A Christmas to Remember

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It was one week before Christmas and I had invited some of my girlfriends over for drinks while my cuckold boyfriend, James, was out doing my last minute shopping. I so abhor crowds, and shopping in general, that I always have him do it for me.

But I had taken one giant leap and did venture out to buy his Christmas present one that I too could enjoy. I bought him a blowup doll. I thought this was a wonderful gift for him. I could watch as he feebly tried to please this doll with his tiny penis as she lay there with this ho-hum expression waiting for him to satisfy her and her orifices being too big for even her to feel him pumping his little instrument in and out. I was like a child waiting for Christmas morning so I could enjoy that gift.

My friends and I were having a great time talking about the fun times we had shared and the men we had conquered. It was a lot of amusement, listening to all the stories and reliving the memories of our fun times.

Then James came home… the girls got a little quiet and somber and I thought this wouldn’t do. So I told James to go make some hordevours and mix us some more drinks and I told him that I wanted him to serve them in that new pair of pink panties I had bought him last week.

He went into the bedroom and put the packages away and came out with nothing on but his panties; he looked so sweet in them; all the girls loved it. They started giggling and saying how cute he looked in them.

This made me smile with delight and James turned red with humiliation. I thought, “Hmmmm, wouldn’t it be fun if we all teased him about his tiny penis!”

So while he was in the kitchen preparing our food and drinks I huddled with Mary, Norma, and Bonnie and we decided when James came out of the kitchen that we would strip him off his pink frilly panties, tease him and play with his little penis.

I thought it would be fun to milk him too, so I got up and grabbed a wineglass so we could catch his cum as it drizzled out of his tiny dick.

When he entered the room, about twenty minutes, later we had all stripped down to our underwear and were all sitting there with coy little smiles on our faces. James’ jaw dropped; he knew he was in trouble.

He looked at me and asked, “Is there anything else you desire Ma’am?”

A smile crossed my lips and I said, “Yes, James, there is. We have been talking about your tiny dick and the girls would like to see what it looks like. They just can’t imagine a man with a dick as small as yours. Their men are all well hung and they just can’t imagine me being with someone as small as I say you are. They think I’m teasing them or lying to them. You must prove them wrong for me.”

James turned a little red, but did as I requested as all good cuckolds do. “Would you like me to serve them in the nude, Ma’am?” he asked.

“Yes, James, I certainly would!” I said, “Now drop those panties and let them see that tiny dick of yours.” He put the tray down and a little reluctantly, pulled off his panties. Instantly my girlfriends cackled at the little appendage that was hanging in front of them. They were amazed!

Mary turned to me and said, “That can’t please you; that won’t even begin to fill that pussy of yours!”

I said, “Yes, you’re right why do you think I have that big black Bull to keep me happy?”

She laughed and said, “Oh yeah, I forgot about him.” And then we all laughed.

Norma said, “Oh I can’t believe that thing is real, this is a joke. James, come over here so I can see that little thing close up and verify that it’s real.”

James looked at me hesitantly obviously hoping I would deny her request. I said, “Do as she says James and do it now!”

He slowly and cautiously approached Norma güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and she put her reading glasses on and bent down to examine his small penis.

“I’ve seen print larger than this,” she said, “I just have to touch it!”

I said, “Go ahead, it’s too small to hurt you.”

We all laughed. James stood very still anticipating the touch that was headed his way and fearing it at the same time. I just looked him in the eye and smiled. He is a good cuckold, I thought to myself.

Mary said, “That thing can’t really work. It certainly is too small to produce any cum. Look how small those balls are.”

I said, “Yeah, he has a little bit of cum every now and then. We can find out how much he has if you would like. I think it would be fun, don’t you, James?”

James just looked at me with horror in his eyes and I laughed out loud.

“Come over here my little dicked man and let me show them what to do to find that cum in you.” I commanded.

Slowly James walked to my side and I took his small penis in my hand and started giving him a hand job. I could feel that little penis trying to get hard.

I said to Mary, “Feel this, he gets hard just like a real man. He just doesn’t get big like a real man.”

So she reached out and took his tiny dicklett in her hand and it was so small she almost lost it. She giggled at the feeling in her hand, she said, “It feels like a little mouse or something in my hand. It is soft and gushy and fun. I like this little toy but wouldn’t want to sleep with it; it would never please me!”

I laughed and said, “No his penis is of little use, but he does a great clean-up job after my Bull is has filled me with a great cream pie. The best oral sex I ever had!”

She laughed and said, ” I doubt that! My boyfriend gives great oral sex!” The challenge was made and I had to prove my point.

I said, “Take ’em off my dear and let him show you!”

I told James, ” You show her how good that tongue of yours is, now!”

He looked at me a little embarrassed and said, “Yes Ma’am.”

All us other girls gathered around to watch as Mary lay down and spread her legs. James dutifully went down on her and within minutes she was moaning at the pleasure she was given.

Within five minutes she was squirming with ecstasy and begging him not to stop. Within another two minutes she orgasmed violently! And had a smile on her face. James just stood up and waited for more instruction from me. Mary smiled and said, “I see what you mean.”

I held out the wineglass and said to James, “You know what I want in here?”

He said, “Yes, Ma’am! But you want to do it now?”

I told him, “Yes, I want the girls to have fun too! This is a joyous time of year after all. And when it’s full I want us both to drink it; you know how I love cum!” He just shook his head.

I took his small, limp penis in my hand and started rubbing it. Gently at first to get it hard so it could produce the juices I desired.

I looked at Norma who was watching with wide eyes and said, “I think you would enjoy this, here, try.”

She smiled and reached over and took that small penis in her large hand. She said, “This is so tiny!”

“Yes, but it will cum for you just keep rubbing it.” I told her and sat back to enjoy the scene. There was a smile on Norma’s face; she was having a good time.

Bonnie had been sitting there quietly since we started playing with James. She finally spoke, “Hey, when do I get a turn. I am used to big bulls and I want to see and feel that baby dick.”

Norma said, “Give me a few more minutes. He’s starting to get hard. Look at those little balls, they’re turning into little marbles.” And she laughed while she güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri tickled his small balls.

James pleaded with me with his eyes, but I was far from ready to end this fun. I went into the bedroom and just listened to my friends having a good time with him.

It was fun hearing them describe the sensations of touching such a small dicklett. When I re-emerged Bonnie had him in her hands fondling the penis like it was dough. I asked, if any cum had shown itself yet and the said it hadn’t.

“Oh well,” I said, “guess I’ll have to take matters into my own hands.”

I ridiculed him for not cooperating and took his dicklett into my hand. I said, “Now look James, I really want some cum here. You will give it up!”

I put a little pressure on the small semi-erect penis and it became a little harder. I told the girls, “You just need to learn how to do this.” They laughed.

After jerking on his penis for a few minutes the sweet cum started its short journey to the head, precum was surfacing. I smiled and said to James, “Now, that a good boy!” The girls liked this and came closer to see his cum emerging from the head of his little cock.

Bonnie got excited… “I want to get some of that in the glass, let me do it!”

“Okay, but come take it from me, I don’t want a break in the action or he’ll lose it.” I told her.

Mary got up and went for the camera, “Wait, I want a picture of this!” she said.

So I continued my constant stroking and when Mary came with the digital she took the picture as we traded off and Bonnie took over. Bonnie had a good rhythm going and I could see James was starting to fill that small instrument of his. I took the camera from Mary and got close to the scene.

I wanted to see his cum flow out of his head. It was only a second before the cum flowed… I got a great shot and I even got one of his little small amounts of cum flowing into the glass. Bonnie stood up proud and held the wineglass up for all to see. We all cheered that she had accomplished her task!

James stood there, still naked and his little dicklett totally withdrawn. I had an idea how to cheer him up. I went back into the bedroom and put on my strap-on.

I walked out with only that on. “Okay girls, now some more fun…”

The looked up and saw me and asked all together, “What are you going to do with that?”

I said, “What do you think, I’m going to fuck him!”

“Oh, okay, just so it’s him and not us!” they said in unison. They laughed a laugh of relief.

James knew what to do, and he got down on all fours.

I told him, “No, James, it’s not fair that only Mary gets the thrill of your tongue. Now you have to do Bonnie and Norma. And while you are doing them, I’m going to do you!”

“As you wish Ma’am!” he said, “Do you have a preference as to which one should be first Ma’am?”

I looked at the girls and Bonnie said, “I’m really wet from milking him, I want him to clean me first.”

I told James, “Okay, do her first.”

Bonnie took her panties off and lay on the soft cushions on the floor. James got down on all fours and crawled across the room to her, head bowed. I had Mary get the camera since she had already had hers and she became the photographer. I walked over and lubricated James’ asshole so that I could enter him.

I was careful as I inserted my 8-inch penis into him because I did not want to cause any bleeding. He moaned as he felt it slide into him. It took a while to get him use to this but now he enjoys it. As I fucked his butt he licked Bonnie really good. She started moaning almost as soon as his tongue touched her pubic hairs. Mary was taking pictures from all angles, wanting to get the full essence güvenilir bahis şirketleri of the moment and the looks on everyone’s face.

The more excited Bonnie’s moans became the deeper James penetrated her and the more I penetrated him. I was getting really excited with the sounds and movements going on around us. My pussy was wet and my clit was hard. I was ramming James harder than I ever had when it was just the two of us. I was losing control I was so excited.

Finally, after about ten minutes Bonnie erupted with a loud scream of pleasure and her body convulsed for about two or three minutes from the ecstasy she was experiencing. From my angle, I could see her legs twitching. Should have filmed it instead of stills.

I had to take quick deep breaths to keep my body from convulsing too. This was a real exciting experience for me. Mary had never used the strap-on before, but after she saw what I had gone through she asked, “Can I do him this time and you take the pictures?”

“Sure, I need the break, that was really exciting. Just don’t damage my goods, either one of them.” I laughed. She promised she wouldn’t and I turned over the strap-on.

Meanwhile, Norma had stripped off her panties and made her way to the cushions. A smile across her face in anticipation of the orgasm she knew was on its way. She reached down and touched her pussy and announced, “I’m wet already and he hasn’t even touched me!” and she laughed.

“Just wait,” I said, “you’re going to want your own cuckold after this is over.”

Once again James took his position and this time Mary lubricated him and slowly entered his asshole. She was cautious, I could tell she didn’t want to damage my property. She smiled as it slid smoothly into the ass hole I had already enlarged. James backed a little into it because he likes the way it feels and then he started licking and probing Norma and a tentative Mary started pumping her hips in a rhythm that felt good to her. She smiled and I could tell instantly that she enjoyed this.

I walked around the scene with the camera taking some great pictures of each scene. I even took pictures of Bonnie masturbating. She just couldn’t seem get enough of this situation. James was performing very well too. Norma’s hips had already started to grind and there was a humming sound coming from her. James was licking furiously trying to keep up with the movement of her hips.

Mary had a smile a mile wide as she pumped that large penis in and out of James’ butt. This was really getting her off too. I was getting wet again too… that sex going on around me made me horny all over again. Everyone was having fun and getting what they wanted. No one felt left out.

After about five minutes Norma was screaming with pleasure and Mary had juices running down her legs. It was clear they were enjoying this.

I got close to Norma’s pussy and got a picture of James’ tongue in her and it knew its way around that territory. Her clit was standing at attention and demanding attention. James was doing a good job. In another few minutes Norma’s entire body convulsed and a deep sigh came from deep inside her.

She was completely spent. James slowly cleaned the entire pussy area and pulled slowly away from her pulsing body.

As he backed out Mary gave a last thrust of her penis and sighed deeply as the juices continued to flow down her legs. James turned around and licked the juices, moaning, as he tasted her. He was getting a good supper. And he had no complaints.

Well, now all of my guests were fully serviced. They lay there, all of them, with smiles on their faces. I said, “See, a cuckold is a good thing to keep around the house. And you can keep your Bulls too.”

They thanked me for a wonderful Christmas present and got dressed. James sat on the floor looking exhausted and satisfied. His little dicklett pulled into his body totally useless. But he smiled because he knew he has pleased me in pleasing my friends.

As they left we vowed to do this every Christmas from now on.

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