A Special Cleanup

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You’re standing there with your hair all up in ribbons, and I know, that despite your being a full woman of 27, I’m Daddy tonight. My tie still done up from the day at the office, you had to have rushed home to get yourself all dolled up like this, so I know I need to make it special, and I have just the thing in mind.

“Well, hello Darling. I hope you’ve been a good girl today.”

You smile and bounce toward me, taking my briefcase and pulling me by the arm into the kitchen. “I’ve been a very good girl today, Daddy, I even dressed the way you said you like me to, see?”

I look you over as I reach up and loosen my necktie, slipping the knot down and undoing the top two buttons of my shirt. You’re wearing a knee length plaid skirt I bought you for when this mood struck, a button down top, and that perfectly fit vest you found last week. It transports you nearly a decade back to high school perfectly, and It’s a striking outfit, definitely having the intended effect on me.

“Daddy, you’re going to make me blush if you keep staring at me like that.” you laugh coyly and twist your body shyly. Your tone is perfect, not so sugary sweet that I can’t stand it, but innocent and endearing. Damn you are good at this.

“I’m sorry Darling, I just had a long day at work. That’s a perfect outfit you have on.” I say, nodding to you and pouring two shots of gin. I’m sure to pour a healthy amount of the syrup you like into yours before I circle my finger around it, staring at you.

You walk around the bar and wrap your hands around me, “I’m sorry you had a rough day, Daddy. I know what will make it feel better.” You whisper into my neck as you begin to squeeze my ribs and roll your fingers there, softening the tension out of me. The feel of your breasts in my back saps the stress out of me, and I take a deep breath of you over my shoulder.

You reach out, arms still passed through mine, and take your drink in one hand, with the other, you dip a finger in and then wipe it on my neck, leaving a trail of the syrupy drink to roll down inside my shirt, then you stretch up on your toes and lick it off wetly. I smile wryly at what I have planned for you that evening.

I down my drink and then bursa escort watch you as you move away from me and smile, staring steadily into my eyes as you drink yours, leaning against the counter suggestively, invitingly. It’s tempting to just take you there, to push you against the counter and just thrust myself into you, if I know our game well, there won’t be much to stop me.

Instead, I turn away and beckon you to follow me to the couch in the living room. I sit down just on the edge of the cushion, keeping my whole lap out and I grab your hand before you can sit.

“No sweetie,” I say sternly, “I need to check something we’ve talked about.” Pulling you over to my side, I bend you over and push you gently to kneeling across my knees. “If you’ve been a good girl, I expect to find panties under this skirt.”

You’re pouting, nearly on the verge of tears as I pull up your skirt and rub my hand over your tight ass cheek, around your lower back, and across the other cheek. “Oh no, Daddy, I’ve been such a good girl, but I forgot!” you whine, trying to placate the discipline with an excuse. “I’ve been such a good girl, oh and now I’ve spoiled it.”

My hand slides down the outside of your left thigh, and then around the back, to slip up between your legs. You instinctively tighten them together before I can reach higher. “Little woman, you’d better open your legs this instant.” I say, with all the scolding force you love.

You open your legs slightly and feel as my hand slides up to your bare labia. My fingers pause for a moment at the small corner of your thigh, rubbing the papery skin there that I enjoy so much, then slipping over onto your wet, waiting pussy.

“Oh no, Darling, are you wet down here?” I tsk and rub your labia, stroking my fingers up between the folds and spreading you around them. You are very wet, and a small moan escapes your lips before you can respond.

“No, Daddy… I’m not wet. I’m a good girl” you lie, turning back to look at me, actually red with embarrassment at the lie, and defiantly holding to your status as a good girl.

“You are squirming an awful lot while I do this, are you enjoying it, Darling?” I say, with a disapproving tone, gentle bursa escort bayan enough for you to keep wriggling beneath me.

“No… Daddy, I’m a good girl.” You protest, “And I… oh… I wanted to have ahhh reward for being such a good… uh… good… girl for you.” Your pouts are accentuated by small gasps and moans as you feel my fingers begin to massage your clit, pressing stiffly against it as I rub in circles.

“You’ll have to earn that reward now, Darling.” I scold, but you certainly do feel that the scene is taking its full effect on me. You throw in a perfectly girlish giggle as I ask what you are going to do about this.

“I’ll have to do something for you Daddy. I could lick it, the way you like!” you say, eager to have my stiffening cock out and in your mouth. I have some different plans for you this evening, though, and I have a feeling you’re going to love them.

“No Darling. You can’t use your mouth tonight. I want you to use your hands, and you need to show me how much you love it while you do. Come down here between my legs. That’s a good girl.” I undo my belt and pants while you adjust yourself to kneeling in front of me, your hand sliding up into your skirt to play a little while you do.

“Darling!” I say, seeing you touch yourself, “You will stop that right now, you are not allowed to touch yourself yet.”

“But Daddy, it feels so good!” You cry, defiantly keeping your hand up your skirt. I stand a little to finish pulling my throbbing cock out from my trousers, and it passes there in front of your face, and you moan slightly at the size and smell of it. The little glint of precum on the tip showing how excited you’ve made me. As I sit, i bend down and take your hand from your skirt, cupping it around my shaft.

“Now, Darling, work it like this.” I say, slowly moving your hand up and down, twisting it a little as I do. I’m already very sensitive, and the feeling, combined with your perfectly intent eyes staring into mine, start to make my breath quicken.

“Okay Daddy, I’ll be a good girl.” you say, bringing your other hand up to your mouth and licking a thick layer of saliva onto it. You slide it onto the head of my cock and begin twisting escort bursa it there, causing me to moan and lean my head back into the couch. I can’t take my eyes off yours, though, as you stare intently at me. You are loving every second of the effect you are having on me, and I’m certainly loving what you are doing.

“That’s… a good girl,” I say, barely able to speak from the feel of your hands stroking me with now violent affection, stopping occasionally to lick your hand and return to work with a new layer of wet movement. Your motions pull me closer to your mouth, and I can tell you want it there. I know how much you enjoy the taste of me, but I shake my head and your face slips out of the simpering disappointment fast enough, though never out of the temptation to take me in despite the threat.

As I come close to the moment, I tell you as calmly as I can, “I want you to… take me on your face, don’t… let it in your mouth.” You start to protest, but I stare at you sternly and remind you of the reward.

You feel the familiar throb of me, and smile in expectation. I can’t resist that look, and convulse as my cock throbs in your hands and the thick, warm cum pulses out onto your face. You squeal and gasp in turns, causing me to cum harder again onto you as you laugh.

I open my eyes and look deeply into yours, admiration mixed with a hunger for you. I haven’t forgotten your reward, and you’ve been such a good girl. I reach up and hold your chin, bending down to you for a kiss, but I don’t move for your lips.

I turn your face and lick a long trail of my cum from your cheek. You gasp, and that brings an instant smile to my face. The look in your eyes begins to harden me again, already, so close to having cum. I turn your lips up to me and kiss you full there, swapping the cum along our tongues as we both moan into the intimate kiss we’re sharing. I pull back, allowing a little of the sticky wetness to pass your lips as I do, and I stare down at you. I see the hunger in your eyes as you lose the little girl facade for a faltering moment.

I revel in it, and pull you close again to lick another line of my cum from your face, sucking the last bit away with my lips. I can’t help but chuckle deeply at your moan as I do. You’re fully aware of what I’m doing now, and struggling to get back into character. I can feel the struggle, and it makes me even more intent on what I am doing. It’s going to be a joy cleaning you.

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