A Work of Art: Brooke Amaretto

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[Author’s Note: I realize it has been over 5 years since I wrote Ch. 02 Renee Arrives of this series and so I have had to re-read it in order to get a feel of it in order to get the context for the installment you will now read.

These stories were written 5 years ago generally for a future wife to communicate “needs” of mine as it were.

In real life this is one I would like to experience at least once. To be the tied up and gagged canvass for a bunch of adventurous women.

So basically in this one I want to be Gerald and in some other stories I have written to cater to some other fetishes to help with audience and for example in one story I made reference to bastinado but that was something I had seen in video and so in the context of domination it was hot.

But I quickly found in seeing pro-dommes in New Orleans in 2015 that I am just really not into pain.

And so I realize that picking up a series like this after 5 years is tricky but remember that the Marshall Mathers LP 2 album came 13 years after the original and both are straight classics though my version included the bonus tracks as Em always makes really dope bonus extra tracks even back to Encore and we have been waiting for Dr. Dre’s Detox album for 19 years now.

But I want to clarify that and as I sit to begin this on August 1, 2020 I have just finished chapter one of the Martin County Affair series which again, would be a really fun role play when safe, sane, and consensual and not having real life effects again because of the dialogue and the atmosphere of dominance and submission therein.

I want to note that the way that Chandler fixes the gin and tonic for Brooke, that is generally the exact way I drink my gin and tonics and wanted to emphasize that because at most bars and most people in general will garnish the drink with a lime but I actually squeeze all the juice out and then still put the whole lime in the drink and I realize that is a bit different from what a lot of people do so I want to provide encouragement to all those who drink their gin and tonics just like I do with placement in this story.

I should note generally you should not do this with a gin (in terms of 70% ratio in the drink) of a lower grade than Seagrams or New Amsterdam. For example in college I once bought a bottom shelf fifth of gin called Lord Baltimore that was $6 a fifth at the ABC store at Government and Azalea in Mobile, Alabama.

There is a reason it was $6 as it was really rough and you couldn’t use as much gin and had to put more tonic in those drinks.

Of course, with a name like Lord Baltimore some girls thought it was really high shelf and not rot gut and so stole it and drank it and as soon as they started drinking got their just desserts but still I wanted to note that how Brooke drinks her gin and tonic is how I drink mine though usually with a gin like Seagram’s, New Amsterdam, or Gordon’s.

But without further adieu, the long awaited third installment of the Work of Art series and maybe it will lead someone I know and who can trust who is turned on by this to “paint me” as it were.]


Gerald remained gagged with Chandler’s panties and tied to the pole as Chandler’s canvass as her birthday present when she went to greet her friend Brooke from college.

Brooke Amaretto had always been fascinated by the weather as a child and was now a TV meteorologist for a major station in Little Rock.

An Italian-American who was proud of the green, white, and red in her blood by quirk of fate her name was Amaretto which is the same as a type of Italian liqueur and so she had dealt with word play around that her entire life and learned to use it to her advantage to win friends and influence people.

Brooke had wondered why Chandler had gone so much to invite her over today but Chandler had her hotel comped and more and so Brooke thought she owed her friend a visit.

Chandler had told Gerald that Brooke was a freak but he had no idea just what Chandler meant because when they were all in college Brooke Amaretto was the absolute sexual guru among her group of girlfriends and managed to lead them all into having some of the wildest and rewarding sexual experiences of their lives.

Chandler knew Brooke would know just what to do in this situation.

Chandler explained the situation to Brooke and then after fixing her a gin and tonic where she squeezed all of the juice out of the lime before she put the lime in a glass of about 70% Beefeater gin and 30% tonic led Brooke outside to see her surprise while she sipped on her concoction.

Brooke walked outside and saw Gerald tied to the pole, bare chest exposed, the duct tape holding Chandler’s panties in as an effective gag glistening in the sun.

“Ooooooh, what do we have here, Chandler?” asked Brooke, in devious admiration that her friend had learned well from her.

“It’s my birthday present, Brooke. He agreed to the painting fantasy.”

“You mean?”

“Yes, we will be painting him today.”

“He pendik escort must be a really good boyfriend to agree to this.”

“He is.”

Brooke walked up to Gerald and got real close to him and began baring down into his eyes until he turned his head to turn away as best he could.

“Hi, I don’t know if Chandler ever talked about me much but well, you should know that I am the one who convinced most of the girls in our group to find themselves sexually and so what you are doing right now Chandler told me of that fantasy long ago. I never thought she’d find a guy to randomly do it. I want you to know you are a good boyfriend but I also want you to know that I know how to dominate a guy and be a real alpha bitch at it. Just remember you love Chandler and have given her a wonderful gift and she appreciates it and you more than you know. But we are going to have fun today so gird your loins, boy” Brooke stated to Gerald, making sure to take her hand and smack his bare ass before walking away.

“Chandler…” Brooke said, talking to her friend “we need to go inside and talk about this where your canvass can’t hear. It is best to keep an element of surprise in these things and if you’ve burnished my reputation to him like I hope you have, the suspense will keep him in a heightened state of alertness so touch will bring forth greater feeling in him.”

“Ok” said Chandler and walked back inside with Brooke in tow where they came upon Renee who had taken it upon herself to get out some margarita mix and ice and the Jose Cuervo and began mixing margaritas in the blender for them all to enjoy.

As Brooke and Chandler sat down, Renee brought them glasses in addition to her own drink.

“Chandler?” Brooke began to inquire, “do you have any Amaretto around here?”

“I have Amaretto Di Amore and DiSaronno that I know of in the cabinet,” responded Chandler.

“For this I think it is best all three of us go out there together and do this. Your canvass needs to know who is in charge and we have to stamp our authority over him effectively but in a way where he knows he will enjoy it. You want it to be pleasurable for him so he will let you do it again.”

“What are we going to do?” chimed in Renee, inquisitive as ever.

“Whenever I have a guy tied up one thing I do early is I make him drink Amaretto out of a shoe and usually one he has seen me wear and that’s because of what my last name is and also because Amaretto is a sweet liqueur but it is the dominance factor of him drinking out of my shoe as it helps get him ready for other domination with my feet. If you go over to that bag I brought in you will see a pair of blue pumps. Bring them to me Renee so I can put them on and I want Chandler to go place a towel for me to stand on outside for this when I have the pump off.”

“Alright Brooke” replied Renee, as she went to get the gym bag while Chandler went off to get a towel so that Brooke’s foot wouldn’t be irritated while she had her shoe off outside.

Renee and Chandler once done came back to where Brooke was and they did more strategy discussion.

“Chandler, you have him gagged with panties, you said?”

“Yes, Brooke.”

“Have they been in there a while?”


“My guess is they are really soaked by now and we need to go ahead and think of another gag for Gerald because those soaked panties aren’t what we should put back in after feeding him Amaretto from my pump.”

“So we need a new gag?”, Renee added.

“Yes” replied Brooke and continued “if this is the fantasy Chandler always told us about this will go on for a while and the purpose of him being gagged is of course part of the domination but at least not now we shouldn’t make the gag painful for him especially when he agreed to do this for Chandler. We want to help make their relationship stronger, not hurt the relationship.”

“So what should we gag him with, Brooke?”, asked Chandler.

“I need to think about it, and you know Chandler do you have like a chair anywhere that we can bring outside?” responded Brooke with a question of her own.

“There’s one on the patio” replied Chandler matter of factly.

“Okay, Renee, be a dear would you and take that chair and put it out in front of Gerald, oh should I really be using his name? Renee, go put it out in front of the canvass.”

“And what if I don’t want to Brooke?”

“Perhaps you can join him and we can have a co-ed painting party?”

“Alright I’m going out there to get the chair ready.”

“Good girl.”

Renee went off to get the chair ready for whatever it was Brooke’s little mischievous and dirty mind had in mind and Renee knew just how dirty Brooke’s mind could get.

Brooke walked to where Chandler kept the Disaronno and got out a full unopened fifth of the Amaretto liqueur which is 58 proof and so has an alcohol content of 28% ABV.

“So we are really going to do this?” asked Chandler, realizing the Brooke was taking the kink of the situation up another notch.

“Yes, escort pendik Chandler, but I want you to decide which is the first pair of shoes you want Gerald to have to sniff.”

“Does it matter?”

“Yes because I am going to feed him the Amaretto from my pump because he needs to understand just who Brooke Amaretto is but after I do that I want you to have him sniff yours because he needs to understand who this weekend is for and then we will gag him with your stockings or socks depending on what kind of shoes you bring out and we are going to do our first painting on him of the weekend.”

“Painting, already, but the all the girls aren’t here yet.”

“Not with paint but we have to mark the canvass now so he understands and trust me the other girls will love it. Chandler, go get some bright red lipstick because that will be the first thing we “paint” him with to ready him for the day.”

“Are you sure about this?”

“Your canvass is doing this for you. He needs to understand he is a canvass and that he is to act the part.”

“Ok, Brooke,” Chandler relented and went off to get a pair of shoes out of her bedroom and of course the lipstick and Chandler wondered exactly what Brooke had in mind for the lipstick but she soon would find out.

Renee came back in the house ready to report her progress to Brooke and Chandler.

“I have the chair set up like you asked, Brooke” said Renee is a very chipper voice.

“Excellent, and here comes Chandler with the lip stick, and it looks like a pair of heels and some stockings.”

“So are these alright, Brooke?” inquired Chandler.

“Why particularly did you choose those shoes, Chandler?”

“Because they are leather heels and when leather gets worn you know they do stink but it is not the same as say old tennis shoes and I think this will be easier on him.”

“Why would you want to be easy on him, Chandler?”

“Because I love him and he is a great boyfriend for letting me do this. Not many guys would let their girlfriends tie him up and gag him and leave him nearly naked outside while a bunch of her girlfriends were going to come over and paint him.”

“He’s lucky he’s your boyfriend because you are a real sweetheart. I on the other hand love being a sadistic bitch. I would take the dirtiest tennis shoe and shove his nose into it and then make sure when I gagged him after that it was with a nice gym sock that if it was white had at least gotten grey from all the grime and sweat. Trust me, men like it when you ratchet up the domination, even if they protest at first. Originally humans had gender equality and alpha men especially loved alpha women who acted like alpha bitches but the patriarchy came about because the beta males were tired of being the servants in the society and the beta females were jealous of the alpha females and so conspired with the beta males to bring in the patriarchy and so the beta males, who were more numerous, ganged up on the alpha males and used violence to bring them into compliance like the common school bully as the alpha males were the intelligent, sensitive, and creative types while the beta males did all the tedious grunt work and the alpha females were cowed because the beta males gang raped them and otherwise terrorized them until they otherwise gave in and so the beta males established patriarchy and rule by beta men like themselves while the beta females happily stayed at home and the old alpha female traits were called “bitchy” and “shrewish.”

“Not this again,” said Renee, having heard this speech many times in college.

“Renee, yes this again, because as I taught all ya’ll, the most important power a woman can have is her sexual power and a true alpha bitch knows how to use her brains and her sexual power and sexual capital to get whatever she wants. Understand the story of “Taming of the Shrew” in that case the woman they called “shrew” was an alpha woman, a real alpha bitch and in our own time would have done very well, but the beta males couldn’t handle that and called her “difficult” and so used beta male bullying tactics to get her to become like the weak beta females the beta male prefers. Remember they tied her to a chair as part of retraining her. The real alpha male loves nothing better than submitting to a true alpha female and feels the most free, secure, and alive actually when the alpha bitch has him tied and all he has to do is feel and experience while she leads him on a ride of pure pleasure, bliss, and joy.”

“Brooke is giving the ‘women will rule the world’ speech about alpha bitches again, Renee?” asked Chandler, with some amusement as she herself had heard it many times.

“You know it,” replied Renee.

“This is serious and yes we will. Understand if you look at the client list for professional dominatrices anywhere in the world and you will see their client list is richer, more intelligent, more powerful, more ambitious, etc, than men at large. You find a guy who has a problem submitting to a woman whose masculinity is threatened by strong women pendik escort bayan and these are the beta males who contribute nothing to society. Renee and Chandler, if women could understand that women are naturally the superior gender and if say for a month every woman on earth made sure every man was dominated for that month when it was over we have a completely transformed and better world and perhaps even world peace.”

“And now you are just reaching Brooke.”

“No I am not because as you recall when I first taught ya’ll about these things did not each and every one of our girl friends get tied up by me at least once so I could show ya’ll how it feels a bit for the person there so you could learn how to wield that power and control better?

“You did” answered Chandler”

“And you are all better off for it because you are happier, all successful, and all embraced your true alpha bitch natures and as long as you stay true to your alpha bitch natures will have whatever you want in life.”

“Ok, so when do you want to go outside?”

“How about now?” replied Brooke, and coming back with another question, “so I presume those are stockings you had lying on the floor or in the hamper right?”

“No these are clean ones I got out of my dresser drawer.”

“That won’t work, Chandler, not for what I have in mind. Please go back and get some from the hamper. Trust me you and Gerald will thank me when this is all over.”

“Ok, Brooke” and upon saying that Chandler went back to get the dirty stockings that Brooke had asked for.

“Is that really necessary, Brooke”, Renee asked Brooke, not getting what Brooke insisted on dirty stockings for this.

“Renee, Gerald has been gagged with Chandler’s panties and they are now soaked. The gag has to be replaced. What I have in mind will heighten our domination and his submission and will give us a more compliant canvass that we can have more fun with. If he is fidgeting and struggling against the ropes then the paint brushes will jerk around and it will screw up the artwork so we need Gerald in the correct frame of mind for a canvas and if I thought Chandler would let me do it I would force him to smell the shoe of whatever girl was painting him while she painted him so he could keep his mind focused on her and the moment.”

“You still are a freak, Brooke,” responded Renee with a laugh.

“The true sign of the alpha bitch is being totally comfortable with your sexuality and sexual power and willing to wield and use it, Renee, as I taught ya’ll many times.”

“So what is the plan, Brooke?”

“Wait till Chandler comes back and then we will hash it all out, Renee.”

About a minute later Chandler came back with stockings that she assured Brooke had been worn several days and she had found in the hamper. Brooke subjected them to a sniff test to make sure though it was more about the effect of having Gerald gagged with them than smelling them. Brooke let Chandler and Renee know her plan and in particular what was to be done with the lipstick as she had previously described it as “the first painting of the day.”

The girls had a drinkfest over the next 15 minutes where each drank 3 margaritas each so they were getting good and tipsy.

They then came outside to where Gerald remained patiently waiting bound and gagged to the pole.

Brooke walked up to Gerald while Renee and Chandler held back a few feet from her.

“Hi Gerald…” cooed Brooke, in a sweet and innocent voice that completely hid her intentions, “you remember me introducing myself as Brooke and that I was Chandler’s friend in college, nod your head yes if you do.”

Gerald nodded his head.

“Ok well, I am Brooke Amaretto and yes it is like the kind of liquor that a lot of people drink but it is an Italian word so don’t you make jokes, not that you could with Chandler’s panties in your mouth which by now I know you have all soggy like Cheerios that have sat in milk for an hour. Gerald I think you need to understand who I am. Do you understand who I am?”

Gerald shook his head for “no” signifying he did not understand, the shaking of the head being a common way to convey the word “no” non-verbally in the United States.

“Well, it’s time for you to find out Gerald” said Brooke, now with a touch of cruelty in her voice.

Brooke reached sat down, took the right pump off of her foot, and held it over Gerald’s nose.

“Gerald, I wore those pumps three consecutive days last week. I also keep a pair of shoes worn about that much for occasions like this though as you can tell from the smell I have worn them a bit more. I like to get them raunchy because you never know who will need to learn who I am, and I am Brooke Amaretto, so I want you to inhale. Breathe it in. You can’t fight it tied up like you are so just breathe in, Gerald. You know if you were my boyfriend I might just keep you tied up all the time, just subbing in different shoes for you to smell while always keeping you gagged with the dirtiest socks and stockings. But you are lucky to have Chandler. She’s a nice girl. Be good to her and never hurt her. You don’t want to see my bad side. Just breathe deeply, Gerald. Enjoy it. Understand that you are now being dominated by Brooke Amaretto. “

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