Anal Surprise

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It was getting late, we were both pretty tired after a long Monday. We had just finished watching a movie and killing a bottle of wine. My wife’s back was stiff and sore, however, and she suggested the hot tub for just a few minutes. This is a sure fire relaxer and sleep inducer for us both and I agreed. We turned the rest of the lights off in the house and went out on the patio. There we stripped and opened up the hot tub and got in. The water felt great like always as it was a little cool and breezy that night. It had been raining that night as well, and lightening was all around us off in the distance. We had been having a lot of rain and an unusually cool summer to this point.

We each found our favorite jets and chatted about the night and brightness of the moon. Pretty soon I was rubbing her sore back and shoulders as she was sitting across my lap. My wife is pretty hot and virtually any contact with her body, particularly her legs or ass immediately starts to make me hard. We had had sex 3 of the last 4 days, so I wasn’t really thinking it was in the cards that night, especially so late into the night. But to my surprise she started to play with my cock in the hot tub as I continued rubbing her back and neck. Well, I responded like any red blooded male would by getting harder. I kissed her passionately and slowly made my way down to her tits. Her tits are wonderful. They are large and full and have big thick nipples which get very hard when she is excited. I’m an ass-man, but I could spend hours on her tits sometimes. My attention to them always gets her pretty turned on, and that night was no exception.

Her eyes were closed and she was humping her hips slightly as I reached down and pressed my palm over her mound. I knew she was getting wet and I let my finger trail down her slit a little. When I thought she was ready, I turned her around facing the jets and moved in behind her. We have had sex in the pool or the hot tub a few times. The biggest problem is lubrication since her natural lubrication seems to wash away in the presence of the water. But we were both getting really turned on. My dick was rock solid, and in no time was parting her big puffy pussy lips and sliding up into her channel. She felt great as always. Her pussy has always been nice and snug and fits me like a glove. And it always gets extremely wet.

I started fucking her with long slow strokes all the way into her. She was getting some nice jet action on her tits and I reached around to rub her clit as I fucked her. I could hear little gasps and moans as I continued into her for a while. I reached down and rubbed her butt. I moved my finger across her anus and she fucked back on me harder. She likes a little attention there. It was then that we both noticed the lightening getting a little more intense around us and I thought this bursa escort would be a little awkward if we got electrocuted in our current state. Sensing she was a little worried too, I suggested we break this off and go to the bedroom.

Reluctantly I pulled out and noticed my dick seemed bigger than usual, and very hard. It made a nice peg to hang my towel on as we picked up outside and made our way up to our bedroom. She was a few steps ahead of me and went to turn down the bed. As she was doing this she reached into our toy drawer next to the bed and pulled out her big vibrator. She layed across the bed and switched it on, putting it on her clit immediately. She was moaning the second it touched her, and I climbed up on the bed next to her marveling in her sexuality. She was hot and very much into the moment.

I kneeled over her and sucked on her nipples. As I did this, I stroked her pussy while she kept the vibrator on her clit.

“Rub your clit,” I told her quietly. She likes some dirty talk, and I wanted to see just how hot she was. I moved up so that my cock was even with her mouth.

“Suck my cock while I rub your wet pussy,” I demanded a little more forcefully. And she did. Soon I was fucking her face and she was admitting me entrance to her throat. She worked to get every last inch in her mouth and down her throat as she kept the vibrator going.

Your dick is so hard!” she remarked as I plunged it in and out of her mouth. She is an eager cock sucker when she is turned on like this. My dick was now painfully hard and felt huge (for me anyway – I am of average endowment which is really a blessing indisguise!)

I looked down and noticed that she was running the vibrator along the length of her slit, almost down to her asshole. I wondered if she was tickling her ass with it every now and then. We had engaged in some ass-play before this, but had never really discussed it. I would sometimes rub her ass and concentrate on her puckered hole with my fingers while licking her pussy. I had once at her request inserted the end of one her small dildos into her ass as I ate her. She had cum particularly hard that time which had always encouraged me to go further with her butt. Even so, full blown anal was a pipe dream as she had said she had tried it once and not really liked it. This was ok with me, but I secretly harbored the desire to have her that way and make her like it.

As I watched the vibrator slide up and down, I knew she would be begging me to fuck her at any moment.

“Shove it into your pussy. Fuck yourself while I fuck your hot mouth.” She complied and I heard the sound from the vibrator get muffled as it disappeared into her pussy. It is a large vibrator as I said, much larger than my cock with a raised g-spot stimulator that I could tell was doing its thing.

Finally bursa escort bayan it was time to get back inside. She was lying on her back and picked up her legs and put them over my side. I entered her from the side. I was now lying on my side fucking her and she was on her back, legs over me, clit exposed to fingers. She turned off the vibrator and we both rubbed her clit. She absolutely loves being fucked, and this position allowed the attention to her clit she needed.

After a few minutes she got off me and started moving to her hands and knees. She said something about wanting to try something, not sure if she could; or something like that. I didn’t really hear her, but figured her back was sore again and she wasn’t sure about getting fucked doggy style – her favorite position.

“What did you say Babe?” I asked.

“I want you to fuck me in the ass”, she said. “I’m not sure if we can, but I want to try.

I was shocked to say the least. This was the last thing I ever expected to hear come out of her mouth, much less on a night like this when neither of us expected to end up even having sex. But I guess it was the spontaneity that had brought this on. That and the fact that she was so turned on by the fucking in the hot tub and intense the play on the bed so far. Whatever the reason, I wasn’t going to sit back and analyze it. One of my fantasies was about to come true.

I reached down and found her ass was soaking wet from her leaking pussy juices. Her anus was puffed up like her pussy lips, and I pushed my thumb around. She had probably been working a little harder on her asshole with the vibrator than I had thought. I asked her about lube, and she thought we would be ok. I wet my fingers and rubbed my saliva mixed with her cum around her tight little hole, venturing inside with my finger. She was actually pretty wet, and I thought we could try. I didn’t want to spoil the moment by looking for some lube. But I also didn’t want to spoil this chance by hurting her in any way, so I knew I would have to go really slow and easy.

I stuck my cock in her pussy to get good and slick. Then I pulled out of her pussy and put the head of my cock against her back door. This was the moment I had been hoping against hope for. I pushed slowly and worked the head up and down looking for the entry. She was very wet, and I began to feel confident this would work. Her asshole slowly started to give way and my dickhead slid into her wonderful butt. I was maybe a third of the way in when I stopped and checked on her. She was good she said and started to push back on me. Before long I was buried in her ass, balls against her cheeks.

I started fucking my beautiful wife in the butt, ecstatic to have reached the final frontier. Her ass was so tight it was gripping my shaft like a glove. She was fucking escort bursa back on me now, grunting and groaning with each movement

“Rub your clit while I fuck you in the ass”, I demanded and she reached down and started rubbing again. She was moaning now – loudly.

“This feels so fucking good!” she kept saying as I slowly plied her nether regions. We had a good rhythm established now and she was working up to her first anal orgasm. Inspired by our success to this point, I reached down and grabbed her vibrator. I handed it her.

“Shove this big dick into your pussy while I fuck your butt”, I told her. Soon I was feeling a little company under where my cock was pumping in and out as the big vibrator slid in and started fucking her dripping wet pussy. She was moaning loudly now and I knew it would be soon. She kept repeating how good it felt and I started fucking her harder. This increased her moans and she really started fucking back on me. I was careful not to take long strokes as I did not want her to have pain or bad memories of this great event. The vibrator was running and I could feel it in her pussy through the walls of her ass. It felt great to say the least, and it made me want to cum right then and there. It was such an erotic feeling there in her ass knowing she was stuffed full of dick for the first time in her life about to have a big orgasm.

We nearly always cum together when we fuck, and I wanted it to be the same for our first time in her ass.

“I want to cum in your ass”, I told her.

“Yes, cum inside me”, she responded breathlessly giving me the ok to shoot my load into her bowels.

“I’m going to fucking shoot my cum into your tight ass!” I bellowed as the moment approached. This did it for her and she started her orgasm. I was fucking her pretty hard now and nearing mine. As I did so, she kept cumming and getting louder. She was having a big one. Then I came. I shouted out and thrust deep into her. She was still cumming. She had one long continuous orgasm that was one of the biggest I have ever witnessed! Meanwhile I kept stroking into her asshole filling her with hot cum. Her rectum was now slicker due to the addition of my semen. Finally I stopped thrusting and she stopped convulsing.

The big rubber vibrator came out and I slowly started to pull myself out. I did not want to pull too fast as we seemed to have come this far without any pain for her, and I sure didn’t want to hurt her now. We collapsed next to each other and I hugged her tightly. I asked her about the pain, and she said there had been none at all. She said it felt great! I think that is because she was so turned on before.

She and I talked and held each other for a little while before getting up to clean up. She got me a wet wash cloth to clean up with and headed for the bathroom to clean herself up. Back in bed, we drifted off in each other’s arms. I couldn’t seem to stop smiling as I thought back over our little adventure. Out of nowhere it had happened that night with the promise of many erotic nights to come…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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