Abduction – Taking Care of Our Need Chapter 3

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I watched Kelsey sleep for a while and slowly started to drift off but before I did I pulled her nighty up and admired her hot young body. She was literally perfect in every way and she was mine. From the way her legs met to form a perfectly round ass with just the right amount of flesh to slip my cock between the cheeks. Her young pussy was still full, puffy and sweet and embraced my cock like a warm wet glove and her tits. Young and firm with just the right amount of weight to form a beautiful cleavage with firm nipples and quarter sized aureola.

I only came four times so I knew I could have gone all night but I figured I’d give her a chance to recover since she got quite a workout. That didn’t mean I couldn’t stroke myself off one more time while I admired her body and if I wanted to use her ass or tits to get off, well I could do that.

I still can’t believe this day is here after all the years of fantasy, trolling for hookups on the web which never worked out, massage parlors that allowed me to fulfill some fantasies but always left me feeling like the girls were watching the clock even as I made them cum. Yes I have arrived in sexual heaven and I am going to jack off to Kelsey’s sexy body as much as I want to starting now.

My cock was already hard and I grabbed the lube and started stroking my cock. I bent down to sniff her pussy and ass and she was still amazingly fresh even after the pounding I just gave her. I took her hand and started to rub my cock with it for a while and then I got behind her and started sliding my cock between her ass checks. Oh what heaven! As soon as I put my dick between those cheeks I felt like I could cum so I had to use long slow strokes to stay on the edge. Since I came four times already though my ability to edge wasn’t that good and after a couple minutes I shot a load all the way up her back as I cried out in pleasure.


I pretended to sleep and thought Tom would nod off as well but he lifted my nighty I assume so he could look at my naked body. He traced his hand up my ass, over my pussy and around my tits for a long time when he suddenly stopped. I thought he fell asleep but I started to hear the sound of him sloppily jacking off with oil. Apparently this wasn’t enough for him so he took my hand and used it to jack off with as well. I couldn’t believe anyone would do that but I guess he feels he owns me and can do whatever he wants at any time of the day or night. That still wasn’t enough and I next felt his cock rubbing up and down between my ass cheeks again. I really had never heard of this one but it seemed to be one of his favorite things because after a few minutes he cried out and shot another load of cum up my back. I hope he wipes it off so I don’t have to sleep in cum all night.

I thought about cleaning my cum off her but decided to leave it for her to find in the morning. It may dry up but she’ll still know I had my way with her while she slept and there’s nothing she could do about it. I fantasized how that would go and then fell into the most deep and satisfied sleep I’d had in years.

“Wake up Tom. Wake up I need to pee and you’re laying on my chord.” I rolled over so she could make her way to the bathroom and she was crying when she came back.

I asked, “What’s the matter my princess?”. She replied, “It hurt so bad when I peed and there was some blood when I wiped, I’m scared you really hurt me.”

“Nonsense, that’s what happens when you lose your virginity. There’s pain and blood and it will all be better in the morning so go back to sleep before I decide I need to fuck you again right now.”

That shut her up and we both slept through the rest of the night and didn’t wake until nearly 11AM the next day.

I woke to the feeling of lips wrapped around my cock and I looked down to see Kelsey’s naked body and her head bobbing up and down on my dick. “Well, this is indeed a pleasant surprise. What did I do to deserve this?”

She replied, “ I got up to pee and noticed your cum stain on my back and realized you must have used me while I was sleeping last night so I decided to do the same to you to see how you like someone playing with you against your will.”

I laughed out loud at that one and said, “Oh baby you could never do anything to me against my will. It’s just not possible.”

“Oh yeah?” She replied, “What about this?” And she reached down and grabbed my balls in her hand and squeezed them as hard as she could. It hurt me a little but ultimately it caused me to shoot my first load of hot cum of the day down her throat.

“Nice try Kelsey but you don’t quite know yet who you’re dealing with.”

“Maybe not but I just bought my pussy and ass a nice little break from that monster cock of yours.”

When I realized she was able to dominate me in a very subtle way I hauled off and slapped her across the face and threw her on the floor. I got out of bed, grabbed her by the hair and screamed, “Do you think this is a game you little bitch? What makes you think you can get the better of me when yesterday was the first time you saw a real cock in your life? And I was going to make you a nice breakfast because I know you’re hungry but you are going to pay for this act of disobedience!”

I dragged her by the hair to the wall as she cried and screamed and I shackled first her wrists then her ankles to the hooks I placed strategically for just such an occasion so she was spread eagle with her back to me. “Oh I am going to enjoy this my girl.”

I went to the back of the basement and got the toys I stashed out of her line of sight including a wooden paddle and a whip. She was trying to look over her shoulder but couldn’t see me until I came back.

“Oh no please Tom. All I wanted to do was give you a present and I wanted canlı bahis your dick in my mouth. I only said that stuff about my pussy and ass because it was true! I didn’t mean to disrespect you!”

Without saying a word I hit her ass hard with the paddle and she screamed in pain. I alternated between her right and left cheeks and gave her 10 hard hits on each until her ass was swollen and red. Next I took the leather whip and went to work on her back and gave her 20 lashes as she cried out in agony. I worked up quite a sweat so I told her I was going up stairs to shower and would be back when I felt like it.

She cried, “No, No Tom please don’t leave me. I’m scared and I hurt so bad. Please take me down and give me another bath, please.”

“Sorry bitch but no, you earned this and I hope you enjoy the next few hours by yourself in the dark while I go clean up and make myself a huge breakfast off bacon, eggs, sausage, fruit and toast. Since my girlfriend is such a cunt I may even watch porn for a couple hours so you’ll have plenty of time to think about what you’ve done.”

With that I slapped her across the face one more time for good measure turned off all the lights and left her alone in total darkness.


OMG what just happened? I never would have thought giving someone a blowjob would generate that reaction. I am going to have to be really careful in the future if I want to be comfortable while I’m here and survive long enough to escape. My ass hurts worse than ever and now my back feels like it’s on fire as well. At least he didn’t hang me from the ceiling again but this is still very uncomfortable. I wonder how long I’m going to be alone in the dark and shackled to this wall. I need to figure out a way to redeem myself when Tom comes back.

I went upstairs and sat in my chair. I was so pissed that I didn’t feel like eating but fried some bacon and eggs anyway so Kelsey could smell fresh food while she thought about what she did. After I picked at breakfast I got my laptop out but porn wasn’t cutting it for me anymore and the assholes on video chat were boring. I sat there and if I’m being honest a felt bad about what I did to her. Did she really deserve that kind of beating? Was she really trying to fuck with me or did she really just want my cock and made a random comment at the end? Honestly I hate the physical part of this because she is so pretty and so vulnerable and I really don’t think she has any way out of this but I need to stay firm and make sure she is trained to always comply. I don’t want any sass but I can have my way with her anytime I want which I already have. I’m committed to leave her alone for a while so I suppose I’ll just watch a couple shows before I go back down.


I have no idea how long I was alone because I fell asleep but it must have been later in the afternoon when I heard the door open and Tom make his way downstairs. He had a bag of something and I prayed that he didn’t go out and buy something new to beat me with but I could hear that he sat down on the bed and watched me for what seemed like forever.

Kelsey said, “Tom please take me down. I’ve had to pee and I didn’t want to mess your floor. I know now what I did was bad and promise you will never have to deal with that again. My entire body hurts and it needs some attention if I am going to fulfill me promise and please you like you want.”

This turned me on and I started stroking my cock as I admired Kelsey’s ass. The welts from the whip and the paddle lessened some and I knew she would benefit from that aloe that I bought but she would have to wait for that. I was not going to speak to her for now. After a half hour or so I got tired of jacking off and got up and stood behind her. As a test I positioned my cock outside her asshole and she whimpered but did not object. OK that’s good she’s learning.

I undid the shackles, again without speaking and led her to the bathroom. When she was finished I laid her down on the bed and applied the aloe to her wounds. She said, “Oh Tom thank you so much for taking care of my pain. That is really helping me and I feel so much better. Can I do something for you now?” I didn’t respond and instead shackled her to the floor and went upstairs to make her some food as another test.

When I came back down she was still face down and I finally said, “Get up and eat something. From now on you will eat when I tell you and you will eat everything I bring you. I need you to maintain your strength because if you get sick you are going to die down here.”

She got up and immediately started digging into the bacon, eggs, potatoes, toast and fruit I had prepared her and didn’t finish until the plate was clean. I then took everything upstairs and loaded the dishwasher before returning to her.

She said, “Please Tom tell me what you need. I think I’ve recovered enough to do whatever you want me to do just don’t leave me alone again.”

I said, “OK, I’ve always wanted to have a girl jack me off while I watch porn and I can show you some of my favorite things that you can learn and act out on me later. That will give you time to feel better too and I think you’ve earned it.”

“OK Tom, I would love that.”

I grabbed my laptop and connected it to the TV I set up and went to my favorite porn site. “There’s this girl Miriam on Czech Superstars who I find irresistible. Her tits and ass are perfect and I love how she strips, shows her body and plays with herself. Let’s start there.”

I called up the video and Kelsey and I watched as she started to stroke my cock. “Oooo see how she slowly takes off her clothes, first showing her tits and then her ass with her panties still on.”

Kelsey said, “Oh my she is really sexy. Do you jack off to her often?”

“Yes, bahis siteleri I think maybe hundreds of times.”

“Oh Tom I will strip just like that and stick my ass up in the air just for you and whenever you feel like it you can fuck me.”

I moaned with pleasure as she slow stroked my cock and we watched Miriam first play with her tits and then rub her pussy. She continued to jack me off when the video ended and I said, “OK, here’s another one of my favorites. It’s called jerk off encouragement and the girl gets naked and talks about how she wants me to jack off and other dirty things.”

I called up the video and the girl was naked and masturbating and instructed the viewer to take out his cock and start jerking it. “I really love these videos but there aren’t that many and some of them try to dominate and I don’t like that at all.”

Kelsey said, “I can do that for you right now. Why don’t you put on another Miriam video that you like and I’ll talk dirty to you while I jack you off.”

I said, “I don’t think I need a video. I can just jack off and you can encourage me.”

“OK Tom why don’t you get dressed first so we can start at the beginning.”

I did and she started the encouragement.

“Oh you naughty boy. Are you enjoying looking at my naked body while I play with myself? I want you to take off your clothes and start jacking off that huge cock of yours. MMMMMM that’s nice. I love watching you knowing that I’m getting you off.”

“Oh my God Kelsey, I love this. It’s so fucking hot. MMMMM.”

“Thats right naughty boy. Do you like looking at my hot young tits and ass while you play with yourself? Don’t you wish you were here right now so you could fuck me? Oh I wish that hot cock of yours was filling my pussy right now. Let me bend over and show you my hot young sexy ass. Ooooo I wish you were here filling my pussy right now!”

“Oh my God Kelsey I can’t take it anymore. I need to fuck you right now baby.”

“Please Tom fill my pussy right now. I am soaking wet and I need your huge throbbing cock in my pussy so you can fill me with your cum.”

With that I jumped off the bed and plunged my cock in her pussy. She must have gotten really excited because she moaned loudly and had a shuddering orgasm after only a few strokes. I couldn’t believe it and I came immediately as well.

“Oh Kelsey I’m cumming! You are such a hot sex slut. MMMMMMMM” and I pumped her pussy with shot after shot of my load. The pleasure was simply amazing and I collapsed on top of her.

“Wow Kelsey, you really made up for this morning. It seems like you are really starting to enjoy being with me.”

“Believe me when I say this Tom but I am. My life was so boring and my parents were always so strict with me. I can’t imagine anything better than spending my days living out all of our fantasies together like this and I simply can’t get enough of your huge fucking cock. I’m sure there is so much more you can teach me as well.”

“There is Kelsey. I haven’t even showed you my most amazing trick of all yet.”

She said, “Oooo, can you do that to me right now? My pussy is aching to cum again.”

“Give me just a few minutes baby” I said. “How about if we relax in a nice bubble bath again and then I will give you the most amazing pleasure you ever had in your entire life.”

She said, “Oh yes Tom that sounds wonderful but you relax and I’ll get the bath ready this time.”

I watched with amazement while Kelsey bent over and got the bath ready. She is so sexy and what we just did was totally amazing. I wonder if she is telling me the truth and I’ve broken her or she’s just bullshitting me. Oh well there’s nothing she can do about it and if she wants to pretend to be broken it makes it that much easier for me.

“Come on lover, the bath is ready” she said.

We both got in the tub and I held her in my arms as we continued to explore each other’s bodies. She started to rub my asshole which was another surprise.

“Do you want me to fuck your ass sometime Tom? Seems that you love to do it to me and I would do it to you if you want me to.”

“Sure Kelsey, I have a strap on so you can fuck me and jack me off. Why don’t you stick a finger in me for now?”

She stuck a finger in my ass and I moaned and humped my ass on it. She said, “I like this too” and started jacking my cock off while she fucked my ass.

“OK lets save this for later” I said. “Lets bathe each other so we’re clean and refreshed for what I’m going to do to you next.”

We took turns washing each other from head to toe and I shampooed and conditioned her hair. I lost my hair years ago so running my fingers through hers was another source of pleasure.

Feeling clean and refreshed we got out and dried each other off. I reached for the blow drier but she said, “Can that wait for later? I want to find out what special trick you have for me next.”

“OK Kelsey get on the bed.”

We laid on our sides and kissed as she stroked my cock and I felt her pussy which was already wet. I played with her clit for a while and her breathing picked up so I knew she was ready for my cock. While still laying on our sides I got between her legs and slowly inserted my throbbing hard on in her tight pussy. She gasped and I pulled it out even more slowly and paused with just the head inside her.

“Oh please Tom give me your cock, I really need it” as she tried to hump my cock into her pussy. I held her off longer until her legs started to shake then slowly pushed into her again as she gasped once more.

I continued this way and finally pushed all the way in and said, “OK Kelsey now what I want you to do is grind your clit on my cock until you feel like you’re going to cum and then stop. Keep doing this as long bahis şirketleri as you can.”

She did as instructed and ground her clit into the base of my cock as I was balls deep in her pussy. “Oh Tom that feels so fucking good! MMMMMM!”

She could only grind a handful of times until she had to stop and she breathed heavily every time she did. I took one of her tits in my mouth and sucked her nipple as she started grinding again. “Oh yes, suck my nipples Tom! I love how you do that and it adds so much to my pleasure I have to stop again.”

I kept sucking her tits as the panted harder now and started to grind on me again. “Oh fuck Tom I can’t wait any longer I really need to cum now!”

“OK baby, you’re ready. Make yourself cum.”

I sucked her tits even harder as she pulled me even deeper into her tight pussy and humped my cock faster and harder. “Oh sweet Jesus, it feels so fucking good. Oh I’ve never felt pleasure like this Tom! I’m cumming now! HMMMMMMM! AIEEEEEEEEE! Oh don’t ever stop fucking meeeeeee!”

She lay there for a moment and then opened her eyes and said, “That was the most amazing thing I ever felt. Your special trick is unbelievable. I can’t wait to do it again!”

“That’s the thing baby, there’s more.”

I rolled her on her back and shoved my cock all the way in her pussy again and moved my body up so my hard on was bent at an angle that let me hit her g-spot. Then I humped her hard and fast with my cock buried in her pussy.

After a few seconds she cried out, “Fuck I’m going to cum again! How is this possible? MMMMMMMMMM MY PUSSY IS EXPLODING!!!!!”

Her arms lay spread eagle as she panted as I gave her just a few seconds to recover and I repeated fucking her hard and fast with my cock buried in her pussy and she again cried, “I’m cumming again you motherfucker! Oh bury that beautiful cock in my pussy lover. MMMMMMMMMM.”

She lay panting on the bed and said, “Oh please stop Tom I don’t think I can take anymore! I’m going to pass out!”

I knew she wasn’t done so I reamed her pussy again until all she said was, “MMMMMMMMMMM. Please, no more. I can’t take it.”

I did it again and this time she grabbed my ass so she could get me deeper and said, “Oh fuck again! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”

At this point I knew she was almost done but I went for it once more and she had one more little orgasm and promptly passed out from the pleasure.

I laid next to her and admired her body while I waited for her to come to. This wasn’t the first time I made a woman pass out from cumming so I knew it would only be a few seconds. After a minute her eyes fluttered open and it was like she didn’t know where she was. She looked at me in confusion until she remembered what I just did to her.

“I don’t know what to say Tom except first off, how the fuck can you do that and second how do you keep from cumming?”

“Two reasons Kelsey, age and experience.”

“Well, I really don’t give a fuck what you do with me as long as I can have your cock. It feels like my pussy is still spasming. Jesus!”

She then noticed that I still had a raging hard on and said, “I’m so sorry. You haven’t cum yet. May I suck your dick?”

I said, “You never have to ask to do that Kelsey.”

She got up and started to suck my cock slowly into her mouth and back out where she would stop to lick the head and then suck it all the way down her throat. Then she would go faster and try to get me to cum and when I didn’t she’d go slow again, never stopping to rest her mouth. Long slow strokes followed by fast ones and she repeated this over and over until she was covered in sweat.

“Ok doll, I am going to give you a break and rub my cock on your sweet ass until I cum. It’s my favorite thing and always gets me off. I realize that the only time I came that way you were asleep and I want you to be awake so you can look back while I cum and hopefully I’ll shoot some cum in your mouth.”

She said, “I feel bad you couldn’t cum when I sucked your cock. I tried really hard.”

“You did wonderfully but I want your ass.”

She moved to the edge of the bed so she was bent over at the perfect angle and I put a generous amount of oil between her cheeks and started my own grind. I started slow and then sped up, slowed down and sped up until I could feel myself getting close then slowed again.

“Oh Kelsey it’s not going to be long now. You rub your ass on my cock for me like a good girl until I cum.”

“Of course Tom. I will do anything for you.”

She began to buck against my cock faster than I ever could and the feeling was so incredible I felt my orgasm start to build almost immediately.

“Oh that’s it Kelsey, just like that. Oh hump my dick with your ass baby and make me cum.”

“Yes Tom, I want you to spray your sweet cum all the way up my back and in my mouth and hair and I want to wear your cum to bed tonight. Come on lover give me your cum.”


I then shot an enormous load of cum up her back and she reached down and pointed my cock at her mouth. Stream after stream of my cum went into her mouth, across her face, back and into her hair.

“Oh yes that’s it! Hit my mouth you fucker! I need your cum Tom!”

When I was finally done I collapsed on top of her and stuck my tongue in her mouth to taste my cum mixed with her juices.

I rolled to the side and she sat up and started smearing the cum that missed her mouth all over her face and her tits.

I said, “That is totally sexy baby. Hey I just had a great idea. How would you like to get drunk with me? I could really use a drink and I think we’d have a great time together.”

She said, “I’m not much of a drinker but I’m sure you’ll give me some tips.”

“You can count on it.”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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