A Blue-Collar Story Ch. 1

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Desi was basically a happy, content person. In college, she had majored in business, ideas whirling through her mind for the next big thing, the next wonderful IT. Entering the work force, she found a great job and loved it, working hard to succeed. She had bought a house, all by herself, in a very nice neighborhood. She spent her off-time redecorating it, which she found fun and relaxing. She had decided that a man was not necessary, at least not now, and actually found life exciting and fulfilling. She found an adorable car, her first brand new one, and loved driving it. She was meticulous in the upkeep, getting oil changes as often as recommended, keeping it shiny and new.

Desi had found a wonderful service station within a mile of her house. It was convenient, fast, and, amazingly, full service, the last of its kind. She liked the idea of driving in and having someone else pump the gas, wash the windshield and check the oil level. She had no illusions of Women’s Lib. She was a steady customer, stopping at least weekly. There was a guy there, a wonderfully blue-collared guy, named Scott. He was tall and lean, tanned, and very friendly. He was the first one out of the door when she pulled up to the pumps, greeting her happily and bustling about taking care of her car needs. He always wore a short-sleeved blue shirt with his name embroidered on his chest. His arms were muscular and firm, with a matting of soft brown hair. She loved to watch his hands as he so capably opened the hood and checked all the little things under there. She also loved to watch his ass, so perfectly formed, filling his snug jeans so delightfully. Sometimes, she fantasized about patting that butt as he cleaned her windshield, just to show her appreciation.

Scott was on sabbatical. One day in his office in the sky, he just decided he had had enough of the corporate shenanigans. He wanted to get back to basics and be with people who had nothing to gain by being nice to him. During the years, he had invested in many properties. He had rentals throughout the city, a few small strip shopping centers and a couple of businesses. One of the them was a neighborhood gas station, which was a great little money maker. When he had his fill of corporate cut-throats, he retreated to the station. No one, except the manager, knew his true identity. He spent his days doing honest work, making an honest dollar and actually enjoying his life again.

The day was already a scorcher. Desi woke feeling restless and bored. She didn’t want to spend another weekend alone, but she didn’t want to be with any of her friends, either. She got out of bed and stepped into the shower, turning the blast to icy cold. As it hit her skin, she felt her nipples harden and grow taut and she just stood there enjoying the sensation. She ran the soapy sponge slowly over every inch of her tanned body, enjoying the sensation of the soft sponge and the sharp shower spray on her skin. She thought perhaps she would take a drive along the coast, enjoying the day, perhaps stopping at a beach to find an adventure.

She stepped from the shower, wrapping in a towel. As she stood in front of the mirror, she took inventory, something she occasionally did. She was short, petite, tiny…so many adjectives. Her body was nicely shaped, full and lush, despite her tiny frame. Her breasts were tantalizingly shaped, slightly upturned at the nipples, giving them a pert look. She really liked her nipples, they were long and brown and very sensitive. Even now, just running her fingertips over them caused them to turn bumply and hard. Her tummy was gently rounded and firm. Her fingers were tracing her body as she watched in the mirror, now they reached her curlies. She loved these too. Long, soft, and dark brown, they caught on her fingers and wrapped around them. She caressed her mound for a second and then forced herself to move her hand. If she started touching herself, she might never leave the house today! She looked at her face reflected in the mirror and was again pleased. She had a small, heart-shaped face, surrounded by short dark brown curls. Her eyes were a soft brown, framed by thick lashes. When she smiled, like now, her dimples deepened and her eyes twinkled. It was only the first week of June, but already she had a very nice tan, with no lines, thanks to her backyard pool. Happily, she felt she passed inspection. She sprayed on her favorite summer scent, a soft vanilla, and turned to decide what to wear on her travels.

Opening üçyol escort her closet, she found the new peach sundress she had purchased last month. It really wasn’t her style, she preferred tailored clothing. It was very girlish, with a fitted bodice and tiny straps over her shapely shoulders. The skirt was full and short. She had felt very attractive, very feminine when she had tried it on in the store. She loved it and decided to buy it. She had even bought dainty white sandals to wear with it. Of course, she had suffered buyer’s regret when she got home. She hung it in the closet and forgot about it. Until today. Today, it seemed perfect. It was exactly what she should wear on her adventure.

She dressed in tiny, lacy peach panties; no bra was required. Then she took the dress from the closet and slipped it on, again feeling ultra feminine and lovely. As she slipped her feet into the sandals, she noted that her pedicure matched the peach perfectly. A good sign.

She felt her hips sway as she walked to the car, feeling very young and pretty. As she left her neighborhood, she noticed her gas tank was half empty and decided to fill up before heading out. She pulled into her favorite station, smiling as Scott bounded out of the office.

She secretly felt that Scott had a crush on her. He was so attentive and polite, very quiet and respectful. She liked teasing him a little, leaning forward or spreading her legs just a little as he cleaned the windshield. She loved the way he blushed, his fair skin warming to a bright red when he caught a glimpse of her bra or thigh. What she liked the best is that Scott did not make inane conversation. No, “Hot enough for you?” from him. He greeted her and started servicing her car. As the gas pumped, he checked under the hood, then stood beside her open window, cleaning the windshield. Desi let her gaze fall on his shapely ass again, thinking a little pat would be a nice tip. But she didn’t. She just waited, her heart racing a little at the thought. When the pump clicked off, Scott moved to finish up. He approached her window, holding out his hand for her card.

God! Desi looked for her purse and realized she had forgotten it at home. Damn! She groaned at the thought of returning home for it and then coming back here and THEN starting her road trip. Double Damn! She smiled sweetly at Scott and began explaining her predicament, when he interrupted her. “I’m sorry, no credit, Ma’am”, he said. Desi stopped for a second, then dimpled at him, starting once again to promise to come right back with her card. Scott, looking very stern, repeated the “absolutely no credit” line to her, startling her. Desi had always felt he liked her and would let her do almost anything. Now he was being a complete hard ass!

Scott stood there, looking at her. He thought Desi was the most delicious woman he had ever met. He melted when she smiled. He broke all records rushing out of the office to be the one to help her. He took lots of kidding from the others, about his “Hot Mama”. Now, she was distressed and he could be of help. But for some reason, he felt the right thing to do was refuse to be nice. He wanted more than just pumping her gas or admiring her through the windshield, and he seemed about to get it.

While Scott debated the wisdom of his actions, Desi took control. “What if i took you with me to my house, what if we went together for my wallet?” she asked. Scott thought it over. Indeed, this was exactly what he wanted, but he didn’t want to appear too eager. He rubbed his dimpled chin and looked at the office, as if considering.

“Well, I do have a break coming and no one has to know that you didn’t pay me right away…… I guess I could go with you and make sure that you come back here,” he said.

Desi inwardly sighed. As if she wouldn’t come back with the money! As if she weren’t a steady customer, well-known by everyone! She was very indignant as Scott moved around the car and sat beside her in the passenger seat. She refused to talk with him on the way to her house. It was a short drive but Scott maintained his usual silence too, so the trip seemed to take forever.

As they turned into her drive, Desi opened the garage door and drove inside. Leaving the engine running, she tersely told Scott she would be right back and left the car. Scott watched her sweet little body move in front of the car, her full skirt swishing nicely as she moved angrily into the house. As soon as üçyol escort bayan she was inside, Scott reached over and turned off the ignition, removed the keys and closed the garage door. He stepped from the car, into the hot garage, and followed Desi into the house. It was nearly frigid inside. The air conditioner was blasting down on him and he sighed with happiness. The first thing he saw was the incredibly blue water in the pool out back. It looked so cool and welcoming. He didn’t see Desi, but could hear her tossing things and cursing loudly, searching. He smiled as he noticed her purse on the counter by the door. She would be awhile finding it. He walked through the kitchen and into the living room, opening the sliding door and stepping out into the bright sunshine. The pool seemed to be calling him, saying his name with seductive, cool tones. The sun shone on the water, causing tiny diamond sparkles to nearly blind him. He couldn’t resist. He pulled off his sneakers and socks, rolling up his jeans and lowering his legs into the pool. It was wonderful.

The sun didn’t seem as evil as it did when he pumped gas. He removed his shirt, appreciating the warmth of the rays on his tanned skin. He was considering his good fortune when he heard the door open behind him. “I can’t find my purse, but you have to know I am good for the gas, Scott!”, Desi said quietly. Her anger was pretty much dissipated and now she was entranced by the lovely man seated on her deck. She felt her heart race and her deep pinkness expanding with desire. Scott turned to look at her and she caught her breath at his handsome face, smiling up at her.

“Actually, Miss Desi, this pool feels so good, I could totally forget your debt for a swim,” he said. His mind was awhirl with the possibilities of the afternoon. This was something he couldn’t have arranged, but was just what he wanted, time alone with Desi.

Desi looked into his smiling face and agreed quickly. “I will gladly pay for the gas and still let you swim, Scott. I don’t want the register to come up short.”

Now Scott faced the problem of what to wear. Desi solved it by offering to turn her back if he wanted to swim in undies, she promised not to look. Scott happily agreed and stripped down to bare skin while she looked the other way. He slipped into the water, sighing as the cool depths covered him. He started swimming immediately, a smooth gliding stroke taking him gracefully from one side to the other. Desi sat on one of the deck chairs, unable to see under the surface due to the sunny reflection, but appreciating his long, efficient strokes and well-toned arms and shoulders.

He finally stopped on the side of the pool, resting his forearms on the deck. “Come join me, Miss Desi?” he asked. She smiled at his expression and insisted he call her Desi, thinking a swim with him would be wonderful. She promised to be right back and went into the house, to change into a suit.

Well, part of a suit. Pieces of a suit. The semblance of a suit. She chose her new neon yellow tankini, which covered her breasts and tummy, but left her entire back bare, with various strings criss-crossing her tanned skin. The bottom was a traditional bikini, just covering her tight ass and soft mound. She padded back to the pool, entering the deck area quietly, nearly shyly. But Scott was waiting and she saw the appreciation in his eyes as he watched her enter the sunshine.

She walked down the steps, slipping under the water and swimming across the pool immediately.

They swam quietly, crossing paths as they did lap after lap. Finally, both stopped at the same time and in the same end. They stood together and just enjoyed the feeling of being free on this lovely day. Neither spoke. Scott moved a step closer, and gently ran his fingers into her wet hair, pulling it out of her eyes. She smiled and kept her face cradled in his palm, enjoying the human warmth. He leaned down, his hand still on her cheek and kissed her mouth. At first, it was a gentle kiss, an expression of thanks. Then he moved a little closer, sliding his lips over hers, lightly tracing her sweet smile with his roving tongue. He licked her lips, enjoying the taste of her, all wet and sunshiny. His tongue continued exploring, moving between her lips, gently inviting hers to play. They stood near each other, teasing and touching tongues, their bodies still apart.

Finally, as they continued kissing, his fingers reached her back, exploring escort üçyol and following the strings there, deciding the best way to remove the pretty yellow top. He found a string and pulled it, feeling the maze loosen. He was still kissing her delicious mouth, now her chin and cheekbones, now her jaw. His mouth never stopped, he wanted to devour her. Desi stood there, a lustful haze filling her mind and lulling her. She felt his fingers on her back and mentally instructed him to find the release. Her nipples were aching for his touch, and she felt her pinkness swelling and getting so wet for him.

He slid the shoulder straps over and down her arms. Now her pretty brown nipples were exposed to the breeze, hardening and bumpling for Scott. His hands were on her upper arms, holding her away from him so he could enjoy the sight of her lovely breasts. She arched toward him, her fingers slipping into his hair, bringing his face to hers again. They kissed like old lovers now, already sure what would please the other. Then she guided his head down to her breasts, offering them to his talented mouth. He latched onto the right one, sucking it deeply into his heat, making her moan aloud, making her soft pussy ache with need. Her fingers moved over his smooth skin, tracing all the muscles she found, learning all the sweet spots that caused him to moan. He pulled them to the steps, sitting on the lower one, bringing her body between his thighs. His mouth returned to her breasts, moving between them, as if trying to decide which one was sweeter. Desi kept moving closer and closer, until she felt his hard, hot cock touching her thigh. She opened her eyes in amazement, but then lost all thought in the joy of being nursed while his hands explored her body. He cupped her ass, his fingers sliding under the yellow fabric. Desi felt herself squirming, wanting it all, wanting to actually feel this man deep inside her. Her hips were swaying against his hand, her body rubbing against his, wantonly and willingly.

Scott slipped his fingers into the bikini once more, this time pulling it down her shapely thighs. Ah, now he could see, could smell, her delicious pussy. He climbed from the pool, reaching for a fluffy beach towel, allowing Desi her first glimpse of his excited cock. It was dripping with precome, hard and red, emerging from a nest of soft brown curlies. He carefully placed the towel on the deck and lifted Desi onto it, her legs opened and her thighs spread, her feet still in the water. He stood in the water, between her legs, sucking her breasts until she felt she wouldn’t be able to stand it any longer, then moved his head quickly between her legs, his tongue quickly entering her swollen slit. She leaned back to give him better access, and he moved closer to her, submerging his face in her juicy pinkness. His tongue slid up and down, tasting and enjoying her velvety pussy. He circled her clit, feeling it harden under his ministrations, listening to Desi as she began losing control. Her fingers gripped his hair as she tightened her thighs and cried out with joy and release. Scott continued softly licking, just moving his tongue slowly up and down her quivering flesh. As her breathing returned to normal, he stood up, kissing her, probing her mouth as he planned to use his cock inside her.

He lifted her gently into the pool, turning her toward the deck. Moving behind Desi, Scott positioned her legs apart, and slowly straightened his body, allowing his eager cock to slide deep inside her wet pussy. She was so hot and ready. He stroked slowly, moving his dick in and out, enjoying the cool water on his so very hot tool, and then sliding it back into the hottest pink he had ever known. Over and over, he thrust into her, pulling her hips back against him as he filled her. He slid his finger around her tummy, slipping it into her excited cunt, finding her clit and massaging it, enjoying the way Desi squirmed with delight. She was cooing to him now, telling him how good he felt, how much he filled her, how much she needed him. The words came faster and faster, then nothing. Not even breathing. She held perfectly still, feeling him thrust, feeling the orgasm building inside. Then, deep from her throat, torn from her, came a guttural cry and she came, so hard, grasping his cock and pulling it deeply into her pinkness, massaging him with her spasms, and making it impossible for him to continue. He gripped her hips with his strong fingers and poured his come into her, with long, deep strokes.

They continued their hip dance, slowly moving against each other, each stroke softer and less impatient. Scott cradled Desi in his arms, pulling her back against him, feeling her body fit into his. They held hands and began to float, smiling with happiness.


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