30 Days or Bust: Day 05

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All characters in this story are age 18 or older.


As it happened I did see Lisa on the morrow as promised, but not the way I intended – not at first.

My sister’s daughter, Marie, had just turned eighteen. As a birthday gift, I agreed to go with her to buy a car. Marie thought she was going to be buying her own car; I was along for the ride, so to speak, to help her learn to negotiate the car-buying process.

The fact is, however, my job pays pretty well, and I could easily afford to buy my niece a reasonably nice ride. This was my secret intention: to let her go through the paces, and simply pick up the tab myself.

I took Marie to my regular dealership. The manager saw us coming and popped right out.

“Nice to see you, Mr. Grant,” he greeted me.

“Wilson, hello. This is my niece, Marie.”

“Hello.” She extended her hand and he shook it. My eyes sent him a warning, and it wasn’t about making a sale. Marie is undeniably beautiful. With her green eyes, black hair and porcelain skin, she would have bewitched any man.

Being of the male persuasion myself, I have a pretty fair idea what goes through a man’s mind when he lays eyes on a lady like that. Wilson got my hands off message loud and clear, but he still had to work to keep his tongue from hanging out.

“Right this way, Miss.”

The salesman chattered away and made small talk, asking Marie what kind of vehicle she had in mind. I said very little so that she would have an opportunity to assert herself.

Soon canlı bahis şirketleri enough she was pointing to a low, sleek number with an excited look on her face. I laughed.

“Not a very practical choice, baby.”

It was a looker though, done up in British racing green with a cream leather interior.

“Please?” she pleaded.

Wilson was already opening the driver’s side door. Marie was quick to bound into the driver’s seat, where she ran her hands over every surface, caressing the machinery like a lover.

She looked up at me, eyes sparkling. “This one! This is the one!”

I held out my hand and helped her out of the car. It was impossible not to smile.

“Anything for my sweetheart,” I said, closed my eyes briefly and kissed her forehead.

When I looked up, my feelings of affection for my niece vanished. Shock stunned my veins. Not twenty feet away was Lisa.

I wondered how long she had been standing there, probably within earshot, hearing me call a good-looking woman baby and sweetheart. Our eyes met. Her face twisted in pain, and she turned to go.

“Lisa! Wait!”

Thank god she was not into theatrics. She did wait, and let me catch up with her.

She said nothing, just waited for my explanation.

Gingerly I touched her arm. If this was going to be our first fight, I would soon find out if she would slap me.

“I’m helping my niece buy a car.” I gestured back at Marie and Wilson, who were waiting with WTF expressions on their canlı kaçak iddaa faces.

Lisa looked confused. “That’s not your wife?”

I laughed in shaky relief. “I do not have a wife. My sister has a daughter.”

“Your niece…” Her words came out slowly, as if she were tasting them.

“I would like you to meet her.”

This was a bad idea. You never, never introduce a client to your family. First, they get the idea that they are becoming part of your life. Second, there’s always that question relatives love to ask: How did you meet? My family thought I designed fonts for a living, and I sure wasn’t going to enlighten them any time soon.

But I did want these women to meet. The thought of a miscommunication with Lisa was unbearable. I practically dragged her over to Marie, where the two regarded one another with keen interest.

It quickly became evident to the professor that Marie was no more than an undergraduate waiting to happen.

“I’m Lisa Arthur. I teach biology over at the university.”

“Oh. How do you and Uncle Mark know each other?”

* * *

Ten minutes later I was talking alone with Lisa while the garage worked on her car. Marie was out road-testing the sports car, a nervous Wilson riding shotgun.

“I’m so embarrassed,” she confessed. “I know better than to make assumptions. I’m sorry about what I thought…”

“It was an easy mistake to make. Listen, I was going to come by later. Is after dinner okay?”

“Sure.” She smiled.

I canlı kaçak bahis relaxed. It would be a few minutes yet before the Short One returned from her adventure. Lisa and I made jokes about that ‘helping out in the lab’ line I came up with.

“I guess we should work on our story.”

I side-stepped that. “My family thinks I design fonts for a living.”


“You know. Typefaces. Serif, sans serif.” I doodled on the back of a waiting-room magazine.

“Oh, I see.” She traced the designs with one finger.

A little silence settled between us. I wondered what she would think if she knew what I had done with the jacket she rode in the forest yesterday.

All the way home her hot wet cum stain had pressed its kiss into my spine. As soon as I got home I locked the door and stripped. I took that blazer into my bed and buried my nose in her fragrance. I rubbed my face, my lips, against her wet spot. Finally I took it in my mouth, as I wanted to take her sex in my mouth. How sweet it would be to drink from the source.

I stroked myself as I thought about her riding that branch. I remembered the sight of her lamb’s-wool, and changed the memory into fantasy, so it was my wood she rode. I could picture my cock sliding into her soft, curling bramble, feel the tight glove of her flesh encasing mine. Since it was fantasy, I would pump into her slowly, prolonging her ecstasy. The truth was I was so hot for her now, it would be hard as hell not to let go too soon.

I spattered directly against the last of her fading bodily fluids, wanting to be as close to her as I possibly could.

“Penny for your thoughts.”

I kicked myself. It is lame, to want to be with someone so much, that you don’t even hear what they are saying.

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