A Touch of Silk

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The elevator hums, the numbers climbing as we ascend. I feel it more than usual, the nice Italian wine we shared has gone to my head like a velvet hammer. We lean against each other, full of an excellent meal, wine, and the dessert we didn’t need but really wanted. We don’t even talk, enjoying our physical presence way more than words can convey.

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a several months… a casual meeting turning into a relaxed, should-we-explore-this further dinner, followed by the usual new relationship dates. Our relationship started with mutual attraction but has developed into so much more. And best of all, the sex started good and got better almost every time. We discovered we both enjoyed exploring and pushing boundaries. Tonight was our first “fancy” date… we got dressed up, made dinner reservations, and splurged on a better-than-nice hotel room.

With a ding, the elevator stops at our floor and whispers open. Together we exit. She nestles so nicely under my arm, so warm and fragrant. We bobble just a little as we walk, enjoying the buzz of the wine coupled with the knowledge of what’s to come.

Once we key in the door open, she disappears into the bathroom with a bag and a smile. I grab my own little bag of goodies and spring (wobble) into action. You see, I have a plan for tonight. One night as we cuddled after a truly momentous bout of sex, she confided one of her fantasies in me. At the time, we were talking about several such wishes, and we haven’t talked about it since. Here’s hoping that tonight’s surprise is a good one.

10 minutes later I’m ready. The lights are off and votive candles are spread around the room, flickering merrily. Another bottle of wine is breathing on the dresser with some real wine glasses next to the ice bucket. Black silk boxers and a spritz of cologne for me. The bedspread pulled down and the pillows stacked high against the headboard. And a few other items and preparations are ready… I am good to go.

The door to the bathroom opens, as does my mouth. She’s radiant in this wispy, silky little lingerie number. I can see her breasts sway under it, her nipples already hard. My cock, already thick and swinging between my legs thinking about tonight, continues to harden under my boxers. I walk to her, drinking her in, then enfolding her in a hug. We stay that way for a long moment, warm body to warm body.

I break the silence. “Do you trust me?” It comes out a little too fast, not like the suave man of the world I’d been going for when I practiced this in my head. I don’t think she noticed, if the instant “Of course!” followed by another hug and kiss combo is any indication. Here we go…

Reaching behind me, I snag item

on tonight’s festivities list. It’s a large silk scarf, dark blue with paisley. I’ve already folded it to make the perfect blind fold, which I hold up for her to see. “Tonight, you are under my control.” I instantly see that she knows what’s coming, where it’s coming from… her breath hitches, the excitement palpable. I raise the blindfold, putting it snuggly around her head and tying it in the back. A quick wave of my hand in front of her raises no reaction… perfect.

–Just once I would like to be completely out of control… blindfolded, tied up, unable to see what’s coming or react when it does. I’m not into spankings or crap like that… I just want someone else to be completely in the driver’s seat…–

“From now on, no speaking. You will do what I say as soon as I say it or there will be…consequences.” My voice is quiet, commanding… she twitches as I speak as if in surprise, then nods her head in agreement. “Good. Now remove your clothes.” She only hesitates a moment before complying. As much as I like her in it, that lingerie is only going to get in my way. I feel a new surge in my groin as she lets the shoulder straps, exposing her breasts to me. Then, with a small smile, she slides her lacy little panties down to pool around her ankles. She has me breathing hard and we haven’t even started yet. OK… focus…

“Hold out your hands.” I found some soft handcuffs on line, the kind that can be broken if need be, but will serve the purpose I have for tonight. Control, not discomfort. I cuff her so her arms are in the front of her body, then take her by the hands and lead her towards the bed, making sure not to bump her anything. With great blindfold comes great responsibility. Up onto the bed, leaning her back so her head and back are supported, the rest of her body positioned in the middle of the king sized bed.

I lift her arms up over her head. The headboard is high enough that her hands don’t quite reach the top of it, which is perfect. I’ve already attached a rope with a clip near the top of the headboard, which I use to fasten to her cuffs. I climb off the bed and grab 2 more cuffs…1 for each ankle, which attach to additional ropes tied off the feet of her casino şirketleri bed. There. Arms above head, legs spread wide and quivering with excitement. She’s ready.

I grab the wine and pour a glass. I walk to the bed and hold it near her nose so she can smell it. “Open your mouth.” I tell her. She does so, and I touch the glass to her lower lip. I let her sip, then, as I pull away, pour a little across her breasts. A gasp and a flinch at the coolness of the wine, followed by another gasp as I chase the runnels of the liquid with my tongue. It’s a fast, fleeting touch… over her breast and down her stomach, my lips and tongue hot on her skin. Sitting up, I repeat the splash, this time on her other breast, spending just a little more time teasing her nipple before licking my way down across her ribcage. I quickly finish the glass and set it back down.

Next, the jar of honey-lemon scented cream I found at a local bath store. I waft it under her nose, letting her breathe it in. Tonight is about senses beyond her sight and touch. She loves to be massaged and I love to rub her… tonight we will indulge those loves. I straddle her waist, facing her. A dab on my hands, a quick rub to spread it out and warm it up, with both hands I touch her shoulders then slide up her arms. I want to emphasize her captivity, letting my hands meet where hers do before sliding back down again. When I reach her shoulders, I pause before sliding down her chest. I capture her breasts in my hands, gently pressing and caressing them, her nipples hard against my palm. A little more cream, then I begin to tease her nipples, bring them to hard, slippery points before massaging her breasts again. She’s moaning now, submerged under a wave of sensation. I take my time…sometimes 1 hand per breast, sometimes 2 on one, always gentle, always moving.

Finally, I move back a little so I can kneel between her legs. More cream, and I start by running my hands from hips, down the top of her thighs to her shins. I can see her pussy is open, obviously wet, but I’m not going to touch her there yet. I slide my hands back up, my thumbs towards her inner thigh then up to her hips again before I touch her wet center. Down and back again several more times, each time inching towards her pussy but never quite touching. She’s squirming, trying to move so I touch her there, but to no avail. She’s trapped. I am in control.

Time for some more wine, to build the tension for her… and to give my hard-on a break. I’m starting to ache I’ve been hard for so long. The front of my boxers have a growing wet spot from all of the precum I’ve been leaking. I pour the wine, take a sip, then once again touch the glass to her lower lip and let her sip. This time, however, when I remove the glass, I pour a little onto her pussy. She cries out loud when I do.

Setting the glass down, I crawl back up on the bed and between her legs. I gently blow on her pussy, then, making my tongue as wide as possible, I run it up the center of her, her tang alive on my tongue, pausing at the top to lightly suck on her clit. I love the way she jerks under my mouth. I do this again, slowly, then again. Long and slow lick, a suck, wash, rinse, repeat. Her juices are flowing now…good God, I love this. I slide my right hand up her leg, all the way up, and begin to toy with her pussy with my fingers, even as I’m eating her. One, then two fingers enter her, fucking her gently as I lick and tickle her clit. With a small cry, she cums. I pull my mouth off but continue to finger her, letting her ride through it. I’m loving this.

It’s my turn now. I pull my boxers off then move up, standing to either side of her head. I push my cock down to it touches her open, still panting mouth. She knows what it is and what I want without me saying a word. She lunges her head forward, taking as much of me as she can at once. Her tongue swirls around my shaft as she sucks hard, pulling up and almost off me before diving back down again. It’s like she’s in a blow job frenzy, still coming down from her own orgasm. There is no way I’m going to last long, and that’s juuust fine.

I feels the surge in my balls, the precursor to what’s to come. Being a gentleman, I let her know that I’m about to cum. She goes even faster and harder on me… and I cum. I can barely stay standing, I cum so hard… pulse after pulse into her mouth. She stops dead, just sucking hard, letting my hot, salty load fill her. My brain literally shuts off, every single nerve ending in my cock taking over. It goes on and on…

Finally, I get some blood back to my brain and pull my cock out of her mouth. A tiny strand of cum connects me to her lips, which she licks off, then swallows. Naked, bound and with a blindfold on, that has got to be the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen.

I leave the bed and pour another glass of wine. A sip for me and another sip for her. Back and forth, sharing sips, casino firmaları until the glass is gone. I don’t know about her, but between the lingering bliss of my orgasm and the wine, I am flying.

I walk to the side of the bed and undo 1 of her manacles. Pulling her to the side of the bed, I make her stand. I’m purposefully being as quiet as possible, letting the tension of the unknown build. This night is far from over, as far as I’m concerned.

The next position I have in mind is a little more complex… I want her feet on the ground and spread, body draped across the bed, and arms out, restrained. With some murmured instructions and firm hands, I get her just so and tied again. I make sure her legs are tied to the legs of the bed, tied to the feet of the bed. Total access for me and not a thing she can do about it… perfect.

Grabbing the cream, I scoop a generous into my hands and rub them together to warm it up. I start at her shoulders, rubbing them, then sliding my hands slowly down her spine. I stop before I get to her as and repeat several more times, pressing firmly each time. Finally, I let my hands slide over her ass and begin to knead it. In this position I can see her asshole nestled between her cheeks, her pussy below it. Her lips are open and very, very wet. I let my thumbs slide closer to her ass, massaging and spreading as I go. Now both of my thumbs are right at her puckered little opening. She tries to pull away from me…I’ve never touched her here before…but I don’t let her, sliding one broad thumb over her in a circular pattern. I’m not trying to penetrate, not pushing hard… just letting her know that her ass is all mine, if I want it.

I’m hardening again. Record recovery time, thanks to situation. As I’m massaging her ass, I poke my cock at her pussy. Not trying to penetrate yet, just letting her know it’s there. All the while, I continue to massage her ass. No penetration there yet either, but definitely not letting her get away from me. I am in control and she knows it.

I leave my right hand on her ass, thumb still pressed and rubbing her asshole. With my left, I steer my cock towards her hot, wet opening. I tease her, rubbing the head through her wet slit, back and forth, barely penetrating but coating my cock in her pussy juices. I bump her clit as often as I can. I know it’s still sensitive from the way she’s jumping when I do. She keeps trying to push herself onto me, grunting as her hips thrust. “Dammit, put it in me!” she says in a frustrated whisper.


My handprint is a stark, vivid red on her white ass. I didn’t spank her hard, but apparently it was hard enough to leave a brief mark. “I told you there would be consequences if you spoke.” I remind her quietly. If anything, her hips bucking at me get even more frenzied. Apparently she IS into spankings a little. I decide to test my theory.


On her other cheek this time, just as hard. She’s actually panting now, trying to move, to get my cock into her. I stop teasing and slam my cock all the way inside her, leaving it fully embedded in her pussy. She groans out loud, half satisfaction, half in discomfort as my thick cock invades her. I let her get used to for a few seconds, then SLOWLY pull it out of her almost all of the way, then SLOWLY back into her. This is not how she wants it… her hips are bucking against me, urging me to fuck her hard.


“Slow down. Or there will be more consequences.” I can see her fighting with herself… continue to push or let me have my way? She lets me have my way. I begin to fuck her, slowly, deeply, grinding into her with every down thrust. I begin to massage her ass at the same time, working the muscles deeply. Eventually my thumb finds its way back over her ass and I leave it there, slowly, gently continuing to rub circles as I slide my cock in and out.

With my free hand, I take a little more cream and dab it onto her ass. To mask it, I alternate my thrusts, slamming into her once, twice, three times in a row before resuming my slow pace. My thumb is now very lubed up, and she has gotten used to its presence. I begin to push, angling my thumb up so it’s pointed into her. I also pick up my pace again… not slamming into her, but definitely hard enough that my balls are swinging into her clit. And still I push, feeling her ass open up to my thumb.

“Don’t fight me. Don’t clench. This is going to happen. I have the control.” I tell her. This is a slow invasion, letting her get used to it while I methodically pick up the pace. Now she’s getting it hard like she wanted and she’s forgetting about my thumb. Time to increase the torture…I reach around with my left hand, feeling for her clit. This is a huge juggling act… pound her pussy, feel for her clit AND try to thumb her ass. Pun intended, I’m up to the task.

The moment my hand finds her clit, she lurches backwards, güvenilir casino impaling herself on my cock and my thumb. She yelps but it’s drowned out by the slapping of our skin as we continue to fuck hard. I rub her clit again and she cums hard… legs quivering so much she can barely stand, hips jerking spasmodically, littlie cries escaping her throat at every breath. This time I’m not gentle. I continue to rub her clit and fuck her while my thumb stays buried. I could probably let myself go and cum with her…but it’s not time for that yet.

Eventually she just can’t take any more and I let her relax. First leave her clit alone, then slowly sliding my thumb out of her ass. I caress her ass cheeks as I slow down the pace of our fucking. Finally I stop moving my hips, leaving my cock hard inside her. Her breathing, at one point almost gasping, is returning to normal. She’s resting fully on the bed now, legs bent. I pull out of her slowly.

Our room has a large bathroom. Rather than a traditional tub, it has a large walk in shower, complete with bench. I walk into and start the water on full hot to get it nice and steamy. When that is done, I go back to the bed and release her, manacles included, but leave the blindfold on. By now she’s able to stand, and I lead her to the shower and let her sit on the bench. I adjust the water temp to something a little less scalding, and direct the head downward.

I grab a face cloth and the complimentary body wash, building up a good lather. Turning to her, I pull her up and have her stand in the water stream just enough to wet her down without soaking the blindfold. Then, I proceed to wash her. Not a quick scrub, but a slow, luxurious stroking to get the remnants of sweat and body lotion off her skin. When I’m done, I rinse the cloth and add more lotion.

“Now, you wash me.” I place the cloth in her hands. She reaches out with her left hand to find out how I’m positioned then, starting at my shoulders, begins to wash me in return. The forced blindness has her going slow, making her explore my body as she does. She runs the cloth over my chest, one hand following the other. When she finds my cock, still hard and jutting, she holds me and proceeds to wash me very thoroughly. The rough slipperiness of the cloth is heavenly.

Rather than do my legs, she stand and turns me around, soaping my back. This time she presses her breasts against, her pubes hard against my ass. She must have dropped the cloth because both hands reach around me, fondling my cock, stroking me and cupping my balls. I moan a little, letting her know I approve; she increases her pace. Unfortunately the water has washed the slipperiness of the soap away and causing a little friction. Sensing this she stops but continues to rub her chest into my back. I reach behind, stroking her flanks.

I turn in her arms, and bend down to kiss her. Our kiss is that perfect blend…slow, firm, building in excitement, lips moving, tongues dancing… the kind of kiss you never want to end. Arms around each other, caressing, touching, building the feelings again, heat of the water warming everything. We stay just where we are, enjoying each other for several minutes until I slowly break the kiss.

Turning the water off, I lead her out and quickly towel her off. I wrap her in the towel then do the same for myself. When done, I lead her back to the bed and have her sit on the edge. No manacles this time but the blindfold stays on. She lays back and I kneel between her legs again. I kiss her inner thighs… one, then then the other before licking her pussy, a darting little lick that spreads her lips. Her hands move to the back of my head, running through my hair, encouraging me on. My tongue pries her open, explores her more deeply, ignoring her clit as I explore her. I bring my lips into play, kissing and sliding them over her, warmth and pressure together. My hands slider to her ass and hips, caressing gently.

I let the passion build, eating her with more speed, more energy. My tongue pushes as deeply as I can into her, tasting her as my mouth slides all over her pussy. Her hands coax me on. She’s so wet and I’m still hard. I stand quickly, position my cock, and slide into her as I press my thumb against her clit. She jerks hard, hands gripped in the sheets. She wraps her legs around me, pulling me harder into her. There will be no teasing this time. Hands on her hips, I pull her on to me in time with her legs, pounding into her.

And I cum. The kind of orgasm where your legs lock and it’s all you can do to stay upright as cum jets out of you. The kind where your face goes numb and your brain almost stops recording. I’m aware she’s still moving but I’m a statue, frozen in pleasure.

When I can finally move, I collapse forward onto her, breathing hard. She holds me, legs still wrapped around me, arms around me. I remain in her warm in brace for what feels like an eternity. Finally, raising myself up, I kiss her hard, then slide the blindfold from her face. She blinks in the low light, looking up at me.

“Thank you,” she says. “That was…perfect.”

I smile down, happy my plan was a success and utterly wiped out… for now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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