A Gift for Daddy

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This is another silly bit of fun. I hope you enjoy.

I want to thank you all for reading my stories. I also want to thank my friend, Therese for her thoughts and editing of this story.

Here you go, have fun.


The Beginning:

The end of the world has come and shut down life thanks to Covid. The months April thru July Mark Dalrymple is on furlough. He is the chef for a popular kitchen attached to a bar. The entire bar is shut down as is his kitchen. Mark’s nineteen year old daughter, Sara, lives with her father and is one of his prep cooks. She is working with her beloved father learning the ropes on how to work and run a kitchen. She plans on being a chef/owner of her own restaurant. Covid put that plan on hold for now. Mark’s oldest daughter, Stacy, is a twenty one year old student at the state university. She is in their prestigious business program. Her spring break has reached four months now. Stacy lived in her sorority house until the shut down. Her father and sister happily welcome her home.

In August, Mark’s restaurant is allowed to open, with minimal staff. Mark is back to work, but with running a skeleton crew he now works long hours. Sara is not one of the people he is allowed to bring back. Sara and Stacy get along well enough, but being stuck together does get tedious.

In September, Stacy is taking online classes and Sara is working very part time in her father’s kitchen. She has to wait until after the shutdowns and regulations to get to work full time and learning with her father. Both girls are suffering from near fatal cases of lackanookie. They have been running through so many batteries trying to keep the edge off.

Then one fateful morning, Stacy is done with class and is ready for her ‘me’ time. She has porn site up and her recent favorite video is paused with the male talent standing fully nude. His rock hard cock pointing right at her. His face has the look of pure lust. The reason this video is her favorite, the actor looks so much like her father. And the actor is the ‘stepfather’ of two dark haired ‘stepdaughters’ and he does horribly wonderful things to the girls. Stacy cums the hardest when he sprays his cum all over the ‘daughters’ face after pounding the older one’s ass.

She reaches for her toy and turns it on. The slow buzz tells her the batteries need to be changed. She throws a light robe on and runs out to grab a couple more from the junk drawer. She opens the drawer and sees the empty package laying on top. “Dammit Sara!” She says. Stacy then walks down the hall and pushes her sister’s door open. “Sara do you have…” Stacy stops in her tracks as she sees her sister with her ass in the air. Sara has what appears to be a plug in her butt and her vibrator pumping in and out of her soaked pussy.

“Mmmm… You fuck me soooo gooooood!!” Sara moans aloud. “Pound my pussy. Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me!!”

Stacy is standing in the doorway in shock. Her sister is fantasizing about their father, too. She steps further inside and watches her sister pound her own pussy crying out for their father. Stacy, already so very horny can’t help it. She drops her robe, pinches her nipple, then walks up to her sister’s bed. Stacy reaches over and tugs on her baby sister’s butt plug. “Daddy isn’t home, but will Sis do?” Stacy asks her sister.

“What the fuck!!” Sara jumps at the voice and the movement in her ass. She yanks the dildo out of her sopping pussy and rolls onto her back. She sees her naked sister looking at her with lust filled eyes. “Stacy? What are you doing?”

“You, Sara. I am about to do you, then you will do me. Then we will do it again and again.” Stacy says as she lays on Sara’s bed between her spread legs. Stacy runs her hands up Sara’s soft legs and she kisses the wet inner thighs. Stacy’s hand runs over her younger sister’s trimmed landing strip. She kisses the hair gently, feeling Sara quiver under her. Stacy drops lower and runs her tongue over her sister’s soaked lips. “Fuck! Your pussy tastes amazing, Sara!” Stacy buries her face in the best pussy she has ever tasted. Her fingers joining her tongue to help drive Sara the rest of the way to her orgasm.

Sara was just on the edge of a hard cum when Stacy surprised her. Even through the shock Sara couldn’t help but notice how sexy her sister is. Stacy has large breasts with puffy nipples topping them off. Her stomach is smooth and she has a belly button ring. Sara’s eyes drop lower to see Stacy’s smooth bare pussy. A sheen on her inner thighs shows that Stacy is as excited as her younger sister. Stacy moving between her legs breaks the shock and Sara watches her beloved older sister kiss her landing strip. Sara can feel her whole body shiver. Watching Stacy drop lower and then feeling her steaming tongue touch her soul. Sara’s head falls back and her mouth open in a scream of delight. Stacy’s finger and tongue touch her deeply and Sara erupts. Her body tightens and her fingers grab her bedding as she screams as her whole being flows out of her pussy and into her sister’s hungry mouth.

When Stacy finishes cleaning her sister’s pussy she climbs up and kisses Sara. Sara wraps her arms around her grandbetting giriş older sister and kisses back. The girls kiss for a short time. “I’d love to stay and kiss you forever Sara, but I came in here looking for batteries. It’s time for you to get me off, please.”

Sara smiles and kisses her older lover. “We have forever to do more kissing, Sis.” Sara rolls her sister onto her back and quickly takes one of the puffy nipples into her mouth. Sara’s hand quickly slides down the smooth belly of her sister. She feels the satin smooth skin of Stacy’s freshly waxed mound. “I like this, I might need to wax mine.” Sara says and moves to her sister’s other nipple.

“No, Baby. I love your landing strip. It’s so soft.” Stacy puts one hand to Sara’s head as her sister tugs at her nipple. Stacy’s other hand slips between her sister’s legs and runs over her soft landing strip.

Sara moans on Stacy’s nipple. Her hand moves off the soft skin and onto her older sister’s hot and wet sex. Sara slips her finger into the wet mess. She can hear the squelching and can no longer wait to taste her. Sara releases her sister’s breast and kisses her way down her lover’s belly. She gives the belly ring a quick tug and then kisses the smooth skin just above her probing fingers.

When Sara moves lower, Stacy grabs Sara’s waist and pulls the younger pussy to her face. Sara quickly straddles Stacy’s head and then dips her head between her legs. The girls move to a sixty nine easily and naturally. Their bodies fit perfectly as they each decide that their sister will be the only woman in their bed. The two women are inseparable after that amazing afternoon. They spend as much time together as possible. Over the next two months the girls discuss and play out most of their fantasies. The only one left is the most taboo of all. The one that they rarely discuss because they both believe it will never happen…


The Present:

“Daddy works too hard. We should give him something special for Christmas.” Sara Dalrymple says to her older sister, Stacy. “Do you have any ideas?”

“Ya know, I actually kinda do.” Stacy replies to her sister. The college student looks at her flushed, sweaty naked sister wrapped in her arms. Stacy lifts her sister’s chin and kisses Sara on the lips, tasting herself on Sara’s mouth.

Both girls fall into the kiss. Stacy enjoys her older sister’s warm full lips. The two lovers break their kiss. “What’s your plan, Sis?” Sara asks.

Stacy tells her sister, her lover, the beginnings of her plan. Sara giggles and agrees. The two of them, lying naked wrapped in each other’s arms, plan their beloved father’s Christmas presents.


Mark Dalrymple loves his job, yet he regrets the long hours he spends away from his daughters. He does get to see Sara at work, but at work he has to be the boss, not Daddy. Mark loves to spoil his daughters. There is nothing he would ever deny his girls, especially when they pull the sad face on him. Even knowing they are playing him, he still hates when they are sad. Fortunately for Mark, they are good girls and don’t abuse their power over him.

Christmas is quickly approaching and the end of the Covid bullshit is around the corner. Mark will be ecstatic, as will every person in the world of course, when this shit is over. However, Mark knows Stacy will be going back to school and Sara will probably want to get her own place, leaving him alone. He does want his girls to succeed, but does not want them to leave. It’s every Daddy’s dilemma. Mark is driving home from work and it is very late. Earlier today he picked up Stacy’s gift from the jeweler. Sara’s gift has already been purchased and her new car will be delivered on the 26th. Mark can’t wait to see the joyful look on his little angel’s face. He’d love to see a lusty look on her face as well, but he knows that will never happen.

Mark arrives at his happy home and sees that his lovely girls left the back porch and kitchen light on for him. As usual, his girls left him a note on the table.


Sara made cookies for you and I didn’t eat them all. They are in the cookie jar. We went to bed early-ish. Don’t forget you promised to go to the gym with me in the morning.

I love you,


P.S. She tried to eat them all, but I stopped her. I’m gonna go with you tomorrow, so don’t leave without me.

I love you more,


Mark smiles and grabs a handful of the small peanut butter cookies his daughter made. He tells Alexa to turn off the kitchen light and carrying the cookies and the note he leaves the kitchen headed for the front of the house where his bedroom is located. He reaches the hall where the girls have their rooms and shared bathroom. Mark stops when he hears one of the doors open. Thinking that one of his girls awoke when he got home, he turns to say hi. His voice catches in his throat when he sees a stark naked Stacy leave Sara’s room. Stacy walks across the hall to the bathroom, turns on the light, silhouetting her body. She washes her hands and face and then exits the bathroom, giving her father a full frontal view in all her grandbetting yeni giriş glory. Stacy turns the light off and then walks to her room, leaving the door open.

Mark closes his mouth and remembers to breathe. His daughter is fucking gorgeous! Her breasts are perfect and it looks like she has the beginnings of a landing strip growing in. What was she doing, naked, in her sister’s room? Mark slowly walks towards his room, his eyes still locked on his daughter’s open door. “Did she see me? Did she leave the door open so I would come look at or join her?” He asks himself quietly. He pauses, looking down the hall. “No… I’m just horny. That wasn’t on purpose.” He shakes his head and walks to his room. Mark quickly shuts his door and strips. His cock is rock hard. He walks through his room and into the bathroom. Standing in the shower rubbing his cock, all he can think of is how Stacy would look with the water running over her stunning body. Her long black hair wet and plastered to her body as she rides her father to orgasm over and over. Mark groans loudly as his cum comes flying out of his rigid cock, splashing against the wall. “Fuck! What is wrong with me!” Mark asks himself guiltily. He finishes cleaning himself, sprays the wall and exits. He dries and falls into bed. As he drifts to sleep his naked daughter walks through his mind again. Her younger sister enters his mind as well, as he wonders how similar the two look.

The next morning the three are at the gym. Mark in his usual shorts and t-shirt. Sara is wearing white yoga pants and a sleeveless shirt over a sports bra, her black hair in a ponytail. Stacy is wearing black yoga shorts and black sports bra. And of course the three are wearing their required masks. Mark is having a very hard time, pun intended, working out with his girls. He can’t help but watch the firm asses of his girls move under their skin tight shorts during their squats. Mark is so glad he wore his tight under armor compression shorts under his gym shorts, making his rock hard erection not too obvious.

After the workout at home, Sara volunteers to make breakfast while Mark showers and gets ready for work. Mark quickly hops in the shower and rubs out another large load thinking of both of his daughter’s tight ass. He dresses for work and joins his girls for breakfast. Both of them are still in their tight gym clothes and Mark can’t keep his eyes off of the four perfect breasts squeezed into their sports bra. “It’ll be another late night tonight and tomorrow girls. I’m sorry, you know how this time of year gets. I will have both Eve and Day off though, and we can have a nice holiday this year.” Mark says as he places his dishes in the dishwasher. “I’ll see you later girls. Have a good day. I love you.”

Sara hops up and hugs him tightly. She stands on her tiptoes and kisses him on the cheek. “You work too hard, Daddy. Have a good day and I love you.” She kisses his other cheek and steps back.

Stacy quickly fills the void. She fills her father’s arms. She is taller than Sara and is able to kiss Mark on the cheek, very close to his lips. She presses her body tightly to her father. “Be good, Daddy. Love you.” She kisses his other cheek and squeezes her arms around her Daddy’s neck then steps back.

Mark is stunned, he stammers a good bye as he shakily heads out to his car. Somehow he gets it started and on the way to work. Mark’s day feels longer than usual. His usual no nonsense approach to work is driven off the rails by replaying the visions of home. His naked daughter, both of his girls in their skimpy workout clothes, the innocent but not at all innocent good bye kisses. If he didn’t promise his sous chef the three days before Christmas Eve off, Mark would have left early today. Thankfully the day ends and Mark is headed home. He is ready to get in the shower and rub out this load that has been percolating all day. Mark enters the kitchen again and sees the note left on the table for him.

Hi Daddy,

We made lasagna tonight. Stacy actually helped. I made a lunch box for you to take in tomorrow. If you are hungry, there is a plate made in the fridge for you. Love you lots. See you at work in the morning.

XOXO, Sara


I did help. It was fun, but Sara kept trying to act chefy and bossy. It didn’t work though. I even didn’t eat all the cookies from yesterday, cause I love you so much. I don’t like it when you have to close, cause I don’t get a good night kiss.

Good night Daddy, Love you more.


P.S. I miss good night kisses too!! I love you the most! Sara

Mark smiles at the antics of his girls. He hates closing as well, but it might be a good thing if the good night kisses turn as sexy as the kisses this morning turned out to be. Mark opens the fridge and sees the lunch package and the plate they made for him. The lasagna looks amazing, but it is too late to eat. He has another double shift tomorrow. He does grab a cookie from the jar and takes it and the note and leaves the kitchen. Alexa shuts off the light and Mark makes his way to his room. As he gets to the hall he hears a door open just like last night. grandbetting güvenilirmi He looks down the hall and sees Sara this time. She is completely naked and leaving her sister’s room. Sara walks to the bathroom leaving Stacy’s door open. Mark is enthralled by his youngest daughter’s body. Her long black hair with just a hint of curl. Her small perky breasts with pierced nipples. Her well trimmed full landing strip. Her smooth athletic legs. Mark stands in the dark room watching his daughter wash her face and then she exits the bathroom and goes to her own room, leaving her door open. “Fuck me!” Mark whispers to himself. He hurries to his room and quickly rips his pants off. His cock has started without him. He is leaking lots of precum and he quickly starts to rub his member, His naked girls forefront in his brain as he unloads what seems like a gallon of cum into the shower. Mark finishes his shower and climbs naked into bed. Feeling naughty, Mark gets up and opens his bedroom door, then climbs back in under the covers, dropping to sleep with visions of the two best bodies to keep him company.


The next morning Mark has to open. He leaves early, taking his bagged lunch with him. His thoughts are again filled with visions of his naked daughters. When Sara comes in for her afternoon shift, Stacy walks in with her bringing a box of donuts for the whole crew. Knowing there would be a mutiny if he tried to stop the guys from getting a donut and saying hello to the girls, Mark smiles and walks over for one himself.

“I saved this one for you, Chef Daddy.” Stacy says with a giggle. She hands him a glazed blueberry cake donut. “I know it’s your favorite.”

Mark happily takes the offered treat, she is right, it is his favorite. He takes a quick bite. As his teeth sink in to the glazed ring, his nose catches a familiar smell and his tastebuds catch a cloying taste of something he has not tasted in a long time. His eyes go wide as he sees both girls wink at him. “What the fuck did they do?” He thinks to himself, unconsciously taking another bite. The wonderful tangy taste hits his tongue again and again as he quickly finishes his treat.

“We’re glad you liked your donut, Daddy.” Sara says “I need to go clock in and get to work, busy, busy day today. Pick me up at five, Sis?”

“I’ll be here. Have fun.” Stacy says. “Have a good day at work, Daddy. Don’t be a grump to these guys today.” She leans up and kisses his cheek while the kitchen crew laugh at her announcement. “Now you get back to work guys, don’t make him come home grumpy.” She smiles and waves at the cooks as she walks out.

Mark is still stunned at what just happened he barely notices his daughter leaving. When the cooks break up and head back to their stations, Mark finally stirs and moves to check on the preparations for what should be a busy lunch shift. Mark looks over to where is sweet nineteen year old daughter is working prepping the salad station. He really wants to ask her if what just happened really happened. However you just can’t ask your teenage daughter if she and her sister glazed his donut with their pussies, especially in front of his employees. He decides he is going to ask the girls tonight, after work. He is now certain they were teasing him the last two nights.

Mark is able to pull himself together and his crew kills it, having one of their best shifts since Covid started. They get lunch cleaned up and work begins for prepping for night shift. Five o’clock comes and Sara clocks out and says good bye to her father. Mark and the night crew get through the shift without trouble and soon enough he is headed home.

The porch and kitchen lights are the only ones on and he heads inside. There is another donut sitting with the usual note.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve Daddy,

We noticed you really liked your donut this morning, so we made another one exactly like it for you. We were going to stay up til you got home, but decided to head to bed.

Speaking of beds, we couldn’t wait to give you your gifts. They are on your bed. You better open them tonight!

Love you forever and always no matter what!!

Your beautiful, sexy, lovely daughters,

Sara and Stacy

Mark puts the note down and picks up the donut. He puts it to his nose and sniffs. The wonderful scent of aroused woman fills his nose and his cock hardens quickly. “They did it again. They know I know what they did, and they did it again.” He muses aloud. He looks at the glazed treat, shrugs and takes a bite. That delightful taste flows through his mouth. He quickly finishes the tasty dessert. “Fuck! These girls are going to give me tennis elbow I am going to have to jerk off so much!” He laughs. “Alexa turn off the light and turn on bedroom light.” Mark reads the note again. “I wonder what they gave me? More donuts?” He chuckles and walks out of the kitchen. “I hope they aren’t giving me their used panties. I don’t know if I could control myself around them if they did that. I might do some unDaddy like things.” Mark thinks to himself. He pauses at the hallway, wondering if he is going to get a show tonight. He notices both girls doors are closed. Mark thinks about walking down the hall to check on the girls, but his hard cock lets him know he would not walk away if he saw one of his girls naked and asleep. “Let me go jerk one or two out, then I’ll come check on them.” He says to himself, “Maybe they did leave me something sexy to sniff while I do jerk it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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