would know exactly what was wrong. He walked up to me and started to feel my tits, moving them up and over, pulling them apart. I started to get that feeling again, I felt embarrassed as my nipples started to get hard. He pushed and probed my tits, then he moved down to my stomach and was pushing and looking. I just sat there, hoping this would all be over with soon. He walked back to his clipboard and started to write things down.” You can put your top back on Nancy. I will be right back” I picked up my bra and put it back on and tucked my tits in place. I slip my top back over and sat down. The doctor came back in.” Well Nancy, I found nothing really wrong, I think you’re just exhausted and need to relax more. I’m going to give you a shot which should help you”. Nothing wrong? I thought, how can he say nothing is wrong? I lifted up the little sleeve of my top as he came closer with the needle.” Are you sure Dr.Saunders? are you sure I’m ok?”..He stuck the needle in my arm and smiled.” You are a fine, now don’t worry about anything”. I stood up and walked out to where Glen was waiting. He stood up and walked to me.” You ok Nancy? Are you alright?”…I broke a smile and told him the doctor said I would be fine. We walked together up to the secretary to pay the bill. She handed Glen the bill as I stood there holding onto his arm. Glen looked at the bill. It was $250, my god! I didn’t realize it would cost so much. The secretary saw the shock in both of our faces.” I know it seems a little high but estrogen cost quite a bit and she needed almost a full needle. I couldn’t believe what I just heard, ESTROGEN? Why did the doctor do that??, my mind was racing as I clutched onto Glen’s arm. Glen looked down at me and then back at the secretary. He reached into his pocket and pulled out my wallet. He took out three one hundred dollar bills and paid the bill and stuck the change back in my wallet. We both walked out of the clinic, I was leaning on him more as I held him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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