A New Sensation

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I had been having an on-off relationship with Claudia for a couple of years. I really liked her and we always had a good time together, but I couldn’t imagine us as a real couple. She put up with it, presumably in the hope that one day I would change my mind.

Our sex life was fantastic: that indefinable lust for each other that you either have or don’t have. She loved to suck my cock and had beautiful orgasms when I licked her pussy as well as when I lay between her legs and shagged her. At first she wouldn’t let me cum in her mouth, but eventually one day she wanked me off onto my stomach and quickly dipped her tongue into my fluid and decided she would like it, so in the end she was actually asking me to wank into her mouth. She would even lick my arse (her idea – although she didn’t want me to do it to her).

Then one day we met up in town and both got pretty drunk even before we went back to her little house ten minutes’ walk away. We were all over each other in the lounge. She unzipped my jeans bahis siteleri and took my cock in her mouth as I lay back on the settee and played with her lovely tits. Then she suddenly moved away and said ‘I have to go for a pee.’

‘Can I come?’ I asked, and she said ‘Yes’ immediately. As we walked to the bathroom we discussed me watching her pissing.

‘You can piss on me if you like,’ I said, and again, she answered immediately.


‘Where?’ I asked. She suggested I get in the bath, so I undressed and did so.

She climbed in and straddled me. She couldn’t believe I would like this. ‘I WILL piss,’ she warned me.

‘I want you to,’ I replied. ‘Piss on my cock and balls.

‘I will do it,’ she said again.

‘Claudia,’ I said. ‘I want you to piss on me.’ So she did – a hot stream of her urine hit my erection and the top of my thighs and I was so turned on that when she had finished we quickly rinsed ourselves with water and ran upstairs, where I threw her onto the canlı bahis siteleri bed and shagged her as if I had never been with a woman before.

We didn’t see each other for a couple of weeks, but then one evening we went for dinner at a little restaurant and all we could talk about was our little watersport adventure.

‘But what does it mean?’ she asked.

‘Doesn’t mean anything,’ I assured her. ‘It’s just the rudest thing I can think of.’

‘Let’s do it again,’ she said, ‘only this time you piss on me.’

‘I’ll try,’ I said, ‘but I can’t piss through a hard-on.’

As it happened, when we got back to her place I had a bladder full of water and no erection. We went into the bathroom and she said ‘Where do you want me?’ I told her to sit on the toilet and she did – sitting well back, naked and smiling at the naughtiness of it. I took off my clothes and stood in front of her, just like you would when taking a leak normally. Then I just pissed all over her chest and stomach and canlı bahis down into her crotch.

‘Oh, it’s beautiful,’ she said. ‘It’s so hot.’And it was beautiful for me too. Hard to describe. Nothing to do with power, domination, submissiveness – none of those things. Just the rudest thing – something that I had thought about as a young boy, when I started having horny feelings without knowing what to do with them Willies were for pissing, that was all.

The next time Claudia and I got together was for a meal at hers and I persuaded her to take lots of towels upstairs so we could do it in comfort. She lay on the bed surrounded by absorbent things and I stood over her and soaked her in my urine. There was a puddle in her navel and it trickled down her crotch. She squealed with something like delight. ‘It’s going into my bottom.’

Then we changed over and she squatted above me and delivered her hot internal water into my pubic area. Afterwards we couldn’t stop talking about it. ‘Would you like me to piss in your mouth next time?’ I asked her.

‘Yes,’ she said, ‘Would you like me to piss in yours?’ It was a deal, and a lovely one that I couldn’t stop thinking about until we met again. I’ll tell you all about it soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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