An Accommodating Lady Ch. 03

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Ruth takes a back seat for now as the third cast member of this enthralling docu-drama makes her presence felt and our hero realises he will have to be quick on his feet if he is to keep the one from finding out he is shagging the other.

During the long drive back to Bloemfontein after a weekend in sexual heaven I took stock of the situation. My mother’s friend Ruth was keen that I return to Johannesburg soon for a rematch. I was pretty keen on the idea myself. What a woman! The hospitality had been great. When Ruth had told my mother she would be delighted to put me up if I ever came to the “big smoke” she wasn’t just being polite and the extra services supplied by the establishment had put the accommodation in the five-star bracket.

And then there was the daughter, Zelda, 18 years old and oozing nubility, if the pictures in the flat were anything to go by: a raven-haired beauty with a toothy-white smile and a proud chest. Looking at her pictures I had seen a young Ruth and my greedy cock wanted them both.

I would make sure Zelda was at home the next time I went visiting but I was going to have to box very cleverly, employing some fancy footwork, if I was to bed them both without blowing the whole deal. It would not be the first time that greed had led me to lonely periods of self-abuse!

Back at work there was little time for dalliance with the opposite sex, although the drought was broken briefly when an ex-girlfriend from Maseru stayed the night on her way back to Cape Town. Grudgingly, after much begging and appealing to her better nature, she executed a rather clinical hand job, reminding me in no uncertain fashion that she had neither forgotten the circumstances of our break-up, nor forgiven me for my actions. “I’m only a male,” I bleated, “God didn’t give us enough blood to run our brains and cocks at the same time. You must make allowances. I was drunk and anyway, how was I to know she was your Godmother?” But she was unmoved, sleeping with the bedroom door locked while I tossed and turned on the couch in the lounge. “Just in case your blood starts moving in the wrong direction,” said old stony-face.

Anyway, all bad things come to an end eventually and with a long weekend in the offing I phoned Ruth to find out if I could visit. A new voice answered. Zelda! I smoothly introduced myself, expressing sorrow that she had been away during my first visit. She was delighted to hear from me, she had heard so much about me, mummy would be delighted I had phoned, yes, she would be at home over Easter and, yes, they would be casino şirketleri ecstatic if I would come for the weekend!

Two weeks later, on the Thursday afternoon before Good Friday, I fought my way through Johannesburg’s rush-hour traffic to Hillbrow and Ruth’s large, airy high-rise apartment with its breathtaking view of the Jo’burg skyline. I rang the bell and when the door opened two trilling females, flushed with excitement, engulfed me, welcoming me into their home. “Mummy has told me so much about you that it feels like you’re an old friend. I loved your mum and I know I’m going to love you!” Two soft breasts pressed against my chest as she kissed me on the lips but before I could react she was pushed aside and Ruth kissed me, whispering in my ear that Zelda was unaware of our relationship and she wanted to keep it that way. Okay by me, I muttered.

After I had unpacked in the spare room Ruth said she had long ago committed to going to the ballet with one of her friends and did I mind if she left me in Zelda’s care for the evening? Not at all, I replied, it was an opportunity to get to know her. We could go out for a hamburger and we would see her later.

What a break, all alone with the lovely Zelda for the evening! My evil little mind raced with excitement and my cock throbbed with anticipation. Soon after, Ruth left and Zelda and I settled down on the couch to chat. Did she have a steady boyfriend? No, she had just broken up with her childhood sweetheart and was footloose and fancy-free. Bingo! I studied her beautiful, animated face as she told me she had started university earlier in the year and was enjoying the freedom of adulthood.

I told her I had seen her photographs during my previous visit and had been impatient to meet such a gorgeous young woman. She blushed and admitted that she had been dying to meet me as well. “I’m so glad you came to see us,” she said, spontaneously throwing her arms around me, hugging me tight. I stroked her back and kissed her lightly. When she didn’t pull away I ran the tip of my tongue over her lips and she responded eagerly, pushing her mint-tasting tongue deep into my mouth. “Am I being too forward? she murmured. “I just couldn’t wait to kiss you. Mummy said such nice things about you.” Yeah, but she didn’t tell you about the “nice thing” that slipped in and out of her pussy when I was here last!

Don’t rush this, I thought as we snuggled together on the couch. This is some girl, don’t scare her off. But as we kissed she took my right hand and placed it firmly on a breast. casino firmaları “Don’t be too much of a gentleman, Gordon, I’m a big girl,” she giggled. So much for taking it easy. I stroked her breast over her dress, feeling the nipple respond through the thin fabric, and then gently inserted the palm of my hand over her skimpy bra, teasing the nipple and making her gasp with pleasure.

Feeling bolder, I slipped my hand inside, cupping the heavy breast and then pulled it partly out, enveloping her nipple in my mouth, sucking gently. While I sucked and licked she undid the buttons at the front of her dress to give me easier access and as I looked down to undo the front catch of the bra I saw she was open to the waist. With the bra now pulled aside there was now just soft, fragrant flesh in front of me and I nuzzled her breasts, nipping gently and licking, stroking her tummy with my hand.

There was now some serious heavy breathing on both sides and she rubbed her leg against my iron erection as I stroked lower down her tummy until my hand came into contact with the elastic top of what felt like a nylon half-slip. “Shall I take my dress off?” she murmured into my ear before licking it with her hot tongue. I nodded and moved back so that she could pull the dress over her head to be left sitting in a dangling white bra and matching slip.

I was so randy for this lovely young beauty that it was all I could do not to jump on her there and then, ripping away her undies and impaling her on my cock. But I kept control, stroking her thigh over the lace-trimmed undergarment and rubbing her mound gently. I could feel her pushing herself against my hand as she sighed and parted her legs, allowing me access to the shrine I would soon be worshiping at. Her virginal-white panties were hot and wet to my touch as I pulled back the elastic and inserted my index finger. She moaned with pleasure as I finger-fucked her, using her juices for lubrication as I worked her clit.

“Oh shit, I can’t stop coming,” she wailed, bucking against my fingers. I instructed her to lift her bottom and pulled her panties off, feasting my greedy little piggy eyes on her wet and matted pussy before getting to my knees to seek out her pleasure button with my tongue. She shrieked with pleasure as the juices dripped out of her to be slurped up by my eager tongue.

In her rapture she was squeezing my head with her strong thighs, nearly suffocating me as I beavered away blindly under her humid half-slip to bring her pleasure. As some famous man once said: “It’s a dark and lonely güvenilir casino job but somebody has to do it.” I snorted with laughter, choking on hot body fluids, as I thought about all the intrepid muff-divers risking life and limb to bring happiness to the ladies. Ah, but we are a gallant breed!

As I came up for air with her stroking my head she said she had a confession to make. Good God, I thought, I hope she isn’t going to tell me she’s really a hermaphrodite with a big cock strapped back against her arse and that instead of being the ravisher I was about to become the ravished! But it was even worse. She was a virgin, she said, and I had been designated as deflowerer, or whatever the term is! Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it, I said, plunging back into the fray until she howled for mercy.

Back on the couch she unzipped my trousers and hauled out the wedding tackle, gobbling it up, accompanied by much slurping and smacking of lips. She may have been a virgin but this was definitely not the first time she had swallowed a sword. I stood against her, holding her by her face, fucking her beautiful mouth as she hung onto my balls until I roared with pleasure and let her have the whole 10cc. She carried on licking and sucking and swallowing until my cock softened and then rained kisses on it, cooing like a demented dove. “I’m still having spasms, she said with wonderment. As your were coming so was I. It was wonderful.”

As we lay next to each other, legs entwined, she said she had made up her mind as I licked her that she wanted me to be her first real lover. I said I was flattered but had no experience in deflowering virgins and had heard it wasn’t as easy as it seemed and painful to boot. “We’ll work it out together,” she said contentedly. “But not tonight,” I added. “It’s not something to be rushed. We need time to do it properly to make it a memorable occasion.” I was playing for time.

“Okay,” she said. “We have got the whole long weekend ahead, except for tomorrow night. My dad, who lives in Pretoria, is turning 50 and I promised to go through for the party. I’ll stay over because he doesn’t want me to drive late at night but I will be back midmorning on Saturday. You’ll be lumbered with boring old mum but I’m sure she’ll come up with something to keep you occupied until I get back,” she laughed. I joined in the laughter because I was pretty sure Ruth would have plenty of ideas on the subject.

“By the way,” she said casually, “don’t let on to mum that we have got something going. She told me not to flirt with you because it could screw up a happy friendship between the three of us.”

I assured her I would be the soul of discretion. Nothing would suit me better than to keep the one in the dark about the other. Oh, what tangled webs we weave!

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