A Lustful Liaison Ch. 04

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So far in my story, I have revealed how I made a daring proposition to two eighteen year old students, who were in need of cash to pay for an expedition to Mauritius in return for being my friends with benefits. This little tale is taking you back to the autumn, on a day in September when I had been seeing the girls for a few weeks. I would now like to share this particular experience that I had on that warm, late summer afternoon.

I was used to seeing students, sometimes in various sports kits at my local supermarket so it wasn’t a massive surprise when I saw two girls clad in their hockey attire. They were walking down the main aisle, accompanied by an older woman pushing a trolley.

They did look particularly good and I couldn’t help having a long look at their lovely legs clad in knee-high socks. Even though they had obviously slightly darker skin, it took a few seconds for the penny to drop and realise it was Jasmine and Aisha. I had no idea that they even played hockey. They certainly liked to be kept busy.

Knowing them from the geology course, I had a legitimate reason to say hello, but I suspected they still might feel slightly awkward with the woman being there. I assumed she was Jasmine’s Mum, and I didn’t want to cause the girls any embarrassment. I continued with my shop and a minute or two later, as luck would have it, I bumped into the pair of them browsing the chocolate section, the older woman presumably elsewhere.

“Fancy meeting you to here,” I said nonchalantly.

“Oh James!” Jasmine exclaimed.

Alia did a nervous giggle and looked at me with her gorgeous brown eyes.

“I didn’t know you played hockey?” I said.

“You never asked,” said Jasmine, factually.

I looked round making sure no one was within earshot.

“You look fucking hot!” I said, quietly.

“Hmmm… thanks,” said Alia.

“Honestly, James!” added Jasmine pleasantly.

“Sorry, but you do.”

“We’re actually just off to practise,” said Alia.

“Really? I’d love to meet you wearing that gear.”

Jasmine looked round furtively.

“It’s okay, no one’s near,” I assured her. “Have you got anything on, later?”

Jasmine and Alia looked at each other and gave a little shrug.

“Not a lot, but I don’t think Mum was expecting us to go anywhere after hockey, said Jasmine.”

“Fair enough, if you can’t you can’t.”

“Naaw, poor James,” said Alia.

“It’s okay, don’t worry. It’s just a pity, cos, you know,” I said pointing to their short, pleated green skirts.

“I suppose if it was quick,” offered Jasmine.

“Yeah, if it was a quickie,” agreed Alia.

“It bahis şirketleri would be pretty quick, I promise.”

“Right,” said Jasmine, looking round again.

We waited for an old married couple to pass before continuing the negotiation.

“I thought I could pick you up and we could go to the orangery by Port Meadow.”

“Outside?!” Alia queried with a little excitement.

“Yeah, it’s perfectly private. No one ever goes there.”

“Why outside? Is it on your bucket list or something?!” Alia jibed

“Ooh I don’t know,” said Jasmine.

“Well I won’t push it. I don’t want to ask you to do something you’re not comfortable with.”

“Sorry, James.”

“No. Maybe just think about it. Text me after hockey… if you change your mind.”

The girls were about to answer when they looked towards the end of the aisle. Jasmine’s Mum had appeared with a trolley full of groceries. I looked round. She was an attractive and well-dressed Asian lady of about forty something.

“Shall I stay to say hello?”

“Yeah, it’s okay,” said Jasmine.

There was a brief introduction and it was explained that I was their geological tutor friend. She appeared to be a somewhat aloof lady, who spoke with the faintest Indian accent, which modified her otherwise standard English. She didn’t appear to want to chat, which suited me, and I nodded to the girls and assumed that was that.

It had long been a desire to have sex out of doors, or if not sex at least something that led to me shooting my load. It would have been nice to take them back home, but they clearly had time constraints and with it being so clement out, I had this spontaneous desire to have some fun with them out of doors, while they were in that amazing hockey stuff.

Anyway, it was almost two hours later and I had put my beers in the fridge and had a nap when my mobile rang. It was Alia and she had an alternative idea.

“Hey James, we can meet you, if you like. We can go to my uncle’s allotment.”


“Yeah, it’s at Cripley Meadow. He’s away in Portugal, but I have a key cos I help him out sometimes.”

“Wow! Okay, that’s lucky. It sounds perfect.”

“Yeah, I’ve convinced Jas. It’s completely secluded and everything.”


“Yeah, Jas say we won’t have to get naked, will we?”

“No, babe. I was thinking I could enjoy myself without that. You’ve still got your kits on yes?”

“Yeah, the thing is the showers are out of action, but it’s an all-weather pitch, so we aren’t muddy or anything like that.”

I was ready to go in ten minutes and picked them up from the training ground. bahis firmaları Seeing them standing there together in those short skirts got my dick twitching straight away and I remained hard as we drove the five miles or so to the allotment place. Even though I had fucked them a couple of times already, meeting them in this way seemed particularly elicit. What is it about hockey kits, I’m not sure. I think it was part of that taboo area of male sexuality that just pushes the right buttons. Also, owing to the faulty plumbing, they had a natural, fresh glow about them and their tops were a little damp from their perspiration.

Once we arrived at the allotments, Alia directed us down the perimeter track, which was lined by willows down one side and a band of trees down the other. Her plot was just on the corner of a track by a pond. It was quite a wild-looking area with bird song and so on. We parked right next to the gate, which Alia un-padlocked and we slipped in unnoticed.

I had put on some loose fitting tracksuit bottoms and I was commando, so I had plenty of room for manoeuvre. We walked round the path where some forlorn root vegetables had emerged and had gone past their best. Half of the plot was just weeds. We paused, nowhere in particular next to an unkempt greenhouse. I had to check myself earlier, but now I allowed myself the luxury of fully admiring them. If there is anything better than having two willing 18 year-olds in their hockey kits out of doors, then I want to know what it is.

I had them both turn round, so I could lift up their skirts. Their gorgeously plump butts were clad in regulation white panties, which were just a little too small. I don’t know if they had put them on deliberately but they were perfect. I was properly stoked. I ran my hands between their legs, feeling for their pussy lips, which were pushing against the gusset of their panties. I stood to face them and kissed them one at a time while my hands helped themselves. Their white tops were poorly fitting and seemed to be practical more than elegant and this resulted in their breasts being all squished and pert.

The girls had discovered the relative freedom of my cock and were touching me inside my trackie bottoms as I caressed their boobs through their tops. Although it was a mild day, the slight breeze against my cock was a delicious sensation.

I was so hard now it was untrue. Both girls were gently fondling and stroking my cock and balls and I felt like my skin would burst.

I stood in front of both girls in turn and squeezed their ass cheeks and ran my hands inside their silky soft thighs. As much as I liked to have the girls kaçak bahis siteleri naked in my bedroom, there was something particularly erotic about fondling them through their clothes, especially outdoors. It was really good having an hard-on in the open air as the tip of my cock was constantly brushing against their legs and their green pleated skirts.

“Sorry James, but we need to hurry up a bit,” said Jasmine.

To be fair they had said they were limited for time, but I had this really good idea to make me come quickly, if the girls were okay with it.

“Is it all right if you both take your knickers off?”

Jasmine looked at Alia.

“I suppose so,” said Alia with a giggle.

“Fine with me, as long as I can have them back,” agreed Jasmine.

“You can have them back, but they might be a bit messy.”

“Ah right,” said Jasmine, getting the drift of my intentions.

They both hitched up their skirts and rolled their panties down. I asked them to wank my cock as I held their panties to my nose. They looked at me with fascination and amusement. I had discussed my thoughts and little fetishes with them openly, so it wasn’t entirely a surprise.

The gorgeous scent of their cunts on the cotton was so arousing. There was a little dampness on the gusset, which I made even damper as I sucked on the fabric. They teased my cock flesh, Jasmine stroking and massaging my helmet as Alia stroked my shaft. I was about as turned on as I had ever been. As they stroked me, I held their panties in one hand and put my other between their legs, so I could finger their lovely moist pussies. I licked my fingers as they tugged at my throbbing dick, tasting their sticky, musky juices.

My legs began to wobble, as the spunk welled up in my balls and my breathing became hard. I handed Jasmine their panties, and she squeezed the white cotton around my shaft as Alia stood behind me and stroked my balls. Their panties were cool and soft against the flesh of my dick. It was a sensation that almost defied description. I stood there close to coming, as I thrust my cock in time to Jasmine’s stroking. The intense feelings combined to send me over the edge and I growled and snorted as my cum exploded into their gym knickers. My body jerked as I pumped out a massive load.

“Fuck! That was good.”

“You’re so bad, James,” said Alia.

“I’m pleased we could be of service,” said Jasmine with a smile.

We sneaked out of the allotment, with no one but an elderly gentleman and a wheel barrow to negotiate. He did a bit of a double take, but nothing more.

I drove them home and agreed to wash their knickers as there was always the risk they would have to explain spunk stains on their panties, whereas no one would miss them.

I thanked them again for giving up some of their afternoon to sate my lust. I couldn’t wait to fuck them again.

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