A Weekend Away

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Inspired by a true story.

The summer I was 19 I was going away to college where I would live in a dorm for 2.5 months. The college wasn’t too far from home but far enough where it would be difficult to commute; besides, I was required to live on campus in the program that I was in. For the first time in my life, I was on my own. I won’t go into too much background about my first summer away. It was exciting at first but it turned sour when I got in with a bad crowd. As it happened, I got into quite a bit of hot water with the school from hanging around with a bad crowd of people. By the end of summer I was very depressed and at a low point in my life. When the program came to an end I had to go back home for a while until my first semester started.

Around Labor Day weekend, my Dad thought it would be nice for me to get away with him. He decided to go to PA to (of all places) a nudist camp owned by some of my relatives. I’d gone to this place before so I was comfortable with the experience of being naked. I was not ashamed or afraid of natural things like getting an erection and so forth. I knew how to handle these situations.

On the way, to the resort, I was not my usual talkative good-humored self. My Father was likely saying to himself “oh geez! I hope I didn’t make a mistake by bringing this dark cloud up here with me even though he’s my son.”

We arrived up there on Friday afternoon and we met with our relatives and then checked into our cabin.

It did not take a rocket scientist to figure out that I was really down. It was probably written all over my face because my family noticed almost immediately. They realized that I was 19 and my hormones were raging. I come from no nonsense, and a direct kind of family. Their prescription to my doldrums is to find a nice woman and get laid. “Steve,” my Aunt reassured me, “We’ll see what we can do for you I’m sure that it’ll do your body and mind good to find some fun this weekend.”

Even though these people are relatives, I’m not uncomfortable chatting about a sensitive topics, such as sex. I guess because the resort has a history of being a wild place and of course, with the nudity so prevalent, it’s rather natural. Once leaving my Aunt to go have dinner I was more hopeful that maybe, this weekend would not be so bad after all.

After dinner and the requisite time spent digesting my food, I wanted to take a little dip in the pool. It was still hot even at the end of the day. At this resort, the one and only place that you MUST remove your clothes is in the pool. There are no exceptions. I slipped off my shorts and shirt and walked in. Little did I know at the time but my future sexual partner was checking me out from a pool chair. This woman wasn’t the one my Aunt had planned to fix me up with.

My instructions, according to my relatives, were to meet my lady in the small disco which the resort provided for the guests on Friday night. As I arrived and mingled a bit, I saw her. She was with a group of people drinking and laughing. It looked like, to me that this woman was not that interested or gave off vibes that were not conducive to having a good time at least with me. I was a little on the shy side at that age. Bottom line, I didn’t have the guts to go up and introduce myself for fear of rejection. As I look back on it now, I do not think my relatives did much to let her know what the situation was. In reality, I was flying solo on this mission.

The environment was raw with sex however, and if you think a disco or club is wild with people who are clothed just take a moment to imagine how wild a nudist camp’s disco would be. Old 70’s disco hits blaring out of the speakers and either naked or scantily clad people danced in very erotic attire. The sexual energy that swirled around in that small disco was titillating and almost surreal to watch. There was a lot of groping and kissing. For a time I’d have to be content as a voyeur. I wouldn’t score that night but just watching the spectacle on the dance floor and at the tables was highly erotic and hot to watch. I felt really aroused and ended up going up to our cabin and did my usual nightly ritual, a flick of the wrist with Mary Palm and her five sisters before falling into a deep sleep.

The next morning after a swim in the pool to invigorate me, I went into the game room to play some pinball. I don’t know why to this day but it was here that my mystery admirer decided to introduce herself to me then.

“Hi there, I’m Nina,” she said while her eyes drilled into mine.

I casino şirketleri was on my last ball and didn’t have a very high score on the machine. I let the ball gutter and ended the game. . “Hi there I’m Steve it’s nice to meet you,” I said, sort of confused, however, I wasn’t going to blow it with shyness now especially since my so called relative hook up wasn’t going anywhere fast.

“Would you like to play me in a game?” she asked “I’ve been looking around for someone about my age to hang out with because it seems everyone here is middle aged or too stuffy,” she giggled to herself softy. I understood her plight because it happened to me a time or two when I had been up there. She was blond with short hair down to her shoulders, a little taller then me and just a bit chunky in the waist but not at all unattractive. Her breasts were perky and nicely formed just a bit more then a handful. To round out her entire package her butt was tight as a drum.

After my eyes finished apprising her, I snapped back to reality. We played a game and chatted. I found out she was 23 and vacationing up here for the weekend with an older couple that she lived with. After a heated intense game that she won, I decided to make my move and boldly suggested we take a dip in the hot tub. This, of course, meant that we would have to remove our clothing. Make no mistake folks; I was horny as a toad. I might as well have dug a hole and said prayers for the so-called earlier prospect.

In my youthful mind, I’d judged my time was running out. This might’ve been my last opportunity to get laid. Besides, here was a woman that was interested in me NOW. “Sure” she said smoothly “I’d been wanting to try out that hot tub since I arrived and now would fine.” As it happened, we did not have a long way to go. The hot tub just off the recreation room we were in.

As we both walked in the steamy room, the windows covered with so much steam that you could write your name on the glass. “This is really nice,” Nina said. I agreed as I have been in here before with virtual strangers.

It was much more intimate as we removed our clothing and stepped into the bubbling water. After a few comments on the waters temperature and some small talk, we started getting closer. “Um I love the way the jets feel on me,” she almost whispers next to my ear. My cock was now fully throbbing, she begins slowly stroking me under the hot bubbling water and I am stunned into immobility as if this all was happening in a dream. As we moved about, I began to rub her breasts and stiff nipples with one hand and covered her pussy with my other hand. I loved the fact that someone could come in at any moment and catch us in the naughty act.

“Ohh I moan softly this is really hot and I’m not just talking about the water but don’t you think Nina, that we should go somewhere more private?” Reality set in quickly and I knew at any moment some unknowing person would come in and we’d be interrupted. We lost our exhibitionist nerve.

“Yes your right, we wouldn’t want to have any interruptions when things are just getting under way now would we,” she purrs so seductively. She is driving me insane and I want to yelp for joy. We toweled off and for some odd reason felt a need to put clothes back on, probably to keep up appearances and moreover for me to cover up my raging hard on.

We started back up the hill toward my cabin. “Wait a second Steve,” Nina says to me, “I’ve got some sexy lingerie that I just bought before I came up here and I’d really love to model it for you.”

“Oh ok, would you like to meet me back here in 10 minutes, I’d like to shower off some of the chlorine from the hot tub?”

“That’s cool, see you soon,” kissing me full on the lips before she scampered back down the hill like a woman with a definite purpose. I showered quickly soaping up all over, however it dawned upon me that this could all be a very cruel joke. I was still a little bit paranoid because I was not not at all the person with all the girls in high school and those years were still very fresh in my memory.

Another worry was that my Dad would come back at an inopportune time and ruin the beautiful moment. Thereby much like the shower, I was in now, would be akin to cold water on the groin. However, I reasoned that my Dad was out now for the afternoon and didn’t have any reason to come back to the cabin or at least I prayed for that with all my heart. I was startled out of my deep thoughts a few minutes later I hear what’s reminiscent of music to my ears. “Hey I am casino firmaları back sweetie did you miss me,” she teases ever so sexy.

“Oh yes honey I missed you,” I replied, trying to sound cool and calm when my insides were rapidly melting and mind was screaming.

“Yess” Nina beamed, “that’s what I like to hear honey, let me show you what I bought I think you will like it on me,” Nina says seductively. I lied back on the bed and watched her take off the pants she had on and put on some sexy black crotch less black panties. She then proceeded to prance around the room and told me that she was a stripper back in the city where she was from and that she loved to be watched and admired

“Hot damm,” I respond, “those look so hot on you Nina,” as my cock rises to the occasion and ached with anticipation of what’s to come. At that moment, in retrospect, I would have spoken in tongues to her if she’d asked me to. Thankfully, she didn’t. I did however want to tongue her all over.

“Thanks honey I’ve been stripping for a couple of years and I love it, it’s really a great feeling to know your turning on so many men with your natural body.” She says in a husky tone. Her hand went down to her crotch and she begins to rub it along with her clit. Nina’s finger became slippery with her slimy juices. “And from what I see I have the desired effect on you.” She said looking hungrily at my rock hard cock with its wicked curve to the left. I thought of brother Marvin at that moment with his “Sexual Healing” mmmm “LETS GET IT ON”

Thankfully I masturbate frequently I thought silently to myself. I definitely didn’t want to cum too fast and let this beautiful woman down.

As if reading my mind Nina said to me, “Honey I like to watch you play with yourself and stroke that cock.” Like a cat, Nina had now slowly moved onto the rickety bed that the campground cabin provided. Nina’s pussy was very trim with little blondish hairs around her soft folds. “Fuck,” she groaned, as she put her hand down to her pussy “I’m drenched now honey. I love how hot you get me,” she said and stoked it a little.

I next felt her take my cock inside her mouth. I groan, and relaxed to enjoy her talented mouth, as she took my whole length and bob her head up and down. “Oh god” I cry out. “Sweetie that feels so fucking good take it in nice and slow” I said breathlessly. I watched her concentrate on my cock. She licked up my pre cum as it pearled up in a little drop on my spongy cock. While she sucked on me, I needed to keep my hands busy so I started to first palm her pussy and then play with it with my fingers. I brought my wet fingers to my nose and inhaled deeply. She had a beautiful and strong musky scent that reeled my senses into overdrive. The actions with my fingers seemed to make her get into her mouth ministrations. She took me down deep to my balls and lingered in the forest of hair at my cock’s base. Nina then slobbered back up and covered my cock in saliva.

“Your cock tastes so good Steve,” in a throaty, whisper when she finally did speak. She then went down and gave my hairy balls a hot steamy tongue bath, and took the whole sack in her mouth and gently worked them around. It was exciting to watch my cock disappear into her mouth that was hot as molten lava.

All of a sudden, she told me to turn around and bend over. She put her hands on my butt cheeks and spread them apart. She then took tentative little flicks at my anus with her tongue. She then made circular swab motions around it. Finally, as if I could take anymore, she put her tongue inside my tight hole and let it linger as my ass responded by gripping her tongue. Wowza Fuck! What a feeling I had down there. No one had ever done that to my backdoor. The sexual energy shot through me like a shoulder rocket launcher.

As fired up as I was it would be a capital crime not to give her back some of that pleasure she was so lovingly giving me, and besides I’d of gone ape shit.

Without words, she honored my request. She laid back and spread her legs and I went down on her. I again took a deep breath and inhaled her now pungent musky aromas and I got a slight high from the fumes. As I buried my face in her nest, I sucked at her pussy like a starved man who finally been allowed to feast. She responded and frantically ground her pussy into my face. “Ahh fuck yes eat me baby please don’t stop” Nina moaned with pleasure.

“Now lick my ass that way honey,” she purred. She moved up slightly so I could ease my tongue into and around her anus. I took in and güvenilir casino savored the different taste and aroma, which wasn’t unpleasant, and sucked hard at her rose budded hole. Just as I did to her pussy, I buried my tongue and let it wander inside her tight back door. “Steve” she cried out lost in the moment, “push your tongue in and out of my asshole like a little cock. Her ass responded to this and gripped my tongue as it went in like a vise.

We continued this for a while until she says, “This is great baby but I really want you to fuck my brains out.”

My cock eased into her hot cunt like a hot knife through melted butter. She started out slow, in no hurry, and built up a rhythm. She began to pick up momentum and speed moaning loudly as my cock plunged in and out of her tight twat. I realized what it was for a woman to get fucked hard.

The pungent smell of hot steamy sex permeated the small cabin room. Our passion built up closer to the point of no return, I grasped her tits and kneaded them like dough in my fingers. “I’m almost there honey, yesss fuck ohhh I’m CUMMING NOW” she wails and a moment later, I watch in awe as her body contorted and how face turned into different shades of color. I felt her pulsating pussy flood my cock with her creamy come. We stayed locked together with her still on top and we both enjoyed her afterglow. After a short while she whispered in a voice that was husky in my ear “Oh baby that was incredible and just what I needed.”

“I know you want to do my ass, all I ask is that you go slow at first ok?”

We didn’t have any lubricant on hand so she positioned herself on all fours at the end of the bed and spat into her hand and rubs the saliva erotically all over my cock. The saliva mingled with the goo from her come and my cock became very slippery.

“Ok,” she reiterated, as she spread her cheeks wide “put it in very slow please; it’ll hurt like mad if you do it too fast at first.” I put the head up against her tight puckered hole and as slow as I possibly could, pushed my cock forward until it was just inside her rectum. I let it sit there for a bit until she said to put it in deeper. “Ahhh that feels good honey, how do you like it?” “Oh Nina it’s everything I imagined it to be and more so it’s so fucking tight around my cock.” We developed a steady rhythm. All of a sudden and I hear a groan from down deep at a primordial pitch, “oh shit darling do it too me pleaseeee put your cock all the way in deep.” I did just that, and plunged my cock up to the hilt into her steamy depths, then dragged it out almost to the tip.

Her bowels were soo fucking hot around my cock. I didn’t want the feeling to end, but I knew my balls felt full and couldn’t hold back my explosion for much longer.

As if she intrinsically sensed this she cried out loudly, “ohhh yeahh I know that your getting close baby please shoot your load in my mouth. “Yeahh that sounds like a plan.” It was such a turn especially since I’d just been deep in her ass but she didn’t seem to mind. I slowly withdrew from her asshole and lay down on my back and whilst she took me in her wonderful mouth again. To my surprise, her middle finger found it’s way back to my asshole and she gently probed it spurring me on.

That’s all folks. With her finger buried deep in my ass and her mouth deep down to the base, that was all I could possibly withstand. As my eyes closed tight, I screamed out in ecstasy. “ahh fuck EAT IT ALL NINA PLEASEEEE” I blasted my spunk like a broken fire hydrant on a New York City summers day in July into her waiting receptive mouth. She gobbled up my creamy cum and didn’t swallow it spat it out all over my cock again.

The feeling was truly what some people describe as the little death rapture with a feeling is so intense and earth shattering.

Her lips remained locked onto my pulsating cock until I went soft.

We kiss deeply and I tasted my juices and hers. With my face very close to hers I murmur “That was so lovely thank you honey, my god you don’t realize how much I want and needed this.” “Your very welcome baby. I really had an intense pair of orgasms. I think you’re a great lover Steve, she said and looked deeply into my eyes and held my gaze for a while.

For the rest of the weekend we hung out together but sadly, we could never really repeat the magic again. Our opportunities slipped through our grasp.

We attempted to keep in touch through letters but we didn’t write each other much. It was almost as if we were destined to enjoy each other’s company for that illustrious moment and that’s that.

My depression about my summer in the dorm faded quickly however, and I was uplifted for the rest of the weekend. My relatives were right about one thing, sex has wonderful way of curing almost all wounds.

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