And Then She Was Gone

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Being a virgin at 20 didn’t make Chelsea a prude, but she was definitely in the minority amongst her peers.

She was sitting in her room, musing on why “it” hadn’t happened yet and could definitely come up with a few reasons, none of which were the traditional ones. No, she wasn’t saving herself for marriage – god that could be years from now — or never! Neither was she waiting for just the right guy — at 20 she was pretty sure he didn’t exist. She had definitely had plenty of opportunities, but the guys she had dated, while nice and considerate (and hot!) just cemented in her the view that, if she had given herself to any of them, it would be a case of the blind leading the blind.

So, what was she to do? It wasn’t like it was killing her to still have her virginity; peer pressure was something that was truly beneath her. She did however, believe that she was missing out on something and wanted to feel the pleasure that she knew would be there with the right man. Finding that man, however, proved elusive. She wanted someone with experience, but not a “stud” to deflower her. She wanted someone who could understand that she wanted to be shown what sex could be in a mature, natural way. That, unfortunately, eliminated the guys at college. The last thing she wanted was to be some 25 year-old guy’s “project”, who would look at her like he’d done her a huge favour as he walked out the door.

All of these thoughts had been going through her head for a few weeks as she came up with what she thought was a bold, though risky plan. The plan that moved her to get off her bed, walk downstairs, out the door and across the street with her heart in her throat and knocking on the neighbour’s door.

“Hi Chelsea!” said Mr. Mitchell, “How are you?”

“I’m fine” she replied “I hope I’m not disturbing you — I saw your car in the driveway and figured you were working from home today”

“Well, you’re right there — what’s up?”

Chelsea looked up at her neighbour and said “I have something I need to ask you — could I come in?”

Bill Mitchell smiled and said, “Of course you can — come on in!”

Chelsea walked into the living room of the house and turned around as Mr. Mitchell closed the door and joined her. He smiled at her and said, “You know Chelsea, if you needed to use us for another job reference, you needn’t have asked, you know we would happily give you one!”

“No”, Chelsea said, “It’s not that”. She would not let her nervousness overcome her determination; she looked directly at him and said, very matter-of-factly, “Mr. Mitchell, I’m hoping you would consider taking my virginity.”

In the two seconds of silence that followed, Chelsea had three crystal-clear thoughts — all of which were good signs: One — he didn’t laugh at her; Two — he didn’t get mad and throw her out and Three — he didn’t faint — so she pressed on.

“I hope you don’t think I’m some freak Mr. Mitchell; I’ve really, really thought about this.”

Bill Mitchell swallowed hard. As a salesman he was trained to be quick on his feet and handle things that came out of left field, but this was not even from within the ballpark!!

“Let’s sit down Chelsea, or at least, let me sit down”, he smiled faintly as he sunk into the nearest chair. Chelsea sat on the couch across from him and looked up expectantly, knowing (or at least hoping) he would be full of questions.

“Chelsea”, he started, “please know that I am flattered by your request, but do you have any idea what you are asking of me?”

“Mr. Mitchell, she said, “If you had any idea how long I had thought about this, you wouldn’t have to ask me that.”

“Okay, fair enough”, he said, “Then can I ask you some questions?”

“If you didn’t, then I know that I have misjudged you — go ahead.”

“First is an easy one — why me?”

“Well, I want someone with experience.”

“I’m sure that there are plenty of young men your age or a bit older that have that.”

“Yes, there are, but I don’t want to be just another notch on someone’s belt — even guys that are 25 or 26 are too immature.”

“I can understand that — but you haven’t answered my question — why me?”

“Well, in the years that we’ve been neighbours, I’ve really come to admire you. I know that our families don’t hang out that much, but I’ve seen the way you are with your kids and Mrs. Mitchell. You are kind and involved and caring, but also very masculine. You aren’t afraid to discipline your kids, but it’s always for the right reasons and it’s always done fairly and with respect. You also treat Mrs. Mitchell the same way. I notice that when you go out and I baby-sit, you always open the door for her when she gets in the car and you always compliment her on the way she looks. I guess the best way I could put it is that you are a gentleman and I think a gentleman is the perfect person to lose your virginity to!”

Bill Mitchell sat in stunned silence, in disbelief that someone that young would even notice those types of things. He casino şirketleri looked at her and said; “I notice the same things with your family”

Chelsea nodded and said; “Yes, you’re right — but it would be kinda creepy to think of my dad in the same way I’m thinking about you!”

Bill laughed and said; “No, no — I wasn’t meaning it that way, I just meant that you have a good example to go by!”

Chelsea smiled, “I know — I was just kidding. Do you have any other questions?”

“To be honest, I can’t think of any right now.”

“I guess that that means you are saying no then.”

Bill looked directly at her — “No, you’re wrong — but I’m not saying yes either.”

“What are you saying then?”

“Well, as you can imagine, you’ve caught me very much by surprise and given me a lot to think about. Also, while I know that you’ve given it a lot of thought, I wonder if you’ve given it enough. Losing one’s virginity, for either a man or a woman, is a big deal in their lives. You don’t get a “do-over” and I want you to make perfectly sure this is what you want”

“I HAVE — that’s why I’m here!”

“Well, I believe you, but here’s what I want to happen. I need a couple of days to think about this and I want you to think more about it as well. Believe me, it is hugely flattering that you want me to share this part of your life with you, but I want you to take a couple of days to make 100% sure that when you look back on this that you won’t have any regrets. I need to do the same.”

Chelsea looked at him, slightly disappointed, but also hopeful. She got up and walked toward the front door — Bill followed her. She turned to him and said, “Thank you.”

“Why are you thanking me — I’m pretty sure I’ve just disappointed you”, he said

“No, you did almost exactly what I expected you would do.”

“What’s that?”

“Well, whenever one of your kids does something bad, you think before you act and when you act, it’s always for the right reasons — not out of emotion.”

He chuckled, “Don’t go putting a Father-of-the-Year crown on me — there are lots of times I’m anything but thoughtful!”

“I know, but when it’s something important — like this — you always do.”

“I’m working from home again on Wednesday — can you come over in the morning?”

“Umm — yeah — I have a class at 11 so I could come over around 9, unless we will need more time”, she said with a shy smile.

He smiled, “Uh, no, we won’t need more time that day whatever way we decide — see you at 9 on Wednesday.”

And then she was gone.

Bill Mitchell closed the door behind his neighbour, his BABY-SITTER, who had just asked him to take her virginity. Well, time to do what Chelsea said he was good at — think it through. No…now wasn’t the time. Too emotional, it was too fresh. Do some paperwork, get your mind off of it and come back to it later when he was more rational. He said down at his desk and started to work through a couple of emails and soon realized that it was a lost cause — he could think of nothing else. He needed to do something that didn’t require thinking. A swim, he decided, would be perfect. Off to the bedroom he went to change and get a towel. There he discovered a problem — a big one. Bill Mitchell, model husband, model dad, model citizen had, he was quite certain, what was the stiffest, hardest cock on the street. How long he’d had it, he didn’t know. He had been so lost in thought he honestly hadn’t noticed. “Some stud you are,” he chuckled to himself — “You got a hard-on and didn’t even notice!”

He plunged into the cool water of his backyard pool and swam laps — many laps. Trying to work the emotion out of his mind and let the rational mind take over. He swam hard, until he could go no more and sat, exhausted on the steps of the pool’s shallow end. It was there that he noticed something — he was STILL hard as stone. What the hell was going on?

Almost of its own volition his hand reached into the leg of his bathing suit and wrapped around his throbbing member. The cool water of the pool had done nothing to lessen its stiffness. He looked around and knew no-one could see him — on the occasions his wife was feeling adventurous he had fucked her in this very place — a blind spot in his backyard, out of sight from all of his neighbours. It took amazingly few strokes — no more than 15 or 20 — and he came so hard he was glad he was sitting down.

Having physically exhausted himself from the swim and at least taken the edge off of his sexual thoughts, Bill was able to think more or less rationally.

“Wow,” he thought, “Talk about your day taking a surprise turn!” After chuckling to himself, he decided to give the issue before him the thought it deserved.

The most important consideration in the whole thing was his marriage. Bill was a moral guy; he had never strayed and sincerely believed his wife hadn’t either. He took his marriage vows very seriously and had no time for people that didn’t. The couple casino firmaları of hours of pleasure you received were small consolation for the loss of honour and integrity when you give yourself to someone else. But, then again, would this be an affair? Would helping a nice, beautiful young lady into adulthood be considered cheating? Well, of course it would, but would the cost in THIS case be worth what would be gained. He had never had complaints in the bedroom — quite the opposite really. He was always told he was a considerate, passionate lover and, without being immodest, a very good candidate for Chelsea’s proposal. Hmm, have to give that one more thought.

The second thing was trust. Sure, she basically offered herself to him and it would be easy for him to not say anything (after all — that’s why she picked him), but could he trust her? The smallest slip of the tongue to the wrong person and it would cause massive problems for him. Still, she was a mature, thoughtful woman and he had trusted her to look after his kids on many occasions so he was pretty sure he could trust her in this case but it would be something for Wednesday’s discussion.

The third issue was personal — it was him. What Chelsea was asking was a huge responsibility. Losing your virginity to someone who was equally inexperienced was one thing — you should have very realistic expectations. But asking someone much older with much more “mileage” is totally different. Chelsea was expecting him to “deliver”; she was expecting him to show her all that sex could be. Could he make good on her request? He took stock of what he had to offer. Looks? Ok — not Brad Pitt, but women didn’t run screaming from him either. Body? He looked down. Hmm — she wants this? Bill was always very hard on himself when it came to his body. But wait a minute — she came to him right? It wasn’t like he was an unknown quantity off a website. He was her neighbour and she had seen him for years. So, lets be a little more reasonable. He wasn’t exactly a pig — maybe 20 pounds of extra weight here and there, but not so bad for a mid-40’s guy. His not-often-enough gym visits had given his chest and arms some nice bulk and his legs were very solid from years of walking golf courses instead of riding carts, coaching soccer and hockey and playing pickup basketball with his kids. And his butt…. well that was the one thing that he could always count on. Always had a nice one, hopefully always will. It was just that damn spare tire, but like he said earlier, it was Chelsea that was pursuing him — not the other way around. Lastly, his cock. Overall — average to slightly above he told himself. He was average length — about 6″ and maybe thicker than average, but not too much so. He was “cut” as they say nowadays and his wife always said his cock was nice and “tight” — lots of veins with a nice big head. She always seemed happy with it. She also loved to suck his balls — they were big without being gross and, like his cock, were “tight.”

So, after much consideration it all came down to one issue. He “could” but was that enough to justify that he “should”? To decide that, he would need to talk to Chelsea.

After two understandably restless nights and much more introspection, Wednesday morning came. After getting up and getting his kids off to school, he kissed his wife goodbye as she left for work. By 9:15 he was beginning to wonder if Chelsea had changed her mind when the doorbell rang. He opened the door to see Chelsea’s father Ken looking decidedly unhappy! Before he could say anything Ken glared at him and said, “Did that idiot dog next door keep you awake last night too?” Bill stammered that he had heard it a bit but it didn’t really bother him. “Well,” Ken said, “If it happens again tonight, I’m calling the city!” With that he waved his goodbye and headed off to work.

Five minutes later, Bill was back at the door, this time with Chelsea’s smiling face to greet him.

“Hi, sorry about being late,” she said, “But I figured you wouldn’t want my dad to see us talking so I waited until he left for work.”

“No problem,” Bill agreed, “It definitely would have been awkward!” He noticed a couple of school books in her hand and asked her about them.

“Well,” she said, “You know how nosy the neighbours are, so I figured if they saw me coming into your house with some school books they would think I was getting some help from you on homework.”

“Good thinking,” Bill said. “So, how have you been?” he continued hesitantly.

“Um, I think we are past the small talk don’t you?”

“Yes we are; sorry, this is just a very new situation for me.”

“Me too, but let’s talk. What have you decided?”

“The only thing I’ve decided is that we need to talk more, so I’m glad you are here.”

“Ok, but just so you know, I’m just as sure today as I was on Monday that I want to do this.”

Bill looked directly at her and said, “So, when you are 30 or 40 or 50 and you look back at your life, you are going to be comfortable güvenilir casino with the fact that you lost your virginity to an overweight, balding guy that was 25 years older than you?”

“Actually, I was thinking that when I was 30 or 40 or 50 I was going to look back and think, “Wow, what a great way that was to learn about sex”, from a true gentleman who was much sexier than he gave himself credit for.”

“You think I’m sexy? I’m not sure I believe you.”

Chelsea stared right at him and said, “Look — are you every 20 year-old girl’s dream? No — of course not, but you are very masculine. Most guys my age are skin and bones — the fact that you are bigger and have a hairy chest is sexy to me. Plus, you have a better ass than any guy I’ve ever dated!”

When Bill smiled Chelsea continued, “Look Mr. Mitchell, I’m not looking for some long relationship. I don’t want to be the home-wrecker and I sure as heck to don’t to be step-mom to kids almost as old as me. I want a one-time experience that points me in the right direction with sex, so I’ll be able to know what I like and how to get it from my partner. Also, so I’ll know what most guys like. I just don’t want to fumble around with some guy that’s as lost as I am and we both end up frustrated. I picked you because I really believe that you would be able to understand what I want and give it to me without hurting your family or your marriage.” “And,” she smiled, “I really like your butt!”

“Wow,” Bill said, “We certainly seem to be on close to the same page.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well, I was going to tell you that if you were looking for an on-going relationship, that it wouldn’t work. As tempting as that is, my marriage is too important to me, plus it goes against everything that I’m about.”

“I know that silly, I keep telling you that is why I chose you!”

“Well, thank you, but there’s more.”

“That’s fine, what else?”

“Two things: First, these things have a tendency to sneak out into the open no matter how hard you work at keeping them a secret. I’m scared that one of us is going to slip up.”

“I can understand your fear there, you have a lot more to lose than I do. The only thing I can tell you is that I’m very trustworthy and I think you think the same way. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have me baby-sit all the time or you wouldn’t have given me such a great reference when I got my job.”

“Well, that’s very true”

“The only is this — and please don’t be offended.”

“Okay — I promise.”

“Well, let’s put it this way. You have more to lose than I do, but it’s not like I have nothing to lose. If it gets out that I lost my virginity to some “old” guy, I would definitely not gain any social stature. Most people my age wouldn’t understand my reasoning and I sure don’t need anyone snickering at me while I’m sitting in class. The way I see it, we both have a good reason to be discreet.”

Bill hadn’t really considered the risks Chelsea was taking and it made him much more comfortable when he did. He was beginning to think this might work.

“What’s the second thing?”

Bill snapped back from his thoughts and said, “Um, second, what happens with you and me after?”

“Well, I figured we’d clean up and I’d go home.”

“No, I mean in the weeks and months ahead — how do we act when we are in each other’s company and other people are around?”

“Are you worried that I’m going to grab at you or something?” she smiled mischievously.

“Well, to be honest, a wee bit yeah. I’m worried that you will accidentally do or say something that will make people suspicious.”

“Look, Mr Mitchell, I like you, you are a wonderful man, but with all due respect, I’m pretty sure no matter how wonderful it is, that I’ll be able to resist your charms. You aren’t exactly my type!”

Bill looked at Chelsea. She seemed to have it completely figured out; and that should not have surprised him. She was always smart, responsible and mature. Everything she was saying was making sense. One time thing, equal risk for both of them, he would be helping her, she had no intention of hurting his marriage and then there was the 300 lb elephant in the room…. she was hot!! He hadn’t really stopped to consider this until just then. He had never looked at her in that way — she was his neighbour’s kid after all — his baby-sitter. But she had everything that any man could ask. A pretty, if somewhat plain face framed with dark brown hair; slightly oversized, but beautiful tits that seemed to defy gravity; a slim waist and slender hips and legs that were trim and athletic, honed from years of playing soccer. He smiled inwardly as he thought that when he was 20, she had precisely the kind of body that he was attracted to.

“Okay, let’s do it.”

Bill thought, “Who said that? But then he realized that the deep baritone voice belonged to him.

Chelsea’s eyes widened as she blurted out, “Really? You’re going to do it? Are you sure?”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but yes, I’m sure.”

“Oh, thank you Mr. Mitchell, thank you so much!”

“If we are going to do this, you are definitely going to have to call me Bill — Mr. Mitchell makes me feel even older than you than I already am.”

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