A Surprise

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Big Dicks

Thought you might want to have today’s text in an email…and with the rest of the story……….

There you are….standing in the bedroom wearing a long black sleeveless dress.

You give me a long look…you smile….and tell me to strip.

I am standing there naked…and you guide me to stand in front of the bed.

Stepping back you run your hand across my body and gently pinch each nipple.

You tell me to start stroking my cock for you. you want to watch me make it hard while you slowly slide the dress off your body. revealing your beautiful body…standing in front of me wearing only a strapless black bra, sexy silky, black panties and black high heels.

While my cock gets harder, you drop to your knees and gently lick the head head of my cock while I stroke it. You tell me to stop and put my hands behind me. You lick the underside of my cock and then take it all in your mouth. Your hands are on my ass…holding me in place while you slide your mouth up and down my hard cock. One finger slides to my ass..you gently push it in and out…a little deeper with each stroke…while you hold my cock in your mouth….

Stopping, you slide your body up mine and kiss my lips…long and güvenilir bahis passionate. AS I reach for you…you back away. You tell me to turn around and close my eyes. I hear you move…you tell me not to move….that you have a surprise for me.

I feel you hand on the middle of my back as you gently push me towards the bed bending me over….making me lean against my hands.

your hand reaches between my legs and strokes my hard cock. ..your other hand massages my balls. While you continue to stroke my cock…I can feel you moving behind me…..you remove your hand from my cock….you ask me if I liked your panties….do I think they are soft and sexy….I reply ….YES….then I feel something on my cock….your are wrapping my cock with your black panties and start stroking it….that feels amazing.

While you are stroking my cock, I feel a warm liquid on my ass and your finger rubbing up and down…my cock jumps in your hand…you whisper in my ear…..I think you like that…..

I am expecting your finger to ease into my ass as you are stroking my cock….making it so hard. You tell me I am a bad boy, and I need to be taught a lesson…

You whisper again in my ear…are you ready for güvenilir bahis siteleri your surprise? I am waiting for your finger to penetrate me….

Instead….I feel something hard pressing against my ass…and you whisper….”I have a cock too.”

You can feel me tense as you start to push your cock into me….you push me into the bed….both of your hands holding my ass as you slowly push yourself into me…..slowly you pull out…then you push in a little deeper….and pull out….then push in a little deeper….then pull out…then you push your cock all the way in and hold it there….you lean forward and whisper in my ear…”you are mine, and now I am going to fuck you…”

You slowly slide in and out of me….forcing me into the bed…my cock sliding back and forth still wrapped in your panties. as you fuck me, you tell me how much you enjoy it….asking me to tell you how much I like it…..then you stop and pull out of me….you roll me over and tell me to raise my legs….you want to fuck me and be able to see my face while you do it. Telling me that I cannot cum….you have other plans for that….you slide your cock in me and start fucking me….you grab my cock and feel how hard it iddaa siteleri is as you slide in and out of me. Your panties are still wrapped around my cock…and they are wet from how much my cock is dripping….you can feel me getting ready to explode….and you stop fucking me and let go of my cock……

You tell me that my cock is so hard, you need it inside you. you climb up my body and lower your wet hot pussy down on my cock…..

It feels amazing being inside you…I can barely keep myself from cumming. you smile at the pleasure you can see on my face…..

AS you grind your pussy on my cock, you know I will not last long….you do not care….you want to feel me explode inside you…you know it will be strong and explosive….you move back and forth slow and easy….grind your clit against my hips….you are so hot, you tell me you are close to cumming too….you keep riding my cock, back and forth…..as you start to feel your orgasm building, you tell me to cum….you can feel me tense up….and then my cock explodes….you can feel each thrust pulse inside you….you enjoy watching my head tip back as I moan in pleasure…..then you reach your climax as my cock finishes its release you continue to ride my cock as you cum moaning while you climax….your look so fucking sexy with your head leaning back and your mouth open…..you collapse on my chest burying your head in my neck…..my arms wrap around you as we hold each other tight…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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