A Peasant Girl – Chapter 7

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“Tonight boy, I’ll show you what you’ve been missing,” said Anna’s father with a wicked laugh as he pulled his pants down, exposing his hard cock, huge and menacing. “Suck it while I explain,” he said, almost absently, shoving it into Anna’s face. She had no choice; opening her mouth, she began licking her father’s member, hoping the pain would not last too long.

“Missing?” asked Vladimir slowly, as he too dropped his pants, his own cock, quite large, still looking small in comparison to his father’s girth.

“Yeah boy, if you think she’s getting old and worn out, just wait,” said their father. “Bitch gives good head though, I’ll give her that.” So saying, he grabbed his daughter by the head and jammed his entire length down her young throat. Her eyes bulged as he held it there, ignoring her feeble motions. “I guess she’ll learn to do that on her own eventually, eh son?” The two laughed, watching Anna’s distressed movements grow fainter as she slowly suffocated on her father’s huge shaft.

Finally, after what seemed to her an hour, her father pulled out of her mouth, leaving her gasping on the bed as he and Vladimir moved to the business end. “I always liked to do that to your mother when I first had her, makes the bitch more cooperative.”

Anna felt herself being roughly spread by harsh hands which pulled her buttocks up from the bed, then she felt the weight of her brother settle behind her, between her spread legs. “Just fuck her for a little while, let off steam, whatever you want son,” said their father in a tone which would have sounded kindly, were it not for his words. “She’s got to relax a bit first, or we’ll split her in two.”

Anna felt her loins invaded by her brother’s hardness, and settled into the harsh rhythm of his thrusts. His cock head arched up into her deepest space with each penetration, and in spite of herself she felt her passage grow softer and more yielding, her juices flowing freely. If it had been anyone else fucking her, she would have loved being taken from behind; the pressure stimulated her best in this position.

Just as she was getting into the swing of things and thinking that maybe she might not be so bad off, her brother withdrew. “Now she should be nice and loose,” he said with an expert tone. “What else is there to do?”

“Stick it in her ass,” said her father simply. Anna was too shocked to even think. Her brother seemed a little taken aback as well.

“In her ass?” he said. “Her asshole? I thought…”

“Never mind what you’ve heard,” said her father laughing. “Vlad, the church says it’s a sin, but they mean two fags, not when you’re fucking a woman. Trust me, she’ll be tight as her first time, tighter. And she’ll buck like a wild stallion.”

Anna felt her father moving to help her brother, who seemed a bit dubious but took his raging hard-on in hand and pressed it cautiously against her rectum, which was clenched tight with fear. “No no son, you’ve got to ream her out a bit first,” laughed their father. Anna felt his fingers dip into her vaginal opening and then roughly press into her anus.

It was a feeling unlike any Anna had ever experienced before. The pain was acute at the opening, but as her father began forcing his way deeper Anna found that her tensed muscles, exhausted from their ordeal, were relaxing, allowing him into her. It was as if she was in the privy, but backward, and she couldn’t help but concentrate on this feeling, her insides sensing every pressure. She could feel her father’s finger in her anus but also on the walls of her cunt.

Her curiosity was broken when he jammed another finger in, stretching her wider. Her rear felt like it was being ripped apart; bahis firmaları the ring of muscle at the entrance to her ass was on fire. She moaned, feeling the pain intensify rather than lessen. At some point, through the haze of pain, she heard her father laughing and realized she was crying softly, her legs writhing weakly. Then she felt the pressure, like someone was mounting her, but she didn’t feel penetration in her pussy. Her brother had just put his cock into her bowels.

The rest of the act was a blur of pain. She could feel every inch of his erection inside her, feel the friction of each thrust. She knew she was crying out but felt like she was watching from a distance as her brother mercilessly fucked her ass. “God old man, you aren’t as dumb as you look,” he laughed. “She’s better than tight. And every time she tenses up… St. Pyotr, it’s like fucking a magical cunt.”

She heard rather than felt his orgasm; her nerves were on fire, so she couldn’t feel his semen splashing into her anal cavity. Her father took his place, and before she could even register alarm, buried his monster in her backside with a rush of pure fire. She felt something break; what, she didn’t know. Her body was in flames, and true to her father’s prediction, she was bucking like a bronco, desperate to escape, exhausted as she was. She was able to feel her brother’s second orgasm send a few spurts of jism onto her face, but all she wanted was for her father to come and be done so she could slip into unconsciousness. Even death seemed preferable.

Finally, after what seemed like an age, she heard her father grunt a curse and then felt him press deep, knowing he too was bathing her bowels with the juice of his orgasm. He pulled out of her after he was spent, and though the pain lingered, it seemed like pleasure in comparison. The two men left her, face down on the bed, sobbing softly until exhaustion and pain overtook her and she slept.

The pain was there when she returned to consciousness, but only a dull ache. She was still face down, her legs still spread, her body still naked. The streamers of jism had dried on her face, sticky and smelling of sex.

When she tried to close her legs, or move them, veins of fire ran up from her battered crotch. She couldn’t be sure if they were from her vaginal or anal rape, but she suspected the latter. As carefully as she could, she rolled and then sat up and gazed down at the space between her legs.

There was a little blood on her cuntal lips, and more on the bedsheets, which seemed to have dripped down from her asshole. This was still spread slightly, the puckered bud with a hint of wet pinkness in its center. Even thinking about it hurt her.

Eventually she was able to make her way into the other room, where she found her brother picking his nails with a knife. “Enjoy us last night?” he said flippantly.

“Where… where are my clothes?” she asked. “I need them to go out and do my chores.”

“Oh, but you don’t,” said Vladimir with a nasty grin. “Dad said you can just go about naked until you appreciate the clothes we give you. Besides,” he chuckled,” it makes our day much more pleasant and it makes you much more available.”

Anna resigned herself. She felt nothing but shame as she stepped from the house, naked as the day she was born, and moved toward the barn to begin her day’s work. Each step was pure torture, but she dared not stop, for fear that her brother might get other ideas.

So the days went by, Anna going everywhere naked, her father and brother leering at her. In what could have been kindness, her father seemed to be willing to let her heal in peace, and Vladimir accepted her mouth as a kaçak iddaa substitute for her more interesting parts.

Anna grew so used to being naked that she no longer even noticed it after the first week or so. As soon as she seemed to be walking normally again, her brother began abusing her again, more so than before. He seemed to want to have his cock inside her body whenever he saw her, and she couldn’t avoid him for long. Her womb dripped with spunk all the time, but mercifully he seemed satisfied and didn’t try to violate her ass.

Several weeks passed. Anna was back to doing nothing but chores, stopping briefly every half hour or so to satisfy her brother’s insatiable appetites. She forgot about any hope of life beyond the fence of the last field, at least until she was back there one evening.

As she approached the fence, she saw Noor looking at her in shock. Suddenly all her shame and embarrassment came flooding back and she turned to run away.

“Wait, beautiful one!” cried Noor desperately. “Do not leave! Please! I shall not look at you.”

True to her word, Noor closed her eyes, and Anna approached the fence warily. “What are you doing here precious one?” she asked Noor softly, hardly daring to believe.

“I said I would not leave unless you came with me,” said Noor, her eyes still clenched shut. “I have been here every day, waiting for you to come.”

“Oh Noor, I’m sorry,” said Anna, filled with guilt. “I haven’t been able to go out because….”

“Why are you without clothing?” asked Noor pointedly. “Is this part of your suffering?”

“Yes,” said Anna finally. “Yes it is.” Then she made up her mind. “Noor, I must tell you everything,” she said finally.

It was not a long story, but long enough. At the end, Anna felt both deeply ashamed and also strangely relieved. “I understand if you… if you can’t come back here,” she said sadly. “I know that to have been taken by my father and brother must be…”

“What do I care?” asked Noor bluntly. “Did you want them?”


“You did not want them. Among my tribe there would be many who would shun you for this, call you a harlot. But there would also be many who would vow revenge on your father and brother, as I do now. Hear me!” she cried forcefully, her eyes opening. “I swear on my horse, on my line, that what strength I am given, I will put it to use in your service.”

Anna didn’t know what to say. The two stood, Noor’s eyes open, neither one remembering where they were. Finally Noor blushed and closed her eyes again. “Forgive me, I am forgetful,” she said shyly. “I have… I have never seen another girl… like that.”

“Neither have I,” said Anna, giggling bashfully. “I must look strange.”

“No,” said Noor. “You are more beautiful now that before, if such a thing is possible.” Her eyes opened again. Silence reigned as Anna tried to think of something to say. Strangely, she didn’t feel ashamed of her nakedness any more. “It is only fair,” said Noor finally.

“What’s only fair?” asked Anna, but she didn’t need an answer. Noor reached down and pulled her tunic over her head, exposing her own small breasts, more pale than her face and hands, with large dark nipples rising from them coyly. Her form was hardened from riding and living in the wild, athletic and supple. But her skin looked soft, softer even than Anna’s. Her neck was long like a gazelle, and with her hair flowing down over her shoulders in an unruly torrent, Anna couldn’t help but think that this was female perfection.

Noor shyly removed her breeches almost as an afterthought, and Anna lowered her gaze to the horse-maid’s tanned hips, wider than they had kaçak bahis seemed under the woolen fabric. They swelled from Noor’s stomach, arching down into her legs, long and used to running. Finally Anna saw Noor’s full bush of dark hair at the apex of her legs, much fuller than Anna’s.

The two girls looked each other over in silence for a few moments. “Now neither of us has any reason to be ashamed,” said Noor pragmatically.

“No,” said Anna simply. There was a strange electricity in the air, like when she had first shared a kiss with Noor not so long ago. Anna felt herself drawn to the tanned horse-maid, and when their bodies pressed together and they kissed for the first time, neither one seemed surprised.

The feel of Noor’s soft skin on her own made Anna strangely giddy. Acting by instinct, she was stroking Noor’s back, concentrating her energy on slowly kissing the horse-maid. Their mouths had long since opened and their tongues twined together. Anna felt Noor’s own hands running down her back and then clasping her buttocks in a way unlike her father or brother, a gentle, genuine way.

Somehow they were both lying in the grass now, and Anna was licking Noor’s long smooth neck while she in turn stroked Anna’s young breasts, occasionally flicking into contact with a nipple and sending a shiver of delight down Anna’s spine. Anna had moved her own hands down between Noor’s legs and was simply holding her pubis as Noor arched her pelvis against the pressure. Neither one needed to be told what to do; somehow they knew.

Soon both girls were covered with sweat as Noor frantically rubbed her pubic mound on Anna’s hand as Anna nibbled at Noor’s flat stomach, reveling in the feeling of Noor’s silky pubic hair growing moist on her fingers. Suddenly Noor arched her back and gave a soft cry, a beautiful mix of pleasure and surprise that was to Anna like a siren’s call. She felt Noor stiffen and gripped her tightly between the legs, trying to duplicate the movements she had performed on herself for pleasure. They seemed to work, because Noor’s head lolled back and she gasped.

“Beautiful one, that was… better than anything,” panted Noor finally. Then she gently rose to her knees, kissing Anna passionately and pushing her gently but firmly to the ground. “Now let me see what I can do.”

Noor was more skilled, and Anna found the horse-maid’s hands teasing places she hadn’t known existed. Noor’s fingers spread Anna’s vaginal lips and stroked them while her mouth was suckling at Anna’s breast, making the young girl’s back arch in an effort to give Noor greater access. The horse-maid’s fingers moved faster and faster until Anna’s world spun and she writhed her rear, squirming her pelvis away from Noor’s devilish fingers, trying to escape the teasing.

Noor wouldn’t let Anna escape, and as she moved her head lower to lie just above the girl’s quaking hips, she intensified the pressure until Anna seemed to be on the verge of exploding. But she didn’t explode; Anna felt herself melting onto Noor’s hands and the waves of orgasm overtook her, more powerful than any she had experienced before. The horse-maid’s clever fingers seemed to be all over Anna as she squirmed and gasped, her eyes and mouth open, her breathing panicky as if she was afraid the pleasure would kill her.

When Anna finally returned to the world, she found Noor lying atop her, looking down into her eyes with a grin. “I can see you need some training,” the horse-maid giggled. “What I did to you was just routine, something I give myself many times. But for you, it was like Chinese fire.” She kissed the tip of Anna’s nose playfully. “But you flatter me anyway.”

Anna grinned back, then reeled the young horse-maid into a kiss, slow and tender. They stayed like that, Noor lying on Anna’s chest, her head on Anna’s shoulder, for some time.

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