Act Out Ch. 3

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I have to give Helen credit. She never once broke her promise not to act slutty in secret any more. Maybe that’s part because I was so hooked on the game myself that I never let more than a month or so pass without silently handing her the key to the storeroom. She knew what to do with it.

And it usually happened more than once a month, to tell the truth. It was only the day after I’d locked it all up in the suitcase that I told her I wanted her to go out and buy the nastiest lingerie she could find to wear under her chaste white wedding gown. She called me at work from the mall sounding breathless.

“Oh, honey! Thank you! I found just the perfect things!” Her voice dropped. “Do you want me to tell you about them or would you rather wait and see them for yourself?”

“I’ll wait, slut, until after the wedding. Oh. There’s one more thing.”

“What?” she wondered expectantly.

“Did you finger your cunt in the dressing room?”

I could almost see her blush across the miles. “No. You said -“

“Well, since you’re such a hot fucking bitch, you can do it before you take it off.”

She sounded choked. “You’re sure it’s okay?”

“I *want* you to, whore. I want you to stand in front of the mirror in that little room and fuck yourself with your fingers until you cum. Just once. I want you to be quiet, though. No screaming in the mall.”

“Ohhh,” she groaned. “Oh, fuck, Ron! That’s so nasty.”

“You want to, don’t you?”

“Oh, God yes! But what if I get caught? What if somebody walks in on me or there’s a security camera or something?”

I laughed at her. “You fucking slut. Don’t give me that shit. We both know you don’t care. Look at what you did at the restaurant Saturday night in front of your own mom and dad, and on the way home. All you care about is getting fucked. So go do it.”

“Okay,” she whispered meekly.

“Oh. I almost forgot. I want you to buy some white high heels, too. With open toes and about a six inch heel if you can find it.”

“I will, even if I have to go everywhere in town.”

“Good cunt. See you tonight.”

She was sitting in the living room when I got home. Her hands were clamped between her knees and there were boxes on the coffee table.

“Is this what you bought?” I asked.

She nodded nervously.

“Good.” I locked it up without peeking. I smiled at her when I got back. “How was it?”

She smiled back, her embarrassment fading as she told me how slutty she felt, how hard she came, how much I was going to love our wedding night.

It *was* spectacular. The wedding itself went off without a hitch and the reception was okay, too, but we were already thinking about what was coming next and were pretty impatient to get the formal shit out of the way. We escaped a little after eight that evening and lost the handful of cars trying to follow us to our motel.

As soon as the last car’s headlights vanished around the corner, I spoke the words I’d been waiting for all night. “Lift your dress, cunt. Let me see your goodies.”

She showed me that she’d been waiting for those words, too. She made a hell of a show of it, first sliding her hem slowly up to her knees, then swinging sideways and putting one towering white high heel right square in my lap.

It was the first good look I’d gotten of the new fuck-me pumps and the rose patterned hose. I rubbed the shoe against my swelling prick to let her know how much I liked it so far.

She licked her lips and went on with her tease, slowly opening the ten-thousand little pearl buttons from her neck down. Little by little, her deep cleavage came into view. Finally, real playfully, she showed me her bra. It was strapless and snow white, but really not much more than a pretty platform for her great tits to sit on. And already her nipples were swollen. She glanced nervously out the car windows like she was scared to be seen, but I knew part of the rush was just that risk. It was for me, too.

I gently reached over and lightly circled her nipples with tickling fingers. She was rubbing her fingertips up and down the stockings above her knees and starting to breathe deeply.

“Show me the rest, slut. Show me your hot cunt.”

It *was* hot! The white garters were the perfect frame for her holes. Her panties were barely a white g-string made of lace. Even if she was dry, I could have seen through it and glimpsed the hairless pussy beneath. But, wet as she was, it was almost invisible. Her big pussy lips were flattened and held a little open by the tight fit, and her clit was trying to poke through the lace.

“Do you like it,” she murmured. “Does it make you want to fuck me?”

“Yeah. Come over here. Unzip my slacks. Pull my cock out.”

She didn’t hesitate for an instant.

“That’s it, cunt. Jack it for me. Now get it nice and hard with your mouth.”

Right there in the car, she gave me a fantastic blow job. I warned her I didn’t want to cum in her mouth until she’d painted it, so she held herself back and did more kissing and licking than deep throat.

We bahis siteleri were traveling light. The only thing we brought with us was that one special suitcase. We planned to go back and pack what we needed for our honeymoon the next day. I carried her over the threshold and straight to the motel bed. She tried to pull me down on top of her, but I pulled away.

“Take off the dress, bitch. Just the dress. I’ll be right back.”

She was laying there, a vision of beauty, when I got back. Her fingers were tickling her thighs. Her breasts were heaving with expectation.

I worked the latches on the suitcase and opened it with tantalizing slowness. “I bought you a little something special for tonight, slut. Your own private wedding dress to go with what you’re wearing.”

I held it up. What there was of it was white. Like her lingerie, there wasn’t anything virginal about it. It was a two piece outfit. The skirt was made of tight, stretchy lace and so short it’d leave her garters showing. Everything else would be visible through the gaps. The top was just like it and would leave her belly and almost all her tits naked.

“Put it on, slut-bride.”

She quickly slithered into my gift and posed for me as sexily as she could – which was hot enough to fry eggs. It was hard to believe that this was the virgin I’d met less than a year before, the one who’d cried when I popped her cherry only six months ago. She displayed herself like she’d been showing off her tits and cunt in slutty clothes all her life. I double fucked her with the dildos while she made her face match her clothes. By the time she was finished, she’d cum twice and shed every inhibition she owned. She looked and acted like the biggest whore that’d ever lived.

I made her stand in the middle of the room and lick the dildo that’d been buried in her ass clean. I watched her angle her head up and deep throat the twelve inch rubber prick while fucking her slick, naked cunt with its slightly littler brother.

That’s when I broke out the camera. “Wedding pictures,” I told her, filling the room with the flare of the strobe unit.

Fucking for the camera turned her on even more than doing it in front of the mirror did. Her crazed lust surprised even me. I shot close ups of her hooked red nails guiding a dildo, shining with her cum, deep into her completely exposed cunt. She was on her back on the floor, staring between her legs, her searing red lips wide with joy.

“Give me the other one,” she gasped. “I need them both.”

I expected her to use the second one on her ass. Instead, she forced it in beside the first, stretching her cunt so wide I was afraid she was going to rip herself open. Her screams were ecstatic, though, not agonized, and I burned a whole roll of film before she shrieked even louder and came so hard she shook the floor.

I gave her a few minutes to recover, helped her onto the bed, and held her close, petting her sweaty hair. She nuzzled in my lap with her eyes closed, her long black lashes brushing her heavily powdered cheeks, her metallic coated lids shimmering in the soft light. Her tender, slick lips nursed on my aching cock like it was as satisfying as her mother’s tit. She showed no strain at all as she swallowed my whole ten inches like her throat was designed to hold a prick. Her cunt pressed against my knee and she humped it slowly. Her lower lips were open, like she was trying to leg my leg inside her. Two inch long red nails lazily dipped in and out of her asshole.

When I filled her mouth and throat with hot cum, she moaned and didn’t miss a drop as she sucked me dry and had her own gentle orgasm.

When I eased out from under her, she sighed and gave me a loving look, her hands drifting slowly to her gaping slit to replace my knee. I fetched her lipstick and powder. She repaired her face with luxurious, slow appreciation while I put the camera on a tripod and focused it.

She reacted throatily to my frown. “What’s wrong, baby?”

“I want you to stay right where you are for the next shots so they stay in focus. I’m guess I’m going to have to tie you down.”

“Oh, yes,” she groaned, her fingers picking up speed on and in her widely stretched pussy. “I like that.”

I told her to stuff a pillow under her beautiful ass and ran a soft rope under the bed and pulled her knees wide apart. I added another loop to keep her narrow waist on the mattress. “That should be good enough for now,” I told her.

She gave me a theatrical pout with her thick, freshly painted lips and rocked sensuously to test my knots. “You’re sure you don’t want my hands tied, too?”

I reassured her with sharp bites to each nipple. After rechecking the settings, I got down to business.

“Spread you pussy for me, whore. Show me how big and loose it is. Look at the camera. Show me how big a slut you are.”

I tripped the shutter with the release in my left hand, caught her obscene pose of film. Then I started playing with her cunt. Three fingers fit with no trouble at all. I sloshed them around inside canlı bahis siteleri her then added my pinky and thumb and snapped a shot of that, too. She was hot as a wildfire, wet as a sea. I was glad I’d tied her waist down, because she was pushing hard into my hand. I fucked it in and out of her, and she was urging me on in the crudest possible terms all the while.

Without warning, I forced my knuckles past her resistance. Very slowly, like she was swallowing it, my whole hand slipped inside her. I fired off three quick flashes, freezing her agonized expression for all time, as I buried myself in her to the wrist. She was making garbled, tortured noises and thrashing her head wildly from side to side.

Then I started making fucking motions, stretching her insides as much as her outer lips. It took only two or three thrusts before I managed to get in so deep that I bottomed out against her cervix. When I touched it, she came. I felt the rhythmic contractions of her cunt walls ripple down my forearm, watched her face change from pain to bliss, felt her wrists wrap around my elbow and she tried to pull me even deeper. I got that on film, too.

Then, I made a fist of my hand and kept fucking her. She was shouting every obscenity she knew, screaming at the top of her lungs what a cheap, nasty slut she was, how much she loved what I was doing to her, that she was cumming non-stop now and never wanted it to end. I kept pumping her and snapping off flashes until my arm got tired. By then, she’d gone incoherent again, was just making grunts and growls. When I was through, I eased out of her and I finished the roll of film on her gaping, gushing cunt.

She was bathed in sweat. She’d chewed her lower lip until it bled a little.

“Fix your face, whore.”

She gave me a befuddled look, like I was speaking a foreign language. I pointed to her compact and lipstick and repeated what I’d said. She finally got the idea and clumsily did her best.

I slid my huge erection into her, marvelling at how loose she was, and stared down at her unevenly made up, slutty face. Her hands were clawing at my back. Luckily, I still had my wedding shirt on or she’d have made ribbons of my skin. I slammed into her as hard as I could, telling her how much I loved her when she was like this, all loose and wet and sleazy. Her cunt was slimy with her cum, and it slopped easily past my prick while I rode her hard.

It was a long night, and I’m afraid the people in the rooms to either side of us didn’t get much more sleep than we did. Between her screams and my shouts, we’d have woke up the dead. Before the night was over, she’d tried on all the slutty stuff we owned and made herself up more times than I can count. And that was only the start of our week long honeymoon.

Helen and I’ve been married almost two years now. On the outside, we’re just as middle-of-the-road as ever. To look at us, you’d think we were just an above-average looking couple still as deeply in love as two people can be. And we are the last part. But behind closed doors, we aren’t anything like what you’d expect.

It’d been three weeks since we last played our game, and at a business lunch I saw an sexily dressed dark-haired woman sitting at the bar. Instantly, I was filled with a lust so strong that it was hard to pay attention to the discussion at my table. I ran an errand before going back to work. I called Helen’s office around two in the afternoon. She answered the phone in her office manager voice, and I wasted no time on preliminaries.

“Be ready at six-thirty, slut.”

I heard her quick gasp. Her voice shook a little. “Where’s the key?”

I always hid it in different places. I trusted her by now not to do anything unless I was part of it, but she begged me to keep where I put it a secret. “It’s in the kitchen, cunt. Taped to the bottom of the microwave.”

Her voice dropped, loaded with expectation. “Any special requests?”

“There’ll be a package waiting for you at home. You’ll know what to do.”

Her voice fell to a whisper. “Cunts like me always do.”

My heart was a triphammer in my chest as I fit my key in the front door of our new townhouse and swung it open. She was sitting on the sofa. I stopped and stared.

The new dress I’d bought her was even more spectacular than I’d hoped. Its top consisted of a pair of three inch wide silver ribbons that made an X across her chest, covering nothing but her nipples and aureoles. The metallic fabric was so thin it really didn’t hide anything. Her tits bulged from both sides. The rest of the dress was the same aluminum-foil like material and fit her like a *very* tight glove. With her legs crossed over white hose with snakes crawling up them, the hem was high enough to expose her garters. Her mile-long legs ended in her favorite shoes, a pair of six inch stiletto heels made of what looked like stainless steel with only a metallic mesh holding them to her feet. I’d bought the dress with them in mind, and it’d been the perfect choice. With her deep, unlined tan and coal black canlı bahis hair done up in a wild style, she was stunningly gorgeous.

The red claws tipping her fingers were so long they hooked down like talons, making it impossible for her to use her hands for very much more than gripping dicks. I watched while she sensuously raised the one holding the cigarette to her glistening scarlet lips. She sucked it slowly, inhaled so deeply that I wondered if her tits would break free of the thin straps holding them. She narrowed her long black lashes against the smoke, exposing her silver and grey lids, then slowly exhaled a thick grey plume.

“I’m so fucking wet I’m staining the couch,” she said in the coarse, husky tone that I loved. “My ass is already greased and ready for your cock, baby. Do you want to fuck me there first, or somewhere else?”

I took off my suit coat. “Put on the video, slut.”

She stood, which was damn near enough to make me rape her. She made sure I got a good look at her pantiless, hairless, pouting pussy with the lips painted the color of her mouth. Her slow sway across the room to the VCR excited me almost to delirium. She bent forward in front of the collection of tapes, displaying her steel hard ass and looked back at me. She sucked more smoke. “Which one, lover?”

“The office scene.”

“Oh, fuck, honey,” she purred, picking up a cassette and putting it into the machine. “We haven’t watched that one in a long time. You made me do so many fucking nasty things!”

She pranced back toward where I was on the couch, staring at the lump under my slacks. Her tits leapt and jiggled and her heavy scarlet lips were parted like she was about ready to swallow my cock. She curled up beside me, her hand already in my lap.

We made the video tape one Sunday when I was positive nobody’d drop by the plant. I made her pretend she was my secretary, a shameless flirt who loved to drive guys crazy by flaunting her body but who never let anybody touch her sexily displayed charms. She wore a short black skirt and a loose white blouse that let her skimpy black bra show through, and it was unbuttoned enough to make it easy to see her deep cleavage when she bent forward. Her makeup was only slightly trashy.

The story was that I’d asked her to work one weekend and gotten sick of her non-stop teasing and exhibitionism. She had no clue what I had in mind until I locked the door and pocketed the key. When she saw that she was about to get her sexy ass raped, she begged and pleaded for me to let her go. When I caught her, she threatened to go to the cops and tell her husband. She fought me for all she was worth, but I slapped her face and managed to get her hands tied behind her and a penis shaped gag into her sexy mouth. I tied her face down to two legs of my desk with her legs spread wide, lubed her ass and fucked it.

By the time I rolled my sexy secretary over onto her back, she didn’t need to be tied or gagged any more. She loved what I’d done so much that she wrapped her legs around my waist, pulled my cock straight into her cunt and my tongue into her throat. After that, she sucked me off until I finally shot my wad all over her face and bared tits.

Meanwhile in real life Helen had smeared her lipstick up and down my shaft until she had to have something in her cunt. She sat on my prick, facing away from me so we could both watch ourselves on TV. She was riding me wildly, squeezing and pinching her swollen tits, and crudely admiring her performance.

When that wasn’t enough any more, she pulled me onto the floor and stuck me up her ass. I handed her a dildo and she went crazy fucking her cunt with it – still watching the screen, still calling herself every whorish name she knew. I guess she’d been cumming pretty much since she swallowed my rod. She claimed that once she started it was almost impossible to stop, and I had good cause to believe her.

After I blew my cum up her ass, I took a break while she used a second fake dick to replace mine. I’d bought her several more to accommodate her enlarging holes. The one filling her ass was about as fat as a beer can and three times as long. She reamed her shit hole with it until she lost control of her muscles and just kind of wiggled on the floor, her eyes wide and blind, her mouth making loud grunting noises. Little by little she calmed down. She weakly begged me to help her up.

After she caught her breath, the first thing she did was fix her face, of course. She hated being smeared and sweaty, unless her face was covered with my cum. Then, she liked to rub it in and let it dry on her skin until I ordered her to clean up.

When she was refueled – which didn’t take long – she sucked another cigarette to life and cradled my re-awakening cock in her hand and thanked me for making her play whore again.

I turned sideways on the couch and she laid down between my legs, face up, with her head on my chest. I felt up her tits until she almost forgot about the cigarette in her hand. Then I gave her my next surprise. Her slutty silvered eyelids jerked open when the nipple clamp gripped her swollen bud. She yelped and looked down at it in surprise. She made no move to stop me when I attached the second one. She just held her breath and let it all out in a long, low moan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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