A Summer I’ll Never Forget Ch. 01

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Swollen, throbbing, and stiff as a board, I slide my cock deep into her ass. Tan little asshole stretched shiny and twitching with every little whimper, her fluttering lashes have me mesmerized as I stare back into her vacant gaze. I slide deeper still into hot tightness that feels like it goes on forever and she rewards me with a breathy whimper. Honey-scented drool pools under her lip as her eyelids shut and her eyes start to dart behind them in a frantic dance. I clench her ass in my hands, spreading her pussy lips as I do, and churn the tip of my cock in her bowels.

“Huh, huh, huuuuuungh,” she grunts and thrashes, tightening around me until I vanish in her heat. I grip her waist in both hands to keep from disappearing completely. Swaying back and forth together in the throes of her ecstasy, she hums softly from deep in her chest. I struggle not to scream as she crushes down on me like a hot vise. Fingertips, gentle but probing, play along the veins in my balls and I finally choke her name.

“Missus Samuels!”

Pinning her under my weight and knocking the pencil mug off her desk in the process, I cum so hard into her asshole that it feels like the tip is gone when my balls are finally limp. A thick pool of juices, hers and mine, gleam up at us from under her chair. Panting, we lie on top of one another in a sweaty heap.

I close my eyes and breathe deep the smell of her soap, her hair, and her skin. When I open them she’s looking up at me, smiling. The morning sun catches the soft sparkle in her hair and I take in her beauty until the sensation of her milking the last few spurts from my cock becomes my world.

“Very good Parker,” she says as she lowers herself to her knees, first one then the other, into the glistening pool of cum. I watch her stockings darken for as long as I can before finally closing my eyes and restraining myself from gripping the back canlı bahis of her skull with both hands. The hot tip of her tongue probes the entire length of my cock as she gently sucks at me. Unable to stop myself, I cup her face in my palms as, trembling, I beg for mercy.

“M-Missus Samuels…I can’t…”

She fixes me with a demanding glare while continuing to stroke and lick my cock back to life. Inside my head, I imagine hearing my dick creak as hot blood pumps back into aching muscle. The sensation takes my breath away and, as the steady work of her tongue against my shaft sweetens the burn, my vocabulary follows.


Looking down at the top of her head, she looks back up at me and I can see the corners of her mouth curl into a smile. I feel my own face crease reflexively into a grin before going slack-jawed under the effort of trying to stand and trying not to scream. I’m only vaguely aware of my hands going up and down in rhythm with her bobbing head as she nudges me into the back of her throat. Unable to take anymore, I grab twin fistfuls of auburn hair and, gripping my history teacher’s pigtails, I watch my own glistening thickness drag a syrupy trail of cinnamon lipstick off her mouth with a girlish giggle right behind it.

“Wow,” she says, and two crystal drops of my pre cum drip from the tip of my cock. The first catches her on the nose by surprise and the second disappears on her tongue.

“Wow,” I say right back. With the dainty, Midwest charm of a schoolgirl plucking a snowflake out of the December air, I catch another glimpse of what she must’ve been like as a girl and again, I see why her husband married her.

“Goddamn you’re hot.”

“Mmmmm hmmmmm,” she says in the whiny tone she uses when she’s grading papers and doesn’t want to be bothered. “Take a seat Parker.”

I slide into her desk chair, plush leather bahis siteleri with a sheepskin cover. My grandfather was a truck driver and he had one just like it. Mentioning that to her during a “counseling session” is what got me bare-assed in it the first time and now, just as then, I quickly and obediently do what she tells me adding only “Yes Missus Samuels” in a chastened voice.

I know what turns her on and that hit the spot. Brushing at her cum-stained stockings, she pauses for a moment as my voice sinks in. As she stands up straight, looking down at me like I’m a waste of her time, I watch her nipples tighten until her areolas pimple. Fed up with my smirk, she grips my cheeks in her hand and plants a warm, wet kiss on my lips so that she doesn’t have to look at it anymore.

Looking into the dark pools of her eyes, I grip her ass and stroke a slow stab into the wet, rubbery walls of her pussy. When the ridge of my cock settles behind her pussy lips, her eyelids flutter and she breaks the kiss, arching her back and clutching the arms of the chair hard enough to crack three of her knuckles. Instead of a moan, she lets out a breathy wheeze and I wish for the thousandth time that she’d agree to come with me to a hotel where she could buck and holler.

Bringing the palm of my hand down on the cup of her ass in a bare-handed slap, she squeaks into my ear under the echo of the sting and slams her hips into mine hard enough for the thick steel spring under the seat to bark. Drawing in a shuddering, willowy breath, I push into her and twist my hips until she bites my shoulder to keep from screaming.

“You’re mine now bitch,” I whisper and she bites down harder in response as her pussy flutters against me. She wraps her arms around the back of the chair and clings to the two of us as a steady flow of her juices coat my balls and roll back to tickle the crack of my bahis şirketleri ass. When I instinctively clench to lift myself out of the chair, she grunts and shudders as if sobbing. When I lower myself back down into the damp sheepskin, she is plastered to me, the head of my cock all but fused against the soft skin at the bottom of her womb.

“Please…fuck me.”

A glimpse of the guilt-ridden adulteress emerges, haggard and lost, in a musical voice play-acting at guilt while her eyes betray the lie. I close them with my obedient answer and within a handful of strokes she’s once again lost in her own moment. Deep, needy grunting replaces her fetish and soon, she’s fucking me as much as I’m fucking her. Hot breath burns my neck and I can hear her chewing her hair to keep from making too much sound. The sun’s silhouette breaks the plane of Lassiter Hall’s roof and, as sunlight streaks across the quadrangle; our classroom fills with warm, golden light.

Feathery motes of dust whirl and spin in the yellow rails of light that stream through the blinds. I can see them in the auburn halo that frames her face as she leans back, forcing me to grip her waist to hold her steady as she rides my dick. She twists her hips, stirring her pussy with my cock as her nails dig down into my shoulders. She bites her bottom lip to keep her rapid breathing from getting away from her and I clench my teeth to do the same.

Her eyes roll back in her head, flashing gold-green at me before vanishing behind her lashes and the glare of the morning sun in her glasses. She tightens around my cock to the point where it’s hard for me to breathe, and I feel myself empty into her in a single, wet crush of flesh on flesh.

She holds me, moaning softly against my chest as my fluids run from her and ruin the chair.

Finally, I pull out of her slowly and a pearly runnel of my semen spurts from her swollen, twitching hole. She whimpers as the last few spurts from my cock puts the finishing touches on a stain that will never come out.

“Parker, I think I’ll go ahead and change that grade for you.”

– end –

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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