A Mother’s Lust

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Bettie lay in bed reading. Every night she would read her romance novels and sometimes would get very worked up by the love scenes that the book described. She pulled out her little friend from the night stand. It had been a year since her husband had left her for some woman that worked for him. She was getting desperate for a man’s touch. How she yearned for a hard cock to thrust inside her fucking her hard the way Clyde used to when they were once happy together.

Bettie’s young son Jeff had just started college and still lived at home with her. He was eighteen and still a virgin. He was a very handsome young man that had many of his father’s traits. The eyes, hair, and the same build.

The days went on and they got by together just fine. But Bettie’s need or a man began to work on her. She had bought a new book to read one day. In it a woman was just like Bettie. Her man had left her for another woman and she had a young son. As Bettie read the story it began to weave into some very taboo waters. The woman had seduced her son. Bettie found that she could not put the book down during the sex scenes so graphically described in the book. It described in great detail how the young son had been so wickedly seduced by his beautiful mother. How she made him strip naked and how she so easily made him lust for her. She showed him her pussy and spread it wide open in front of him. She turned him on with raw naked flesh. Bettie’s pussy got soaking wet reading all of this. Her hand slid down into the wet folds rubbing her love nub and gasping in passion as her pussy quaked and soaked the bed sheets. She came to the part where the young man had slid inside his mother’s pussy and after few hot strokes he shot his first orgasm inside his mother’s slutty cunt. How she kept talking dirty to him and keeping him going. It changed her. Bettie would never be the same.

The next day at work Bettie thought about the book. She kept going there in her mind. She walked around with a wet pussy all day wanting to get home and rub herself to satisfaction. Her own lust had driven her to desperation. Just like the woman in the book. Bad thoughts crept into her head. Her mind was not her own anymore. It was like her pussy controlled her now.

Jeff had been bets10 dating a few girls but was too busy with school to date seriously. The closest he got was a wet finger. He was frustrated wanting to know what it would be like to be with a girl. He had learned how to jack off. But he wanted the real thing. He had no idea how it would happen or when.

The weekend came and Jeff worked at his part time job that Saturday. At four he got off and walked home. He saw his mom’s car in the driveway. He walked into house but she wasn’t there. He made his way down the hallway. He could smell her cigarette burning and saw a cloud of smoke in her room. Her book was in hand as she read. She heard her young man coming down the hallway.

“Jeff is that you honey?”

“Hi mom.”

“Hi. Come in here please.”

“Just a minute.” The boy went to his room and changed into gym shorts and a tee shirt. He went to her room. When he turned the corner he was shocked to see her laying against the headboard completely naked. He tried not to act shocked but it was fairly obvious he never expected to see her this way. “Have a seat.”

She motioned to the end of the bed. Right in front of her wide open beaver shot. Her legs were bent at the knees and spread wide open exposing everything. The sun shined brightly into her room and her body was right in the sunlight showing every detail of her bare skin. He could see the form of the hairy pussy and pussy lips nestled in the center of her black muff. Her tits looked so supple with erect nipples and large dark areolas. She crushed out her cigarette then laid her book on the night stand. Her dildo laid next to her on the bed. She held her glass and sipped her cocktail.

“How was work?” The way she so casually spoke was surreal. Like nothing was weird or strange about a mother exposing herself so blatantly to her young virgin son. He had no idea that she knew exactly what she was doing. He was too naïve’ to realize her seduction.

“It was fine. We were busy.”

“Do you have any plans tonight?”

“No. I haven’t made any plans or talked to anyone today.” He kept looking away from her. She knew he was uncomfortable. She took the last swig of her cocktail and stood up. He looked at her bets10 giriş as she did.

“I’ll be right back.”

As she walked out he got a good look at her sexy ass cheeks moving back and forth. Her ass was perfect. Like an upside down heart. Her butt cheeks were bubble butt and her hips were wide. Her small waist enhanced her curvaceous hips. Very hot! She disappeared and then returned a few minutes later. She had two drinks. She handed the young man one and said, “Sip it slowly now.” He took a sip. It felt warm going down. He watched as she resumed the exact same position she had been in before getting up. Maybe even spread open wider. This time he looked right at her pussy. She smiled at him as he did. “Have you been with a girl yet?”

He turned red.

“It’s okay son. You can talk to me. Your father isn’t around to talk to you about such things.”


“What all have you done?”

Again he felt embarrassed.

“Have you fingered a girl’s pussy yet? Her words sounded so surreal. How she said ‘pussy’ shocked him. But it also turned him on. He had never heard her talk like that before. He never knew she would.


“I’m sure it will happen soon enough. I’ll buy you some condoms so you can be ready. We don’t need to get anyone pregnant.”

His eyes wandered into her pussy. She could see him struggling to be calm. She slid her hand into her beaver. “What do you think about this? Do you like it?” He was shocked when she put her glass down and with both hands opened her pussy lips. He saw her rubbing her clit. It looked so raw and wild. He saw how wet her pussy was. She held her pussy lips out like two butterfly wings. Her clit looked so wet.

“Would you like to touch it?”

His cock was rock hard. “Show me your cock. Come over here and let’s have a look.”

He stood up and moved up to her. He pulled his gym shorts down and then his underwear. His big cock sprung out. It was throbbing and he gasped as his mom held it in her hand. “Oh my god! You’re even bigger than your father.” She pulled it closer and opened wide taking it into her mouth. He was reeling. His heart pounded as he couldn’t believe what she was doing. Her eyes looked up into his. She came off. “I’ll bets10 güvenilir mi teach you how to fuck. Get in bed.” She moved over into the center of the bed and laid on her back. “Now look at my pussy. See this? This is my clitoris. Or clit as they say. When you rub my clit my pussy gets wet and that’s how a woman gets turned on. Go ahead and touch it. Rub it.” As he did she coached him. He rubbed it and it was so very wet and slick. “Now slide your finger inside my pussy. Do you like it?”


“Good. You’re doing fine. Want to taste my pussy?”


“Go ahead. Lick my clit and suck on it. Flick your tongue on it and make my pussy squirt.” Jeff could smell her womanly scent mixed with her perfume. So intoxicating. He lowered his face down to her pussy and buried his nose into her hairy muff tasting pussy for the first time. His tongue slid up and down finding her clit. He did as she instructed. Bettie began to moan loudly. She put her hand on the back of his head pulling him into her as she bucked into him. She grinded her pussy all over his face. When she stopped he sucked on her clit and flicked his tongue on her and she released squirting her warm pussy juice all over his virgin face. She screamed out loudly. He had never heard her screams of passion before. “Now baby put your cock inside me and fuck me.”

He moved up and she held his cock bringing it to the threshold of her pussy. She rubbed his head around her pussy lips and then he thrust into her for the first time. “Oh my God!”

“Oh! Yes! Fuck me!”

Within one minute he lost it and began pumping his big load inside her. She held him tightly as he became a man. He couldn’t believe how incredible it felt to come inside her like that. “That’s it baby. Give it all to me. You make my pussy feel so good.” Her dirty talk just kept him going. He never went soft and continued to saw into her with long deep strokes that sent her to the moon. “Oh God baby! Fuck it! Fuck it hard Baby! That’s it! You like my pussy don’t you?”

He didn’t know what to say. But he knew it felt amazing. He just kept going fucking her as hard as he could. Bettie enjoyed her young man’s vitality and big cock making her come many times. They fucked for a few hours and she kept feeding him alcohol. That night he slept with her.

The next morning she woke him and rode him as soon as he woke up. Later they would talk and she would explain how things were going to be. It was just the beginning of their taboo relations.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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