13 Years Delayed Ch. 01

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[ Wednesday ]

*I have to do some work at that Marine base down there next week. The one near you.*

I read the text a few more times, noticing my hands are shaking a bit. I can feel the full body flush coming on. I’m on lunch, and one of my coworkers snickers.

“No sexting at work! And don’t try to deny it.”

“I’m not! Look!” I hand over my phone and its seemingly innocuous text. Her eyebrows come together as she hands it back to me.

“So what’s got you hot and bothered?”

“This is my longtime friend and sometimes lover, and…” I trail off, staring at the phone again.

“And…? And there are still feelings?” One shoulder raises involuntarily.

“Feelings? Fuck, I don’t even know. I’ve known him longer than anyone, save family. I can’t think about him anymore without wondering if the sex between us would still be as amazing.”

She raises an eyebrow. “Excellent chemistry, then?” I feel the full body flush coming back, this time making my nipples harden and my lips tingle. I nod.

“God, it was the best. No inhibitions, nothing off limits, total respect…” I trail off again, looking at the screen of my phone. It’s gone dark, but I know the message is still there, waiting for my response. “It’s been thirteen years, though. We’re both different. Every time we almost meet up again, one of us backs off. What if-” She points an avocado-laden fork at me.

“WHAT IF you miss out having him on your turf? WHAT IF you see him again and have wild crazy sex? WHAT IF you regret missing out because of a negative what if? And don’t even try to use a sitter as an excuse. I’ve got your back, sister. Your son will have a sleep over with my twins. You know they’ve wanted one. Shoot, if it’s nice weather, I can just take the whole brood camping that weekend.” I ball up my napkin and toss it at her.

“Don’t you use your logic on me, missy!” She suggestively eats her avocado off the fork, waggling her eyebrows while motioning at my phone. “Okay, okay, I’ll respond.”

*Oh yeah? When will you get to town?*

Your response is faster than I expected.

*I’m checking into the hotel the night of the 13th. Friday the 13th.*

*Hah, nice, our favorite, superstitions be damned.*


“What’s going on? I can feel the sexual tension building all the way over here!”

“He’s coming to town the night of Friday the 13th.”

“Ohhhh, isn’t that a thing with you?!” I glare. “So? AND?”

“Well, he hasn’t asked-” She grabs my phone, taps several times, and hands it back.

*Which hotel? And what time should I be there?*

I know my mouth is hanging open. She shrugs.

*I’ll send you the address and itinerary. How about you meet me in the lobby at 7:30 to grab some dinner?*

“I… We…” She raises one eyebrow at me and starts humming the chorus from a certain Disney movie. I flip her off.

[ Friday ]

I fidget with my wristlet as I wait in the lobby. It’s both too hot and too cold, which I know is all in my head. My nervous, crazy, excited, terrified head. Thirteen years is a long time. I know I’ve changed physically and emotionally since the last time we hung out. I hear the elevator arrive behind me. I turn, and we make eye contact.

Holy shit, I don’t know if it’s the same for you, but it’s like no time has passed. You cross the lobby quickly and wrap me in a hug. I immediately return it. God, I had forgotten how perfect your hugs could be.

“I forgot you were just the right height for hugs,” you say, resting your chin on my head. I laugh and try to playfully push you away, accidentally brushing my hand against your nipple as I try to break your hold. You gasp and hold me tighter, and I feel your cock stirring. You run one hand up through the bottom of my hair and pull me even closer. “Delayed gratification,” you whisper. I smirk. This was one of our favorite games.

I brazenly stretch to give you a kiss on the corner over your mouth and gently bite your lower lip. You let out a noise somewhere between a sigh and a growl. I feel your cock twitch, and I wonder if you can feel how hard my nipples have gotten. I doubt you can tell how wet I’ve gotten just from this interaction. “You’re on, mister.”

You smirk as you guide me out of the lobby.

– – –

You insist on driving, so I direct you to my favorite hole in the wall local restaurant. I introduce you to the server and bartender, and the latter gives me a knowing smile. I roll my eyes. We get seated at the back of the restaurant. I’m staring at the menu, even though I know what I’m getting. You push the menu down and push my chin up.

“Stop that. Please.”

“What? Stop what?”

“Stop being self-conscious. Stop worrying. I can see you shutting down. Why?” I know there are a lot of answers I can give you, but I opt for the blunt truth.

“Thirteen bahis firmaları years is a long time. I look different. I’ve gained weight, chopped my hair, gotten more baggage…”

“And all that goes for me, too. I’m sorry I’ve avoided seeing you this long. I don’t have an excuse aside from fear, too. The same insecurity you feel? I’ve felt it, too.” I nod.

“For what it’s worth, I’m glad we’ve both decided to just see what happens,” I say. You let go of my chin. We both order, both of us declining alcoholic beverages. The owner comes over to meet you, carrying a new appetizer. “Small towns have their benefits, right?” You taste the appetizer and groan.

“Holy crap, these are delicious!” You take one and offer it to me. I lean forward to eat it from your hand, neither of us breaking eye contact. You excuse yourself for the bathroom. The bartender comes over after you’ve left.

“I will never serve you again if you don’t fuck that man’s brains out and give me the details! That was the sexiest non-sexual thing I have ever seen!”

“I promise to see what happens, but a lady never kisses and tells.” The bartender laughs. You take your seat again.

“Interesting, since you’ve never been a lady as long as I’ve known you.”

“This one, I like,” the bartender says as he goes back to the bar.

“This one?” I can feel myself blush.

“I… I feel safe here, so I used to come here for first dates. It’s been several years since any of those, though.” You nod.

“I get it. Smart move.” We just chat about nothing for the rest of dinner, each of us trying to innocently eat our food as seductively as possible. When our server asks about dessert, we both decline.

You insist on paying the bill, and we go back to your car. You open the door for me, and we pause, staring into each other’s eyes. You lean in and gently kiss me. You move to deepen it, but I pull back.

“Delayed gratification,” I whisper, winking.

“You’re still insufferable, you know?”

“No, I’m winning,” I say. We get into the car so you can get us back to the hotel. As I watch you adjusting yourself and trying to sit comfortably, I can feel myself getting wetter by the second.

“Is this your car or a rental?” I ask.

“Mine, why?” I squirm and look away.

“Just wondering.” I hear your chuckle and am not surprised when you reach over and rub against my nipples. I groan and glance over, relishing the fact your eyebrows have come together in thought. I push my nipple into your fingers, but you move your hand away.

“Delayed gratification,” you say as you start the car and head back to the hotel. At a red light, I put my hand on one of yours.

“It’s probably a very, very good thing we’re both too old for roadhead, isn’t it?”

“It’s a better thing your favorite place was only five minutes from the hotel.”

– – –

You take my hand as we walk back through the lobby. The night clerk has come on duty, and she calls my name. After another introduction, you ask, “Is there anyone you don’t know?” I shrug.

“Small town, you know?” I realize the time and take my phone from its pouch on my wristlet. “I have to do a video call real quick, okay?” You nod. The call connects to the chaos of squeals. I laugh about interrupting scary stories, and good nights are said all around.

I hang up and turn to see you smiling. You take my hand again and lead me to the elevator. Once we’re in, you turn to face me and back me up against the elevator wall. We’re barely touching, but I can feel heat radiating off your body. I move so we’re pressed together.

“Do you have any idea…” You stop talking and sigh. “Delayed gratification.” I writhe against you for a few seconds.

“You know, it’s cheating if you don’t push the button for your floor. Automatic win for me.” You laugh.

“Honest mistake. You’re distracting me.” You push the button and stand next to me. It’s silent, and I wonder how you can’t hear my heartbeat. I’m well past nervous. We get to your room, you unlock the door, then we’re immediately kissing. I moan into your mouth as your tongue enters mine. You need no more encouragement than that.

You push me against the closed door and kiss me harder. I run my nails down your back, getting that sexy growl from you again. Neither of us has come up for air yet.

I run my hands up and down your back, then move to the front. I pull back from our kiss just long enough to stare into your eyes as I run my thumbs over your nipples. You moan.

“Fuck, I can’t tell you how much I wish other women knew male nipples are just as sensitive. Because- FUCK!” You lose yourself in a growl as I gently bite each nipple through your shirt. Your hand starts to weave into my hair as your pocket vibrates. You break our contact and lean your forehead onto mine.

“Dude, kaçak iddaa it’s okay, I get it. It’s probably your daughter, right? Talk to her. I’ll wait.” You nod and mouth your thanks as you answer the phone. I can hear her yelling through the phone so I wander through the rest of the room to give you privacy. I find myself drawn to the kitchenette, and I can’t help but check the freezer. No ice. I smirk and grab the ice bucket.

You’ve moved toward the balcony, still calming your daughter down. I sneak out of the room and grab a full bucket of ice from the machine down the hall. I come back and still give you privacy as you’re talking to your daughter. Once you’re done, I go over and hug you.

“Everything okay?”

“Yes, but she was upset that her mom insulted her art project. I love my daughter and wouldn’t change anything, but…” You sigh.

“But you just wonder how the other half could possibly be so poorly suited for parenting?” You smile sadly then rest your head on mine again.

“You get it. You do.”

“Do you need to talk it out?” I ask. You shake your head.

“Not now. Later. Talk later.” You start kissing me again. I moan as you weave your hands back into my hair. “It’s short, but I think…” You maintain eye contact with me and raise your eyebrows as you gently pull it. I moan again. You let go of my hair. “Delayed gratification.” I let my breathing steady itself.

“How did we even stumble on this game? I can’t remember.” You shrug.

“No idea, but I just remember we had just one rule. Whoever asks for more loses.” You run your hands up and down my spine. “As I recall, we were both pretty good at winning.” You run your hands down my spine again, then over my hips and gently over my breasts. I gasp.

I move away. “Hold on, I have something.” You raise an eyebrow, but wait as told. “Close your eyes.” You follow the instructions. I grab a towel from the bathroom and the bucket of ice. I stand directly in front of you holding them. “Open your eyes.” You look at me and smile.

“How on earth do you remember the ice kink?” I look away, smiling.

“I’ve wanted to play with ice again for years now, but I’ve never had any takers.” We stare at each other. I look around, and shrug. “Umm. I’ll just put this over here and… Umm.”

“Okay, sorry, we just made it awkward, didn’t we?” I shrug as I put the towel on the edge of the bed and the bucket on the floor near it. “It’s been a long time. Let’s just get back to kissing. And me winning.” I laugh.

“Who says you were winning?” We make out and explore each other’s bodies over our clothes. You tighten your hold on me and shock me by lifting me up to walk over to the bed, never breaking our kiss. As we both rub each other’s nipples, I straddle you and grind against your still clothed but rock hard cock. We moan at the same time, deep into each other’s mouths.

I break our kiss. “Play time?” You raise your eyebrows and nod as you move over to the towel on the bed. I position myself next to the ice. You start to get your pants down, but I put my hands on yours. “Please let me?”

You nod, so I slowly take your pants and underwear off. I toss both our shoes out of the way before making your pants follow them. You take off your shirt and reach back to get the pillows to prop yourself up. You watch as I put two pieces of ice in my mouth, one in each cheek. Your moan is all the encouragement I need as I take your entire cock into my mouth and deep throat it.

“Fuck.. Fuck.. That’s…” You moan again. I swirl my tongue and the ice as you grab handfuls of the bed sheets. I start bobbing up and down, swirling the ice as I go, as I grab another piece of ice. I pause and look up at you, staring into your eyes as you watch me suck on only the head of your cock. You just nod, knowing my unspoken question.

I suck your cock into my mouth as I move the ice down the rest of the shaft, over the center of your balls, then back toward your asshole. You moan and raise your hips. I can tell the reaction doesn’t fit the winning criteria. You’re giving me easier access, but you haven’t asked for more.

You get both hands into my hair and gently pull, causing me to moan. You take the encouragement and pull harder. I come up for air for a moment before sucking on your balls for a moment. You moan again. I pop the ice into my mouth and put my hands under your ass cheeks. You raise them up and spread your legs more. I lick your asshole for a few seconds, alternating tongue and ice, but I pull back again.

We make eye contact, and you say, “It’s so hard, but you haven’t won yet.” I laugh before sucking the precum off your cock. You moan again, but stop me.

“Fuck, it feels so fucking amazing, but if you keep going, I’m going to cum and might not have the stamina.” You stand then pull me up. “It’s your turn.” kaçak bahis You start undressing me, kissing every bit of exposed skin. It’s almost impossible not to beg you to hurry up, but I refuse to lose. I let you keep at it. You gasp as you finally take off my bra.

“Shit, I forgot to tell you they’re pierced now, didn’t I?” You nod as you stare and slowly run your hands over my nipples, flicking the rings. I whimper. You stare into my eyes as you gently tug them both, and I moan. My knees actually buckle as you push my breasts together to lick both nipples at the same time. You move me so I can lay down on the bed. You put a single piece of ice into your mouth and start alternating between which nipple you suck. I don’t mean to, but I start dry humping your stomach and chest as you work on my nipples. You pause.

“Do you admit defeat?” I take a deep breath and sigh.

“Never!” I say, straining to keep my head in our game.

“Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me, then,” you say with a smile. You let the ice melt before taking off my underwear. As you lick slowly from my asshole to my clit, I moan and grab your hair. I force myself not to hold your head in place and grind my way to an orgasm. You slowly lick me again and moan yourself.

“Everything okay?” I ask, suddenly self conscious again. You nod while your tongue does figure eights on my clit. I moan.

“Everything is wonderful. You still taste fucking delicious.” I lose all coherent thought as you start massaging my nipples again, never taking your tongue from my clit. I can’t even get a sentence out when you start tongue fucking me. Before either of us can react, I explode into a loud, dripping orgasm. I wind my fingers into your hair and scream your name.

“Fuck, yes. Please, more. Holy shit. Fuck!” You oblige and keep licking, burying your face as deep as you can. I moan and writhe as you bring me to a second orgasm. As soon as I start squirting again, you moan against me and I moan your name again. You break away and lean your soaked face on my thigh.

“You know you lost, right?” I take a deep breath and nod. “So you know that means that I won, right?” I nod again.

“I know. Fuck that, though. Thank you. I…” I break eye contact. You immediately move and cradle me against you. I go for distraction by grabbing your cock, but you hold my hand.

“Hey, what? What’s wrong?” I sigh.

“No one has gone down on me since you. No one. It was always a hard pass.” I glance over at you. You pull me into a hug.

“I’m so sorry. I assumed since I know you taste so fucking good that you’d have had lots of attention. That wasn’t fair. I know it’s not the same, but no one has ever been remotely as enthusiastic as you when it comes to sucking my cock. And, holy shit, deep throating with ice?” You pull me into a kiss, which I gladly return. I feel you smile.

“No, I still don’t mind tasting myself on your mouth,” I whisper. You break away and look at me.

“Are you okay? Fuck the game, I just want to make sure you’re okay.” I pause before nodding.

“I am. I promise.” I notice you examining all my tattoos, so I start examining yours as well. We’ve both gotten a lot more ink since last we’d seen each other naked. I gently run my fingers across some of yours, and you sigh. “Is this okay?” You nod. I lightly trace all of your tattoos, and you start doing the same. As I start tracing the lines and swirls over your chest, you growl.

“Fuck, I can’t take it anymore.” You move over me and start sucking my nipples again. I moan and wrap my legs around you. “Do you have any idea how much sexier these are now?” I move so I’m grinding your cock. You moan against my nipples.

“I think I have some idea.” You maneuver yourself so your shaft is rubbing against me without actually entering me.

“Fuck, you’re so wet, you feel so amazing, just…” You shudder and let out a growl. I know that growl. I’ve dreamt and fantasized about that growl.

“Please, please fuck me, right now. I can’t get pregnant. I need that gigantic cock of yours. I want that cum throbbing into me.” You don’t need any further encouragement. We fuck each other for just minutes before we both go back over the edge, you pouring your cum into me as I’m squirting my cum all over you. You lock me in a kiss as we both let our orgasms calm down.

“Fuck, why did we wait thirteen years for that?” you ask once your breath steadies again.

“I have no idea, but I think we’ve got more time to make up for.” I gently push you onto your back so I can start sucking your still partially erect cock.

“Yes…” you whisper, letting me bring you to what you used to call sweet torture by using my hands and tongue on the tip of your cock post-orgasm. Once it gets too intense, you pull me up next to you.

“I need a minute. I think we can probably go again, but I need a minute. How does a massage sound?” I stretch and smile.

“Only if I can give one to you, too, and we both get a happy ending.” You smile and kiss me.


[ to be continued ]

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