A Picnic by the River

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To my readers. Thank you for the feedback and comments It’s such a turn on reading them. Some of my stories drift into unreality but that’s because I like to explore fantasy as much as I like real life fucking. Please, keep telling me your thoughts/fantasies, my loves.

Amy XX


As some of you know, my adult son Kyle, his girlfriend Penny, and I have been sexually intimate for a while now. Our sexual experimentation has given us a wonderful freedom.

We enjoy picnics at isolated spots along the river near our home. Today was beautiful, warm with a gentle breeze, perfect for nude sun bathing.

We walked along the river bank for some time, we didn’t want any company besides our own.

We found a flat grassed area an hour from the car park and spread our blankets and bits and pieces.

I started to undress, I saw Kyle watching me, and I took my time. He was still as besotted with me as he was before we began sexual activity.

My body is, I’m proud to say, very fit looking. I work out regularly and my muscles show tone without bulk. My heavy boobs swing when I bend bahis firmaları over, as I was now, unlacing my shoes.

Penny was naked already and oiling her fabulous body. She glistened as her hands spread oil over her breasts, down her flat belly and between her legs. Her hair was tied back in a pony tail an Kyle began rubbing oil into her back as she carefully covered her legs.

I began applying my own oil when I saw the two of them watching.

I couldn’t resist making a show of it, pouring oil over my breasts and slopping it all over, with moans and head tossing galore. The pair of them joined in and I had the thrill of four oily hands sliding all over and into every inch of my body. The moans were real now and I laughed as they knelt and kissed my feet in mock worship.

I lay down on the blankets and, inevitably, we started with the little touches and caressing that deliciously leads to kisses. Little ones that move from the lips to necks, then lower.

Kyle was kissing my lips, smiling into my eyes as Penny licked his balls . She went up his shaft with her tongue before moving to my pussy. kaçak iddaa Long slow moves with her hands on my thighs soon had me moist. Kyle kissed me softly and opened my pussy for penny to penetrate deeper with her flickering tongue.

I reached down and cupped my son’s cock in my hand, stroking it as his breathing quickened.

Penny licking my spread pussy was making me so fucking horny. I started fingering myself as her tongue teased my clit and Kyle moved away.

I told her to bring her sweet pussy up to my mouth so I could return the favour. I love the taste of Penny’s cunt and sucked her labia with relish. My fingers were deep in my pussy now, my juices flowed as I pumped them in and out.

Kyle meanwhile had got some butter from the hamper and was buttering up Penny’s ass hole. I saw close up as he entered her and soon I was licking his balls as he slowly sodomised her. His cock slid out of her ass and into her pussy. He added more butter to her ass as I licked his moving shaft; I traced her anus as his cock re-entered it and she dropped her face into my dripping cunt.

Penny was moaning into kaçak bahis my cunt making me spasm and pulse. She was pressing her clit to my face as she started squirting and I opened my mouth wide to take it in.

Kyle soon started grunting, I thought he’d pull out and cum in my mouth, but instead he blew his load into Penny’s rectum. As he pulled out his cum poured out of her as and I greedily lapped it up.

She sat up, pulling her ass cheeks apart and put her anus on my mouth. I sucked her ass deliriously drinking Kyle’s cum. He moved around and slid his buttered fingers into my pussy.

Penny hooked my legs in her arms and stretched me wide open as Kyle forced his hand into me. He made a fist inside me and pumped his arm in short, fast punches.

Penny’s ass and pussy were oozing cum and juices as she rubbed hard into my face, getting off watching her boyfriend fist his mother.

My orgasm was huge and explosive. Just as I started gushing, Kyle pulled his hand out and slapped my squirting cunt hard. Once, twice, three times. Penny came hard at this and I absolutely lost control, urine and juices gushing out at once.

As Penny dismounted I saw Kyle sink to his belly and lick it all up. My head swam as we cuddled up together. Kissing and smiling at the wonderful life we have.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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