A Friend of My Daughter

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This a basically a true story. As an older man, I admit that at times I find younger women hot. Heck, what can you say, they dress so hot these days and sexy that it’s not hard to think of them as women.

Not that I don’t find older women hot too. Any female that dresses sexy, basically tight jeans and t-shirts that show most of the figure, short tight skirts, satin blouses, even those silky long dresses and skirts. Those that are soft, silky, have that flow that seem to mold to the curves and bounces and simmers as they walk. I think sometimes the woman makes the dress. It may just be an average dress, but form fitting and a cute female that fills the dress out the right way can be sexy and the same true with the dress. A hot dress can make an average female even sexier.

This story takes place in my later years even though my fetish started when I was some where around 12 years old I guess. The desire to see and feel woman’s lingerie. To know what is under that skirt as it sways with her walk, that outline under a hot pair of tight jeans. The tight t-shirt that follows the outline of her bra and breast. Sometimes you can see the outline of lace under a shirt, the panty line that shows through a pair of jeans or dress pants and let me tell you ladies, the thongs don’t work. To not see panty lines can lead to knowing that a cute thong is underneath and sometimes you can see the outline of a thong underneath the clothing too. Myself, thongs are not that sexy. The cute , soft material of panties stretched across a hot ass is so much sexier than a piece of material wedged between a butt.

Whether it was seeing a small peek at a pair of panties peeking out of her jeans when she bent over or a peek down a loose top and see the outline of her bra filled with her breast was always a pleasure but the best was getting the ability to look in her drawer or laundry basket and see and feel what not every guy knew she wore. What colors or style, material was always hot to me and very alluring.

I had the chance to see my two sisters things, their friends things. Some of my mom’s sexier friends too. You never knew what you might find. Some of the younger girls you thought would wear something hot and sexy would be plain cotton briefs and some of the older women would come up with hot, satin bikini panties with some of the sexiest colors.

This story takes place when one of my daughter’s friends was having problems at home and was leaving her house and needed a place to stay. Now she was 18 so she had the ability to leave Mom and Dad without permission, so wasn’t much anyone could do to make her think twice about getting out on her own but when my daughter came to kaçak iddaa us and asked if the girl could stay with us and my wife said yes, I thought this was the chance of a life time.

I had the opportunity to look in her over night bags before and see a pair or two here and there and have my fun playing with them and even some bras but this was going to be a girl that was going to stay here for several weeks with all her things and she was not only hot, she had a great ass.

Once she moved in it didn’t take long before I started checking out her things. In fact the next day. The girls worked and I work from my house, so the next day she moved in was my first of many chances.

Everyone had left for the morning to work. I had all ready been watching almost every move she had made the day before. She came over wearing some of her tight jeans that I had been use to seeing her in and her tight, soft t-shirts. I could see the outline of her bikini panties under her jeans and that tight, young ass was so cute.

She was I guess around 110 pounds. 5’6″, blonde hair about shoulder length and really cute. After seeing her first bra months back, I knew she wore 34 B bra. I could tell after seeing her in a swim suit that she was a full B cup too and an ass that would make any guy drool. It was tight, beautifully curved and swayed so nicely as she walked. It would make you hear music and the metronome of her ass keeping time as she walked.

I wasn’t prepared for that first day. As I walked into the bedroom they were using. My hands were shaking and my hormones were flooding my mind. As I opened her drawer and seen the colors in there I knew this was going to be a great time. I seen not only some cute sexy colors but I seen cotton bikinis, nylon and satin ones and the few pairs of thongs she had were hot. Not just g-strings, but really sexy, expensive ones. She had one pair of matching thongs and bra that caught my attention. A really cute black and pink set. Man, to think of that hot, tight little ass in that pair of thongs and her hot perky breast being held in that bra started my cock to grow.

She mostly had hi cut bikinis which I liked anyway. It’s just the way a cute butt looks with a silky nylon, satin or even a soft cotton pair of panties looked tightly stretched across that round shape.

Since she liked taking a morning shower that pair of cute pink, cotton bikini panties that were laying with her jeans and her t-shirt that she had wore the day before had to be the ones laying on the floor and that was the first thing I grabbed to smell her pussy.

It was so nice. It wasn’t strong, a sweet smell that would make any man want to bury his kaçak bahis face into her with no hesitation. My mind was flooded with the thought of licking that sweet young pussy. Slowly wiggling that tight pair of jeans off her body, her long, slender legs slowly revealing themselves as I removed them and then seeing that cute pair of panties hugging that hot ass.

I myself enjoy a cute bush. I guess that is the one spot on a female I think hair looks the best but I had no idea about her so I could only guess since she was a true blonde, that she had a sweet, light colored patch of hair. Most likely trimmed neatly.

I quickly undressed completely. Everything came off. I then found a cute pair of black, satin bikini panties to stroke with. The silky size 5, small panties felt so soft as I wrapped them around my cock.

I was getting so hard getting to slowly go through her things, have my time to play with a pair of her panties without worrying whether they would come back and find something missing. I had all ready had the opportunity to play with worn and clean panties before but this time was different. I had all day.

I placed the panties on my cock so the cotton gusset was against the head of my cock, so I could slowly manage myself and make sure I would leave a small amount of my juices on it but not enough to be seen so she would wear them later. Knowing she would put them on later and have my cum pressed against her body was getting me even hotter. That’s when I looked and seen one of her bras next to the side of the bed and knew she had to have wore it and I grabbed it. Rubbed the inside of the soft cups against my face dreaming of her hot, perky firm tits being in it and dreaming of having my face rubbing and kissing them all over, sucking her small, pale nipples. I could smell her on the bra. Whether it was her deodorant, her perfume or body spray, it was like she was there with me. She wore those fruity smelling body sprays that a lot of girls wear.

I laid the bra across my chest so that as I rubbed my hard cock with her silky panties and smelled her in the pair of worn panties I could reach up with my free hand and squeeze and rub the cups of the bra as if she was in it and I was massaging her breast. It was a beautiful orange colored bra. I really loved some of the colors of her lingerie she choose and I wondered if her mom had helped her pick them out or was with her when she bought them since most were name brands that I recognizes and knew they weren’t cheap. I started thinking about maybe a hot mom that had similar items at home.

For now, my mind would not leave the thought of this gorgeous young lady that was staying with us and I illegal bahis was thinking of that hot, slender soft body, her curves allowing my body to snugly fit into hers as I laid on top with my cock slowly slipping in and out of that sweet pussy. Her soft, long legs wrapped around my waist. My hand cupping that firm tight ass and holding it just right to have her fit me like a glove. She was so slim and had one of those hot, almost perfectly shaped butts. Her warm body rubbing against mine.

Thinking that I most likely knew more about sex than the guys she had been with because, let’s not think she was a virgin and being older I could made her feel beyond what any guy had so far and she was enjoying it beyond her wildest desires and was fixing to explode into a wild and emotional orgasm.

Then I remember and just in time because my own orgasm was there and I quickly looked and seen the damp spot I had all ready left on the outside of the gusset of her clean panties so I knew the inside was most likely wet. I knew I had all ready left enough of my cum in them for it to soak completely through and I pulled them away, grabbed the bath towel that I knew she had used the night before and and watched as my cum shot across the towel.

I had one of the cups of her bra tightly griped in my hands thinking I had her lovely B cup breast in it. I knew I would have more time to spend with her panties and bras so I placed the clean pair back in her drawer and laid the other items where I had found them and went about my day thinking most of the day about when she would place that pair of panties on and as she pulled them up they would snugly fit her curves and the gusset would get pressed against her body and my cum would mix with her juices. It wasn’t a lot but as I had done before, I knew when it dried it would hardly be noticeable and she would put them on without knowing someone had played with them.

This was just the beginning of my great experience with her and her intimate things. Maybe in another story I will tell how I looked in the bedroom door and was able to look into the bathroom that attached to the bedroom and seen her standing at the tub, completely naked.

For now, I could only watch her as she sat around, watching TV with us. The best was when she was on her stomach and that cute ass would be calling my name. I would stare at it in a tight pair of jeans or her tight shorts, seeing the area between her legs when she would spread them slightly. Or the few times she laid there in some of her really thin, soft cotton shorts that would show the color or pattern of the panties underneath them. I couldn’t help but think about grabbing that ass and squeezing that flesh through the soft material. Rubbing between her legs and feeling the warmth and moister there. Hearing her moans as her excitement grew and rose to a climax.

That was a great summer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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