After School Rewards

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Ashley Williams

In many of his peer’s eyes, Jake was considered somewhat of a nerd throughout high school. Now in his senior year, Jake continued his academic success. Outside of a small group of friends, he had little social life. Unlike most seniors, Jake continued studying hard and stayed away from the wild parties that his other friends attended. His friends grades were dropping as most of them were giving in to peer pressure and getting involved with drugs. Now with no real friends, Jake was truly “a nerd.”

Jake was often the butt of his classmates’ jokes but he didn’t let it offend him. He was constantly teased simply for being so smart. But despite all this, Jake wasn’t a stereotypical nerd. He didn’t show it but he had a very well toned and muscular body for an 18 year old. Without his glasses, he’d look just like the other jerks at school. He could’ve made a great athlete and probably been very popular at school had he not feared that popularity and athletics would get in the way of his studying. The first semester of the school year was almost over and Jake was easily on his way to another 4.00 grade point average yet he continued working hard in school.

It was the last day before the end of the semester and Jake just had one more class to go before the end of the day. He was in his Spanish class, easily his favorite class for a couple of reasons. Jake had been teased as there were rumors flying around that he was gay. These rumors were based solely upon the fact that he had never had a girlfriend. These rumors were quite false. On the contrary, despite the fact that Jake had school as his top priority, he was actually very perverted.

He didn’t like talking about girls with others but he loved girls. At home, when he wasn’t studying, Jake was a porn addict. After studying hard, he’d relieve himself by pumping his long cock to all sorts of porn. Jake would hop onto the internet and become instantly hard after seeing beautiful pictures and videos of his favorite porn stars. But Jake was careful not to let his addiction carry into the classroom.

Yet that was the reason that Spanish was Jake’s favorite class. The class was so easy that he could afford checking out the beautiful girls in his class, although he made sure to do so without being noticed. He never talked to them but Jake was seated bostancı escort next to two of the hottest girls in the school in his Spanish class. Sitting to his right was Jessica, the girlfriend of the varsity football team’s quarterback. Jessica had huge breasts and Jake would stare at her amazing cleavage any time she turned away.

In front of Jake was one of the schools’ hottest cheerleaders, Brianna. She was almost always wearing tight, short shorts that revealed her great ass. Jake pretended to drop his pencil a couple of times a day just so he could bend down and see the wonderful view that was Brianna’s ass.

But it was the women who was currently in the front of the class that was the center of most of Jakes’ sexual fantasies. Mrs. Lopez. Mrs. Lopez was by far the hottest teacher Jake had ever had. She always wore a short skirt, revealing her long, slender legs and a tight top that accentuated her breasts.

Today, the class was taking the final and Josh just wanted the day to end. He finished the test rather quickly but there was still another 25 minutes remaining in the period. Jake was looking around the room when he noticed Mrs. Lopez sitting at her desk, leaning forward to read something. Jake was entranced. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her tits were clearly visible through her revealing shirt! Jake made sure not to stare too often but he loved the view.

With only a few minutes left in class, after she had collected the tests, Mrs. Lopez stood up and said, “Class, I have an announcements. As you all know, I reward the student with the highest grade at the end of each semester. Well it looks like Jake has the best grade in the class! Please give him a round of applause.” The class proceeded to unenthusiastically clap and cheer. “Jake, make sure to stay after class to get your prize.”

Jake received this news with mixed emotions. He expected to have the highest grade and he wouldn’t mind a prize but the announcement embarrassed him and he really didn’t want to stay after class. Jake was tired and all he wanted to do was go home. Before he knew it, the bell rang and the class left. Everyone was cheering that they had gotten through half of their last year in high school!

Jake stayed behind and approached Mrs. büyükçekmece escort Lopez who was sitting at her desk. She got up quickly and closed the door, locking it and Jake became curious as to what his prize would be. Before Jake could ask, Mrs. Lopez began to speak. “Jake, I’ll just get to the point here. You’ve been a great student and I fell you deserve a special reward. Now normally, I wouldn’t do this but my husbands away on a business trip and I’ve been lonely lately.” As she said this, Jake became more interested in what his prize would be.

“I’ve noticed that you were staring at my breasts after you finished your test.” At this, Jake’s hear jumped. But before he could think of an excuse or deny it, Mrs. Lopez spoke again. “Don’t worry. I’m not mad at you. In fact, don’t you think I know that I have a great body?” She laughed as she said this.

Jake responded. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Lopez. It’s just that I’ve never had a girl before and you’re beautiful. I couldn’t help but look. It won’t happen again.” Jake was so embarrassed that he could hardly talk anymore. “Listen, I’m really embarrassed over all this, can I just get my reward and leave?”

“Jake, what I’m wearing today is a small part of your reward. I wore this outfit today especially for you. I’m not bad that you were staring at my tits. In fact, I was hoping that you would look at them.” Jake became confused and slightly surprised at her word choice. His teacher, the one that he had fantasized about for so long, had just talked about her “tits” to him.

Suddenly, Mrs. Lopez quickly began unbuttoning her top. Before Jake could react, Mrs. Lopez was standing in front of him, topless. Jake was shocked. He thought the view of her cleavage was great but seeing her boobs like this was simply amazing. He couldn’t look away from them. They were so big and beautiful. “This is your reward,” whispered Mrs. Lopez, seductively.

“Are you sure we should be doing this?” replied Jake, coming to his senses. “I don’t think you’re allowed to reward me like this.” Before he could protest further, Mrs. Lopez grabbed Jake’s hands and forced them onto her breasts. They felt amazing in his hand and Jake knew that he wouldn’t be able to restrain himself any further. This was too çağlayan escort good of an opportunity to pass up.

Next thing he knew, Mrs. Lopez pulled him into a long, passionate kiss. Jake wasn’t going to resist. He loved this. She looked so beautiful as their tongues lashed against each other. Mrs. Lopez pulled away and quickly stripped out of the skirt, and the thong that she was apparently wearing under it.

There was Jake’s teacher fully naked in front of him. Without thinking, it was as if someone else was controlling him, Jake laid her onto her long desk and started fingering her delicious pink pussy. Mrs. Lopez moaned in pleasure. “Ohhhh! That feels wonderful Jake!”

After a while, Jake took off his pants and revealed his long, hard, cock to her. Immediately, she stepped off of the desk and positioned herself on her knees. She opened her mouth wide and shoved Jake’s dick into her mouth. Jake thrust his hips as his penis went deeper into his teachers’ throat. Mrs. Lopez seemed to be a pro at deep throating.

After a while, she took it out of her mouth and muttered, “It tastes wonderful, Jake!” before shoving it back in. This time, she didn’t deep throat it but she sucked it harder and the feeling of her tongue against his cock excited Jake even further.

Before long, Jake gasped out, “I’m about to cum!” At those words, Mrs. Lopez shoved his cock deep into her throat as the warm, sticky fluid slid down her throat. The cum kept coming for what seemed like ages and Mrs. Lopez was there to swallow all of it.

“That tasted great Jake! I never knew you would have such a tasty cock! I hope you enjoyed your reward, Jake. Maybe we can do this again at the end of the second semester if you keep up your grades,” said Mrs. Lopez, smiling. She got up, put on her clothes and as quickly as the whole thing started, Mrs. Lopez was gone.

Jake remained in the room for what seemed like ages, letting the events that had just happened sink in. Then it hit him: He just received a blowjob from the hottest teacher in the school, the woman who he had fantasized about for the whole year!

He put on his clothes, and still shocked by his reward, Jake went home. Jake studied Spanish for hours that night. But this time, as stressed as he was after all the studying, Jake didn’t go onto his computer to watch porn. He thought to himself, “I’d rather keep my head focused on Spanish to keep my grade up. Besides, watching porn and jacking off wouldn’t be very satisfying after just receiving a terrific blow job!” Jake went to sleep that night dreaming about fucking Mrs. Lopez’s tight pussy after receiving the best grade for the second semester.

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