An Evening in Autumn

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Soft ‘n’ slow

I was returning home after what felt like a truly long day, dragging myself along. It was an amber autumn day, windy but lacking rain. By the time I came home I just felt like collapsing. I found myself completely alone so I decided to take a nap, trying to get some energy back. I undressed, slowly, until I just had underwear and a t-shirt on. My legs feeling warmer than my torso. I lied down on the bed and soon felt myself drift away…

Vaguely awakening I sensed someone else’s presence, I guessed who’s but I only opened my eyes after she’d sat down on top of me, straddling me. Gazing straight up into her loving eyes as I yawned and stretched. She’d followed my example it seemed and was only wearing underwear and a tight top. I felt reinvigorated by her smile, rejuvenated. Basking in the glory of being close to her, feeling her sitting over me just below my waist. Her weight on top of me, such a delightful burden.

“Hi.” She said, smiling.

“Hi.” I said, smiling back at her.

“Rough day?” She said, looking slightly concerned.

“Well, tiring…” I answered, feeling a yawn coming on.

“Let’s see if we can’t make it a little better then…” she said, her smile turning carnivorous as she lent down and her lips closed in on mine. Her sweet, soft, red lips causing my own to melt. The wake up she was giving me felt like some sweet amorous dream. Kissing like we had all the time in the world, hands travelling over soft bodies. Feeling the weight of her bosom on my chest, rubbing against my breast.

She explored my head and hair, softly rubbing my scalp, while my fingers traced her spine. I could feel no bra straps under her top, a delightful notion. My hands sliding all the way down to her bottom as hers played with my sensitive earlobes, making me shiver gently as our lips played on. Impatient I slid my fingers in under her panties, touching her bare bottom beneath the fabric. Sliding my fingertips all over her soft tush and exploring it. My fingertips dreaming on her soft sweet skin. Leaving my lips she started kissing her way along my jaw towards my right ear.

“I’m going to rock your world…” she whispered into my ear, nibbling on the earlobe afterwards. Licking the outer edge of the ear and then switching between blowing hot and cold air on it. Giving me reasons to shudder, both with anticipation and pleasure. She moved her hands back, away from my neck and down to my stomach, lifting herself a little as she slid her hands in under my t-shirt. Her fingers teasing my sensitive abdomen, I’ve always been ticklish there and I almost start to giggle nervously before she silences me with a kiss. The idea of having here mouth which was just at my ear near drifts by my consciousness for a second before I surrender myself to her kisses, floating away as her fingers slowly slide up to my erect nipples. She starts twisting them a little, bringing painful pleasure as my hands stay glued to her lovely behind.

Pulling my hands up under her top as we kiss, as she twists and turns my nipples as she sees fit. She suddenly rises up and starts pulling off my t-shirt, pulling my upper body up with it until she can pull it free. Smiling at me she leans back down, kissing me on the lips first and then working her way with her lips down over my neck to my chest. At first just nibbling with her lips but soon involving her teeth to. Gently biting into my neck and chest, sweet agony and beautiful torture. As my hands have kept wandering up under her top she rises and pulls it off herself, revealing her beautiful bountiful bosom. Her nipples are like magnets for my hands. Caressing her wondrous hills as her lips return to my chest. Relaxing and just enjoying it all with closed eyes, nibbling on my own lip.

Feeling her nipples against the palms of my hands, switching between groping her whole breasts in my hands and playing around with her nipples. She dips her tongue in my navel, teasing me before licking her way up into a deep and sloppy kiss. Moving up further she kisses my eyebrows, my forehead. Resting her bosom on my chest, before moving it up over my face and smothering me with it. She always drips at least one drop of her perfume down her cleavage every morning and now I find myself drowning in it. Inhaling deeply the mixed scent of her skin and her perfume, sticking out my tongue to taste her bosom. She squeezes her breasts together, almost cutting off my air-supply momentarily. But what a beautiful way to die…

Licking her nipples, one by one. Swirling my tongue all around her areolae as I go from boob to boob. Nibbling on her sweet breasts, caressing them and worshipping them, rubbing them against my cheeks and face. Drowning in her bosom and just loving it. Hearing her giggle and moan at my work. I can’t keep myself from trying to raise up my crotch a bit, wanting to try and rub that part of me against her to. Breathing in her scent as I taste and touch her skin. Floating in casino şirketleri a sensual kingdom of pleasure.

Then she moves her bosom away from my face and for a moment my cheeks feel cold. She lies down on top of me completely, pressing herself against me with every part of her body and almost pushing me down into the mattress. Offering me one passionate kiss after another. Holding me tight as she crushes herself against me. Making me feel her warm body against all of me, her breasts against my chest, her stomach against my own, her thighs against my thighs and sides, her groin against my own… She rubs her clothed groin against my clothed groin. Making my desire burn hotter.

She kisses her way down over my body, kissing and caressing until her head is level with my groin. Smiling fiendishly at me she caresses me allover my inner thighs, lower abdomen and every sensitive piece of skin nearby… except for my groin. Her hands grow more and more adventurous, here and there sliding in under my boxers and getting closer and ever closer to my eager and willing organ. Smiling more and more at me the more she sees that I’m in her power. Running her nails slightly painfully over my inner thighs, up and down. When her hands can’t come any closer without touching my member she starts to caress it through the boxers, touching it only indirectly through the fabric. Teasingly denying me direct contact. Driving me mad with desire. At first she just brushes her hand over it as it raises the boxers. Then her grip gets firmer and firmer, never going below the boxers though, always keeping the fabric in between her hands and my member.

I bite my lip, almost on the verge of piercing it before I finally decide to retaliate. I pull her up into a kiss, kissing and holding her deeply, before turning her over on her back. She smiles that beautiful anticipatory smile at me, anticipating pleasure, as I start kissing my way down her magnificent form. Feasting on her sweet skin. Kissing and caressing both her nipples for a while before dipping the tip of my tongue in between them and licking my way downwards, dipping that tip in her navel to. With one hand she caresses a breast and the other plays with my hair. Reaching the edge of her panties, an ordinary pair but on her quite stunning, I lift the edge and pull it down just a centimetre. Licking the recently bared skin before deciding to be a tease.

Smiling at her in between granting her skin butterfly kisses before leaving her waist. Sitting up in bed I raise her legs up. I’ve never been much of a foot guy but I can’t help starting to kiss my way up her elegant legs, starting at just above her well-shaped heels. Kissing and caressing her calves, slowly trying to raise her temperature. Pausing and lingering a bit at her knee-tips before heading for her luscious thighs. I may not be a feet-guy but I certainly love women’s thighs… Caressing one with my hands and the other with my cheek. switching between them every now and then. Kissing her lovely thighs. Kissing and licking and caressing my way up them. Up towards her fertile moist delta. I could spend all day, several days in fact, worshipping her legs. Spending most of my time on the insides of her thighs, my head between them.

Lying down on my stomach and gazing up at her I let a few fingers slowly drift over her panties, watching her shudder a little as she feels them through the fabric. Smiling expectantly at me. I trace the outer linings of the panties with my finger, marking the border of her most intimate area. At first on top of the panties, then lifting them up and touching the skin. Still not taking them off or going for the middle though. I want to tease her like she teased me. Kissing, licking the pits between her thighs and her groin before going back to gently, softly caressing her groin through her panties. Touching her just teasingly lightly. Smiling each time she shivers.

Touching the area all around her marvellous valley, from down to her anus and up to her mound of Venus, a little harder but still without removing the panties or even pushing them aside. Making her moan.

“Come on…” she asks…

“Say please.” I say, wanting her to beg a little. Flashing her a naughty smile while trying not to show that I’m starting to feel impatient to.

“Please… pretty please with sugar on…” she begs. Now how could any man resist a moaning woman asking so nicely? As I peel off her panties a thought at the back of my head tells me I’m going to pay for that… but then the payments she usually demands of me tends to be of a sort I gladly would pay more of. Pulling her panties all clear from her legs before tossing them aside and then kissing my way up those legs of hers.

Finally kissing her groin, staring right at her beautiful flower. Seeing the moisture glistening on her inner lips as the carnivorous flower as already opened a little, ready to receive it’s prey, it’s voluntary victim that comes to it to casino firmaları use up and transfer it’s energy into it. The victim that will leave it feeling weak and empty. The victim that is constantly longing for it. But I wanted to taste it with my mouth first. Kissing and caressing my way closer. Studying it’s every detail with loving eyes. Licking the sides and watching her moan.

“Go further, further.” She said with a note of urgency in her voice, a note getting more and more desperate. Gently I placed one hand on her mound of Venus and separate the labia, glimpsing into her sweet pink flesh. Licking the lips, slowly, like a connoisseur. Absorbing each and every detail of this sublime pleasure. Dipping my tongue into her and she shudders, my tongue drowning in her juices. I’m lying with her legs up on my shoulders, her thighs on either side of my head. I’m lying there and licking her, slowly exploring her with my tongue and thinking about nothing but pleasure, that which I’m receiving and that which I’m giving her. Wishing for noting but to maximise both, the latter in particular as that increases the former.

Gently flicking my tongue at her clit, feeling it harden. Gently I lick around it, swirling my tongue up and down, here and there and trying to listen to hear which move she likes the best. Her moans and groans of pleasure is like a symphony to me, played by the world’s loveliest and most beautiful orchestra. I lick a finger on my free hand and then gently start inserting it, one centimetre at a time. Smiling in between licks as I hear her moan even louder. I add a second finger, starting to feel a round with my fingertips for a magical spot to stimulate. I feel like I’ve found it and her loud moans confirm it.

Moving two fingers inside of her and starting to suck gently on her clit I give her more and more pleasure. I feel like grinning widely every time she moans. Her carnivorous cunt starts to squeeze my fingers every now and then, more and more frequently. She starts arching her back, like she’s having trouble containing the built up pleasure within her. Being the cause of such a ballet is amongst the greatest if not the greatest feeling on earth. Her thighs start pressing against my cheeks and one of her hands grab a hold of my hair, pushing my face firmly against her body.

“Don’t stop…” it takes her quite some effort to get the words out as she’s getting less and less coherent. Trembling, shuddering and shaking with the onslaught of lust. Arching her back and relaxing it every now and then. I suckle her clit more intensely, working to push her over that cliff and into the abyss. Releasing all of her carnal desire and tensions. she’s starting to make the bed shake all on her own as she throws herself about, millimetres from exploding and I’m just there for the ride… or at least I would be if I wasn’t behind it. As it is I’m working harder and harder to give her release and then…

I can’t be the only one, the only straight male that thinks that a woman in the throes of lust, of passion, a woman achieving her orgasm, is a beautiful thing. A wondrous thing of enormous beauty. Amazed I hang on suckling her clit as she comes. Sucking on it as each wave crashes over and through her body, as she moans on and on. Hanging on for my life, for her pleasure, as she shakes and shudders, then shivers with pleasure. Slowly, slowly calming down. Panting as returns to the same universe as me. Slowly I pull out my fingers, licking them clean. For a while, a brief eternity, we just gaze into each others eyes. Not a word is said but there is no need for any words either. Our eyes tell each other about the love we have for one another clearly and eloquently enough. She reaches out and I rise up and lean forward to kiss her, a sweet soft kiss with her still a little out of breath. She takes a hold of my neck and gazes straight into my eyes with a commanding look in her eyes.

“Now…” she says slowly, as if choosing each word carefully and composing herself before continuing. “I want you inside of me. Quickly…” The look in her eyes tells me I shouldn’t argue and I don’t want to either. I just want to give myself to her. I rise up and starts just pulling my member out of my boxers. It doesn’t take much to make it completely hard after it’s time of neglect and the fact that I have the at that precise moment most beautiful woman in the world lying naked before me makes it only easier.

She spreads her lips for me, a hungry look in her eyes. Carefully aiming the tip before slowly pushing home, taking it slow hoping that the wonderful moment when I sink into her will last even longer. Hoping to feel everything as I dissolve into her, as we become one. She pulls me forward into a kiss and there we lie. In a way I’m eager to start thrusting but at the same time it just feels so good to lie there on top of her, kissing and holding closely. She folds her legs around me as we kiss, holding me down with her arms as well. güvenilir casino After a while I slowly begin thrusting, rubbing my groin against hers as move my member inside of her. Her hips soon moving in rhythm with mine, a perpetual rhythm that just feels like it can go on for ever.

I raise myself up a little, to be able to move better. Gazing straight into her eyes and soon our eyes lock together, there’s nothing in my vision but her and I suspect the same was true for her at that moment in time. Our carnal rhythm becomes faster and a little harder. I’ve waited so long but I still don’t want it to be over too soon. I want to be with her, inside of her, for as long as possible. Leaning down and kissing her I can feel her fingers digging into my back. Ours is truly a blessed state, a perfect union. For a while I pause, moving my fingers through her hair.

“You’re so sexy, so sensual, so beautiful right now. I just want this moment to go on forever.” I lean down and whisper into her ear. She smiles at me and then moves her mouth to my ear.

“Roll over.” She whispers. I can’t see why not so soon I’m lying on my back with her sitting on top of me. We kiss… then she gets off me, leaving my member to cool off. Pulling off my boxers instead. I wait for her to climb back on top of me but she doesn’t, leaving me a bit anxious. Lightly and playfully she runs a finger along it’s entire length, making me shiver. She smiles menacingly at me as she continues to touch it, caress and play with it.

“What?” I ask.

“Say please…” She says, smiling widely. I groan, guessing this was payback.

“Please… please…” I moan, her continued torture unbearable. Making me shiver with longing to once again be inside of her.

“I’m not sure you want it enough…” She says, teasing me.

“Please… I’m begging you…” I plead, looking up at her with yearning in my eyes. Desperate to get to be inside of her again as she’s started pulling at my member and it makes me feel like I’m going to fall apart at any minute.

“Ok, but only since you ask so nicely…” She says, once more mounting me. But the expression of overwhelming pleasure and joy on her face that I see the moment I regain my vision after sliding back into her reveals just how much she wanted it too. How she enjoys this just as much as I do and wants it just as much as I do. How her mind gets blown away by pleasure and lust as much as mine does. Reclaiming control the look in her eyes exclaims that she relishes this opportunity to ride me, to rule me. Putting her hands on my shoulders she’s soon got us both going at a higher rhythm that I ever reached. She leans down and kisses me before leaning towards my ear.

“See, I said I was going to rock your world. Now I’m going to fuck you to pieces..” She whispers.

“Please do.” Is the first thing I think of to whisper back to her. “Ride me into a million pieces… ride me hard… take me…” Lifting her head she smiles at me and kisses me, gripping my chin with her hand. Then she raises herself, putting her bosom at the same level as my eyes. With her hands on my shoulders she starts riding me harder. My hands wandering between her hips and breasts and I raise my knees to help give her something to bounce off of. Wanting to help her take me harder. Her fingers digging into my shoulders. Such a proud rider she is. My pelvis thrusting into her because I have to. I just have to do everything I can for our encounter to be hotter, harder, faster, more pleasurable.

I lick a few fingers and reach out to touch her clit, giving her a pleasant surprise that makes the flames of desire burn even hotter within her. She leans down, slowing down a little. Leaning her head towards my neck, biting my neck… making me wince with pain, pleasure. Making me desperate to thrust harder up into her. To claim her and find peace, find release. To just fuck myself to pieces… She raises herself and drags her fingers down over my chest, leaving my skin pale then reddening for a while, making me arch my back as that pulse of pleasure travels throughout my body.

Gripping her hips I start counter-thrusting more and more forcefully, each time her crotch meets mine she grinds hers against mine. Grinning at me in between heavy breaths she grips my nipples, twisting them. Working hotter, harder, faster. Using every muscle in my legs all the way up to the small of my back to counter-thrust up into her. Wanting to roll her over on her back but she won’t let me, she keeps me on my back with a proud smile. Ruling and riding me. Lifting my bottom from the bed with each counter-thrust.

She leans back and then I feel one of her hands finding it’s way to my sack. Playing with it and adding a whole now set of fireworks to my mind. She touches herself, her clit, right in front of me, teasing me. Showing her sexuality off in front of me and turning me on even more, making me want to go harder as beads of sweat form on my forehead. As the muscles in my body contract and relax as each new pulse of pleasure hits my spine. Riding my mind and body like the proud red headed Valkyrie she is. My proud and wonderful rider making me the luckiest man in the world.

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