A Simple Solution Ch. 02

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I had gotten home before my wife and got started on dinner. I knew she would only be minutes behind me.

Moments later the phone rang, she was calling from her cell.

We talked about dinner and our work day and then she said, “Why don’t you get undressed and get out the glass, we’ll get the second dose out of the way when I come in. Oh, and could you make me a martini, I could use a drink.”

It’s not like I had forgotten about my first “dose”, that morning, but I wasn’t expecting this to be a “cum on demand” event.

“You want me naked when you get home?” I asked incredulously.

“Yea, I do, and the glass on the counter, that’s right.”

I paused for a moment to digest her matter of fact tone. “Oh, OK…see you in a few minutes.”

“OK, I’ll be right there.”

I hung up and looked at the dish drain next to the sink. The glass she used this morning was still there. I reached for it and placed it on the counter, my cock twitched and I flushed remembering the start of our day. I started to undress, folding my clothing on a chair in the corner. By the time I was naked, I was three quarters hard and I kaçak iddaa hadn’t touched myself.

How could the embarrassment of being naked, jerked off and made to swallow my own sperm excite me? I couldn’t deny to myself or to my wife I actually knew the answer. It was the submissiveness of it. It was being naked while she was dress. It was the kinkiness and nastiness of having my wife of many years, the woman I love feed me my cum. It was embarrassing and humiliating and thinking about it made me very hard. I never should have told her of my cum eating fantasy and how I could never bring myself to do it and I needed her to make me. Or should I have?

As I heard her car pull into the garage and I looked down at my naked body and shaved cock and wondered, with embarrassment, how I should greet her. I decided I had to be proactive, so I walked to the door leading to the garage and opened it, staying inside the house but clearly visible to her as she got out of her car and opened the trunk to retrieve groceries. She looked up, smiled and shook her head.

“Come here and give me a hand.”

Our garage faces the side of the house with kaçak bahis only one neighbor on that side, but still!

She glanced toward our neighbor home, “I don’t think they are home but hit the garage door closer and come here and help.”

As the door was closing I walked out into the garage and to the back of her car, my cock bouncing and swinging lewdly, a string of pre-come hanging from the tip. She handing me two bags, one for each hand, closed the truck and wiped the pre-cum from my cock with a finger and held her finger in front of my face. I licked it clean. She pushed my cock up against my stomach, pressed her pelvis into me, pushing my butt against her car and kissed me, slowly running her tongue around my lips. I moaned.

“It didn’t take long for you to get in a state did it?” She smiled, stepping back and looking down.

“You must really enjoy eating cum, huh?”

“It’s that and everything else.” I said with some embarrassment.

“I know,” she said. And she did.

I followed her into the house and placed the bags on the counter, next to the glass.

“I didn’t have time to make your martini, I’ll illegal bahis do that now.”

As she put the groceries away, I made her a drink and we chatted about things, nothing important, just husband and wife stuff. I liked the oddness of it, knowing what was coming, so to speak. After ten minutes or so, she picked up the glass and asked me, “Do you want to do this now or after dinner?”

She had changed the dynamic. She wasn’t so much telling me I would be eating my sperm, she was asking me when I wanted to eat my sperm. I wasn’t sure she was aware of the subtle shift, but by the smile on her face, she apparently was. My cock twitched.

“Now I think.” I said.

“Honey, you know that “now” is not an answer to the question. Tell me what you want to do.”

Check. My humiliation was almost complete, and would be by my next reply.

I was standing naked in our kitchen with my wife in a business suit sipping a martini with one hand and holding an empty glass in the other. My skin flushed with embarrassment and my heartbeat picked up. I now had to ask her to make me eat cum.

I looked at her and squeaked out my request. “I think I would like to cum now and have you feed me my cum before dinner.”

“Well if that is what YOU want, come over here and lean against the counter and spread your legs”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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