A Polish Encounter Ch. 02

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There was a knock on the door. She got up, threw me my tee-shirt and boxers and hurriedly dressed in her skirt and top. She opened the door and invited the people in. It seemed everyone was talking at once.

The group comprised of two guys and an Asian girl. I hoped they didn’t mind the sight of me in my boxers, but nobody seemed to bother. They talked for several minutes. Mostly she spoke to the older of the two guys. Then he came over, I stood up, and taking his hand, he introduced himself.

“Hello Jon, I am Ali, Lisa tells me you have spent an enjoyable night together.”

I nodded in agreement. “Yes, we have enjoyed each others company.”

He smiled. “She tells me she has enjoyed you too.”

The others came over.

“Let me introduce you to my wife, her name is Atina, she is from Thailand.”

I offered my hand, she took it but also kissed me on each cheek.

Atina was an exceptionally pretty girl, small and slim with long blue/black hair and dark eyes. She was wearing a leather jacket but I could see from the low cut top underneath that she was very flat chested and her black leggings did very little to hide her petite figure.

” And this is Mal; He is Polish, like me and my sister, and a very good friend.”

I shook Mals hand and returned the cheek to cheek greeting that seems to be their custom.

Mal looked very un-Polish; he was clean shaven and had longish blonde hair. A very attractive and physically fit person. Ali on the other hand, had dark hair and a bushy moustache, a bigger frame, and a slight paunch.

Ali sat on the bed, patting it beside him. I sat next to him. Mal relaxed in the armchair and the two girls settled in next to Ali, but behind him, with their backs against the wall and their feet on the bed.

“So, Jon, Lisa tells me you have a lovely cock.”

I was shocked, stunned, I felt my face going red.

“There is no need to be embarrassed Jon, Lisa and I have no secrets from each other.”

He patted me on my leg.

He did not remove his hand. I felt a sense of insecure disbelief as I looked him in the eye. He smiled then looked over at Mal. I followed his gaze and saw that Mal was rubbing himself through his jeans. He was looking at the bed, but not at us.

I turned and saw that Lisa and Atina were lying together, kissing. I looked back at Ali.

” Don’t worry” he said, “we are all very good friends.”

His hand began stroking my inner thigh.

I was totally bemused. I felt as if I had dropped into a dream. A magnificent dream. Ali ran his hand beneath my boxers, stroking between my balls and my leg. I was instantly aroused.

“Let me see what Lisa has told me about.”

I lifted myself up to allow him to swiftly remove my boxers. My cock now standing proud for all to see.

He grabbed it and gave it a firm squeeze, then said something in Polish, before saying it was just how Lisa had described it. He started to wank me. He knew exactly what to do. He had a firm grip and I liked that.

He bent over and licked the tip. His lips were soft, his mouth, warm and wet as it enveloped my cock.

Mals shirt was undone, showing the toned muscles of his six pack. His jeans open and his cock in his hand. I beckoned him to come over and he stood, taking off his shirt, his jeans dropping to the floor as he stepped out of them. I grabbed his cock as he stood next to me and pulled the foreskin back revealing the plump purple head of his seven inches of meat.

He lifted one leg onto the bed as I lent over to lick the pre-cum that was already leaking from the eye of his cock. He pushed himself into me and started fucking my mouth.

His cock was perfect for me and I swallowed it whole. His neatly trimmed pubic hair brushing my top lip. Ali had my balls in his mouth. His spit trickling down over my arsehole. I could feel him probing it with his finger. I edged forward making it easier for his finger to enter me; Mals cock still raping my mouth.

Ali stood up, saying something to Mal and then asking if I would like to be fucked.

“Yes please,” I whispered as Mals cock left my mouth,

“Oh fuck, Yes.”

He helped me up and led me to the armchair, where I sat. In no time he was naked. His cock was the shortest of the three of us, but also the fattest. In fact, his cut manhood was extremely fat. It somehow suited his portly frame and hairy body. I could see the girls were both now naked and had utilised the free space on the bed to enjoy a 69.

Atina’s small tanned body on top of Lisa’s, her tiny bum in the air. I have known women with larger breasts than bahis siteleri her bum cheeks.

I am sure she could fit her butt into a 38dd cup bra.

I hooked my hands beneath my knees and pulled my legs up. I love the feeling of exposing myself to my sex partners. Offering myself to be taken. He spat in my bumhole then fingered me once again.

“I have some lube if you want it,” he said.

I said that I think it would be best and he went to his jacket, returning with a tube which he squirted in my hole and worked in with his finger. Mals cock was once more in my mouth as Ali’s fat dome pushed on my ring. Fucking hell it was fat.

He must have felt my tightness as he picked up the lube and rubbed it over his cock. This time it was a little easier. His bell end tore my hole apart as it gradually eased into me, but once inside the rest of him followed easily.

Mal was on his knees beside the chair, now sucking on my cock, getting a close-up view of his friend’ fat dick attacking my shitter.

“Are you having fun Mr Jon?” Atina asked.

“Oh fuck, yes”, I replied.

The girls had come over to join us. Atina’s boobs were barely any bigger than mine, her nipples too were quite small but encircled by a large brown aureole. Her shaven pussy revealed no cunt lips. Just a beautiful puffy little slit. I later found that she was 22 years old but she could easily have been taken for a girl of fourteen, or even younger.

I have heard stories of Thai brides and how obedient they can be, but I was still a little surprised when Ali ordered her to fuck me. She let go of Lisa and tried to climb on top of me. With his cock pushed fully inside me Ali put his hands under Atina’s armpits, his fingertips on her nipples, and lifted her onto me. With her feet on the chair by my waist and her hands cupped around my neck for support, she eased herself onto me, squatting down on my cock.

I felt Ali’s hand grab it before it entered her. I imagined her cunt to be quite loose after Ali had been fucking her, but I was surprised at just how tight it was.

Her sweet little pisser may have been tight, but it was deep, much deeper than her sister-in-laws.

I felt Ali spurt in my arse. Surely he had not cum already? If he had it was a massive load. He spurted more then pulled out and stood at my side.

Lisa was there, kneeling on the floor, cleaning my poo hole out. Ali said that Lisa was thirsty as I took his cock to suck off my gooey arse slime.

Atina leaned forward and whispered in my ear,

” Your cock feels so good in my hole Mr Jon.”

Mmmmmmmmmmm!!! She put her cheek against mine and her husband fed her hungry mouth with his cock. She choked a little and some of Ali’s piss dribbled from her mouth into mine. Ali must also have peed in my bum. He pushed his cock back between my lips and pissed again.

I swallowed. He had a huge smile on his face. He pulled out and pissed on both our faces and open mouths. I took a gob full then spat it out at Atina’s face.

“I think my little baby likes you Jon,”

“Oh yes I do,” cried Atina, “thank you for letting me share him with you.”

Ali’s piss slowed to a trickle and then stopped after a last big burst. Atina and I licked and sucked at each others faces, kissing and sharing Ali’s dirty water. She was still bobbing up and down on my erection.

She sat down on me, grinding her clit on my pubic bone. Lisa’s tongue left my arse to give attention to Atina’s. Mal was behind Lisa, feeding his cock into one of her holes while Ali fed his cock into his mouth.

These were all very good friends indeed.

Atina’s tight little pussy felt so good on my cock, but I was getting hungry and thirsty. I wondered if she could possibly be a good little girl like Lisa. In courtesy I asked Ali if I could lick her out.

“Just tell her what you want from her Jon; I am sure she will satisfy your needs.”

I didn’t think my cock could get any harder, but it did. Just the thought of this sweet little thing performing dirty acts with me almost made me shoot my load.

Lisa stood up and came to kiss me; I could taste Atina’s shitter in her mouth.

Lisa rolled saliva around in her mouth, a huge mouthful which she then dribbled into my eager mouth. Atina climbed off me and went to sit obediently on the bed. I looked down at my cunt juice covered cock to see Mal and Ali licking it clean. I poked my finger in Lisa’s wet and slimy cunt and arse and sniffed and licked it before getting up to join the patiently waiting Atina on the bed.

My God she was a beautiful girl. Barely five feet tall and probably canlı bahis siteleri weighing no more than 80 pounds.

“How do you want me Mr Jon?”

I actually wanted her at home with me to keep as my very own,

“I want you to feed me your cunt and arse.”

“Mr Jon, I can do whatever you want of me.”

I lay back on the bed, looking to the floor where Lisa was climbing onto her brother’s fat dick.

“Sit on my face Atina.”

She questioned me, “Can I sit so I can also suck your lovely cock Mr Jon?”

“Atina, you are my little bitch for a little while and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Quickly she got on top of me, pausing with her gorgeous tiny butt above my face so that I could enjoy the view. I held each butt cheek with my hands, completely covering them, and then prised them apart with my thumbs to see her dark brown rosebud ringpiece still wet with Lisa’s saliva.

Her slit was still nicely parted from the shagging I had just given her showing a little of the wet pinkness inside.

“I hope you like me Mr Jon?” she said, before starting to suck on my bell end.

“You are very sweet Atina,” I said as I pulled her down onto me.

I don’t know if it was wishful thinking or just my imagination, but her little fuck hole did taste really sweet and her arsehole didn’t smell of poo, (I guess Lisa had already licked that away), but it had that awesome musky aroma that only an arse can provide.

She must have learned her sucking technique from her husband, as she could easily take me into her throat and she sucked so hard as she pulled up on it.

Her tiny hands were caressing my balls and occasionally she would dip a finger into my arse. At which point she would momentarily stop sucking me and make an “mmmmmmmmm” sound, as she, presumably, licked her finger.

Her cunt was getting wetter and wetter as I licked at it and her clit.

From the corner of my eye, I could see that Ali was still under his sister, but they had now been joined by Mal who was screwing her arse.

It’s a shame really, I thought, as Ali will never experience the delight of entering his sister’s tight cervix and I am sure she would just love his thick cock stretching it for her.

Just then, quite unexpectedly, I farted.

I pulled my face from Atina’s pisser and said,” sorry,” But it was pointless as she had immediately dived onto my dirt hole, tonguing and sucking and slurping in it. A loud cheer went up from the other three as Atina turned to me,

” Thank you Mr Jon. Please tell me if there is more.”

“I will Atina, and please feel free to do the same to me.” “Yes Mr Jon, I will try very very hard for you.”

Her little hand barely wrapped around my cock, wanking it as she fed more on my shitter.

I was now feeling totally comfortable and relaxed. I was in the company of four fellow perverts and was sure that absolutely anything imaginable was a distinct possibility!!!!!

I resumed tonguing Atina but swapped from her delightful pussy to her gloriously musky poop chute. As soon as my tongue touched her hole she pushed making it open for me. I was thinking about how fantastically filthy it was to be licking the hole that she actually shits through when Ali appeared at my side.

“Have you tried these?” he asked.

I looked at the small bottle he handed me. The label read “liquid gold.”

They were poppers.

They are used medically to stimulate the heart, but in social circles they are used to get a fairly short but extremely strong buzz that has a tendency to eliminate all inhibitions. I told him I had enjoyed using them on many occasions.

I unscrewed the top and took three long sniffs as he told me that Atina goes really wild with them. My head was instantly in a whirl, all my senses concentrated on my cock. I wanted everything and was prepared to give everything. Atina stopped sucking me momentarily but when she resumed it was with gusto like a thing possessed.

Her mouth suddenly became wetter and she coughed and spluttered as she forced herself down on me. She sucked my cock, sucked my balls and tongued wildly at my arse, trying to suck the insides out of me. I could feel her shit hole pulsating on my tongue as she pushed and pushed.

“Oh Mr Jon I think it is coming.”

I was unsure of her meaning until her arsehole vibrated and sent a lovely long blast of stinky wind over my tongue and into my throat.

Fuck it tasted so good. I tried to push to give her some of mine but pissed in her mouth instead. She sucked even harder.

“Oh thank you Mr Jon, thank you so much, please canlı bahis give to me.”

I tried and tried, feeling piss trickling over my balls as she lost some when she swallowed. My stomach rumbled. This cute little girl was trying so hard she was peeing too. I slurped it up.

“Atina, quickly, my arse.”

Her mouth was on my ring in a flash as I let it rip and her wet tongue was inside me before it stopped. She was still pissing in my mouth when she said,” It comes again Jon.”

This time I took it straight in my nose.

I was enjoying the smell from her beautiful shitter when I was aware of serious grunting sound coming from one of the other guys. I looked over to see Lisa propped upside down against the chair, her shoulders on the floor, with Mal feeding his cock into her arse. I slapped Atina on her bum and lifted her off me, pointing at the scene.

“Oh Mr Jon, it is good.”

I had to agree; we both got up and went for a closer look, sitting beside the chair.

“Good girl Atina,” Ali said, “I was about to call you.”

My rigid shaft was in Atina’s tiny hand and my finger was rubbing her clit as we watched Mal dump his load in Lisa’s pooper. Ali was rubbing his cock to ready himself for his shot. I turned to him and took him in my mouth to help speed him on his way.

Mal’s body was in spasm as he shot his seed, his muscles rippling as he came in her glorious shithole. He pulled out letting the last drops spurt into her gaping hole then stepped off her and put his cock into Atina’s grateful mouth. She sucked his spunky arse juice covered cock as Ali removed his cock from my mouth and prepared to enter his sister.

I put my foot over Lisa’s mouth as Ali plunged his fat cock into her. She was licking between my toes when Atina started to rub her clit hard against my finger.

Her juices were flowing; I put another finger inside her and rubbed her harder as she orgasmed.

Ali started to grunt and puff as his cock slurped in Lisa’s arse. His belly wobbling as he took shorter but faster strokes in her.

Mal had put a finger in Ali’s arse. Something I later found that he enjoys when he cums. After what seemed like a long time, he pulled out his cock and squeezed it, as if trying to wring out the last few drops. Atina let Mal’s now flaccid cock slip from her mouth as Ali stepped off his sister, and replaced it with his.

Ali asked if I was ready to cum. I hated to disappoint him but said that I wasn’t.

“Then it is time for these two lovely sluts to enjoy the fruits of our labours.”

Atina at once lay on her back on the floor and Lisa positioned herself on all fours over her. A huge blob of spunk dribbled from her still gaping hole, running over her cunt and dropping into Atina’s mouth. Atina didn’t lick or swallow she remained still, her cum covered tongue sticking out of her wide open hungry mouth. A round of applause ensued as Lisa done a wonderful cumfart, blowing spunk bubbles with her arse as Atina raised her head to catch it with her tongue.

Lisa repositioned herself so that her poop chute was a couple of inches from Atina’s lips before farting another load out. Atina’s mouth was almost full. Lisa pushed again, her arse widened, and a small dribble plopped out.

A small dribble also came out of her pisshole.

Atina looked as if she was trying desperately hard not to shut her mouth or swallow.

“I think it is time for you to share,” Ali said.

Lisa rolled over on her back and Atina knelt at her side as she let the arse cum dribble slowly into Lisa’s mouth. Lisa closed her lips and swallowed, the cum still falling onto her face.

“Jon.” Ali pointed at Lisa’s bum.

I went down to stick my tongue in her arse to lick another few drops that had just appeared. It tasted so good. Mal and Ali went to sit on the bed to enjoy the show.

Feeling my tongue in her arse Lisa pushed to help me, she managed a short spurt of piss from her cunt which I quickly slurped up, but her well of cum had sadly run dry. I was beginning to feel a bit of a gooseberry and decided to let the girls have some fun, so I went to sit between Mal and Ali.

These two guys were something else. Both their dicks were beginning to get hard again. I pointed this out to them and Ali said they had taken Viagra. I have used it myself but feel that I only really need it in situations where I am not over keen on my partners. In this company my cock had no trouble getting, and staying hard.

The girls were now in a sixty nine. I couldn’t help thinking how much it looked like a mother and daughter scenario, although they both had fine young looking bodies.

Mal had begun sucking my cock and Ali was caressing my balls and occasionally probing my arse.

I took the opportunity to ask him about himself and his sister.

To be continued…

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