Afternoon Delight Pt. 02

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“Fuck that was so hot” I think to myself, as I lick the remnants of your cum from my lips. I hardly ever swallow and I have no idea what came over me, but I just HAD to taste you. I guess I didn’t realise how horny I was…it’d obviously been way too long!

You grab my hand and pull me up the stairs behind you. We stumble through the bedroom door, which you close behind us and lock. “Just in case,” you say.

We’re both still wearing our shirts, and I look you dead in the eye as I take my shirt off in the sexiest way I can muster. I keep eye contact as reach behind me and unclip my bra, letting it drop to the ground. I know my body looks amazing, but I haven’t always looked this way, and sometimes my old insecurities try to resurface. But as I look into your eyes I see two things; firstly, how much you love me and secondly, I can see pure lust burning. So again, I do something out of character…

I reach down and run my fingers up and down my pussy with my right hand, while my left-hand pinches a nipple. I didn’t realise how wet I was! I’m dripping like a summer storm, and feeling myself like this only makes it wetter, if that’s even possible. I slide two fingers inside my pussy, pull them back out, and smile as I raise them to my mouth and sloooowly slide them in, sucking my juices off them.

Your mouth drops open, and I hear you murmur “fuck me…” to which I reply “no babe, you FUCK me.” ümraniye escort And I turn and walk into the bathroom and turn on the shower.

Before the water has even heated up, I feel you come up behind me and wrap your arms around me. You’ve lost your shirt between the bedroom and bathroom. Your lips find their way to the base of my neck, causing me to moan out loud. “Oh baby, that feels sooo good, don’t stop…” You kiss up my neck, nibble my earlobe, and kiss back down again, alternating between lightly biting my skin, sucking on my skin and licking my skin with your tongue.

I step into the shower and you follow me in. The water is hot and feels divine. You spin me around and for the first time this afternoon, our mouths actually find each other! You kiss me hungrily, our tongues darting in and out, and you pull me closer with one hand, pressing my boobs into your chest, and grabbing me by the back of my head to pull me harder into your mouth.

I start to feel you getting hard again, and now it’s my turn to start kissing down your neck. Being shorter than you has it’s benefits, for example, I don’t have to go far to flick your nipple with my tongue. I know you love it, and so I lick, suck and the bite the left, and then the right nipple. My hands find their way to your cock, and I rake my nails gently up and down, watching your eyes close and head tip yenibosna escort back.

I feel the ache inside me growing, and I really need you to fill me up. Your eyes open, and one look at my face tells you all you need to know. You spin me around, so my head is resting on the wall, the water falling on my back. I feel you move your cock to my entrance, just the tip teasing me.

“Baby please…” I say.

“What babe?” you answer.

“You know what!”

“I don’t know…,” you say, and this is where I begin to hate you…you know what I want, and you’re torturing me. You lean forward and whisper in my ear “I want you to hear you say it again”.

“Please baby, fuck me. Fuck my pussy with your cock!” And I push back as you push in. I’m so wet, that it effortlessly slides in. Ooohhhh yeah…that’s what I wanted. You slide your arms around me, pulling me upright, the water now cascading down my tits as you rock your pelvis into mine. I look down, and see your tanned skin against my pale skin…like milk chocolate and white chocolate mixing together…I love seeing the contrast.

You’re still rocking slowly, too slowly for my liking. “Baby, I love making love…but right now, I need you to pound me. I need you to fuck me hard…”

I bend over, bracing my hands on the wall, and you place your hands on my hips, and start to pound me as I asked. yeşilköy escort “Harder. Harder, HARDER…faster…FASTER baby! OH yes, that feels so good!” I can feel another orgasm building already. Then I hear something slip out of my mouth before I realise I’d said it, “Mmmm yeah, that’s it, fuck your little slut baby!” I’ve never said that before, but damn…it felt so right. And it did something to you too, because you start thrusting into me harder than you have in years!

I reach down with one hand and start rubbing my clit as you pound me, “oh, oh, oh…yes baby, don’t stop…yes, yes YESSSSSS…FUUUUUUCK!!” I come HARD! So hard that my legs almost give out.

“I’m going to come” I hear you say, and so I figure it’s been a day for me to be out of character, why not one more thing…and I say “Come on my tits babe!” and I spin around and drop to my knees just in time for you to aim your dick at my chest and erupt. I’m absolutely covered! I reach up and rub it all over my boobs, then lean forward and suck the tip of your sensitive cock and smile as you gasp.

Wow. That was exactly what I needed today; my husband to fuck me hard, and make me come. You pull me up and kiss me. “I love you so much babe.” “I love you too” I reply. We start to soap each other up and take turns sensually washing each other, as our heart rates slowly start to come down. Then, you pull me close to you again, and just hold me as the water falls on us both, my head resting on your chest and you kissing me on the top of my head. I can hear your heart beating.

I guess we lose track of time because suddenly we hear the door handle rattle. Then a knock on the door. “Mum? Dad? Are you there, why is the door locked?” Uh oh! We start to giggle and switch the water off…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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