A Magical Visitor Ch. 04

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“Emilia, you’re back!” Madeline said with glee. “I am so glad to see you again! It’s only been a day, but I already feel like it’s been forever!”

Oh honey, you flatter me, I just came to make dreams come true, like I always do!

“Jessica, this is Emilia, she is the one who gave me my wonderful powers!”

“Wow, it is so nice to meet you! You are amazingly gorgeous! I can imagine how much fun you had with Madeline last night!” Jessica said to Emilia flatteringly.

Well I came back so that you could join in on the fun sweetie. Can’t have you feeling left out.

“So you’ll be able to make me a goddess like you and Madeline?!”

Oh , of course, but I will need a favor from you first. Madeline gave me one of the best orgasms I’ve had in years, so I gifted her with powers. I will need something similar from you, but I think you will have a bit more fun with what I have in mind. Emilia had a devilish but sexy smile on her face.

“Whatever you want of me, I will do it!”

Ok, here it is, and this might sound a little different, but I think it will be very beneficial for the both of us! I want to turn myself into a pair of sneakers, and have you wear me all day long. I will use my magic to make your day better and easier of course, and to spice things up.

“Damn, that idea never even crossed my mind!”

Is this something you are ok with?

“Oh yes! I am yours. Use my feet however you would like!”

Good answer. Emilia winked at her. Here goes nothing!

Emilia snapped her fingers, and then disappeared from the room. She was replaced by a brand new pair of black slip on converse sneakers, in Jessica’s size of course. How do I look? Emilia projected her voice into both girls’ minds. The converse sneakers then filled themselves out with phantom versions of Jessica’s feet, and seemed to pose for both Madeline and Jessica.

“Wow, you look incredible!” Madeline exclaimed.

“I agree, you look amazing! I had no idea you could do something like that! Can I uh, try you on now? As you can imagine, I’ve never worn a pair of magic shoes, and I’m dying to try it!” Jessica said.

Without saying a word, Emilia moved her new self up in the air and over towards Jessica, slowly untying herself, and loosening her tongues so that Jessica’s feet could easily glide in. Jessica then felt herself float up into the air, and Emilia floated herself onto Jessica’s feet, the shoes tightening just enough so that she was perfectly snug, hugging Jessica’s feet in a way that made Jessica moan slightly.

Mmmm, you have no idea how good that feels. The way my magic worked, my nose and mouth are right up against your sole, so I am able to soak in all your sweaty feet have to offer, and when your feet entered my new form, it was like you were sticking them into my vagina. Every little move you make, wiggling your toes and such, is like having a dick move around between my legs, and it feels incredible! When I first slid onto your feet, I just about came.

“I felt something very similar, it’s safe to say that you are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever worn. It’s like I’m wearing my ugg boots, having the soft fur rub up against my feet, but it’s even better! I can even feel you massaging my feet all the time!”

I knew you would enjoy this hun, and it only gets better from here! I also added a little magic that makes me being worshipped by someone feel incredibly orgasmic. Every lick and kiss someone gives to my canvas or soles feels like we are both being pleasured by that same mouth. Another bit I added, is when something is inserted into my body, say a foot, or maybe something else, we will both feel that between our legs, like it is entering our vaginas. I would very much like to test it out. Madeline, would you like to try?

“You don’t need to ask me twice!” Madeline floated down to the ground, and placed herself on her knees, awaiting Emilia’s new form to hover over to her. She watched as Jessica’s body was rotated in the air so that it was facing her. Jessica floated into a sitting position, and stuck her right leg out, putting Emilia’s converse form right up near Madeline’s face. Madeline wasted no time, and proceeded to stick her tongue out, and lick from the bottom of Emilia’s sole, to the top. As she was doing this, she heard Jessica moan out loud, and Emilia moan in her head. “Enjoying that? I’m only just getting started!”

With that, Madeline telekinetically removed the right converse sneaker, and brought it to her pussy to start going to work. She did this as she moved in to the left converse sneaker, still on Jessica’s foot. Madeline began worshipping Emilia’s new form, kissing and licking all over the sole, cap, and top of the sneaker. While she did this, she mentally prepared a phantom dildo, and had it go down between her legs, but did not enter her. Instead, she commanded this phantom member to insert itself into the Emilia converse sneaker that was currently playing with her vagina using its toe. At this, Jessica and Emilia screamed in bursa escort pleasure, out loud and mentally, respectively.

Madeline kept the dildo going, having it go in and out of the converse sneaker as it played with her own pussy with its toe, all while she worshipped the sneaker still on Jessica’s foot. All of this stimulation was just too much for all three girls, and they all came. Jessica screamed out in pleasure, as she felt the phantom dick through Emilia’s converse form. Emilia mentally moaned, as she was experiencing the same pleasure, and Madeline, getting lost in her powers, came so hard, that even the phantom dick she was magically commanding spewed out cum into the converse sneaker.

“Well isn’t that a big how do you do!” Jessica said as all three girls were recovering from the intense orgasm.

“Agreed!” Madeline stated.

I could stay like this forever! Emilia said mentally, as she floated the right converse off of Madeline’s pussy, and back on to Jessica’s right foot, cum and all.

“Mmmm, I can feel the cum in the shoe.” Jessica said,”That is quite the touch you have there Madeline.”

“I thought you might like that.” Madeline said with a wink.

“I don’t mean to be a party pooper, but I don’t have magical powers like the two of you, and I am exhausted after all the fun I’ve had tonight, so I think it’s time for me to turn in.”

“Ok ok, fun’s over Emilia!”

Or the fun is just beginning you mean!

“For you guys maybe! I don’t have a magical pair of shoes to wear on my feet!”

“Can’t you just make a pair? I mean, you are a goddess right?”

“That is true, but I would want to find a willing participant.”

Then go out tomorrow, and use your mind reading powers to try and find someone who might want to indulge this unique kink! I am willing to bet it won’t be too hard.

“You’re right, and that does sound like fun! That is how I will spend my day tomorrow.” Madeline said, snapping her fingers, changing her clothes into pajamas, adding one of her new pairs of ugg boots on her feet. This time it was a short pair of chestnut bailey button boots.

“Damn I need magic powers. Then I could have an endless supply of shoes!”

All in due time sweetheart. All in due time.

Then, Madeline winked at Jessica, causing herself to disappear from the room, teleporting into her own bedroom to turn in for the night.

I’ll give you a taste of the fun magic can be before we go to bed. Jessica then heard a snap in her head, and Emilia’s form of black slip on converse changed into a pair of tall chestnut bailey bow uggs. Pajamas also appeared on her body at the same time.

“Wow, those are super cute!”

I knew you would think so.

“Ok, now it is time for bed Emilia, I need my rest.”

Ok fine, you win. All of a sudden, Jessica saw her bed prepare itself for her arrival. All her decorative pillows moved out of the way, the comforter pulled itself back along with the sheets, and she slowly floated over to her spot on the bed, being lowered down by Emilia’s magic.

Once she was down on the mattress, the covers pulled themselves over her, and she was happy to learn that her ugg boots did not seem big and bulky moving under the sheets, they felt like she was just moving her feet around. Jessica knew that this was thanks to Emilia’s magic. It did not take long after that for Jessica to doze into a nice deep sleep, dreaming of the fun she would have once she acquired magical powers like her roommate and their new omnipotent friend.

Jessica opened her eyes to see that it was morning already. “That was some of the best sleep I’ve ever had in my life!” She said.

I may have had something to do with that. Emilia said mentally with a slight giggle.

“I wish I could keep you as my shoes forever! You are already proving to be extremely useful.”

Now you can see how easy it is for me to get you ready in the morning. Jessica felt her covers remove themselves, and her body was lifted up into the air thanks to Emilia’s powers. Emilia floated Jessica upright, and away from the bed, her legs dangling below. Jessica watched as the bed made itself, the pillows floating in from around the room, to set themselves on top of the covers once they were neatly put back into place. Jessica then heard a mental snap of Emilia’s fingers, and her pajamas were changed into a cute t-shirt with a pair of short jean shorts. The ugg boots still on her feet, they both floated off together, and moved up to Jessica’s face, allowing her to take a nice whiff from her wearing them all night.

“Mmmm, you smell pretty amazing Emilia.”

Only the best for you Jessica!

After Jessica was done smelling the ugg boots, they moved two feet from Jessica’s face, and turned back into the black slip on converse sneakers from the night before, and floated onto Jessica’s feet. With another mental snap from Emilia’s fingers, Jessica felt her body float over into the bathroom, and face the mirror.

“Time for a bursa escort bayan shower?”

I’ve got a better idea, and much easier as well.

Jessica instantly felt as if her body had just come out of the shower, and was completely dry. Then she saw her hair start to move itself around, fixing itself into a perfect ponytail. Next, one of the Emilia converse sneakers floated from Jessica’s foot, and floated above her face. It slowly drifted down, performing a sliding motion over her face in the mirror, acting as a magic brush of sorts, brushing on a perfect amount of makeup. Enough to make her look good, but minimal, since she already had so much natural beauty. The sneaker then floated back down to place itself back on Jessica’s foot, both sneakers giving her feet a squeeze to let Jessica know that Emilia was done magically preparing her for the day.

“Yep, you were right, that is so much easier. I don’t ever want to go back to the old way of getting ready, you are spoiling me!”

Now for some breakfast before we hit the road.

Jessica felt her body float out of her bathroom, through her bedroom, and into the kitchen. A glance over at Madeline’s door told her that her roommate was still asleep.

Out of nowhere, a breakfast granola bar appeared in front of Jessica’s face, one of her breakfasts of choice for busy mornings. The wrapper opened itself halfway, allowing half of the bar to show itself, and it floated over to Jessica’s mouth, allowing her to take a bite.

“This is so good! Much better than the usual boring granola bars I eat.”

It should be honey, I made it taste 10 times better, but kept all the health benefits, as well as adding a few special ones of my own.

“Such as?”

Well, for starters, it will help you not age anymore, so you will always stay young and vibrant. And a fun one I added last minute, it will help make your feet stink a little bit more. Nothing to clear out a room, but enough to be a foot fetishist’s dream, so something very enjoyable for you me and Madeline, and anyone else that we might come across.

“That’s perfect, I like your style!”

Well, what do you say we start our day, and look for our first ‘victim’? With my powers and your looks, it won’t be hard at all.

“Agreed! Let’s go!”

Just so you know, I’ve used my magic to make it normal for you to appear to be using magic in public, so if you are floating around, people will think that it is normal. They will be amazed if we start to interact with them though, so once we find our first volunteer, they will be in awe of ‘your’ magic, and quite enjoy it as well.

“Good to know, that’s a nice touch, you think of everything.”

I’ve been around the block once or twice hun.

Jessica felt her body float towards the apartment door, which opened for her, and she saw her phone, keys, and purse float towards her as she hovered out the door, the former two placing themselves in her purse, and her purse strapping itself across her body.

She floated over to the elevator, and the button pressed itself for her. Jessica noticed that the elevator arrived at her floor much quicker than normal this time. She glided in, and again, the elevator button for the ground floor pressed itself, just like magic.

Now down at the ground floor, the elevator doors opened up, and she levitated out, through the lobby, and out the main doors, which again opened themselves for her.

Now out in public, Jessica wondered where she wanted to go first. “How about a yoga class? We’re bound to find some blonde bombshell there.”

You got it!

Emilia levitated her host down the street, and to the nearest yoga studio, which was only about a block away, one thing that Jessica loved about her apartment. She floated outside the window, looking in, and feasted her eyes on the potential that was there inside. So many good choices, but who to pick?

“You have any ideas Emilia?”

Let me check their minds and see if I can find a good choice. Emilia used her telepathy to peruse the minds of the yoga class attendees, half of them were merely just focused on performing the yoga moves as the instructor was doing, some of the girls thinking about the day ahead, a few of them using this time as a stress relief, but one girl was thinking about exactly what Emilia was looking for.

I have our target. I knew it would be easy.

“Really? Who did you find?”

You’ll see! Jessica heard a small chuckle in her mind.

Unknown to Jessica, Emilia read the mind of the yoga instructor, and the only thing she had on her mind was looking at the barefeet of all the beautiful women in her class. Not only was she into feet, but she was incredibly gorgeous, just the blonde bombshell that Emilia and Jessica were looking for. Her feet were nothing short of amazing as well.

Jessica was floated over to the door, opening up for her, and she hovered inside the yoga studio, and crossed her legs under her, so that she was in a seated position in the air. She positioned escort bursa herself at the back of the studio, in the area where all of the women took their shoes and socks off, and waited for the class to end.

She looked down at all of the shoes, and one pair caught her eye. It was a pair of slip on converse just like hers, except they were white. You see that busty brunette in the second row? Those belong to her. The sneakers then floated up off the ground, the socks that were shoved inside hovered out, and filled themselves with phantom versions of their owner’s feet.

What are you doing?! Jessica said to Emilia mentally. People will see!

Oh come now darling, as far as everyone else is concerned, you are just floating in the air minding your own business. Nobody, except for my chosen target, can see what we are going here.

Ok, why didn’t you say so! Carry on then!

Yes ma’am! One of the filled out socks floated over to Jessica’s face, showing its sole to her, allowing her to take a nice whiff from the bottoms. They were white socks, but their bottoms could have fooled Jessica, as they showed signs of much wear recently. As they levitated to her nose for her to smell, Jessica inhaled, and then moaned.

Wow, those smell amazing! Is the brunette your target?

Nope, not her. The sock moved away from Jessica’s face, and moved down to her crotch, where it lightly started to rub. The two white converse sneakers then moved to Jessica’s face, first allowing her to smell both of their openings, which brought a satisfied smile to her face, and then rotating around, so that Jessica could spend a minute worshipping the soles, licking and kissing wherever she pleased.

Unknown to Jessica, she was being watched by the beautiful yoga instructor, who was currently biting her lip watching her. She was in awe of the magic Jessica wielded, and wanted to see more. Emilia sensed these thoughts going through the yoga instructors mind, which only confirmed that she had made the correct choice in picking a girl for her and Jessica’s play time. WIth a little more probing into the yoga instructor’s mind, Emilia learned that the blonde woman had quite the collection of shoes, some new, some gently used, some very worn, lots of varieties, and lots of sneakers. Just what Emilia had in mind.

Jessica felt the sock and sneakers move away from her body, and she mentally asked Emilia, What was that for? I was getting close!

Don’t you worry your pretty little head, that was just an appetizer, the main course is yet to come. The socks unfilled themselves, and floated back into the sneakers, exactly how they were found, and the sneakers floated right back down to their place on the floor where their owner had left them.

“Namaste everyone, thank you for coming”, the yoga instructor said from the front of the classroom. Jessica sat idly by as all of the students rolled up their mats, put on their shoes, and exited the studio, leaving only the young instructor and Jessica left in the room.

So is this the girl you had in mind Emilia?

Bingo, she was enjoying the show you were putting on with the white converse sneakers.

Well then I think you picked the perfect candidate! Jessica released her legs from under her body, and let them hang below her, with her toes pointing towards the ground. She then hovered over to where the yoga instructor was packing up her things with her back turned, to introduce herself.

“Hi there, you run a great class, your body is quite…flexible, if you don’t mind me saying” Jessica said cooly.

“Thank you so much, I love how you are able to just float in the air like that!” said the yoga instructor, biting her lip again.

“It is very handy, let me tell you. Much easier than walking around.”

“I also very much enjoyed what you were doing with the pair of converse there in the back a few minutes ago. You are quite powerful, I’m jealous.”

“There’s no reason to be jealous dear, if you would like, I can show you more of what I can do, maybe somewhere more private?”

“I would love that! I’m all done here, where would you like to go?”

“Maybe back to your place? Somewhere where there is a bed would be best.” The yoga instructors libido jumped at that.

“My place is perfect. I’m Sarah by the way.”

“Hello Sarah, my name is Jessica” Jessica said with a warm smile,”It’s very nice to meet you.”

“I do have one question though, a girl of your abilities could have anyone she wanted, so why me?”

“That is a good question. I told myself this morning that I just wanted to go out into the world, and find somebody who enjoys my sexual interests like I do. I was passing by your yoga studio, and started scanning the minds of everyone in the class, and I read your thoughts about all of the barefeet of the women in your class, and I knew I had found a match. And when I was enjoying that pair of converse in the back, reading your mind again, I could see that you wanted to see more, which only confirmed that you are the girl I am looking for. I was also able to learn about the vast shoe collection you have back at your apartment.” Jessica told the blonde, Emilia mentally feeding her the information, now that her target was revealed.

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