A Wet Washington Weekend

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“Never say never. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. What have you got to lose?” All grown-up versions of the double-dog-dare. All things we’ve heard when presented with some sort of exotic food or when someone is trying to get us to try the next big thing like hot yoga or planking. It was May in Washington when Amy presented me with the sexiest double-dog-dare of my life.

We were driving from Seattle to Olympic National park on a long weekend getaway. Being in Washington and seeing the natural beauty of Pacific northwest had been on our bucket list for some time. We wound our way through the hills looking up in amazement at the tendrils of mist that shrouded parts of the mountains like fingers of silk.

The long ride gave us ample opportunity to indulge in conversation about our favorite subject, sex. Amy and I were fascinated by all aspects of it from the physical act of doing it to heady conversations about societies attitude toward it. We found ourselves exploring what people were into and wondering if everyone had a secret freak inside. We decided they did. It was more fun to imagine that they did, anyway.

“I don’t understand why people can’t just be themselves. Say ‘fuck it’ and be out there with it,” I began to preach. “Just think how much less repressed we’d all feel if we all boldly stood up and declared who we were.”

“In a perfect world I suppose,” Amy retorted. Her tone was an obvious refutation on my misguided idealism.

She looked radiant. The gray and green of the world that surrounded us suited her. Her ivory skin glowed. Her lips seemed more red and her eyes were darker and more alluring than I had every seen. Plus, she was happy. Not a giddy manic happy, but a serene contented happy. She wore that peace well. It was irresistible. She beamed with a light that beckoned me.

She continued, “Its hard for people, especially women, to be open about this stuff.”

“What do you mean?” I scoffed.

Amy explained, “Its a lose/lose situation for a lot of woman. If she keeps her desires to herself, she never learns what she really likes. No one ever learns how to please her for that matter. She ends up just tolerating sex. I have seen it a million times. Now, if she is open about what she wants, she can get treated like a piece of meat or labeled a slut.”

I shot her a mischievous smile, “I don’t think you’re a slut.”

“You don’t? I’ll just bahis siteleri have to start trying harder,” she shot back.

She could be such a smart-ass, which made me smile…most of the time.

“I suppose you’re right,” I offered. “Besides people are into some pretty weird stuff.”

“People could say that we’re into weird stuff,” she offered.

“You liking the touch of another woman and having fun in public isn’t the kind of weird I’m talking about,” I said.

“What kind of weird are you talking about?” She took the bait and I was going to push her buttons.

“There all people who like to have sex with animals, Amy,” dropping the biggest bomb I could think of.

It worked. Her face contorted. “You wouldn’t believe what some people do with a jar of peanut butter and an extra hour on their hands,” I continued.

“Eww. Stop,” she laughed.

“Some people cut themselves. I’ve even seen a video were this lady stomps on a guys balls with her stilettos…the heel part.” We both winced at that one.

Now it was time for the coup d’etat. “There are even people who like to be peed on.”

I looked over to bask in the shock and awe that I had instilled. Instead, I saw something that surprised me. Amy’s pale skin had turned a rosy red and she was wearing a very sheepish grin.

“Yeah,” she said weakly. “People are into some weird stuff.”

“Whoa! Wait a minute. Have you had someone pee on you?!” Words I never imagined in a million years that I’d be saying to another human.

“No!” She fired back quickly.

“Have you thought about it?”

She got even rosier. She paused only for a second before answering, but it felt like an eternity. “Yeah,” she finally admitted.

“You slut!,” I winked trying to probe if I had upset her with humor. She laughed and slapped my arm reassuringly.

The car was silent for just a minute but that was all it took for me to imagine it. To ask myself if I could do it. I’d never done anything like it before, but that’s when those thoughts popped into my mind. “Never say never. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. What have you got to lose?”

Now I was the one feeling sheepish, “Do you maybe want to try?”

“Oh my gosh. I would never. I mean only if you want…” and then she broke off mid-sentence.

She was nervous which was sexy. What she wanted was dirty and that was even sexier. I could tell by the canlı bahis siteleri way she looked when she talked about it that it had been something she’d been thinking about for a while. I wondered how many times she had made herself cum imagining a hot stream of piss running down her body. How may times had she opened her legs and watched her own flow wondering what it would be like to bathe in it?

“Lets do it!” I offered. I must admit the idea of it had been totally transformed in me and I was getting hard imagining the possibilities of introducing this into our play.

“Can I pee on you too?!”

“Yes!” The word leaped out of my mouth. I couldn’t believe it. The thought of that was actually turning me on more than the thought of doing it to her.

It was a long two-hours to our hotel and we drank more bottles of water along the way then we had in the past year. You can never be too prepared. The anticipation and excitement had built up so much we both almost came without lifting a finger.

We got the key to our room and practically fell through the door kissing one another. I was fully erect. I had my hand down Amy’s pants. She was so wet I wondered if she had already gone.

We passed right by the bed having another destination in mind. We tore off our clothes and Amy climbed into the bathtub. It was chilly. She had goosebumps and her nipples were hard. She laid back in the tub. She spread her legs and began working her clit with her fingers. She was cumming as I stood over her with my hard cock throbbing in my hand, trying to empty my bladder onto her. What I failed to appreciate in the heat of the moment was that it’s really difficult for a guy to pee with a hard-on.

“Um, I can’t go,” I finally had to admit, feeling defeated.

“You don’t have to?” She looked confused.

“No, I have to go really badly. I just can’t,” I said pointing and looking down at my full hand.

“Ah. I know what we can do,” she said as she climbed out of the tub. “Lay back.” She instructed.

The tile floor was cold and uncomfortable. For a moment I thought, what the hell are we doing? Then Amy straddled me.

“Stroke,” she commanded.

I found my cock again and began working my hand up and down the shaft. It felt good. Then Amy squatted right over my chest.

“Are you ready, baby?”

“Uh huh,” I replied as my eyes became fixed on her pussy.

A drop canlı bahis came out and it almost drove me over the edge. Then she grunted a little and a trickle came out – just enough for me to feel the warmth on my chest. Another grunt and the flow began. Her piss rained on me with a splash spilling out of her like a waterfall rushing through her fingers that were simultaneously rubbing her clit.

I began to stroke hard and fast. “Oh yeah,” she groaned as she drenched me. Then she began to slide forward. What was she doing?

“Open your mouth,” she hissed.

I obeyed and her warm fluid began to gurgle at the back of my throat. It was sweet. I swallowed. Then she slid back and finished by covering my hand and cock in her hot piss.

“I’m going to cum!” My hand made a sloppy sound as I stroked. The first twitch came followed immediately by the warm tingle in my groin that meant I could hold off no longer. Another twitch and then my cock began to pulse uncontrollably. A thick fountain of white cum shot from the tip hitting Amy’s still dripping pussy. More cum erupted landing on my hand and stomach mixing with her urine.

She slid off of me, grabbed my hand, licked each finger clean. Then she wrapped her mouth around my cock and sucked it until it was soft in her mouth. She then moved to the puddle of piss and cum that had pooled on my stomach. I listened as she sucked and slurped up every last drop.

When she was finished, she kissed me deep. “There. Is that better?” She asked.

“Oh my God, yes. And now I really have to go!” I said with urgency.

She quickly rolled back into the tub. I stood over her watching as she began to touch herself again. I held my flaccid dick in my hand and concentrated hard. It was more difficult than I thought it would be. In any other context its such an automatic function, but when trying to do it onto another person, taking a leak requires a bit of concentration. Then it came. The first trickle. It splashed across her nipples. She began rubbing furiously.

“Yes,” she growled through gritted teeth.

I pushed again. Another trickle. Then the flood gates opened. Nothing could hold me back. It flowed out of me onto her. I swayed, covering her body. She pushed her hips up and with one hand spread herself open. I pissed right onto her clit. She came hard.

Then she arched her back and opened her mouth, begging. I filled it with what I had left as she gulped and fucked herself with her fingers.

Emptied and spent, we rinsed off in the shower kissing and touching. We felt proud of ourselves for having been so dirty. We were officially weird ones now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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