A Certain Smile Ch. 01

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A Note to the Reader

This is a work of pure fiction intended for an adult audience. It’s the first story I’ve shared publicly. Many of my stories have existed for only a day before being relegated to the trash bin, and gosh darn it I’m tired of doing that. This was a fun one to write, and I hope you find it enjoyable.


Prelude: 1976

Katie was the kind you take home to mom. I never did. Embarrassment avoidance was an almost daily concern of mine back in high school days. Mom wasn’t a beast and we didn’t live in a hovel, mind you, but I tended to seek out the better-washed for friends and conquests. And this particular green-eyed girlfriend lived in a house exactly four times the size of my own. We met in fast-food, she a pretty and demure cashier with curly blond hair, and I a lanky and brazen burger flipper who smelled of garlic and grease.

It was the spring quarter of my junior year. Katie was a senior at a rival school in the county. Every time I picked her up, I talked with her dad in their formal living room. I never had to wait too long to be rescued. I later imagined that her father informed her to minimize the amount of time my Valiant spent in his driveway. I chatted with her mom a couple times, and I remember her as a hot one. It bode well for her daughter’s future.

Sex wasn’t a part of dating Katie. I liked being with her, talking with her, and smelling her. Damn, could she ever arouse through her scents alone! To hug her and kiss her neck was to be overwhelmed with desire. I tried my best to steer it toward the other senses, but it wasn’t to be. Typically, it was just a kiss in the dark driveway that punctuated the evening.

The kisses at least got better over the three months we went to movies, dinners, some being double-dates, and that one killer party. Taking her home after that one was not any different, though. She had taken to holding my hands while we kissed, and that’s how it went. And then she did what she always did, giving me the smile that said “I’m sorry.” And it always morphed into a smile of genuine fondness for me. Yeah, that smile of hers is what kept me coming back.

On what ended up being our last date, we spent a little time at the local make-out zone. I don’t know what I was thinking, really. Not so much as a kiss transpired there along the river.

“I can’t, Jeffrey. I’m sorry.”

And she gave me that damn smile. I’ve no idea what my expression conveyed.

I positively wrote-off getting into her pants. I wondered if she had a wiener or something and didn’t want me finding out. Fine, fine; it’s not like I wasn’t making the most of the weekend’s other date night, at least during a few of the weekends while we dated. But the summer was ending and big changes were coming. Katie would be off to college soon, and I had things to do in getting ready for senior year.

Off to college Katie went. I did some things. I ran into her mother at the grocery store one September morning. In the checkout line, we talked about what I had planned for after high school. She had only a basket of goodies so I waited for her and walked her to the car. She hugged me goodbye, and she apparently had no trouble reading my face afterward. And I’ll be damned if a bittersweet smile didn’t morph into sunshine. And then something like partly cloudy.

“Katie said you were always a perfect gentleman, and her father and I appreciate that very much. Take care, OK?”

I think I offered a “You too” in the awkwardness that followed. I jumped into her eyes and she allowed it.

She was peering inside me just as intently, and I glimpsed the lover she was. I opened my mouth to speak, but she put up a delicate hand and mouthed what I think was “Can’t”. And then it flashed again, the family smile that means all is good when all is not. It would be a number of years before I’d see her again.

That fall and winter Katie and I wrote all of four letters to each other, each increasingly shorter. And that was that. And then In the spring of my junior year in college, my mom called with news there was a letter waiting for me.

Chapter 1: 1980

“It’s from Katie!”

Mom was acting her usual happy self when bringing news of a girl. She knew Katie was one of the special ones.

“I never met that one, Jeffrey.”

No, she hadn’t, I told her. It was convenient timing as I was to be home in a week anyway for a summer of absolute freedom. The digs, I should point out, were different. It would be my first time staying more than a night in the new house, and I was actually looking forward to it.

I finished the quarter’s exams and made for home. I don’t think I so much as turned the radio on. Katie was everywhere. I contemplated five or six glorious scenarios of how our reunion might go, never mind she might be writing only to ask for one of my friends’ phone numbers. She did look at Mark a lot on double-dates.

Once home and unpacked, I lifted Katie’s letter from the mantle as nonchalantly as possible. I didn’t want questions. menderes escort What I wanted was to run up to my new bedroom, lock the door, and tear into the envelope. Instead, I waited until after mom gave me a tour of the latest new furnishings, during which time it finally occurred to me that the letter might have been violated. It was known to happen years back. It takes only the desire and a steaming teakettle to open a letter, and she had had that one sitting around for at least a week. She was a curious woman, but that’s a story for another day.

Katie’s letter was full of promise. It didn’t take a lot of reading between lines to see she had some regrets. I read the letter a second time to scan it as might a nosy mother. Not too bad, I thought. Ah, but I could see Katie’s lovely smile through her hand-written words. She wrote she hoped I’d be home for the summer and that we could see each other. She closed with a phone number. I was on the horn within five minutes.


I almost couldn’t speak. That voice! One silly word and I flashed back to 16. I regained my composure and we chatted for a half-hour. She had just graduated from another college and already had an apartment with a Kathleen, one of her past roommates from the school. Kathleen had graduated the quarter before to meet a start-date for a PR job. Katie was going into a finance position in a month’s time. I told her that my earlier dreams in the field of psychology had become nightmares, and somewhere along the way I found my inner mathematician. She thought it funny since I had such a hard time with figuring the tip on our dinner dates. She offered no word about boyfriends, and I kept my cards close on that subject. We set a date for the next weekend, presumably when her apartment would be presentable enough to receive a gentleman caller.

It was Kathleen who answered the door when I arrived for the date. She was tiny and more cute than pretty. She was almost Goth, and she looked around nervously and ushered me inside as if hiding my presence from an RA. Been there! But at an in-town apartment and as actual adults, I thought it was odd.

She disappeared quickly enough, and I just sat there quietly on the couch for a couple minutes. And then the far-prettier of the roommates walked into the living room. Gorgeous even, Katie had become! There was still an unmistakable air of innocent sweetness about her. Hair, longer, but still the curls. Damn, I thought, how is it she got out of that particular school without having marriage plans?

That date brought something new. Alcohol was something Katie wouldn’t drink in high school, but boy-howdy she had picked up a passion for white zinfandel. I don’t recall how many she drank, but she never appeared drunk. “Highly relaxed” would describe it. And the first kiss happened organically and beautifully, and not as a last stand in a dark driveway. It was in the restaurant’s parking lot after dinner. I opened the door for her and kissed her hand. Girls seem to like that. She leaned first, and the kiss lasted long enough to draw attention from an arriving elderly couple. It was wonderful.

We returned to the apartment. I had such a good time that I wanted to try another tack: patience! I walked her to her door, told her how great the evening was, and waited for the kiss to happen. It did, and when we parted we found that we were holding hands. I looked down at them and couldn’t keep from chuckling just the littlest bit. And she got it immediately!

“I remember, Jeffrey. I was something, wasn’t I?”

And to that, I gave her my best and warmest smile.

“It’s OK,” I said, “May I see you tomorrow?”

She nodded.

That’s about how the next date ended. there was a commotion inside the apartment when we drove up. It turned out her roommate was yelling at someone over the phone. That was OK. I was really liking being with her. As much as I wanted to, I didn’t push things. She started this round, after all.

The third date ended differently than planned. Once back at the apartment for what was supposed to be a glass of wine and maybe an hour’s visit, Kathleen was unexpectedly home and anchored to the TV. She was polite to me, I’ll say that, but something wasn’t right. After one glass of wine and when it was apparent no privacy was to be given, I began a polite exit speech. Katie picked up on it, frowned when Kathleen’s head was turned toward me, and rose to see me to the door.

“I’ll walk you to your car,” she said.

Katie apologized for the atmosphere and said she had a really, really good time with me. She kissed me thoroughly and invited me over for the coming Saturday. “Dinner and everything” were her words. Saying that last word, she damn near winked. The roommate would be away.

I worshiped the sun all week, and thought of no one but Katie. That said, her mom’s face popped-in every once in a while, and I may have had a fantasy concerning her. That’s normal for me, though. In my mind, I’ve fucked many escort menderes of my friends’ mothers and most all of my girlfriends’ moms. “Come here, Jeffrey, and help me with something in the bedroom.” Moms in general: another topic for another day.

Chapter 2: The Big Date

The dinner date with sweet Katie happened just as planned. With a little help from me, she made what she said was one of her mother’s specialties, an almond-crusted rainbow trout, and it was outstanding.

We drank most of a bottle of chardonnay before we sat down to eat. We kissed at the table, by the sink, and over by the trash can. And by 25-watt lamplight on the living room couch, I saw her breasts for the very first time.

She actually laughed when she saw my expression. I told her I had waited quite a number of years for the moment. They weren’t spectacular breasts but the nipples were large and hard and surrounded by the more textured of the aureole types. I nestled beside her and looked at them from the new perspective. Her breasts rose and fell with her breaths. I cupped one then the other tenderly and played with the virtual erections that were those nipples.

There was no more chuckling. There was a cuddle and a kiss, and with my mouth, tongue, and teeth, I made love to her breasts. I pulled off my shirt when I came up for air. We kissed anew. When she gave her tongue, I suckled it and breathed-in her breath. I moved a hand down across her breasts and bellybutton, and there I anchored my palm. My fingertips come to rest below and outside her still-fastened chinos. They were wet!

I must have been raging hard by then but I remember only the visual scene of the moment. I unsnapped and unzipped the loose-fitting slacks, spread wide the wings of fabric, and saw another first. Through the tight cotton panties, the mound and its cleft were beautiful to behold. The large bump would be her clitoris. Damn. I saw deep into the pants and where the thighs begin at the other end of the cotton. I kissed her panties’ waistband and returned to her breasts and finally her lips, where occurred the wettest, deepest kiss yet.

I slid my hand under the panties and through the fine pubic hair, letting only the middle finger survey the landscape. And inside, it was already slippery, wetter than any pussy I’d known upon first touch. And what about this clit? I circled it with the fingertip and felt her whole body shudder. I slid down off the couch, not moving the lucky hand until it joined the other in pulling down and off the clothing that was in my way. I was there! It was beyond beautiful. The most glorious, lightly haired pussy that I had ever seen was open for me. And it was sopping wet and fragrant. Sitting atop it, a wisp of pubic hair curled just above, was a perfect helmet of a clitoris. It was as if I had been down there licking away for several minutes. I felt her move a little and looked up to see her pull a fluffy towel from the end-table’s shelf.

“We’ll need this,” she whispered.

I watched as she rose and laid the towel on the couch. She sat down on it.

“I get kinda wet.”

The smell drew me into it but I had to do something about the pressure in my pants. I unbuckled my belt and crawled up beside her. I led a willing hand to my bulge, and then I cleared the path myself. The head of my truly aching cock was sticking out the underwear already. She reached inside and grasped most of its length, and I knew I wouldn’t last long when it was its turn. Just to be unencumbered, I began to wrestle myself out of the pants. Ah, this part I remember in detail.

“No,” Katie whispered, “not at the same time, OK?”

I remembered similar requests during high school dating but hadn’t encountered such a comment in years. Still, I was holding new ground and didn’t want to lose it.

“I don’t think I can re-zip.”

“Oh,” she said, the awesome smile returning for a moment. It was replaced not by a different quality smile but rather something closer to fear. Oh, fuck, I thought, the natural flow has stopped. I caressed her more distant knee, and counter to every urge boiling in my 20-year old, impetuous self, I pulled the knee toward its equally adorable counterpart.

It was my turn to flash a shining smile.

“Katie, I really like this. It’ll all been happening the way it’s supposed to happen. But that doesn’t mean we have to do… everything. I’m prepared in case it does, but I have no expectations.”

“You are a sweet one, Jeffrey.”

Gloriously, the smile was back.

“Let’s go lie down in your room. I’ll keep to your limits, I promise.”

She partially re-dressed to make the move, opting to leave the soaked panty on the floor. I eyed it with considerable interest while she fished the blouse from behind the couch.

“I’ll bring these in the room,” I said, picking up the treasure. The band was rolled and the gusset was fully open to see. I couldn’t help but slide my thumb along the wet face that cradled her pussy some minutes menderes escort bayan before. It took some doing not to bring the thumb to my nose.

“I know someone like you,” she said. And then she winked! So I forgot about sniffing anything but the real thing. I zipped myself mostly closed, grabbed my shirt and shoes, and took her outstretch hand. She snatched the panty. Damn.

She came out of the bathroom in an over-size white t-shirt, a new and fluffier towel in-hand. I was already stretched out in the queen-size bed, a sheet covering me completely. I turned back a corner to let her place the towel. She folded it once into something close to a square, pressed it down beside my pelvis, and crawled atop it. She came to rest on her back. I floated the sheet over her, and rolled to my side, my knee softly over hers, and my hand on her stomach.

“Let’s just lie here for a minute,” I said.

Manipulative, sure, but it allowed a real re-set. I breathed in the smell of her hair and enjoyed just the closeness. And I was hard almost immediately. My cock pressed against her hip but I did not grind in the least. I nibbled at her ears.

My Katie pushed me onto my back. She reached down and placed her hand over my cock. And she pet it. So lightly she touched it through the sheet. She traced its contours with thumb and middle finger. And she grasped it, her fingertips almost meeting. I looked down to see my encased erection. There was the hand of Katie. And there, the breasts of Katie.

A playful smile was the only sign she gave before she yanked away the sheet and fixed her eyes on the cock that she had made hard countless times but had never touched or seen. And was that “wonder” in her eyes? So careful she was. It took forever for her to grasp it, and when she did I let her know it was very good. She turned her head and laid a kiss on my nipple. That, I really liked. So she did it again.

Keeping my cock in her grasp, she moved over me farther, found the other nipple and suckled it. I couldn’t help but arch my pelvis and start the first pump myself. She caught on and began a slow and off-rhythm jacking. She returned to the closer nipple and licked and sucked it hungrily. I was in heaven.

When my breaths quickened, she left my breasts and got closer to the action in her hand. She changed grip and went faster. And she got closer.

She stopped jacking and went back to petting. She raised it in the air, testing how far up she could pivot it. And she brought her lips to it and kissed the ridge and down the flank. I’m not quite six and a half inches but it felt as though my cock was a foot long for the time it took her to traverse the span. Wetter kisses and tongue flicks she gave me on the way back to the head. And then she parted her lips and took the head into her mouth. It was one of the happiest moments of my life! Such a simple thing it was. It was almost a common thing, the rat I was, but this was Katie!

“Oh my God, Katie, it’s wonderful.”

Her hand joined the campaign and masturbated me where she couldn’t reach with her lips. An ever so brief pause in her sucking told me there was precum, maybe a lot of it, all things considered. I felt the cold of no longer being in her mouth, and I opened my eyes to find her considering the flavor. She liked it but it seemed a new discovery. From somewhere behind her she grabbed and delivered to my chest the panties she had worn.

“It’s OK,” she said, “I understand. Really.”

She returned her head to my stomach, grabbed hold of my cock, and started pumping me silly. I could see only the back of her head so I closed my eyes, took the panties in hand, and let her pump. I found the gusset by feel, and I brought it straight to my nose, left to right across my face. My left nostril found sweetness and the right found gold. Two, maybe three intense inhales later, I had to warn her.

“I’m close now, I’m close now!”

The bed was bouncing, and I couldn’t keep from voicing the excitement of it all in sounds that weren’t words — and through sopping wet all-spice undies that I’d be taking home with me. Overload was coming quick.

“Baby, sweetie… there’s gonna be a lot of it… in a second… Oh damn, want me to finish?”

But on she pumped — but she slowed! The split–second I was going to encase her hand in mine, I felt her mouth over the head. There came an instant jolt of electricity. I may have left the surface of the bed. She found my hand and brought it there and I knew what she wanted.

I grabbed my cock’s base and pumped as hard as I could without punching Katie in the lips on the way up. She was attached to the head and I felt her tongue circling and dancing.

And bang! The first squirt of cum was a big and powerful one that moved her off the hydrant. I heard a gulp and I felt her head back on my stomach. Breathing only the air that passed through her pussy-soaked panties, I jacked myself until I couldn’t move. No telling how much cum escaped me but it was up there with the big ones.

I took the panties from my face. Katie, with a face full of cum, was smiling at me. It was true affection and maybe more. God, she was pretty right then. My breaths slowed and I looked at the nipples that were poking her t-shirt. Oh my, her right one was wet — a direct and considerable hit.

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