A Fathers-Day Treat Ch. 02

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I am so looking forward to having my dad come to stay this weekend. It hasn’t been long since we got back in touch as I discovered late in my teens that my mother’s husband wasn’t my biological father.

I had to wait until left home before I could start searching for my real dad and I finally found his profile on social media. He accepted my connection request and after a series of nervous conversations we met up for the first time about 6 months ago.

Our initial meeting went well and during the course of our afternoon together he proved to me beyond the shadow of a doubt that he was my biological dad. Since then we have chatted online and over the phone regularly and this weekend it will be the first time that we actually get to spend in each others company for more than a couple of hours.

There’s something about him that goes a bit beyond wanting to know him as my dad though. I really, really like him!

The doorbell makes me jump. He’s here at last. I quickly check that I look ok in the mirror before walking to open the door. As I open it I can see my daddy standing there. He is about 5’8″ and I guess just on the average side of “Mmm lovely!” He has short salt & pepper hair and seems to be in reasonable shape for his age. I can’t help it but throw myself at him. “Hi daddy!” I squeal as I grab him in a super hug. “Come on in!” He kisses me on the cheek and then follows me into the lounge.

I watch him take in his surroundings. He is drawn to the balcony windows and looks out onto the park below. Blabbering I offer him a coffee and then stand beside him. “It’s so good to finally have you here with me daddy!” I tell him. I have been so excited for weeks planning to have him stay with me and hoping that we can really get to know each other.

He puts his arm around me and cuddles me. I melt into him feeling his warm strong hand pull me close into his strong frame. I am in bliss.

I come to my senses a little and realise that he must be tired after his long drive. So I point him in the direction of the guest bedroom and let him know where he can freshen up. While he is settling in I change into my new summer dress and wait for him to reappear. It is so warm at the moment that I don’t even bother with a cardigan. Even though were going out till late I recon we will be back home before it gets too cold.

That reminds me; I had better put the wine in the fridge. I hope we can have a long evening chatting when we get home later. I want to know everything about him.

Dad reappears wearing some nice jeans and an old fashioned short sleeved t-shirt. He happily agrees that we can take a walk out to one of my favourite diners and I enjoy walking with him. I hold his hand wishing that it was familiar to me, but the past is done and I am happy that we are finally reunited after all these years.

Stacy, my friend and one of the waitresses at the diner, finds a booth for us with a view of the beach. Looking across at my dad, I couldn’t be happier. We order a light meal each and he suggests a bottle of wine to share.

I tell dad how I moved out as soon as I turned 18, after finding out three years before that my family was a lie, and that I worked hard to finish college and now have a job at the local accountancy firm. I’m hoping to carry on with my studies and become qualified someday. Looking across at him, it is obvious that he is interested in me and what I do.

As we chat, I notice Stacy making gestures out of dad’s line of sight. I agree with her, he is a-bit of all right, although I won’t let on to her. I noticed one or two other girls take a second look at us too. Perhaps it’s because I am with an older guy, but hey. I’m lovin’ it! He’s all mine tonight.

We finish our meal and I take him across the road to The Continental, cocktail bar and he treats me to a drink. Then we walk along the promenade for a while before turning to go home. All the while we have an easy open conversation.

By the time we get back home I am beginning to feel the evening chill slightly. Mind you, is not just that that has my nipples getting hard. He is so lovely to be with.

I open a bottle of pinot and pour us both a glass. Then I sit opposite him and we chat about how he came to terms with the breakup between mum & him. He tells me how he left mum after he found her with Mark, my now ex stepdad, and how her left home and tried to get on with his life.

I feel so sorry for him that mum didn’t let him keep in touch with me. Even though I didn’t know until the age of 15 that Mark wasn’t my real dad, it would have been nice to know that there was someone out there that cared for me.

The wine is going to my head a little, I settle back and get a bit more comfy on the sofa when I become aware that dad is looking at me in a slightly different way. As we talk I notice he is shifting slightly in the chair, and then I see why. Mmm! I think he is beginning to “properly” notice me. Move slightly to open my legs just a little and let him see me a little better. Then, I breathe in deeply to expand my bust-line, celtabet giriş and sure enough his eyes watch as my bosoms swell under my dress.

Watching him grow under his trousers is mesmerising. I decide that I need to cool things down a little though and suggest that he opens a second bottle of wine while I make my excuses and go to the bathroom. What is happening to me? I sit on the loo and have to quickly finger myself to prevent me from jumping on him in the lounge. I am getting so turned on by watching him. I wonder if he feels the same way?

I pull myself together and return to the couch. I decide to lie back along the length and keep my legs firmly closed as I’m sure that he will see how damp I am getting down there! Our conversation twists and turns. Finally after deeply discussing how hard it was we get more up to date with things. It seems that we equally happy to be in each-others company and I feel that perhaps he does have feelings above and beyond that of just a dad. I decide to shower him with compliments to see how he reacts, so I ask him if he works out. He politely shrugs off the admiration but returns with such beautiful words about me. He is surprised that I am not seeing anyone, but respects my decision to remain a virgin.

To be honest it was never really a “thing” for me until I found out that Mark wasn’t my dad. Then I started to fantasize that my real dad was some kind of masterful hunk out in the world searching desperately for his lost little girl. It became a real fantasy for me to have a “father figure” as a lover that none of the boys my age would ever come close to the mark. That’s not to say that I haven’t had any attention, it’s just that most guys my age have no idea of how to treat a woman. Daddy however, is clearly a gentleman. And that is really beginning to turn me on.

I twist around to face him more directly on the couch and as I do my dress hitches up. He has an uninterrupted view of my panties, and I know that they are very wet indeed. My action is immediately reflected by his own physical reaction as his cock swells up inside his trousers. It looks massive to me from here and I am soon wondering what it would look like in the flesh.

Then, I chicken out. It is late and we have both had a lot to drink. I see that his glass is empty so I suggest that we go to bed. Really I am trying to get my own head straight as I’m not sure if the wine is talking or he really does want me.

I have spent too many years looking for him to blow the chance of building a relationship with my dad over a drunken fantasy. I watch him go to bed and then tidy up a little. As my mind clears I agree with myself that it’s for the best.

That is until I get into bed. Then as I lie there I wonder again how it would feel to be in bed with him. I imagine him slowly undressing in front of me, letting my eyes linger over his body as he drops his trousers. His huge erection sticking out, eager to penetrate me. We kiss, passionately and his hands cover every part of my body.

As I run the thoughts through my imagination I run my hands over my bosoms and down to my pussy. Then I finger myself a little. It’s not going to be enough. I roll to one side and open the bedside cabinet. There in the bottom drawer is my little vibrator, all shiny and smooth. I switch it on and press the buzzing tip into me, feeling little jolts as I excite my sensitive clitoris.

I massage myself with the small golden toy, imagining that instead of the hard plastic, it is an enormous fleshy cock filling me. My spare hand traces around my breasts and squeezes them hard. I catch myself moaning with pleasure a couple of times and have to stifle myself. The walls are thin and I don’t want to be heard. Finally I am satisfied enough to sleep.

It is early in the morning when I am woken by the sound of the shower running next door. For a moment I panic, wondering who is in the flat, before I remember that dad has come to stay. I wait for him to finish, thinking back to last night and wondering how he looks all soapy and wet. I hear his bedroom door close and quickly dash into the bathroom to shower. It is only as I am in the cubicle do I remember that I have left the bathroom door open! As I spend so much time alone I tend to forget these details. I turn up the heat of the water to create as much steam as possible hoping that this will fog the glass up enough to give me some privacy, but a part of me is turned on by the chance that I could be seen.

The hot water scalds me slightly but opens up my pores so it’s not altogether a bad thing. I stay in the shower a long time to make sure that dad has either made efforts to stay in his room or has already gone into the kitchen. Then as I wrap a large fluffy towel around myself I hear the kettle switch off. At least we won’t bump into each other in the hallway!

The smell of a freshly made coffee floats in the air. I walk into the lounge and see dad standing in front of the large windows. For an older guy he looks good even from the rear. His bum looks nice celtabet yeni giriş and firm in those jeans. I walk up beside him and decide to tease him a little. “Good morning daddy, enjoying the view?” Hopefully my double entendre will be just enough to get him thinking…

Then, I cuddle into him, pressing myself against him, wanting him to feel my womanly curves. He seems a little flustered and tries to distract me by telling me that he has made me a coffee, but I notice a distinct bulge forming in his jeans just before I go and collect my cup.

I sit on the couch, looking up at him and ask if he had a good night. Then I make a suggestive remark about him waking up alone, while looking at his bulge. This seems to have the desired effect and I can see a distinct movement in his groin.

I dry my hair, and make the pretense of walking away to dress while quickly unfastening my towel. Hopefully this will get his undivided attention. By now, I am so horny that I really feel that I could burst if he doesn’t take the hints.

As my towel drops I squeal and run into my room. Then I slip on my satin dressing gown, leaving the neckline loose and open for him, and wander back into the lounge.

Initially here is an awkward silence. I hope that I haven’t embarrassed him, but I am getting so horny and really want to let him know that he can have me. I know that it is wrong on some levels, but surely if we are both consenting it isn’t a problem, is it?

He breaks the awkward silence with a giggle. He pisses me of a little when he refers to me as a child, mentioning that the last time he saw me naked I was a baby. God! That was 23 years ago dad! I am a grown woman now and I am going to make sure that you know it! He recovers the situation by explaining that I could barely keep my clothes on then! Considering how I feel now, he has a point.

I decide to go for broke and cuddle into him. Pressing my body into him and feeling his bulge press into me. I arch my back slightly so that when he looks into my eyes he gets an eyeful of my tits as well. I hope he doesn’t mind that they are only small!

I ask him again if he is enjoying the view and remark that he is obviously showing a clear physical response.

He really blusters this time but after I convince him that I am an adult and that I want it as much as he does, he seems to relent. Before he can change his mind I deliberately give him my softest kiss on the lips, giving him the impression that he has control of the situation. He warns me again about the consequences, so I kiss him again. This time it works, and he starts to run his hands over me and he returns my kiss.

I press myself into him, letting him feel my tits and pushing my pelvis into his hard cock. He feels wonderful against me. He feels so firm and strong. I want him more than ever. He places his large hand on my bum and playfully squeezes. The action sends shivers through me. Is this really happening at last? Am I really going to do this? My nerves are making my tummy flip as he caresses me. I feel a hot flush pass over me as the excitement builds. I want this, I want him.

His kisses are so gentle but somehow they urge me on for more. He lets his hands slide all over me, exploring me.

I become aware that I am now fully naked before him. My gown has dropped to the floor and I still kiss him urgently. I unbutton his shirt and the drops his jeans to the floor. His erection is forcing his shorts to stand out from him as his large penis presses against the thin fabric. I instinctively read hot to hold him through the cloth, though I’m a little nervous as I have never been this close to one before.

He reassures me and takes his shorts off for me. I am surprised how thick it is as I hold it again. It feels so warm in my hand and so hard to touch. I’m certain it’s thicker than my own wrist!

He reassures me again and encourages me to stroke him, sowing me how to make him feel good. I rub along his shaft and grip him a little firmer as he has suggested.

Seeming to understand that I am still nervous, he pulls me close into him and we kiss once again. I am ok with kissing, I can do this easily. But it is distracting when the guy is fully naked against me. I loose myself a little in the moment.

He leads me into my room and we lie on the bed together. I continue to kiss him and as he lies there before me I explore his body. His chest is broad and a little hairy but not like a doormat. Kissing him feels good. I trace my fingers along his body, over his belly and down towards his swollen cock. As I massage his shaft I notice that his skin is peeling back at the tip. He reassures me that it is ok and slides the sheath down to reveal himself fully. The deep pink and shiny head glistens as I look at it. He shows me how to massage him more expertly.

I am drawn to his cock. I know from my friends that guys like them sucked and I decide that I would like to try.

In my fantasies I have imagined that I suck on his cock until he can’t take any more. Then celtabet güvenilirmi he would fill me as we made love long into the night. I kiss it before taking it into my mouth. It is far bigger than I expected, and I am nervous about choking. Dad gently tells me that I don’t have to step beyond my boundaries, which helps me relax a bit.

I must have looked a bit lost as he sits up and gently lies me down. Then he rolls over to take control. He kisses me and gently lays his weight on me. Feeling him press me down into the bed makes me feel secure and wanted. I am very aware of his erection pressing into my body and wonder if he is going to enter me now. I hope not as I’m enjoying this too much and I don’t want it to stop.

He slowly moves and starts kissing my throat, it feels so sexy as I feel his tongue lick me. Then he moves further down and settles on my chest. My nipples are aching for attention. They are so erect with excitement and it feels wonderful when he suckles on each one in turn. I groan a little with desire as he sucks on my small but sensitive boobs. His large hands cup my breasts and roughly squeeze them when he isn’t sucking them. I squirm under him as he takes control of me inch by inch.

He continues to kiss down my body. Gentle butterfly kisses make me giggle uncontrollably as he tickles them across my tummy. Then my attention is bought sharply back into focus as he reaches my pussy. He inserts a thick finger into me very gently and massages me. I have never had anyone else touch me there before and the feeling is odd at first. As my juices lubricate his finger, he slips it in a little more and I let him reach into me. It is not unlike my vibrator although he isn’t quite so direct on my pleasure points. Then he lowers his face to me and licks me. Oh my god, it is incredible! His tongue slips into me like a serpent, flicking and licking around it soon gets my juices flowing and I feel an orgasm start to build. I bear down on him and then pull his head deep into me. This is the most incredible feeling I have ever had. His slippery tongue is driving me absolutely wild as he teases my clitoris and brings me to the point of no return.

Not wanting to let this end, I clamp my legs around him tightly as a wave of utter pleasure flows through me. I can barely breathe with the intensity of the experience. My body literally quivers as he sends me into orbit.

As I start to come down of my high, he lies down beside me. We kiss before I pull him on top of me. I want him inside me, now.

He presses the tip of his cock against my vagina and I feel him start to push into me. It takes forever as he gently eases himself in. The feeling I have of being stretched and filled by him is incredible, although a little uncomfortable at first. As he slowly enters me he constantly asks me if everything is ok. He is so gentle and caring.

Finally he has entered me completely. The discomfort I felt was minimal and we lie still for a moment as my body gets used to him. Then ever so gently he starts to pull and push into me. As he builds a rhythm I feel myself respond to the sensation of his cock rubbing against my inner sensitive vagina. He takes his time, constantly reassuring me. The pleasure is so intense that I am lost totally to it. My eyes are barely open at times as wave after wave passes through me.

As he reaches his peak he warns me that he is going to cum, I want to feel him cum inside me so I tell him not to stop. I feel him let go. The heat of his cum flows deep into me, feeling like I am being filled. Then as his semen lubricates me he builds rhythm again bringing me to another orgasm. He slows down and becomes gentle with me again as his erection subsides. I feel a little abandoned as it softens and slips out of me. He lies beside me and we cuddle for a while, recovering from the incredible intensity.

I lean across him, and kiss his mouth. “Thank you for being my first.”

I bask in the glow of satisfaction. Revelling in the feeling of completeness as he gently took me and filled me. His strong body holding me secure. The feeling of fullness as he entered me for the first time. I daydream about how good we could be together and idly trace my fingertips across him as he lies beside me. I trace paths through the hairs on his broad chest with my fingers. Lying so close to him that I hear his heart softly beating.

My traced lines gradually move down his torso, so his tummy. His softly rounded belly rises and falls slowly as he breathes. I trace the line of a small scar in his lower abdomen and look at his flaccid penis. Although no longer erect, it still has a certain allure. As my fingers get closer to his organ it independently moves slightly as though it has thoughts of its own. I roll across him and kiss his broad chest. Feeling the firmness of him under his cool soft skin, so different from my own softness. As I kiss I move further down him, across is tummy to his groin. Then I glance up into his eyes. He is watching me, smiling. I decide that I want to suck all of him while he is still soft. Leaning down I take the whole of his penis into my mouth. Within seconds I feel him grow inside me and fill my mouth. My saliva coats his growing erection and I start to massage his cock with my mouth. Bobbing my head up and down him and licking his spongy head with my tongue.

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