Across the Room

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I start by seeing you across the room, admiring you, bright eyes, seductive lips, full breasts. I am locked in a conversation but my eyes drift often to you. You notice me and shift your body slightly, a better view, I see your stocking encased legs stretched languidly to the floor, ankles crossed comfortably. I feel my body stir but stay rooted. Later, as I stand alone, I feel you brush by me, turn and say “hello.” I stammer out a response as you smile knowingly. Stepping forward I inhale the sweet scent that is wrapped around you. I feel a short intake of breath and stirring in my trousers, but I put it down to fantasy.

Our conversation begins, little things, history, friends, work, and recreation–but always in your eyes I see a knowledge that bores into my soul. Music is in the background but there is a seductive dance being played out between us, your fingers play with your drink, with your jewelry, with the table. My eyes lock on yours, but then slowly take in the curves of your body. I am enchanted, yet nervous. We step outside for air, the sky is clear and there is a cool breeze that is welcome given the inner heat that has taken hold of my body.

Standing close to me, I hear you whisper, “nice.”

I don’t know if you are referring to the evening or to me, or to both. I feel bold, I respond, “extraordinarily.” There is silence between us as we gaze at one another. Your hand reaches for mine and pulls me ever so gently towards you; our faces are inches from one another, our eyes still held to each other. Our heads tilt slightly and we move together. I feel your breasts pushing against me, your lips, deliciously grazing mine. There is no frantic pushing or pulling, our lips touch softly. They vie with one another for contact. My hands are around your back; one of yours firmly grasps the back of my head.

I kiss your upper lip, then the lower, my lips swaying back and forth in gentle contact with yours. My body is heating–yours is tensing. My lips shift to your cheek, again slowly brushing against you. I murmur in your ear, words of joy and indecipherable syllables of passion. Moving back to your lips, we both open our mouths together. Tongues snake out and softly press against each other. Your taste sends me further into a dizzy spin. Coupled with the texture of your skin and the smell of your body, I am in sensory overload. Looking into your eyes, I see them heavily hooded and know that you are as intoxicated as me.

Breaking our kiss and taking my hand you whisper, “Time to go someplace more private…”

We leave the party, tempted to find a dark corner, we both know a long night is ahead and our intensity will only build as we travel to my home. As you drive, I watch your skirt ride up your thighs, I am hard and fidget, you smile. Somewhere along the way you have unbuttoned two buttons on your blouse. I see the curve of your breast, full and tempting encased in a sexy white bra, my mouth waters.

You are fully teasing me, and I play my role, watching, waiting, anticipating. I direct you through the streets of town till we finally pull into my driveway. We sit and stare at one another, I reach and you come into my arms, your hands gripping my biceps, our lips meet in a rougher and more impassioned kiss. Little sighs escape your lips as our tongues do battle, the windshield quickly fogs and I manage to gain a small semblance of control and gasp that we should go inside. You nod, unable to speak, and we head for the doors.

Once inside we lose all sense of decorum. Your body crushes me against the just closed door. Your, breasts press hard into me, your pelvis fighting the pressure from mine as I push my hardness against you. Our fingers intertwine in hair, in clothes, and against each other. You grab my arms, thrust them back against the wall and pin them there. My shoulders pressed back against the wall forces my pelvis to jut forward, like a cat you begin to rub against me. Your blouse is fully open, I gaze as your breasts merter escort move back and forth, threatening to burst forth from the confinement of your bra, I see the edge of the bra biting in to your flesh and wonder what it will feel like when my tongue traces that ridge.

Your mouth moves across my throat, long lapping licks that start at the top of my chest and move around my neck to the point behind my ear. Again, the animal motion makes me shudder; I am close to losing control. Your mouth and teeth work their way across my chest, biting off buttons and spitting them on the floor. Your teeth rake my nipples, causing my hips to jerk involuntarily; you’ve touched the nerve that runs from my nipples to my cock. You take my nipple fully in your mouth and begin to suck, first softly and then with more pressure. I feel your tongue lapping as your lips intensify their pressure, my hands fight for freedom and I reach forward, putting both hands behind your head I pull you in to my chest and hiss, “harder!” You fear the pain you will cause, but you comply. The pain is exquisite and damning, I long for it yet must pull away. Your lips finally give way, you look into my eyes with pure lust written all over your face. You utter the three words that always make me crazy, “I want you.”

Falling to the floor my hands are all over you, I want to be in you and taking you now, but I know how much better it will be if we wait. My fingers quickly shed your blouse and I begin to toy with your breasts. My fingers trace the shape of them, along the ridgeline of your bra. My palms work on the exposed flesh, my tongue licks across the top of your chest and down to the top of your large, full breasts.

Your hands try to push my head down to the nipple, but I resist, this will last. My fingers squeeze and play with the underside of your breasts. I reach up and pull the bra straps from your shoulders, the front clasp is all that stands between your lovely breasts and my desire, I ask you to unclasp it and slowly you reach to the front, teasing but hot with anticipation, you unclasp and pull aside the bra cups. Your breasts tumble out, full and round with small brown nipples as hard as pebbles. My eyes are hooded as I reach out and caress them, around the sides underneath, tracing my fingers around, but never touching, the nipples. I begin to alter my caresses with licks around the full flesh of your breasts. Your back arches as your try to guide me, but still I resist. I hear weak cries of “please” escaping your lips, but still I play, my tongue runs across the base of your breasts, where they meet your lower chest, you gasp. Finally I move above you, hovering over your nipples. My fingers begin slow play, circling and then rubbing. Your eyes closed, I imagine your pleasure. My lips dryly caress your jutting tips, teasing and playing. Finally, my mouth opens and I begin to suck on the round nub. Taking it into my mouth I feed, my tongue lashing, your cries becoming audible. My mouth gets more aggressive, I begin to suck more of your breast into my mouth and the pressure of my lips begins to intensify. My left hand is playing with your right nipple, your legs are fully splayed beneath me, I can feel your heat against my naked abdomen. My fingers work the flesh of your breast while my tongue and lips work the nipple. Loud sucking sounds occasionally escape my lips, loud groaning sounds often escape yours.

My fingers work on your skirt. Pushing and pulling, I get it up around your waist. Beneath it I find silken black panties and thigh high stockings, my mouth, reluctantly, leaves your breast and begins to travel down your abdomen, slowly working its way with long, broad strokes painting your stomach. I pause at your belly button to dip my tongue into you, a shallow tease of the pleasure to come. Your hands are spread wide, above your head, you breathe in short gasps, looking up your body, I see your breasts heaving, marked by nişantaşı escort my mouth, little red spots dot your expansive tit-flesh.

As my weight shifts and I gaze across your stomach, I can smell your sex. It is rich and pungent, it calls to me in urgent scents, I see the wet spot in your panties and know you will taste sweet. My fingers play with the edges of your panties, running across your belly, down the inside of your thighs. Wisps of pubic hair escape the top edge, my lips press firmly onto your pubic mound and I blow hot breath through the silk and onto your flesh. Back and forth I swing my lips across you, occasionally lashing out with my tongue, the saliva from my tongue mixing with the wetness of your panties. My fingers work the edges of your panties, running themselves across your smooth skin, occasionally tugging gently at your pubic hair, always circling closer to your core, but never quite touching you.

You are impatient, you breathe a “please” that is both insistent and forced. Reaching under you, I lift your ass off the pillows and in one smooth motion remove your panties. You spread your legs wide and I stare at the little tuft of hair that covers your pubis, at the big puffy lips that frame your pussy, at the glistening center I long to taste. I can no longer speak, only murmur as I am drawn to you. Your knees high and your legs spread wide I settle in. First I simply breathe in your scent. It is strong and spicy, much to crave. My nose pokes into your mound, my hands resting on your stomach. Moving slightly, I bring my lips to bear on you. Pushing firmly I kiss your pubis, tugging slightly on the hair as I pull away. My tongue moves to the crease where your legs and torso come together, long slow licks, your body jumps, I smile. My mouth works its away completely around your pussy, teasing, grazing, but never really contacting you. Finally, laying my head against one thigh, my fingers begin to draw the shape of your outer lips. Gently tracing the folds, your body squirms. My fingers get more insistent, one, two, then three fingers working together work their way across pressure points. Taking my forefinger and middle finger, I gently squeeze the little hood that protects your hard little clitoris, your body shakes.

My patience is wearing thin. My tongue begins to follow the route of my fingers; working on your labia I suck the fat lips into my mouth. My tongue works on them, sensing your wetness my tongue dips down to catch the drops of she-cum that leak from you. My fingers begin to probe you. First one then two enter slowly, firmly, deeply. You are grunting from above as my fingers begin a slow fuck. I watch you, listen to the squishing noises coming from you and anticipate your orgasm. I tell you how amazing you look, your eyes are glazed. Removing my fingers, you begin to protest until I replace them with my mouth. My tongue probes you, sliding and turning through your insides. Your hips come off the pillow, a loud gasp/moan rumbles from deep in your throat. My tongue begins to punish, slowly pushing in and out of you.

My cock, like a rock, rubs against the floor, it craves freedom but will have to wait.

My tongue works its way to your clit. It probes with the tip, pushing against and up and across the little bud. Syllables, but no words, fly from your mouth; I hear pleas and know that it is time. Without warning my lips wrap around your clit and I begin to gently suck. Your body goes over the edge. You begin to cum, your thighs shake violently against my head, your hands grasp my head and lock it firmly against your pussy. Your mouth spews: “fuck” “yes” “eat” “damn” “good” “more” “cumming” “fuck” “fuck”

Your body convulses for what seems ages, however, as you begin to come down my fingers thrust deeply inside you and my tongue goes back to work, you again cross the precipice and begin a long orgasm that is marked by a long howl of passion. The orgasm continues ortaköy escort until your body needs release from its tension. Slowly, I let you down, my fingers withdraw, and my mouth works its way to your thighs where I lay my head to rest and watch your body slow from the incredible high it had just endured.

We both drift a bit, in and out of sleep for a while. My cock, raging hard just a few moments ago, begins to soften but I know not to worry. I slide up the bed and lie beside you, you spoon into me, your ass pushed against me, my arms around you cupping and gently rubbing your breasts. You begin to push back against me and my cock quickly rouses and begins to rise. A whispered “mmmmmm” escapes you and your thrusting becomes more insistent. My cock fully engorges and slides comfortably up and down the wet crack of your ass. We stay in this position, teasing one another, for quite some time. My lips occasionally work on the back of your neck and your fingers drift to your pussy and rub in anticipation.

My cock, and I, want you and we turn over. Laying you back, I hover above you and pin your arms to the bed beside your head. Your legs open invitingly and wide and I move forward. My cock slaps at your thighs and your eyes close. I push the blood engorged red head against your inner labia, your legs come off the bed. The head of my cock pushes slowly past the folds of your labia and into your pussy. We give a collective gasp. I let the tip linger just inside you before, with excruciating patience, I push my cock fully into you. Your eyes plead for me to speed up, but this is for me. Finally, my cock is fully imbedded in your pussy. Instead of pulling it out I leave you impaled on it. Your tight muscles squeeze me. Above you, I begin to sway, rubbing my chest against yours. The soft tit-flesh makes my nipples ache as they stretch fully out, my cock begins to very slowly draw out from you, I pull it fully free, the cold air a shock after it had been encased in your warm wet hole. I push in again, again I slowly penetrate you fully and again I linger in your depths. I begin to set a slow rhythm of pulling out and pushing fully into you.

I shift the pace. Pushing quickly and deeply into you for two strokes, I follow those with very short and slow strokes. No regular rhythm develops and at first you struggle against me, but suddenly you realize you are cresting into an orgasm. You begin to cum and again your murmurings are almost unintelligible. The orgasm builds from a slow spike to a fully engaged screaming cum. Your voice gets deeper and you beg for me to fuck you hard. I oblige, pumping into you quickly and deeply, your legs come off my ass and around my back as you seek to pull me ever further into you.

Letting you down, I know that I want to come. My cock still inside you, we roll across the huge bed and you are sitting astraddle me. With a wicked look you begin to ride. Talking to me as you fuck me you tell me how much you want my cum. Your orgasms begin anew and you are riding me at a breakneck pace. My hands are around your hips, pulling and pushing, making sure my cock stays inside you. Your big gorgeous breasts swing wildly and while I want to feel and taste them, I know that I can’t because we need to maintain this crazy fuck-speed.

My orgasm starts in my gut, moves down to the base of my balls and then pushes up the length of my cock. I know it is close and that now is the time to either stop it or to keep pushing, I decide to push. I look up at you and gasp, “I’m going to cum!”

You hiss out a “yesssss” and begin to move ever faster. Our hands are intertwined as you use me for leverage. I feel myself begin to explode, throw my head back and begin to fuck up into you as hard as I can. I want to speak but can’t, syllables escape me as my orgasm fully engages me. It is huge, I am grunting, screaming, pleading, demanding all in one voice. You are calling out “give it to me, baby, cum for me.” And I do. Beginning to spurt I feel almost pain as I release. You are taking me all in and squeezing me with your tight puss.

As my body begins to slow in the wake of my orgasm, you too slow. Looking up at you I smile and giggle, the night is young and there is so much to know.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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