Adventures of Mega: Davis

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He sat at the bar tapping the side of his scotch glass. For the last few weeks he had been kicking himself in the ass for sleeping with Chance. She used him to get the meeting and he had not heard from her since. What made matters worse was that he had not heard from Mega either. He failed on many occasions to cross paths with her and just gave up.

“Davis?” A voice spoke softly behind him.

When he turned he met a smiling familiar face, “Hey you.”

Mega stood holding a glass with brown liquid in it giggling, “What brings you here?”

He stood and reached for her, “Are you drunk?”

“That I am!” She almost fell over in her blue wedges. She was beautiful standing tall in an all black outfit and blue accessories.

Davis frowned, “Are you with someone.”

“I’m always with someone.” She flopped down on her chair. “Diego is outside in the lot somewhere waiting to drive me home.”

“Does Diego know you’re drunk?”

“Diego is my driver, not my father. Why would he be concerned?” She downs the rest of her drink and motioned for the bartender. “Besides, he drives so i can drink.”

“I think you have had enough.” Davis maltepe escort spoke sternly.

In return, Mega leaned over, “Davis, please.”

Davis stopped and placed a few fifties on the bar. Grabbing her arm he pulled her off the barstool and straight to the front door. She went quietly. She had to admit it turned her on, his aggressiveness, so protesting was not an option.

“Get in. Seat belt. Wait.” He was short with her as she climbed into his car. She felt her eyes getting heavy as he walked over to Diego.

When Davis climbed back into the car, he smelled lilacs and liquor. Noticing she was sound asleep, he reached over and snapped her into the seat belt.

When she woke up, she was underneath a covers with just her bra and panties on. Mega’s head was throbbing. Adjusting and rubbing her eyes, she noticed two pills, a glass of orange juice and on the bedside table.

“I did not think waking you was wise. Leave when your hangover is gone. Rest easy. D.”

Mega washed back the pills and retreated back underneath her solitude of covers. She woke again to someone shuffling around the room.

Startled, pendik escort she jumped up.

“Oh!” A little old black lady stood with a pile of laundry, “Heavens child, you look awful. Let me make you some-” she looked at her watch, “lunch.”

The woman sat the clothes on the edge of the bed and left in a hurry. Mega’s head pounded as she reached for her buzzing phone. It was almost three and she had several missed calls all from Felicity. Texting her quickly to let her know she was fine, she decided a shower was necessary.

It took her awhile to remember that she had been here once before. She immediately felt her clit jump when her thoughts went back to that night. Davis’ master bathroom was huge. There was two of almost everything. One side unused but clean. She stepped into the double headed shower and began washing.

Thoughts trailing off, she began to touch herself delicately. The water hit her skin, massaging it, soothing her hangover. Feeling a cool draft behind her and moments later the gentle familiar touch; nearly cumming simultaneously.

“Forgive me? ” Davis whispered into her ear.

“Too late ümraniye escort for apologies. You’ve played superhero last night. Invaded my shower. Now you’re asking for forgiveness?” Mega chuckled but let him wash her back.

He pushed her up against the shower wall and took the shower head down. Spreading her legs and parting her lips, he maneuvered the water over her sweet spot. She was already so close to orgasm that she came almost instantly. As she came, he pushed his thickness into her; causing her to cum harder.

He fucked her. Hard and rough. Slapping skin to skin.

“Oh-my-goooood.” Her words were barely audible, “I missed this so much.”

Davis plunged deeper and harder into her. Turning her to face him he kissed her neck and lifted both her legs to wrap around his waist. The wall helped him in lifting her up as he slid back inside of her making her moan into his ear. His thrust we long, hard and strong. She was cumming around his dick once more and screaming out profanities. He let her legs down and began kissing down her shivering body. Tasting her, he brought her to climax again and she begged for him to stop.

“No more.” Mega tried to push his head away from her body, but he would not give in to her protest. Exhausted and spent, she said, “Okay, I forgive you.”

Davis stopped, grabbed a washcloth and began washing her body again. Smiling to himself, he had her back where he wanted her to be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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