A Day at the Beach w/Statuesque Sub

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A Day at the Beach with my Amazonian Slave

I saw her standing upright in the blazing heat. Sweat was dripping down her whole body. I told her to only put on baby oil even though it was July in the hot Florida sun. Tan lotion gives her body an Oder that’s displeasing to me. (After all, I’m the one who has to sit on her back and shoulders and I need to be comfortable).

“Okay, I’m ready now!” I said.

She quickly walked back to the car, opened the drivers side door and turned towards the beach as she leaned down onto her hands and knees so I could climb onto her shoulders.

Just to see how hot and uncomfortable the burning sand was I stuck my left foot and dug it into the sand outside the car.

“Ouch! My God! That really hurts!”

“Oh Master, your feet are too delicate for that. My body will always bear any burden for you… Here, I’ll carry everything except your tiny water proof bag.”

“Well, I’m carrying the umbrella as well!”

She looked down in shame and held out her large hand.

“NO! You must first put lotion on me in the car! AND DON’T YOU FORGET YOU ARE TO MASSAGE MY FEET!”

“Of course,” Amber said in a soft toned, mousy way.

Amber grabbed the lotion from the bag and squirted the bottle into her muscle toned hands. After rubbing them together she rubbed the lotion over my shoulders, front, back, legs and finally my feet.

“Put some more on for the feet. That’s Not enough. I didn’t realize you were stupid. You’re my slave! All that braun and so very little intelligence…” I remarked sharply as I playfully knocked on her forehead with my knuckles.

“Of course. I’m so sorry. Don’t use the leash today…at least not yet Master,”

I twirled my finger and she got back into pony position. I put my sunglasses on and put my hands in hers.

“Be gentle. Don’t squeeze me too hard,”

I slung my thin, white legs over both of her olive colored broad shoulders. She effortlessly stood up and let my hands go once I was on top of her safely. Pulling out my petite and personal umbrella I could see the shadow covering me. She was out there bare backed and oiled. Most of her body was exposed and she walks without sandals after I told her she must toughen up her feet and build up some rough skin to better bear the pain walking in jagged and burning hot konak escort bayan sand. Most people couldn’t standing for more than 10 seconds (Well, at least mine can’t). The Florida heat is just soooo unbearable I simply won’t deal with any pain or discomfort. I shouldn’t have to. I’m by far the prettier of the pair and I love dominating a taller, stronger, and tougher woman than myself. Controlling a larger persons body is the best. They are mentally weak and allow their bodies to be my toys. Knowing she bares pain just for my pleasure is the Damian in me.

As Amber steadily walked across the sand and to concrete my cock grew and was stabbing her neck from behind. I held up my umbrella with my left hand and lightly grazed her upper arm and shoulder muscles first. Then I sensually rubbed her chest. I heard her groan with pleasure as I twisted her tits, one then the other.

I began rubbing my hard cock against her thick neck as she carried me through the brush and onto the hot pavement walkway around the tiki bar. Rubbing my feet I couldn’t help but verbally express my pleasure. People started to stare in owe of the ugly-faced amazon with the body of a 6′ 2″ blonde Greek Goddess. She weighs 225 lbs., but it’s almost entirely muscle and toned. Her backside was plump along with her chest, but her calves, thighs, shoulders and arms were toned and glistened in the sun, beaming off of her body with a golden glow, showing off her strength and slave status in public (I always dress her in down me). She’s well-tempered and trained as well, for she never questioned me nor my orders. It took awhile because she never had a real master like me before. Eventually, however, she learned how to please me. Amber treated me like a prince or princess, depending on my mood. To me she was a field hand; ugly, strong, dull and uneducated with rough hands and calluses.

After finally getting close to the waters edge I noticed a lounge area with two chairs and a large umbrella. I pointed this out to Amber and she made her way over. I extended my arm below to feel her ripped arms with a feminine touch often used when I become really excited. Looking down I could see her wide feet sinking deep into the sand and broken shells with every step. Turning my head 180 degrees I saw her feet were red and scratched up from the walk. konak escort This made me hot and I became frisky. After commanding her to stop massaging my feet I began feeling her up and down her upper legs and torso. Tapping her on the cheek was our understanding that I required more attention and pleasure. With one arm she grabbed one of my ankles and began sucking hard on my toes. First one by one then my entire foot was lodged in side her mouth. Ecstatic over this I pounded my dick hard on her neck and head. Amber put a blanket over a lounge chair to protect me from the discomfort of hot sensation in which one’s skin can often stick to the chairs back rester. With great care she lifted my body from her shoulders and shifted me into her beautiful arms of steel.

As I slumped into a lazy cat-like position the slave brought me a cold drink before setting up.

“I want to go into the water, would you be so kind, Amber dear?”

Immediately slave Amber easily lifted me up in a cradle position and pulled me up towards her chest. She carried me into the water. She was waist high but still holding on to me. My foot barely scraped the water. It felt warm.

“Put me on one of your abnormally large shoulders. I want to be paraded around in front of the beach,”

Slave Amber dove down and put me on her left shoulder. I was dancing and smoking a joint while she walked along the shallow end so I got the attention I was craving. She was spinning us around as I did a little wave to all the on lookers, puffing away on my joint dry as can be.

“You are relieved of your duties,” I said as she sunk me slowly into the water.

We swam out far enough so as to be hardly seen by the public.

“I think this is deep enough,”

“Oh, but can’t we go a little deeper? I’m so tall…”

I slapped her face. I have to do it hard when I’m serious because if I go easy she won’t be fazed as she has been toughened up over time. Her face red but she seemed unmoved by this abuse.

“You can’t hurt me, silly. You’re not strong enough…”

I’m a fair Master but insubordination makes me go absurd.

“Roll over on your fat stomach!”

I jumped on top of her back and rode her to shore. Her face kept going under water and she was having trouble breathing but I didn’t let up. She escort konak swam to the shallow end of the water. Her knees were digging into the broken shells and she still wasn’t in pain. I jumped up and down on her back as hard as I could but to no avail. She just kept going as if nothing was wrong.

I tired of her resilience to my weight not having an effect.

“Stand!” I said with authority.

Without warning Amber raised up her back to stand and I slid right off her slippery backside splashing right into the water! Before I had a moment to recompose myself and lash out she slid her head between my legs facing my cock. Her hands encompassed my entire butt. With a sturdy grip on me she lifted me up out of the shallow water with just her arms. She spread out her legs while lifting me with her arms brought my cock up against her face.

“Turn me away from these people and start walking!”

I was trying to portray the veneer of anger but eventually I allowed the playfulness. I’m sensual but there’s something about treating Amber as my pony slave in public that makes the whole experience even more euphoric and sexually erotic.

I grabbed her by the hair and spanked her hard on her ass several times. Amber began rushing towards deeper water.

I jerked her head back with my tight grip on her hair, stopping her dead in her tracks. We had reached a deeper spot but because she’s so tall the water only came up to her belly button.

“What do you want my Master?”

“Dip down a bit, take off my pants, and lift me back in this position while I fuck your mouth. Can’t you do anything?” I retorted.

“Of course. You know that I was born to carry your burdens. You’re really light to me. It feels like I’m carrying a backpack. You’re like, what? 155 Lbs.? But I feel ashamed walking with you in public. You’re so good looking and I’m ugly. You’re the royalty and I the peasant. I love being your slave. I’ll let you use my body. You are the Master of my body and will. I never complained when I carried you on my shoulders for hours in the sun at the concert last week. I love pleasing you. I’m way stronger than you and I’d do anything for you.

To prove her point she shifted me to one shoulder and started sucking me. Holding me the way she did, arms around me to keep me upright and pulling me towards her face effortlessly and loving every bit of it make cum splash across her face.

She gently dipped me back into the water to freshen up.

“Oh Master, just enjoy the high while I carry you out of the water. There’s broken shells and your feet may get cut. Here, hop on.”

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